Friday, December 23, 2011

Attention Stock Market Traders : You Are Not Really Trading

Wonder why trading the stock market these days is so difficult, more so than in the past? Consider this. The contra- party traders that are on the other side of most of your losing trades have access to a real time account of the open interest in stocks. I.E. they can tell how "short" or how "long" the short term trading community is at any moment of the day. If the short term trading community crosses a crfitical point then all that is necessary is for a short term bear or bull raid by these parties with that crucial knowledge to cause the weak hands to stampede.

The take away from these facts is simple. One isn't trading when one is merely a rank and file market speculator. One is really only a witness to a construtive theft by Wall Street gangsters who have influnced congress to change regulations that allow this de facto "front running" orders. Next time you run into a politician or Wall Street broker, insult them. They will understand.

Essence Of Problem With Political Correctness

The essence of the problem with political correctness is the prohibition of telling the truth. I.E. We are not equal rather we are known by our difference. What makes that much worse is one is pressured to apoligize  and retract the statement.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Friendly Fire": Final Solution for Israel ?

Gee. Why are the western powers shocked and upset about an Iranian mob sacking a British Embassy?  Even a worm turns. All this fuss to make the world safe for the filthy Zionists. Ain't worth a war.

But all things considered, there is a chance that another Mideast war this time against Iran could have some broader consequences. When one examines the amount of collateral damage and deaths due to friendly fire that the U.S. and NATO  have inflicted in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia etc., maybe Israel could get some disastrous blows from misguided missiles? It would be a lesson about why politically correct wars are not worth it and an end to a country that shouldn't exist.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why We Will Get Another War

The Super Committee failure to find at least $1.2 trillion in budget cuts over ten years ushers in mandatory across the board cuts in spending. The biggest cuts will be in defense.Approximately $ 60 billion per year for ten years. That's about 10% of the Pentagons spending per year.That fiscal fact along with the draw down from the losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will leave much of the C.I.A. and The generals twidling their thumbs. And as they say in the armed services, " War is hell but peace is a bitch". So Iran here we come. With a preemptive strike there, the sequester of defense funds will stop and were are off to the carnage again. Count on it.

The only way to stop this madness is to require a National Referendum on any war.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Minority Student Burden:Leadership & Excellance

Since the 1960's Civil Rights legislation, its fair to say thatl public school teaching goals have been switched from the pursuit of excellence  to the pursuit of inclusion. I.E.advancement in learning is only worthwhile if all advance.Individual excellence is constructively elitism and not to be celebrated. Our top students most now idle until the most obtuse student in the class catch up. This is particularly difficult with some students from foreign countries who are here legally or illegally. They just don't get the American language and culture.

But this "don't get it" problem also applies to native African Americans. Particularly the boys are a problem. But they do understand one thing about the new goals of the U.S. teaching. They know that the blacks really control the agenda. So if they don't get the lessons or don't excel in the lessons they can effectively hold everyone back as an exercise of power. Perhaps the burden of leadership in schooling is too much for them and they resort to a kind of nihilism towards education in general as a cover up.

Care giving is not an occupation for smarter children. They should be segregated from the nihilists..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stanford Cardinal:Mascot of Emasculation

Stanford University dropped its Indian team mascot in 1972. Fifty-five native Americans out of a general student body population of app. 15,000 used guilt to shame the mostly straight white males to turn in their mascot and constructively their balls. It was aided by the prevailing philosophy of the Civil Rights Acts of the 60's. I.E. if there is any minority grievance that needs money or power or fixing just accuse straight white males of insensitivity.And voila! You will have the progressive press, descendants form the 19th century slave trade,unloved  bitches and carpetbagger politicians flex their vitriol to steam roll opposition..

And what did Stanford replace "Indians" with? The effete school leadership gathered all their critical thinking ability to conjure "cardinal". Note, not even plural. Cardinal for color. Period.  What the fuck does that mean? What the fuck kind of image is cardinal that a school can root for? All that higher education subverted to produce no passion for excellence. Instead we get care givers.. Isn't that so 1960's? Interestingly, since the time of the mascot and name change, Stanford has lagged in mens sports and done better in women sports.No balls there.

P.S. In 1970 Stanford Q.B.Jim Plunkett won the Heisman Trophy along with two other prestigious awards. He was part Indian. But all Indians are not equal.He was representing the Indians mascot of Stanford at that time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hank Williams Jr.: Freedom of Speech

Poor Hank Williams Jr. The high clergy of political correctness at Fox pulled his music and his spot at the weekly football games.Why? Well he compared President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner's recent golf pairing to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Prime Minister Netanyahu playing golf in a hypothetical setting. The point was to make the diametrical opposition of the respective men's political philosophies.Was that a rude, over-the-top comparison and unfairly critical to the president and the Zionist thug? Don't think so.

When one considers the the existing policy of preemptive war in the U.S coupled with the random drone assassinations in the east, how can we be collectively dismayed and shocked at a few words? Frankly if Hitler only killed the likes of Netanyahu-types in his purge, he would not have done such a bad thing. Williams speaks for me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutrinos vs. Light:NASCAR Logic May Apply

In an experiment called Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Tracking -Apparatus, a neutrino was clocked at a slightly faster speed than a light particle. The 450 mile underground track was between Geneva, Switzerland and Gran Sasso, Italy. That result, if it stands up to peer review, differs with Einstein's Reativity Theory which predicts nothing moves faster than the speed of light.

But what if the energy that speeds the light particle is installed, so to speak, into the smaller neutrino. Wouldn't that account for the faster speed? I.E. the same engine in a smaller chassis will win NASCAR speed races. A smaller sub atomic particle meets less resistance from its surroundings. By definition light can be seen. We don't see neutrinos. Size does make a difference.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Advice:What to Believe In & What Not To Believe In

Keep it simple. Don't believe in god or believe in money. Simply believe in personal responsibility to achieve a rewarding experience.

Speaking of false beliefs, former speaker Nancy Pelosi was speaking yesterday at a press conference. She assured the listeners that the American people still want her policies. This was in spite of record low congressional approval. She's acting more and more like Marie Antoinette before she lost her head.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reasons for Homophobia: Last Seen in San Francisco

Many of the classic film noir locations were in San Francisco. "Out Of The Past" and "Maltese Falcon" are two that immediately come to mind. Other movies, not of that genre, have included the line of dialogue, "He was last seen in San Francisco". What is it about San Francisco that stirs drama, mystery and intrigue? Well it's a beautiful port city and port cities are both destinations and stopover places that draw all kinds of imaginable people.

Speaking of oddities. How about sharing a dining experience in S.F. with someone who is nude? S.F. has many homosexuals. They have been left to grow strong under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We are all equal . Right? They now have great political force both in the city and the state. The state recently mandated homosexual studies in schools. That's right, recruiting naive children has now been made legal. In the city the latest queer idea is to allow nudity in restaurants. One need only use a drop cloth on the seat. In the old days a parent would tell their children, "Wash your hands before coming to the table." Nowadays thoughtful same sex couples might tell the kids to include washing their genitals and anal areas and also include bandaging open sores from STDs if that were appropriate before digging in on that messy hamburger. Look out below!. Non- thoughtful same sex couples might not care to give instructions.

One of the reasons for homophobia is the perception that homosexuals are unclean. I.E. AIDS. Drop cloth seating with residual fecal or STD excretions will only intensify that bias. Dining in the nude is not a civil right. It's a health issue. This whole goal of everyone getting what they want under the cover(pun intended) of civil rights is absurd. And bacteria will for now be the only force of reason. Because the great majority of people are too stupid or too cowardly to protest.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Layoffs Should Include Congress

Bank of America is in the news today. It's considering cutting 40,000 jobs. That's 10% of its workforce. The Post Office last week talked about cutting 120,000 jobs. Last night Obama told Congress he had a plan for reducing the unemployed and he wanted support from all members. Even if he got support , it would seem that the misery of unemployment has reached a breeder reactor-like- dynamic of layoffs begetting more layoffs. Congress couldn't rally the will fast enough to stop the unraveling of the economy.

How about layoffs in congress along with pay and perq cuts? If ever there was a group that deserved collective punishment it's those bunch of crooks. Will start with that kind of humane actions. But reserve the right to all other barbaric means of eliminating them.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Justin Bieber in Danger: Menstrual Cycle Lurks

Like a fickle child interest -here today gone tomorrow. The youthful entertainer Justin Bieber's ability to draw interest may not stand the centrifugal force of another turning of the earth. For with each click of rotation, the motion of the planet along with the growth of human cells are starting menstrual flows in some of his youthful female followers. That will unconsciously motivate and necessitate new more serious carnal interests in the screaming lack-of-fulfillment-adolescents. They will be pulled away from Biebers gravitational pull. Thy hope to spike themselves in some other place with some other entertainer.

Will he have a comeback like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra? Probably not. Both Elvis and Frank made initial contact with their respective female followers when the gals were well into sexual experience. So it was like going back to first date or first whatever when Frank and Elvis started anew.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Apple & Steve Jobs : The Stock Will Lose its Way, But Peace Will Come for Him

A young Steve Jobs both in years, only 55, and in his vitality has succumbed to cancer's force. Maybe it was Jobs' somewhat grotesque pursuit of achievement that invited cancer to finish him off? Possibly Jobs felt deep inside that only death would release him from his relentless quests. Then peace would come.

What about Apple? Apple's market cap is app. $350 billion. That's second only to Exxon Mobil which is the worlds largest corporation and is a real company with REAL ASSETS. I don't think that Apple will now surpass Exxon and continue to grow exponentially. Apples traditional assets like real estate and natural resources are largely contained in a Cupertino, Ca. campus that would be smaller than one Exxon Mobil super tanker. Apple stock will most likely under perform until it comes in with one missed quarter of earnings expectation. Then the stock will open down 25% and follow other broken tech stocks to relative oblivion.

