Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Non Existing Home Sales Slide

Today the National Association Of Realtors reported their estimate of sales of non-existent homes. The sales were down 5.7% from January level . Actually there was an interesting aspect to the sales figures. Brokers commissions were off by 11.4% which indicated that they were sacrificing commissions to make deals. New non-existing home owners were cashing out of bad stock market investments because they had lost faith in the advice of their stock brokers and because of the Ponzi schemes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

News Release: Caterpillar World Cup Ad Features Bill Clinton

The Caterpillar Co. has signed former president Bill Clinton for an advertising spot during the upcoming soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010. CAT figures there will be at least 2 billion real-time viewers of the game and the ad.

Briefly the ad will feature CAT's largest Waste Handling Tractor. It's known as the D10 TWH. It weighs in at 70 tons (144,000 lbs.) and has a 580 horsepower. The ad/skit will have a microphone between Bill and the D10. Bill's challange will be to get to the microphone and recite as many good deeds he did during his life. The operator of the tractor will be me. I will have a camera mounted on my construction helmet. The camera will have crosshairs aimed at his mouth. The camera will not have a deep-focus feature so if Bill wants to be recognized he will have to get very close.

Las Vegas bookmakers have published an even money bet that Bill can speak briefly enough to avoid being plowed under. It will be great fun. We all will see Bill either made into hamburger or suicidal with a loss of air time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mayor Newsom Has Plans For New Child

San Francisco's First Couple have announced they are in a family way. A spokesperson for Gavin and Jennifer Newsom made the public announcement.

In keeping with Gav's antisocial personality and refusing to be bound by the norms of convention, the Mayor's spokeperson held the briefing in a slum part of San Francisco called the Tenderloin at 2 AM early yesterday morning. Here is the announcement.

"Good morning. The Mayor and his wife want the voters of San Francisco and California to know that the couple will have a child. Jennifer and Gavin admit to an artificial insemination procedure . This was a compromise to leaders of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community who were consulted before the decision by Gavin and Jennifer to have a child. Gays were adamant that the impregnating be done artificially so the icon status of Gav The Liberator would remain intact. This lines up well with Greek mythologys Athena being the Warrior Virgin. The Mayor and his wife have signed a memorandum of understanding with the gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender community that the child will be raised alternately by nannies and nannos and none of the above. Fondling will be encouraged as a sensitive exposure to other life styles. In a jesture to broaden his political base and reach out to other groups in San Franciscos community, Gavin has promised to include a breakfast with his child to random arrested people the night before although Gav and Jenn will not be there. The childs nursery will have blunted needles from the Citys needle exchange program so the child will know how to cope with a walk in one of the City's parks. The childs name will be New Age. The effort will try to keep the letters in the first name to under 17 but also incude enough references to multicultural voter base. And to sum up the prenatal announcement Gav and Jenn want all to know how grateful they are for the well wishes and that they are discussing a divorce. Thank you and good morning."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Change Of Fools

Aretha Franklin had her 1969 hit " Chain Of Fools". Now Preacher Obama has Change of Fools. Our government is fast becoming a mega church and trough for all spending monkeys and their wards to feast. Change? No there won't be any change left from the $787 billion spendathon bill. Only additional charges for interest will be left over. But it's already not enough.

The monkeys over on the Black Caucus branch of congress are already swinging mad. They put down their potato chips and huddled together to write a letter to Cash Cow Nancy Pelosi. They're concerned about a $1.1 billion provision in the bill dealing with "comparative effectiveness research". The money will fund an initial 15 federal bureaucrats to gather information on a doctors diagnosis, perscription and treatment. This will already add to the legions of attorneys with their predatory law suits who have been second guessing for years and we all have to pay higher medical bills as a result of their nuisance . The aim of the new government program is to cut unnecessary costs in health care by determining what's a better treatment to use. So the feds throw another $1.1 billion at the cost structure.

The letter reads." We are concerned that 'comparative effectiveness research' will be based on broad population averages that ignore the differences between patients". Notice the Black Caucus uses and hides behind the word "patients". It would have been more honest if the monkeys used the word "races" instead of "patients". But then the sentence would be a less than politically correct yet more honest " ....that ignore the differences between races".