Tim Cook will replace Jobs in day to day management. But like most other Apple employees Cook is a dutiful spouse following Jobs machismo genius. Also Cook's mousey homosexuality is not up to the struggles that he will now face alone.

And the next winner in that smart phone space will be Google.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nervous Warren Buffett is Refreshing

The usually boring bean stacker Warren Buffett was on Charlie Rose's show last night. But he was animated and nervous. He fidgeted in his chair. It was refreshing to see this collector of certificates work up a sweat. He never had to sweat for his billions. He just collected others sweat in the form of equity certificates. How nervous was he? Well he was so nervous that he wrote an article in the op-ed section of the Wall Street Journal asking Congress to tax him and his mega wealthy friends more! Gee he must be nervous. He spoke of the miserable job members of government were doing in closing the huge budget gaps. He opined that a few extra bucks from him and his glutinous pals wouldn't be missed and could help. Not fooling me Warren. He is really worried that his whole stack of stock certificates might become worthless if the U.S. had a financial collapse. And then his whole hollow life would have come to naught by anyones calculations.

Poor Warren. He doesn't know that the real cause of the deficits is the failed philosophy of democracy. He kept on crowing about the power of "printing money"as the ultimate rescue of the United States and its democracy. The man's a bore.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Remember Project for New American Century? PNAC for Short

Whatever happened to the Project for the New American Century? It was formed in 1999 shortly after then president Bill Clinton ordered a war of choice against Serbia. He authorized 37,000 bombing missions! Why? He said it was to stop Serbian "ethnic cleansing"of Muslims. But it probably had more to do with getting his name off the front page with super blow-job operative Monica Lewinski. Anyway the farting and belching American electorate/couch-potatoes were more interested in sub sandwiches, beers and an occasional joint while watching sports or Seinfeld. In short they didn't care or did not notice.

But social bacteria like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol and fellow Zionist- strain pathogen Paul Wolfowitz along with other members of the American Enterprise Institute central casting of NEOCONS had an idea. If Clinton's barbarism in Yugoslavia didn't bother the slobs of America then why not form PNAC and take barbarism on the road? All they would need was "provocation" real or imagined. Well then came 9/11 and the rest is history. But on the way to world domination PNAC and hapless America ran into Afghanistan. The Iron Age country seems to be killing U.S. troops at will lately.

The take away lesson is money and arrogance can never beat an occupied peoples will to survive and prevail.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rioters in London Need Flag and Advanced Arms for Credibility

What's the difference between Muslims rioting in London and the British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? The Brits had a flag and advanced arms which by definition made their barbarity a state sponsored legal action enforced by thoughtful lethal tools . The Muslim rioters have no flag and rely on vandalism and crude-pick up weapons.

Oh there's one more big difference. The British armed forces did more damage and killed more people.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jew Spring In Israel?

Well look'ye here, trouble in Zionist Paradise! The smiles couldn't last. All that plenty which includes stolen Palestinian lands, nuclear bombs, money and more arms for free from the United States, laws against discrimination around the world, people of different cultures actually marrying Jews and vacationing in occupied territories etc.

But alas a bump in the road. Protestors set up tents in Tel Aviv. Protestors came out on the main streets. Pickets gathered around the homes of high profile plutocrats of dairy products. The reason was the high price of cottage cheese. The price brought on a national boycott of the food in Israel. No it wasn't the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians that motivated rebellion in the Zionist ranks. It wasn't the approximate 60 years of constant war .It was the price of cottage cheese. Doesn't that speak volumes about that race.

Well whatever it takes to start a Jew rebelious spring in Israel, I'm for. We should arm bothsides. Tanks for the people who want to attack the protestors in the tents. And RPGs (rocket propelled granades) for the tenters who want to defend against tanks. For clean up details, crematoria hardware should be provided to obviate burial on stolen precious lands.

Debt, Consumer, Democracy:Work for Money

The debt ceiling, spending cuts and raising taxes are in the news. That's putting it mildly. It's a simple problem in essence. People should work. People should get paid for work. When one person doesn't work then at least one other has to shoulder that undone work. Our economy is made up of app. 70% of consumers. In other words , effectively 70% of us consume more than they produce. That's not sustainable yet it has been going on for decades. How is it possible? Technology provides slave-like work . We ship the jobs we refuse to do to other countries and thereby enrich others. And debt covers the rest of the shortfall. We borrow as a nation so we don't have to work. America's currency is a reserve currency of the world. I.E. it underpins the worlds economy. Yet we borrow more than we produce. That's also unsustainable . So the reserve currency status is in jeopardy. Which means that if we lose that postion prices will rise. Which will further exacerbate the debt and lack of work issues.

In the future we will have to work more. At the least our economy will have to be 50% manufacturer and 50% consumer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

George Soros Greed Avoids Government Accounting

The 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said, "The foulest non -productive professional was a Jewish stock operator". Was he describing George Soros? I knew a senior trader who once worked for George Soros. He told me, " That if you ever meet a Hungarian Jew [George Soros], sock him! He will know why! The trader said Soros was slow pay and short pay. In a way,Schopenhauer was somewhat supported in his opinion some 100 plus years later.

Georgy boy is in the news today. He's giving back "outside" managed money because the new Dodd Frank rules have just kicked in. Those rules will require greater reporting by Soros to the SEC about how he makes his money. Conincidentally another repoting requirement also kicked in. It requires high-frequency traders, that includes Soros, to report their trading activity to the S.E.C the FOLLOWING day. That type of trading was responsible for the "flash crash". So his possible destablizing market operations would be quickly examined.

Obviously Soros can't stand regulatory light on behavior. He would have gone no where on Wall Street if the rat traps were better years ago. He should be considered a persona non grata .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Libya's Gadhafi Can Remain?

Another example of the insanity of NATO's foreign policy is breaking in the news. Now , NATO and Libyan rebels agree that Colonel Gadhafi can stay in Libya if he steps down from office. So after billions spent, untold deaths of civilians and ruined landscape NATO gives up. I guess that the murder of Iraq's Saddam Hussein has taught the arrogant western crusaders to leave some path of humane succession and leave some of the disappearing infrastructure in place so Libya can emerge as a functioning state. Otherwise they will have to rebuild and police Libya for years to come.

I have one question. Suppose Colonel Daffy Duck in future runs for office and gets elected? NATO's leadership is as thoughtful as the drone aircraft it uses.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Citizen Murdoch: Zionist

Poor Rupert, he can't help himself. His mother was a Zionist Jew and he was born in Australia a country which was originally largely populated by English criminals. So his criminal, sleazy behavior is both in his DNA and in his environment. So the rest is predictable . But that doesn't explain relative blue bloods like David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John McCain, Bill and Hillary Clinton and other sold out politicians. Well they're just trying to get elected and will trade favors for good press from Murdoch's media empire.

My particular revulsion with Murdoch are his editorial pages. He favored war with Iraq and he always has op ed space for members of the Zionist Jew ghetto in the American scene. I.E. Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Paul Bremer, Max Boot, Mort Zuckerman etc. Zionist Jews continue to exploit all to the benefit of Israel. They should be deported.

Of course toadstool Rupert wouldn't look so tall if everthing else hadn't slouched so low.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Before and After Language: Truth and Then Lies

Truth has always existed. But either through misconception, poor language or outright lie things have gotton confusing. Truth is relatively cheap to maintain. Lies require more work and mountains of debt.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Google, Facebook & Billionaire Baby Faces

What's the difference between Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg? Well, Zuckerberg still has some pimples.

Otherwise they are all Jewish. They were billionaires in their twenties. Their photographs remind of 13 year olds at a bar mitzvah. Their respective business' of Google and Facebook have no hard assets to speak of. They both operate in a public forum which subjects them to evolutionary extinction faster than it took to make their own billionaire status. I.E My Space just sold for $35 million a short time after Rupert Murdoch and News Corp paid App. $500 million!

It's funny and it's funny money.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Word "gay" Has Been Abused.

California's Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation today to "add lessons about gays and lesbians to social studies classes in public schools". According to the news venders, the bill requires public schools to include the contributions of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender in social studies curriculum. Most everyone knows that Oscar Wilde was a homosexual. Writer Gore Vidal is a homosexual. Thier works and countless others of the homosexual persuasion are on reading lists in schools. So what's different about this legislation? I suspect these additional studies are works that instruct or encourage young children about the joys of queer sex. If it isn't this then why bother? Good reading speaks for itself. Whether its from a homosexual or a heterosexual. Shouldn't children go to school for basic teachings?What's been set aside to squeeze in sexual tail sniffing?

So this is a backdoor (pun intended ) literal foreplay or soft porn manual to guide children on sexual exploration. The homosexual lobbies are recruiting youngsters and Jerry and Californias Assembly are leading the children by the hand to these predators. Will the teachers mention HIV or AIDS as the fallout from homosexual behavior?

I "googled" the word "gay". I wanted an original dictionary definition. There were 1.8 billion references. But the references were mostly about meeting other homosexuals-chat rooms, counseling, political action groups, porn shops etc. Obviously there is one predominant thing on their collective minds. Poor "gay", the word no doubt started out as way to describe a wholesome feeling of joy . But now it's asscociated with disease and predation of the young.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eric Cantor Vs Barack Obama: Hope for Straight White Males?

Well look ye here. The debt ceiling battles in Washington are getting very personal. Even old relationships are in jeopardy- Zionist Jew snarling at affirmative action black president. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, who is AIPAC's poster boy is slugging it out with decadant President B. Obama. It's remarkable, because Jewish activists and attorneys have long used the blacks as their cats paw for advancement monetarily and politically. But now it looks like black resentment over their exploitation has bubbled up in the Cantor/Obama face off. The extra animosity between the two comes from each others opposite view on the rogue state of Israel.

As a straight white male, anything that can breakup or compromise that partnership from hell is good news.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama: An Example of Severe U.S. Decline

Michelle Obama's recent trip to the dark continent included time spent in Johannesburg ,South Africa. She visited Sweto which was the seen of large violent demonstrations against apartheid. Apartheid is now gone but Sweto looks largely the same. Anyway, Michelle addressed the crowd and thanked them for their help in fighting racism. She even went as far as allocating a portion of the Obama's success to South Africans. Really?

My history books and calender show South Africans having a segregation problem long after civil rights issues were settled in the U.S. Actually it was American boycotting of South Africa along with most of the world that brought apartheid to an end in South Africa. So it's the other way around. The crowd that she addressed were largely women and children. If World Health Organization sub-Sahara demographic surveys apply to the group that witnessed gushing Michelle giving thanks to them, then those women and children were probably HIV infected and also unwed single parents to an approximate minimum of 25%.

That's what it has come to in America- an affirmative action African-American with a law degree from Harvard who is also a first lady and who doesn't know her history except she knows how to sell guilt to stupid buyers.

Friday, July 01, 2011

What's Next if We Survive Fracking?

New York State is close to allowing fracking. Fracking is the process which combines chemicals, sands and high pressure water to break down underground shale to release the trapped natural gas. What could possibly go wrong? It's a new process that disregards older common sense . Why would one deliberately undermine the foundations of the surface of the earth and risk contaminating vital water supplies? Money is the answer. Of course the proponents argue that safeguards are put in place to protect underground aquifers. I.E. no fracking within 500 feet of a known water source. Oh! Do the chemicals, sand and other subteranean bacteria know to keep out of the underground water pools.

Ever have a leaky roof? Sometimes one doesn't know what part of the roof the water is leaking from. Because water moves and moves swiftly through large and small cracks. In fact fracking creates its own cracks by definition where the gas comes out as the water goes in! Gee, then what? For a long time , we use potable water to flush our excrement away so why not take it one step further and use non-potable fracked water to flush our toilets? Maybe we can then liquify the gas and boil off the impurities in the fracked water so we can then have potable again?

Sound like another frivolous primate misadventure?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Coming Austerity Votes by All Democracies Around the World

Greek Members of Parliament are voting today on another round of austerity measures. If successful , Greece will get billions more of funny money aid by the better- off democracies around the planet. If one wants to look at real austerity, then one should look up the per capita incomes of people living in Somalia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Palestine, most of Africa and most of Asia. The Greeks and other well-off Western democracies have no idea how far they can fall from the style of living that they prefer and grown accustomed to. But those same poor people mentioned above now live in reality whereas the Westerners are being forced to wake up from the unreal dream of the experiment of equality: no matter the cost. Democracy is too expensive and has never lasted.Tribes will outlast.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Violent Videos & Morons on Supreme Court Target Children

Justice Antonin Scalia writing for the majority,7-2, in striking down California's ban on sale of ultra violent videos to minors cited Cinderella, Snow White, Grimm's Fairy tales etc as violent legal and cultural precedent. How sick is this guy? So if someone played a word association game with Scalia and mentioned the childrens fairy tale "Snow White" he would respond that she tried to poison the wicked witch. Walt Disney didn't get an academy award for this picture based on its violent sequence. Of course maybe Scalia et al only look for those parts of a picture to get off on.

Simply Snow White and Cinderella were about morality and engaging charactors. By contrast ultra violent videos are ALL about grotesque killing, brutal rape, arson,robbery, no pleasant dialogue and certainly nothing about the benefits of living a moral life in opposition to immoral influences. One wonders about the Scalia household and the other six justices households. They walk into a room where a minor is watching an ultra violent video. The video is in the middle of a rape segment followed by torture of the rape victim. Would Scalia stop to watch? Would he comment on the quality of the blow job? Would he do a high five with the kid or kids about the exciting crime escapade?

True ironic justice for the Justices would be to live long enough to be assaulted by one of the crazies that are being taught now as a minor the wrong stuff by ultra violent videos. Interestingly the two Jew women and one Hispanic concurred with Scalia. Since women in violent video games always are abused one would think that the feminist harpies on the bench would stick up for their gender. But Sotomajor says "no problemo" and the two yentas say "l'chiam". So much for remembering where you came from.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quantitative Easing is a Circle Jerk

QE 2 will end this Thursday. It will cap nearly one trillion dollars of bond buying by the Federal Reserve. In essence the Fed had to borrow money to buy much of the trillion dollar U.S. government bonds. The U.S. government that issued the bonds did so to repay previous creditors. How long will this financial masturbation last? Oh I almost forgot .The two circle jerkers also work in the same building. But of course.

Friday, June 24, 2011

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade & HIV Graphic Warnings

June 26, 2011 will witness another gay pride exhibition in San Francisco. It will take up at least 8 official city blocks and snarl traffic for the entire day. Why can't these show offs do it privately? How about just Castro St. being dedicated to columns of homosexuals? To make up for the cramped space they can mount the whole parade on a block- long conveyor belt with a slight incline so drippings can slurry away? The gals can prevent wet sealing because of the impossibility of the "alien face squat" on a moving sidewalk. At the end of the conveyor belt, marchers will drop into a hot tub for the balance of the day. That will make up for the shortened course.

The FDA is proposing graphic warnings on cigarette labels. It sounds like a good idea. What about warning unsuspecting youth about the side effects of sodomy?How about a gibbet with a hanging dummy with made up HIV/AIDS ravages added to the parade? Making sodomy safe for sex doesn't sound like god's or anyones thought out plan.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pimps, Whores & Congress : Oldest Professions

The worlds oldest profession is popularly known as prostitution. But what is the second oldest profession? I suggest politics. The politician combines the availability and dutifulness of a whore with the commercial savvy of a pimp. Morally speaking the whore offers only what he or she owns and controls. Whereas the politician offers and delivers others labors or assets to a third party for a fee. Clearly the whore is sweating to deliver while the pol just collects with no sweat. Interestingly our society deems prostitution a crime and they can be fined or incarcerated. While politics is legal and campaign contributions amount to billions annually on top of the perqs and generous salaries. But wait there's more. Politicians can make laws that make heretofore illegal or immoral acts into mainstream customs and legal paradigms. Some day they will pay for their crimes.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wii & Can We Have Sex?

What do you think? How soon before Wii enabled computer games has an app for sex with chosen parties?Archived actors and actresses and modern day voyeur-choice personalities all available through Amazon or Netflix or Cisco teleconferencing. Bring competition to your marriage or relationship with an on button. I think that's where we are headed, (pun somewhat intended).

Leave me out. I'm a misanthrope in regard to the extreme human/cyber relationships.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New England Fishing Bad Judgment: Endangered Tuna Fails Democratic Equality Test

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 2009 the New England fishermen reaped only $13 million from the fishing of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna. But that meager sum was enough to deny an "endangered" listing to the Tiger of the Sea. That's in spite of the fact that Blue Fin numbers have plummeted over 80% since the 1970's. If that's not an endangered indication ,then what is?

Senator Olympia Snowe  (R. Maine) commented, "Such a [endangerd] listing would have unilaterally penalized U.S. fishermen." Oh! So it's a democratic, equality thing? Well, that is supposed to stop all controversy isn't it? Well fuck you Snowe. And fuck all the stupid fishermen  and their families who don't know when to stop or slow down. These fish are more important then the fishermen. And until we can make better judgments about other species then we will go through one species at a time until we are the only species left . And then we will eradicate each other.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Humane Final Solution for Israel

Israel's Prime Minister B. Netanyahu is in town to talk to his stooge and our President B. Obama. It's no secret that the Israeli/Jewish lobby owns our congress and executive branch. Who they don't own outright in our government they can lease almost in perpituity by spending the app. $2 billion annual income raised by various Jewish/Israeli political action groups of ALL stripes. I know of one that is named Northern California Development. But it really is cover for laundered Israeli influence funds. I suspect that it gets some of the money from recycled U.S. grants to Israel. That's right. We send the money to Israel then it gets laundered and comes back as congressional campaign contributions! What hutzpah. But that's the kind of sleaze that got these people killed in the past in all times zones across the planet throughout history.

In the interest of preventing another world war, I suggest that Israel be disarmed and made a theme park. If 6 million Jews can live in Manhattan then Israel's 6 million Jews can live in smaller quarters. And they can still sell tickets to the local attractions. That will free up space to let the rightful Palestinian owners who are scattered about to return.

Linkedin:Technology & Money for Monkeys

Linkedin's IPO was a staggering success. It came at $45 and closed at $94! That closing price values the company at app. $8.5 billion. The companies provides a platform for "hiring solutions". While the companies service shortens the discovery process for locating needed talent, it also adds another ingredient to lifes swirling paradigm of humans a.k.a. monkeys .


Just look around.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Navy Ship Named for Cesar Chavez:Liberals Resent Tradition

What's next? Well starting from a navy ship named after the late United Farm Worker co-founder Cesar Chavez, who could possibly guess? A 41,000 ton , 689 feet long supply ship in the T-AKE Class was recently christened USS Cesar Chavez. Say what? Yes, to hell with Navy tradition. The liberal cancer has spread and has taken the form of a non sequitor U.S. Navy ship being named after a Mexican field worker/labor organizer of the 1970s.

Why did this happen? Simply liberals can't stand tradition. If they can piss on our historic roots and customs, then they can form new political bases and have the power and the money that goes with them. It's the same as revising or changing history. California's Zionist Senator Barbara Boxer who originally hails from New York thinks the Chavez ship is an excellent idea. Historically most Zionist/Jews in politics piss on the culture so they can feel comfortable while they are staying in their targeted country for a short time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can We Have Skype & iPhones & Media Romantic Moments?

Microsoft announced it bought money-losing Skype for $8 billion. That's not the way Alexander Graham Bell started. CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft was trying to be gushingly happy about the marriage. But what does an overworked, dull dog geek know about communications at the personal level? Sure Skype has 170,000,000 users but that didn't stop Apple or Google from dominating personal communicators in spite of Skypes lead. No it's not about stuff it's about seamless personal comfort when using the stuff.

Sorry Steve but not all the players in communcation devices will succeed. And why should they. It turns out that for every talk-happy user of hand held devices there are many voyeurs who like to watch and listen. Whether its Facebook or Twitter or private conversations there are predators in many forms. Some are scavengers for information that can be resold. Some are sexual creeps who are looking for gratification at a base level or criminal level. In either case the hapless user may regret being open and gabby. Privacy seems to be a personal no mans zone. Avoid privacy says Steve Jobs. Avoid privacy says the baby faced pair at Google. And now Steve Ballmer convincingly joins the anti-privacy movement. Who would want to confide in Steve Ballmer?

With privacy slipping away one of the casualties will be romanticism. Romantics by definition avoid public glare. Romanticism has been replaced with light or heavy pornography in all its forms.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Osama bin Laden Computer Hard Drives, Pokerstars & Possible CIA Cover Up

Almost three months ago on February 10, 2011, Barry's New Conversations did a cheeky philosophical speculation about bin Laden and/or his aids playing Texas hold'em on online poker site. Well it turned out to be accurate. On April 15, 2011 Pokerstars was shut down by the Feds. The persistent rumors have the trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwati, to bin Laden as a frequent online poker player on Pokerstars web site. The feds got info from Pokerstar executive Australian Daniel Tzvetkoff about the whereabouts of bin Laden's poker playing courier that led to the safe house in Abbottabad. The rest is history.

Besides the death of OBL , the C.I.A netted his computer and stacks of hard drives. The C.I.A. should go public with all the information on the drives before the concerned people in the al Qaeda web can adjust and go undergound in another venue. But I don't think that will happen because I suspect that many names on bin Laden's hard drives would be embarrassing to the C.I.A. and others who one would not associate with OBL's circle intimately or obliquely.

Whether it be poker or terrorism, the C.I.A. can play both.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Real News, Fake News & Non News

News, news, news around the clock, around the world and then around and around again and again. Volumes of news and noise of news but is it really newsworthy? How much "news" is really fake or non news only different in the names that are used? That's tiresome time badly spent. Working in ones garden would be infinitely better.

President Obama is headed to Ground Zero in New York this Thursday. He will say something to the effect that OBL is dead, we all got revenge and the world is a safer place. That's not news in the sense that Obama is informing uniquely. He could have stayed in D.C. and kept his mouth shut and saved New Yorkers and tax payers traffic jams and money respectively. Now real news would have Obama issue a short statement through his press secretary that he did some math about the cost of killing bin Laden. And he has concluded that all things considered we didn't get our moneys worth. A cheaper way of fighting terrorists would be to have better foreign policies. I.E. remember that people in foreign countries have to live there long after presidential election cycles have been concluded. And if Pakistanis want the Taliban for friends, who can argue taste? Therefore as commander in chief of the armed forces he has issued an order for all U.S. troops around the world to stand down . The troops will come home and work on long neglected and badly needed infrastructure projects. Now that would be real news.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Double Feature:Osama bin Laden Death Film & Israel PM Netanyahu Address to Congress

To show the Osama bin Laden killing film or not to show the film? That is the question? Whether it is nobler to refrain or to indulge in one more act of bad taste? After ten years , app. $ 1 trillion spent, countless thousand dead, ecosystems turned into wastelands all for one guy. I wouldn't have liked to witness that real-time killing in the Situation Room. That will haunt those politicians. Because they know they have been bought by the lobbies to carry out money making wars. Better policies would be cheaper. Our government is the best that money can buy.

Speaking of better policies. How about dumping Israel? Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is giving an address to a joint session of our congress next month. How's that for media message timing to perpetuate the perception of Israeli control of our foreign policy and by extension the killing of bin Laden? The Jews must think we're stupid. First we call Jesus, a Jew, the son of god. But -the Jews thought him a irreverant hippy. One Zionist told me that Mary was actually expecting a girl. Next we fight World War II partly on their behalf. And now we are engaged in fighting app. 1 billion Muslims so the Zionists can live on stolen land in occupied Palestine. The Jewish lobby annully raises over $2 billion. Its largely spent in the U.S. bribing our members of congress to act on Zionist schemes. Seventy other countries are also receivers of Israeli influence peddling.

How much of that $2 billion is recycled U.S. annual grant aid to to Israel?

Monday, May 02, 2011

Misanthropes News Roundup; It's Going to Get Worse

The Wall Street Journal carries an article that Africa now has a middle class of approximately 313 million. They're buying appiliaces, TVs , cars, disposable items that are packed in throw away packaging. Where's away? They are being added to the recently launced 1.2 billion Chineese middle class who are munching and defecating their way through the planets natural wealth.

Another article last week in the New York Times calculated that the total value of financial derivatives in play is app. $584 trillion! Some prospective would compare that figure with the app. $ 20 trillion value of all real estate in the U.S. In other words, not only have we bet all houses on the outcome of Wall Street bets on stocks through commodites and including payouts on life insurance settlements but we have leveraged the structures app 30 to 1. What could possibly go right with that bet? Commodity price surges have accounted for the riots around the world. Wall Street speculators have contributed to poverty and starvation. You see, when poor people buy wheat or gas, they buy it for one day and pay cash. But when Wall Street "investment" banks and speculators buy wheat or gas, they buy the product of entire fields for months and years to come. AND they buy it on as little as 5% margin.

Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday. Good riddance. But George W. Bush wont get indicted. Actually the little mean spirited moron is still alive, writing books and giving speeches. To recap, the latest news for misanthropes is pretty bleak. But this news does bring new converts to the ranks. Ah well, flu season is coming.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rafah Crossing Opened:Ironic 6 Million More Jews at Risk

Egypt anounced yesterday that its Rafah border crossing into Gaza, Israel will be permanently opened. The new gatekeeper will be Hamas. It's the group that is the sworn enemy of Israel . It's also the Palestinian political group that runs Gaza and its 1.5 million inhabitants that are being collectively punished by Israel. That move by Egypt breaks the Israeli seige. Now all sorts of goods and services will be available to the Gazans who have been suffering a slow motion genocide from the Zionists. Some of those goods and services will be weapons. It promises to get interesting.

Israel's population is 6 million. That's the supposed/approximate number that died at the hands of Hitler's genocide against the Jews. It's ironic that a new 6 million Jews are now at risk. But there's still 6 million Jews in New York. Interestingly, the three six -666- harkens to the the Bibles Book of Revelations 13:17-18 in the King James Version. The number refers to the sign of the beast- the sign of the devil. I.E. "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the numbers of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666". There's many speculations as to why someone is identified by 666. Some say it was a tax collector who collected that number in taxes, some say it was something to do with the number assinged to the letters of the beasts name. There are other reasons given that have even less plausability than the two given. But remember that the Book of Revelations is a dream . Today it would be dismissed as a "bummer" dream induced by LSD, mushrooms or a Taco Bell jalopeno pastry. Ironies are in essence an example of regulation and balance.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding :Ladies Hats Upstaged Royals Vows?

One of the most emailed news releases from the Royal Wedding were of the ladies fashions. The young and definitely the older women were not about to be upstaged by the exchange of vows. The real show was the battle royale of fashionable hats. Amazonian sourced feathers not seen since the presumed extinction of the original bird were removed from safe deposit boxes and configured onto new two foot stages that rested elegantly on oh-so-proud piles of hair. Muammar Gaddafi could have been in Westminster Abbey along with the other 1900 mostly woman guests but his Mideastern wraps and wraps of cloth would be a non-event even if he were on fire. According to one news release, one woman had red flame-like silhouettes shielding her cheeks. Maybe she was advertising that she was hot to trot either orally or otherwise.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leon Panetta: Government Utility Stooge

In baseball there is a utility player. He's the versatile one that can do well in different postions. In government there are sensitive postions that need to be filled but are not required to be done effectively. In fact the person who is apponted as a utility government worker to a sensitive job is relied on not to hit home runs or strike out. He's just put there. He's to take calls from the appointer and in general stay in the dugout.

Hello Leon Panetta from Monterey, California. He was a country boy who was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff during the Monica Lewinsky scandals and the other Clinton cavalcade of crimes and misdemeanors. After decades in government, Leon stood out to the Arkansas Caligula as the man he wanted as door attendant. Panetta then kicked around Washington doing odd jobs for Bill including Budget work. That's were the money is raised and spent!.

The last couple of years he's been the Director of the C.I.A. Panetta wouldn't ask hard questions of the operatives even if he could. By popular acclaim C.I.A. operatives wanted Panetta for their director. So Obama obliged. What's Obama know? He knows enough not to ask questions also. Now Leon will go to the Department of Defense. He will pack his brown bag lunch and wait for his next utility appointment.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Donald Trump: Stupid Self Promoter?

Don's in the news today giving himself high fives for forcing the "long- form birth certificate" from our affirmative action president Obama. Looks like a battle of the chimpmonks. Incidentally one can order a masturbatory high five prosthesis by going to Don's web site. Trump promises to deliver if he can get enough orders. Trump is a compulsive self promoter who has entered the caricature stage. The hyenas are already picking off his close relatives. His daughter Ivanka married Jew Jared Kushner. She even converted to Judiasm ! Bad timing. Isn't another holocaust due? It's kind of the sign of stupid wealth when a Zionist can get in the door merely by asking and not paying a lobbyist. Trump, who? That's next.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Political Correctness: Stop Lying to Children, Tell Them the Truth

Children should be told the truth. It will be in their best interest that they find out sooner rather than finding out for themselves later. Political correctness instructs that all are equal. From that false premise comes the wasteful programs that mandate no one can advance until a measure of that advancement is redistributed among others. Whether it take the form of affirmative action or cash payments or services, it creates a false obligation and a kind of embarrassment to achievers. The fact is that we are known by our differences. Kids in school who can't or refuse to learn should be expelled. Let them make their own way in manual labor or private studies. But they shouldn't drag others down to their level. Teachers have no right to preach a quasi-religious philosophy of equality. What do they know?

The real world is slowly replacing political correctness with misanthropy. It doesn't have to swing that far. If the truth is told of differences among all creatures then each will find his or hers own place without feeling falsely oppressed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Buy Gold & Silver or Buy Gun ?

Recently the University of Texas Investment Management Co. converted its gold futures holdings into physical bullion worth about $1 billion. The fund has 20.7 tons of gold stored in a New York vault. Bruce Zimmerman, chief investment officer of the $26 billion fund said, " It's a very conservative hedge against some low probability scenarios, such as the debasement of a major currency." He's not alone. In 2010, total physical investment in gold bullion soared 66% to 880 metric tons. That's also almost mostly stored in New York vaults.

Assuming that no one has tunneled into the the gold vault and it is still there next week and the worse happens. What's Bruce to do? Bruce is in Texas and the gold is in New York. Can Bruce handle 20.7 metric tons of gold? Does he have a truck? Who will help him pack the gold? What will the help charge? Where will they take the gold? Who will be in business to accept gold? What will they charge? Will vendors of food and services respect Bruce? Does Bruce own a gun?

Financial assets are a lot different than physical assets. One can have billions of financial assets in a drawer whereas thousands in gold or silver needs a lot more care in storage. Mega wealth in dominations of gold and silver needs massive security precautions. And in the end relies on the honor of all involved. That need for "honor" is a tall order. In the future guns are a better investment for personal security than attracting threats to ones personal security by lugging gold or silver around.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Drone Aircraft Going to Libya

The Obama administration is now funding and using U.S. drone aircraft in Libya. Casualities are going to go up in both armed camps in that civil war country. Drones hit innocents in Afghanistan where the targets are in open fields. The Libyan- use drones are planned for close rebel support in urban situations. Sure. What could possibly go wrong? We'll find out. Senator John McCain made a surprise trip to Libya yesterday to give high-fives to rebels. Maybe the little hot head remembers and is embarassed about his 2009 meeting with Libyan representatives? Then he offered Gadaffi U.S. defense products on credit. Gadaffi bought a pile. How come the New York Times isn't mentioning that? Maybe it's old news not fit to print considering we also supplied Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kill Critical Thinking In All Its Forms

Centers for Disease Control Prevention spokeswoman Dr Kimberly Workowski said today, "Drug resistant bacteria is winning in the battle against sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis." Superbugs now resist penicillin, tetracycline, flouroquinolones and cephalosporin. If you will, these were the first responders traditional drugs of choice.

Do bugs think? Well they figured out how to get around our cause celebre diseases that were brought on by civil rights legislation. How so? Teaching alternative sexual life styles in school and the public forums and inviting illegal immigartion among the great unwashed is a de facto invitation to bacteria.

Do we as a species think? Well if we do, the bugs are doing a better a job in these areas. When critical thinking is put in second place behind political correct policies, then superbugs go to the head of the class. I want critical thinking back and in full use. We can learn from superbugs. We can beat superbugs by changing policies rather than using better technology or drugs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photography Philosophy Question: Color or Black & White?

I recently visited the Detroit Institute of Art. The D.I.A. includes a large collection of black and white photographs by Hungarian-born Andre Kertesz (1894-1985). The thoughtful photo subjects are given a stark, engaging philosophical and /or a geometrical logical exercise because of the black and white choice. If the same photos were done in color, Kertesz would have failed in his message. Color would have blurred or bedazzled the viewer. It's like a realist painting versus an impressionistic rendering. The former is about about metaphysics and philosophy and the latter is about comforting deception.

Ansel Adams and Alfred Steieglitz also did moving black and white photos. But their choices of subjects were of nature and industry respectively. In both cases structual ratios and metaphysical geometries are showcased. Whereas Kertesz's choice's feature everyday human experiences cast in an intense b & w with a jewelers eye. The photos become a philosophical experience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Representaive Anthony Weiner:Poster Boy for Neo-Nazis

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York has a reputation as being unnecessarily combative and rude. He's an equal opportunity abuser except for other Zionists. He's against a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. And he thinks the U.S. should give unconditional support to Israel no matter the consequences for American security. Neo-Nazis could not do better than to use this guy for a poster-boy to raise membership tallies. But our country could not do worse than to have this kind of subversive operator in government.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodluck Jonathan & Bill Clinton

Todays Wall Street Journal carries a story of the politics of Nigeria. It includes a photo of Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience. Goodluck is waving to the crowd with a sh..t-eating grin on his face. That translates into a forced or phony smile. His wife Patience is by his side and slighty behind. She's wrapped in traditional African clothing but with un-traditional logos of" Goodluck Jonathan" all over. This one-off must have cost thousands but she doesn't pay or complain. There's been talk that Goodluck always has a hint of an erection. Maybe that's why Patience is somewhat behind him. People would notice that she couldn't possibly miss hubby's basic attempts of introduction. It struck me that Bill Clinton could be an American version of Goodluck Jonathan. Certainly Hillary is always by his side and a little behind so she could never be called as a witness. And Bill is always phony-smiling when he's not blathering and his sex life has produced volumes of testimony and tabloid stories.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Got Justice

One hundred and forty-six years ago today Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford Theater. Abe was enjoying a stage play while parts of the North and South still smoked and not all the casualities had been buried yet. He has been termed the last casualty of the Civil War. He was killed for his convictions. His convictions contributed to the approximate deaths of 700,000 other deaths. Not mentioned much is the total devestation to much of the South or the damage to the truly innocent flora and fauna that we take for granted but is much more enjoyable than people. Lincoln's convictions were either political or moral or a combination of both. But the toll of death and damage to everything was not worth it. Lincoln deserved to die like he made others die who were not so eager to die but were ordered to die if necessary for a Lincoln vanity.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japan Reactor Radiation,Lipitor & Coumadin; Don't Drink the Water

Water is the source of all life. But since humans started using water to flush toilets, one could predict that eventually people would die from thirst. Eventually water will become so laced with residual fecal , chemical and radiation parts that it will be unusable for man or beast. How many people take Lipitor or Coumadin or Valium or the countless other well advertised drugs? When those drugs leave the body they enter the atmosphere. The ground water or oceans becomes tainted and evaporation sends the toxins around the planet. Today Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor was just bumped up to the highest international level of severity. It now matches the dead space of the 1986 Chernobyl reactor in Russia. That radiation also ends up in the seas and ground water. And from there it gets into plants, animals and the atmosphere. My own speculation is that more people have read and followed the books of religion than have followed the disciplines of hygiene.The Bible, Koran , Torah, teachings of Buddha and other religious publications makes no mention of guarding against pollution. It's not in the commandments. Looking at supposed paintings of the writers of biblical parables, they look more like poster boys for a-before-a-bath example. A clean life is better than a holy life. Whatever "holy"means.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rodenticide Needed for Wall Street Operators

Today Facebook and China's largest search engine Baidu announced a joint venture. They plan a social network site in China. The news catapulted Baidu to a $50 billion market cap. Gee. That's only one deal. How many other deals happen all the time that create huge market caps? Trillions are created out of thin air. But one can't eat thin air. One needs hard assets to spend this virtual wealth on. Does the planet have another $50 billion of natural assets to be processed into huge homes, expensive cars, near extinct tuna, near extinct tiger parts, etc? Wall Street operators are a kind of sophisticated omnivore rat. They eat plants, animals and waste natural asets with their alchemy of paper value. They give nothing for these millennia year old products of the earth. All things weighed, Wall Strret rats need a rodenticide.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Israel's Iron Dome Protects Holocaust Repeat

Israel Defense Force spokeman is crowing ctoday about how effective the Iron Dome is. The missile shield that the U.S. funded and developed knock downed some incoming demands for rent checks from the people in the collective punishment neighborhood of the Gaza Strip. But many more incomings got through and the Zionists suffered some casualties. Then they bombed Gaza with U.S supplied aircraft and killed civilians. What is with Zionists? Wouldn't it be cheaper just to live by the law? These people are still trying to stop from going extinct the hard way. Hello Zionists, from the Babylonians through Hitler's holocaust to today with everyone except the U.S. wanting your head on a pike, why can't you just follow the laws of civilized nations? I suspect that stealing and lying are in your DNA and you don't feel whole unless it comes out. Things will get worse for Zionists.

Friday, April 08, 2011

We Need Planned Parenthood Funding: Keep Abortions Cheap & Available

The government may shut down. But money issues will not be the reason. Republicans have added an unnecessary hurdle to budget negotiations. They want to partially defund Planned Parenthood programs. That's just stupid. The negotiations should be about budgets and not about religion. Further more, tax deductions for children should be balanced with tax deductions for children that are not born. I.E. childless couples tax bills should be reduced by the amount tax deductions reduce couples tax bills with children. Otherwise equal protection has failed. People cause problems. Less people less problems. It's tough to value human life when there are 7 billion of our kind fucking things up. The ideal global population should be app. 250,000,000. That was the population aroun 250 B.C. That was the golden Age of East and West. Ever since then, we have been rearing dumber and dumber slaves.

The Winning Society Will Be Tribal Based

America's society of a central government is expensive. From its never ending legislation comes endless litigation based on the lie that all are equal. That expensive and corrosive paradigm will fade away because its self defeating. It rewards politicians and attorneys more than the general population. But out of the heap of unnecessary politicians and lawyers will come a fragmented tribal based society that will prosper. The low cost producer of cohesion among members will be based on race or religion or some symbiotic common ground. Barter will take the place of money and further obviate any need for formal government. Money, together with its interest bearing feature, is non competitive compared to a barter system.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hitler & Lincoln: A Couple of Characters

Someone is referred to as a character when that someone stands out for a defining, usually outsized defining trait. Adolf Hitler was a character for his brutal championing of a master race. Abraham Lincoln was a character for his championing of individual human rights. Both thought they were doing god's work. Both killed many to prove that they cared about people in the abstract sense. Hitler had advanced technology. Lincoln was stuck with more eye to eye weaponry. Consequently only 700,000 were killed on Lincoln's watch. Whereas Hitler rained down death on millions. They built a memorial to Lincoln in the North because he "won". Hitler lost and was not built a memorial. Lincoln is held up as a hero in our school books. Hitler is vilified in historical accounts. It's no wonder that killing is still the way to go if one wants to make a name for himself in historical accounts and be in school books.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Loser Pays" Tort Reform in Texas:Remember the Alamo

Some good news from the maverick state Texas and its Governor Rick Perry. He has also talked about seceding if things don't change for the better. Governor Perry is pushing for a "Loser Pays"a.k.a. "English Rule"in his states push for tort reform. Simply, his version of loser pays would require the losing litigant to pay attorneys fees for BOTH. This would only be triggered if the initiating litigant lost the case. It would slow down frivolous law suits. The United States is the only country that does not have loser pays. We have the American Rule which makes each litigant cover its own legal costs. Because of the American Rule there is a compelling reason to sue all the time for any reason on a contingency basis. It's a full employment act for off-the-shelf-attorneys and and a free- legal- settlement- lottery ticket for plaintiffs. How many jobs have been lost to countries that practice the English Rule/Loser pays system? The American Rule of law created and sustains the legal cartel in this country. Dumb lawyers can and do succed in this monoploy atmosphere of needless expense and delay. How many Politically Correct motivated suits have been tried or settled at tremendous costs to the social fabric of this country? It's almost like one needs a manual on how to talk, act and feel when dealing with cause celebre minorities. Stamp out attorneys. Get your balls back. Bring in loser pays. Remember the Alamo,when straight white males were run over by Hispanics. Well they're still doing it but now they use attorneys. Enjoy bias, enjoy critical thinking when dealing with obvious freaks. Bring on Loser Pays in all states. Or like Governor Perry suggested, lets leave the union.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robert Gibbs Going to Facebook?

Facebook followers are even using Twitter to tweet about the possibilty that former Obama press secretary spokesman may land at Facebook in a similar capacity. Makes sense. Gibbs has already fronted for minority president Obama with his ultra-minority agenda. So Gibbs can do the same for minority,very Jewish Facebook tribe. Finally the striaght white male has a key value- added race certified, bona fide, honky duty, stooging for Jewish media. Hold your nose Bob and don't give part of your salary to Israel for tenure.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hillary Clinton Needs Dildo Not Libyan War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that's a sad fact, said today that her push for Libyan intervention was based on Bill's intervention in the 1994 Bosnia campaign. Gee, I always thought that intervention was Bill's way of getting Moniaca lewinsky and her famous blow jobs in the Oval Office off the front page. Well anyway, Bill's 37,000 bombing sortees on the little country no bigger than Ohio was the foundation for George W, Bush's preemptive war policy. Bosnia was also the catalyst for the neocon's Project for the New American Century. So the old bag's match up to Bosnia was a bad choice.

Hillary needs to get a dildo and get out of foreign policy. She can leaf through her Wellesley year book. She can remember the other "lugs"(lesbians until graduation) that she shared orgasms with. She's not sharing Bill's bed with his herpes and other possible STDs. The bonus will be to take the dildo's satisfaction as a substitute for her need to project U.S. missles at others . She is just deferring her real needs with this war stuff. Like all people , she and her lusts have grown into caricature. But we can't stand her misplaced desires.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Libya's Next Government: Sympathetic to al Qaeda?

What could possibly go wrong in Libya? Well we start with the fact that it is another country's civil war. That means that one side will win and the loser will hate America but will still live in Libya. Another fact is the fighters in the Iraq War who came from another country, not including ourselves of course,came from Libya. They went to Iraq to kill Americans. Another fact is Col. Gadaffi said the rebels are mostly made up of al Qaeda partisans. Another fact is that in the passed two weeks since we have been involved, there is already numerous cases of deaths of rebels, the ones we are supposed to be helping, by our own fire power. How do those "friendly fire"deaths help the next administration determine who their friends are?

Our spook president got spooked by the potential headlines that could point the finger at him if there was a slaughter of "innocent"Libyans. I don't know if those Libyans who we are protecting are innocent. Frankly, with 7 billion humans on the planet and our flora and fauna collapsing a die back would be appropriate.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hispanics & Asians Top Population Growth

The 2010 Census showed both the Hispanics and Asians part of America's population advanced app. 43% since 2000. Wow. Blacks grew by 11% and whites grew by just 1%. The only good news I can think of is, it's one way of getting the Zionists out of Congress.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Israeli & Palestinians Fight Over Rent

A bomb exploded in Jerusalem Wednesday morning. Twenty-five Israelis were wounded. Some seriously wounded. On Tuesday, the day before, Israeli jets killed 4 children in Gaza and wounded another 4 adults. Looks like tit for tat warfare. It's warfare based on rent due to Palestinians from illegal Israeli squatters in occupied territories. But the Israelis don't want to pay rent. They want the land for free. It seems that Israelis never learn because they can't remember. They can't remember the holocaust, pograms and other anti-Jewish actions since the start of recorded history that were caused by their bad behavior.

Eventually the Israelis will have to move. Too many people around the world want them out. Here's a question. If the whole world agrees to wipe Israel off the map by political or military means, is that a crime or is it just punishment?

Monday, March 21, 2011

OPEN LETTER TO AL QAEDA: Washington is Your Problem

Greetings al-Qaeda,

There is an important distinction that you should be made aware. We civilians in America are essentially share-croppers with our government. They take the fruits of our labor and go into private entrepenuership own their own. Most of our senators are millionaires who have been in "public service" for a majority of their adult lives..They auction our labors and our rights to the military-industrial- complex, attorneys, big pharma, teachers unions, SEIU, Zionists , illegal immigrants and all sorts of other scum.

We don't like our government also. Those people in Washington are the ones you have a beef with. Personally I don't give a fig for governments health. Please leave us civilians out of your plans.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

United States Democracy is Majority of Minorities

Welcome to America. Here we have the unique experience where minorities are in the majority. This includes minority opinions that become law and force all others to conform. For instance, civil rights laws decree who can do what, who can say what and if one doen't do "what" then what can happen to one will surprise and possibly bankrupt you or your individuality can be confiscated.

I'm in the minority now in America.I am a straight white male who is not an attorney. But with my minority status, I am empowered and can now say that racial slurs directed at the new majority of minorities are mostly deserved and accurate. We in the U.S.A. celebrate all the cast offs of real and original self-sustainable races. Losers win in America. Yahoo.

Tea Party & Libya Quagmire: What About Budget?

Welcome Tea Party members to Washington. On your watch, the U.S. has entered into yet another mideast quagmire with the bombing of Libya. What about those budget cuts? Fuck that. Those are history. It's clear that the military-industrial complex still runs Washington and it draws on willing citizens who want jobs to engage in endless war. The only war we legitimately fought and won was our Revolutionary War. Every other war was on balance a loser.

Libya will prove to be another expensive, drawn out affair that is not critical to American security. The Libyans could have won against their Colonel Daffy Duck with guerilla warfare like our militia did in 1776. We didn't need to interfere.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Presidency and Bravery

Does one have to be brave to be president? No. Elections are poll driven competetions. Ergo, a candidate only has to stay in bandwith of tabulated poll results to have a chance to get elected. Two of our recent presidents were attorneys- Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Neither displays courage. Maybe because the job discription of an attorney doesn't include acts of bravery to get paid. One need only run up the billable hours to get compensated. Ah, the joys and payoffs of being linked to the biggest and longest lasting cartel on the planet--our legal system.

We need "loser pays". Too many morons make a living in the law and what's worse, some go on to get elected to office. Stop their license to steal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pakistan Canned Hunts Getting More Expensive

C.I.A. "contractor" Raymond Davis was flown out of Pakistan today. The State Department paid the families of the 2 killed Pakistanis a total of $2.34 million to drop murder charges against Ray. Price of killing locals in canned hunts is going up. A short time ago, a few hundred thousand would do the trick. I wonder if Ray got photos? Did mounting the bodies have any attraction? What's Ray going to do now? No problemo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Natures Master Plan: Human IQ Levels Going Down

According to the World Health Organization, IQ's of youth in overpopulated, poorly fed countries are on average 10-15% below youth in adequately nourished countries. I wonder what the IQ's of their children will be? These countries are the ones that are populating the world. In general they have 6-8 children versus the 1-2 children of the well nourished countries. Now that's a truely ticking bomb. To hell with moral obligations. They should only get medical and nutritional help if they stop having children.

Nature is sneaking back to take its revenge on the frivolous primate- us.  We have made our messy presence known to nature on a daily basis ! Mother nature wants less of us. She wants us dumber. She wants us dying sooner. We're supposed to have "wisdom" but instead we have politics that subsidize the unsuitable and have wars because we can not because we should.

Warren Buffett: Needs Reality Check

Nuclear reactors exploding in Japan because of historic earthquake. Bodies washing up on the shore because of the Tsunami. Japans stock market plunges wiping out $267 billion of value. Riots continue in the mideast with strategic Saudi Arabia now threatened with an overthrow by Islamists who despise America. Libya is raging . China's growth is slowing and also there is an undercurrent of unrest. Greedy U.S. politicians continue to ignore potentially ruinous economic issues.

But Warren Buffett who heads Berkshire Hathaway just signed another deal today. The stock market has doubled in the past two years but Buffett now thinks Lubrizol is worth a 28% premium over Fridays close. He pays $9 billion for the company. Buffetts cash horde is reduced to $29 billion after the purchase. Of course more money from his various companies will eventually build up his liquidity again. Or will it? His main business is insurance. That's where the bulk of the cash is generated. But what about the unexpected, like an earthquake, or riots or an attack by Islamists or disgruntled U.S. citizens? Payout will have to be made and business in general will suffer. Buffett is shaking dice with insurance premium receipts.What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Will the Great Plains Come Back?

What are the odds that the Great Plains will come back in their glorious ,verdant form? Millions of square miles of tall and short prairie grass have been plowed and turned into farms. Millions of buffaloes and other species of flower and fauna have been slaughterd for "progress". Forty percent of the corn that is grown on the former Great Plains now goes into the production of ethanol. It costs more to make ethanol than it fetches at the pump. Only because of subsidies does its manufacture continue. All this waste so monkeys can drive . Would you trade 40% of the corn harvest for a return of the required growing space to be left to return to "nature" in perpetuity? I would.

If you think about it, the odds that a frivolous primate could master technology so well that the Plains could be ruined in its entirety is probably more of a long shot than the Great Plains reappearing after the extinction or semi-extinction of wasteful man.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Day of Rage in U.S.A

What would spark a day of rage in the U.S. A.? The day that the batteries failed.


Turn Off Bubble Machine

The money -making-monkeys at the Federal reserve mentioned today that they have not ruled out further quantatative easings after this half-trillion tranche runs out in June. Lawrence Welk had a champagne bubble machine. Ben Bernanke has his very own bubble-making machine also.

Turn off Ben's bubble machine.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lady Gaga Fans are "gaga."

Gaga is a slang word for someone who is experiencing "dementia or insanity". The origin of the word is unknown.

Lady Gaga is a "singer- entertainer". Among other amazing facts besides her dumpy tatooed body, is that she has app. 8.6 million fans following her on Twitter. Have any of you tweeters ever scrolled the tweets by her fans about Lady Gaga? If you haven't, don't bother. Because the tweets are rarely over 6-7 words which in essence are the mere typing of her name-period. That's it. And that's all folks.

ERGO, I feel pretty sure about denying breeding rights to Lady Gaga's followers.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

John Galliano & A Brief History of Antisemitism

Christian Dior designer John Galliano was fired for making anti-semitic remarks to a Jewish couple in Paris a few nights ago. What did the Jewish couple say that brought Galliano to proclaim"..I love Hitler ......Jews should be gassed."? Maybe they were laughing over dead Palestinians or praising the Israelis for the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians. Would that conversation have gotten the jewish couple fired at their respective places of employment if that were picked up by the press?

A brief history of anti-semitism would include the basic fact: There had to be a Semite first.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Academy Awards Very 'White":Viewer Discretion Advised?

According to recent sound-the- alarm- type-articles in the NYT and the L.A. Times, upcoming Oscar actor nominees are all "white". As per the articles, "the whitest since the 1980's". Also, by extension , the nominated movies are mostly about main stream "white subjects". Gee, sounds like Dargis and Scott of NYT and Goldstein of LA Times are issuing a viewer discretion advisory. The implied message of the reviewers was be sure and don't let the children see how America once functioned.

The only movie I saw was "The Kings Speech". I enjoyed its simple story of overcoming a personal impediment. It was done very well. The usual minorities with all their bullshit issues were not seen or heard.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imperial Presidency Needs Imperial Congress

Obama is arrogant. Bush #2 was arrogant.Clinton was arrogant.Bush #1 was arrogant. Reagan was arrogant. Carter was arrogant. Etc. Etc. Etc. So what? All those preidents couldn't express their arrogance without the help of an arrogant congress. If one wants to stop arrogance then one has to go after the whole infrastructure of arrogance. That includes both the executive and the legislative branches. Don't forget the judicial branch. It swings back and forth with its own activism. Actually, in proportional comparative terms,it carries more arrogance per pound than the other two put together.

So what's to be done? Then it came to me in a dream . I dreamed I pushed one of my represenatives in congress into traffic. I woke up refreshed and empowered.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

George Soros:Shadow Unofficial Lawmaker Should be Followed

Where does George Soros live? It's common knowledge that he wields great influence with our government. He's not elected. He's not appointed to any position in government. Yet he gets things done. He needs peer pressure to teach him his limitations. In this day of bought governments and bought legal paradigms, only peer pressure will be effective as a social weapon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Presidents Day & Assassins Day

Tommorow is Presidents Day. Abraham Lincoln will be "honored' also. Why would we honor one of the most reckless chief executives ? On his watch, an American Civil War took the lives of app. 700,000 North and South soldiers. We shouldn't leave out the East and the West either. I'll bet that some people from all points of the compass voted for Lincoln. Boy were they surprised what this ugly, mean spirited attorney did with his power of the presidency. What about the deaths of pets, livestock and wild animals and birds? How many structures and homes were lost? How many fires burnt out because they ran out of trees and grasses? 

Only John Wilkes Booth took vengence upon himself to rid the country of Lincoln. You might have guessd that they would have been standing in line at Ford Theater to get a shot at the great organizer of disaster. Most humans are lazy and cowardly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Love the Smell of Burning Collective Bargaining

Well it may have started. The revolution ,I mean, may have started in Wisconsin. The opposing forces are the overpaid arrogant government workers unions and affiliated teachers unions to name just two. They are against the government and by extension the people who pay the bills.. The issue is whether public servants should have collective bargaining rights over their public servant employers. One is either a public servant or not. A servant necessarily serves at the employers discretion. Otherwise out you go. The implications of this Wisconsin battle has deep ramifications for the whole idea of central government.

For the record, I love the smell of burning collective bargaining rights.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Government Unions : Super Citizens

Wisconsin is having trouble reining in state unions. Facing a budget deficit, Governor Scott wants give backs and layoffs. The unions won't hear of it. They have assembled mean demonstrations and enlisted the help of other affiliated unions that are not involved in the layoffs or give backs. SEIU is the prime example of a union throwing its weight around in an effectively immoral way.

The unions are behaving like a criminal enterprise and should be prosecuted under RICO statutes. Imagine Lockhheed getting help from Ford to get a contract away from Boeing. Also if one works for the government, the strike right should not be available. Otherwise it's like a super citizenship. I.E. not only does the union worker administer policy but it can demand pay and benefits not available to the citizenship it supposedly serves. Rule by decree is not tolerated by tyrants or loud mouth union bosses and their friends in government.

P.S. President Obama has just released a statement that the Wisconsin people and their legislature are "assaulting unions". He's implying that he's not concerned with unions outrageous demands.

John Wilkes Booth dealt with another radical.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Germans Own New York Stock Exchange

The deal is done. The German Stock Exchange has bought the NYSE-lock, stock and Jew. What would Goebbels have made about this transaction? What about Hitler? What about all that carnage when all the Reich had to do was outproduce the decandant democracies of Europe and America? It looks like race does matter. Multiculturism and all the fucking, greedy, immoral attorneys that inforce "all are equal" jingoism have ruined people and cultures. Nothing is better than personal responsibility and hard work. Don't bother educating, or giving foreign aid to or occupying other peoples lands.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jeopardy & IBM's Watson

Last night the Jeopardy game show featured IBM's "Watson" super computer as a contestant. It was matched against two all-time winners on the show. It tied one of the contestants. So the first night of three was a draw between man versus the machine. To make a long story short, it had answers but it didn't understand some of the questions. I.E. some of the answers were non sequitors and didn't address the question . The machine couldn't be trusted .

Watson resembles politicians. We elect politicians to do things for us that we can't do for ourselves. But the pols turn out to be watsons who don't or refuse to fix the problems and just give out no- follow- through campaign pledges. The politians can't be trusted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cityville, Pokerstars & Osama bin Laden

I wonder if from time to time Osama bin laden or some of his followers play a few hands of Texas Hold'em on Pokerstars. com? (Do C.I.A operatives use agency slush funds to play?) Does North Korea's Kim Jong Il or any of his cadre participate in Zynga's Farmville? Would it be hopeful that they did? Or would it be more hopeful that the popularity of these two social network sites would gradully decline in popularity to be replaced with a renewed interest in real world?

P.S. The German stock exchange has made a $25 billion dollar for the New York Stock Exchange. That price is about half of the valuation that Goldman Sachs placed on Facebook! Should Facebook make a counter offer to the NYSE or should Facebook be a short sale on its stock offering debut?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bill Gates is Seriously Naive

Bill Gates was interviewed by Charlie Rose last night for one hour. He basically said the same thing in many different ways for the entire hour. Is he autistic? But that's beside the point. What he said and continued to maintain was,"Healthier families in Africa are the best way to limit population growth on that continent."

Say what? The man is seriously naive. It's this way Bill. Stop feeding and helping people who wont limit their population. Otherwise your problem just gets bigger and the people you are trying to help just keep getting worse off.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

George W. Bush and the End of Neoconservatism

George W. Bush by his actions has effectively ended neoconservatism as a viable strategy. The useful moron to the neoconservatives has proven to be the instrument of the rejection of neoconservatism in the Middle East. Turning the little idiot loose with the military to invade Afghanistan and Iraq has brought swift reactions. One by one ,Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Afghanistan , Iraq, Palestinians and others have distanced themselves from U.S. and the neoconservatives. The people in the streets have revolted against their Western bribed leaders to advance more representative government. Probably many will come up with an Islamic Republic as per Iran. Which brings up a question. Who will we sell arms to? Will we sell/give arms to Egypt with the Islamic Brotherhood represented in government? Which brings up another question. Will our military-industrial warmongers want to sell to Islamic Republics? What will the Israel lobby tell state governors about denying sales to Egypt which will impact jobs in their locales? Next to go will be Israel. It will either bend to a two state solution or disappear.

I wonder What W. thinks? Maybe he says to himself, " What me worry?"

P.S. Today, February 7, the Associated Press is carrying the story George W. Bush scheduled speech in Switzerland before the United Israel Appeal was canceled. A number of protest groups including Amnesty International have filed for W.'s arrest and arranged for "shoe throwing demonstrations" for his alledged war crimes. The reineactmentment of shoe throwing episode is in rememberance of a brave Iraqi journalist who's only way of protesting the crude cretins presence at an Iraqi news conference some years ago was to toss his shoes.

W. must have a hint how pathetic he is when only parasitic Zionists are your supporters.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

American Foreign Policy in Shambles: It's Miller Time

Riots in Africa, Hezbollah is running Lebanon, allies Afghanistan and Pakistan want us out of their respective countries, rulers of Saudi Arabia don't want to be seen with us public, Iran and Iraq want us of their affairs , Israel is surrounded and afraid to make a squeek. Could it get any worse? Actually it's OK. Actually it's Miller Time. With the change in Congress and our pockets nearly empty , it's time for a new direction.

Bring the troops home from every overseas station including Europe. No foreign aid. Any food hand outs have to be coupled with birth control considerations. Quid pro quo. Circle the wagons in the U.S.. We can occupy and defend our country. That's all anyone should ask for and be happy with. Tell the freeloaders around the world and their supporters in Congress to get lost.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Humans: How Did We Get Here?

The New York Times carried an article about some recently discovered tools of prehistoric man. They were found in southern Saudi Arabia some 127, ooo years earlier than previously thought early humans left West Africa.

Most scientist use modern values or assumptions when analyzing early fossil records. They assumed that about 60,000 years ago a group of primates left Africa and colonized the world. The scientists would assume that early man was energetic. Maybe. But if todays species and decendants of those early roamers is of any connection I've doubts. Most people I read about stay put and are lazy.

About 225 million years ago all the continents on earth were in one spot. It was a super continent called Pangea. Since then the tectonic plates that supported individuals parts of Pangea drifted apart. Now our maps of our globe depict the latest dispostions. I think that the moving sidewalks of tectonic plates got people around in a rather lazy fashion witch suits our personalities. All fruit doesn't drop far from the tree.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

All You Need to Know About Foreign Policy

Foreign policy in a nutshell: If you can't occupy it, then you can't defend it , then it doesn't belong to you, then it's time to go.

Wisdom doesn't need power or much of anything else.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Silvio Berlesconi Offers Deal

A desperate Silvio Berlesconi, Prime Minister of Italy, has offered a deal to opponents. Silvio has been tied to numerous sex scandals including under age and under- the- table affairs. In exchange for retaining his postion, he will  get a GPS surgicically placed in his body. The tracking systems will also be available on Twitter and Facebook. His movements, pardon any puns, will be tracked 24/7. In fact the pugnacious grease ball has thrown down a challenge to all world politicians/characters to follow his example. Bill Clinton is studying the proposal and has commisioned a poll before commenting. Goldman Sachs is considering making a market on the reliability of the GPS device and publishing the markets on the social networks venues. Mayor Bloomberg has immediately pleaded no contest. He was quoted, " Why would anyone want to know the sex life of a five foot kike.?"George W Bush was napping and didn't return any calls.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Competitive America Requires Critical Thinking, Bias & Discrimination

The Presidents State of the Union was on last night. Our deacon, Barack Obama was preaching. His rolling voice, piercing stares and waving body parts were in the fore. Much like his hero MLK. His theme was , "We have to compete". OK deacon. That's a fair directive.But to really compete, competitors have to have critical thinking abilities that are encouraged. To compete there can't be affirmative action in favor of morons of any color, religion or sex. To compete, sensible, non codified  bias and discrimination has to be allowed to flourish. Hey deacon, can you and your moron groupies compete in that atomosphere?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Olbermann vs Lieberman ?

Neither MSNBC nor Keith Olbermann want to talk about the real reason why Keith was so abruptly fired yesterday. Maybe it had something to do with Olbermann's rant about retiring Senator Joe Lieberman? Olbermann starts by calling Lieberman "delusional" and a "liar" and says "good riddance". He then asks  rhetorically to democrats at large, "What problem do dems have with delusional Joe's policies with the exception of the estate taxes, the Bush tax cuts, school vouchers, gay marriage, homeland security, the public option, the Medicare buy in, privatizing Social security, tort reform and foreign policy choices?"

Could it be that Keith crossed the line and publically criticized a major Zionist politician? Helen Thomas is a recent example.And Keith's heritage is pure German and that conjures up all kinds of stereotypes. If Zionists were a stock, I'd be short.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Michelle Obama's Red Dress

Glory be at the state dinner for China's Hu Jintoa! Did you get a load of Michelle Obama's red dress? She was inside these incredible layers of bold, fuck- you- if- you- don't- like- it- screaming-red-dress that could have been previouly desired/owned by Areatha or Oprah. So here is another unintended consequences of the American Civil War-the poor casualties of North and South who died for nothing. Methinks the dress is much about getting even. During the Civil rights era, white peoples conspicuous consumption was highlighted and criticized by Dr. King and other southern black demagogues as examples of the false values of America's ruling elite and their disregard for blacks who were in need. But give this black a chance and lo and behold, she steals the spotlight from the honored guest with the conspicuously consumptive red dress.

President Obama tried to put the best face on the questionable dress choice. He was heard talking to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, "Do you think Michelle looks too much like a Polish Jew?" Ah the kike and the darky refreshingly play at mock sophistication.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Can You Conquer Boredom? Should You ?

Most everyone can have fun. Most everyone can be sad. But how many can deal with boredom? If one can endure and accept boredom as a legitimate temporay state then one can do most anything. Boredom gets a bad rap. It usually means that one is between projects or goals. Even Hurcules sat down. Treat boredom as a check out time for your personality inventory. Not someone elses idea of acceptable personality traits inventory but your own. Rushing mindlessly into novel adventures to escape boredom is the wrong conclusion.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

African Consumerism: Supermarkets in the Mist

The Wall Street Journal was gushing about the prospects for a consumerism launch in Africa. The subtitle reads" As Disposable Incomes Continue to Climb, Multinationals Shift Focus From Resources [extraction] to Retail". Gee , what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about the continent slowly turns into a Haiti look- alike ? Maybe add supermarkets in the mist without a janitor to pick up in the parking lots. Multiplex theaters that feature R-rated films starring rappers and pimps. Huge freeways along side national parks and wildlife preserves. Establishing welfare roles to cement central power by politicians. African states able to step up in class of arms purchases. In short, it will look more like the West which is not necessarily a good thing.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fidel Castro Saddened at Gabrielle Giffords Assassination Attempt

Jared Lee Loughner attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths and wounded of others at the scene in Tucson ,Arizona drew international responses of shock and sympathy . One was Fidel Castro who wrote an opinion piece in his personal state controlled media. It was titled " An Atrocious Act". In part he said: " ....even those of us who don't share at all the politics and philosophies of the Obama Administration, desire that no children, judges, legislators or citizens of the United States die in such an absurd and unjustifiable way."

But Fidel, isn't this the way you got your job and your personal media when you killed and fought the legitimate Cuban government ? Maybe you should have said nothing and should retire from preaching.

Speaking of broken moral compass preachers. NBC's Zionists producers of "Meet The Press "rolled out Zionist Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat from Florida. Florida? No one in Arizona? Apparently to NBC that wasn't the spin they wanted . Giffords was also a Zionist. The producers fear that Israel has more to lose than the U.S. if a rebellion succeeds or if Israel supporters in Congress are cut down.  Schultz preached , "Rhetoric needs to be toned down". OK. Debbie. When you stop being an operative for Israel and supporting their criminal activities which include routine murders of Palestinians then maybe we will think you more worthy of giving advice.  

Popular speculation for Loughner's attempted assassination centered on his dislike of the Obama healtcare bill and runaway illegal immigration in his state of Arizona. Rep. Giffords was an ultra liberal democrat who supported Obama's policies and was soft on illegal immigration. But I suspect her support of Israel had something to do with the assassination.  A "shaken "and buckled Obama commented on the "tragedy for our country". Maybe the big "O" has a guilty conscience and or is scared . Well, that's life in the political fast lane.

Loughner has severe mental problems. Fidel Castro could pass for normal. Loughner killed six. Castro killed thousands but promised to split the profits . Popular opinion makes one a murderer and one a hero. Why does America support no share of the profit Zionists? We're stupid.