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pope Reminds Of Neville Chamberlain

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel in the spring. He hopes to appease the Jewish elders who claim disrespectful treatment by newly reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson. Willaimson speculated publicly that only 600,000 Jews died in the Holocaust rather than the Jewish preferred and widely advertised number of 6,000,000.

Why quibble? Of course the greater number is plausible and probable when one considers that the Zionist met more than its equal in the German Nazi. Just look at the recent accomplishments of the Zionists. In their war of Palestinian genocide in Gaza the Israelis launched over 3,000 bombing raids, offshore shelling by the Israeli navy, artillery bombardment ,tanks and infantry raids against a largely unarmed civilian population. This resulted in 1300 Palestinian deaths , 5500 injured and untold infrastructure loss. This is all in addition to years of collective punishment and deprivation to 1.5 million Gazans in particular and 5 million dispossessed Palestinians in general.

The Pope should visit Gaza. The Palestinians are the ones who get no respect. The Pope acts more like Neville Chamberlain and Britain's "appeasement" of Hitler in the Munich Agreement of 1938. That agreement condoned the annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. Now the Pope seemingly ignores Israel's barbarism and the annexation of Palestinian land by the Zionists in the interest of being politically correct.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Peace Negotiations Between Taliban, U.S. & Afghanistan

Last week representatives of the Taliban, U.S. and Afghani tribes had a round table discussion about the merits of a Taliban rule or a U.S. democracy as a government model for Afghanistan. Both the Taliban and the U.S. were trying to sell the Afghani rep on their own paradigm.

U.S. Rep. : Mr Afghani we want a democracy in Afghanistan.

Afghani Rep. : What will democracy bring and what will it cost me?

U.S. Rep. : First, we will stop bombing you. Second , democracy will bring law and order because we will send our lawyers to train your new lawyers. Thirdly we will show you how to share your wealth with people who don't work as hard as you do. The cost will be about 30% of your present daily income in cash to achieve both goals.

Afghani Rep. : I don't have cash. Can fruits and vegetables and my personal service be used in place of cash?

U.S. Rep. : No a democracy needs cash. We need the illusion of wealth and something that can be put in a sack in case the lawyers and pols have to leave town quickly and start a new democracy somewhere else.

Afghani Rep. : So I give real produce and get worthless paper in return.

Afghani Rep. : Mr. Taliban Rep. What do you want?

Taliban Rep. : All we ask is for you to let your hair grow, don't educate your women and for this we will cut you in on our drug business profits that lives off of the disenchantment of voters in democracies around the world.

Afghani Rep. : Where do I sign?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grinning, Spending Monkeys Buy Huge Headline

The grinning, spending monkeys in Washington have achieved their professional goal of appearing to do good. The $828 billion stimulus bill has got them their headline. They have achieved the politicians refuge and safe postion of the many voting in favor so that no one individually will hang.

The pieces of the stimulus bill include $50 billion for a one time $250.00 payment to receivers of Social Security. What can be done with $250.00 ? Maybe one can see 2 professional sports events. Another $25 billion for a "worker credit" that puts a whopping $13.00 per week for 2 years into the pockets of taxpayers . So why do we need politicians to give us back our own money?

And then there's the "pork". Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has plans for a high speed rail from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that costs about $4 billion. Talk about a "bridge to nowhere", this train is for losers. "All aboard!" Maybe that's another use for the $250.00. How about "8 the hard way" ?

The stimulus headline crowded out the octuplet fiasco headline. That moron who had 8 additional children to add to the 6 that are hanging around already is certainly doing her part to stimulate demand and contribute to the growth of government spending. She should also contact Bill Gates. He regularly gives out money and help to Africans who routinely have 10 or more children who end up having an additional ten who have additional ten.....


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Propostion 8 Intolerance

Consider that most of the homosexuals one has met and disliked or didn't enjoy would have been equally evaluated if the homosexual were heterosexual. I.E. just because one is a homosexual, one's evaluation shouldn't have to be adjusted. If the homosexual is fragile, bitchy and quick to take offense like some heterosexuals then a fair response to both can be avoidance.

Consider It's the cyber equivalent of burning a cross on targeted groups lawn. was launched after the passage of California's Propostion 8 which forbade marriages between same sex couples. Eightmaps. com uses Google Maps of San Francisco, Utah and Orange County, CA to place arrows on the map along with the name, occupation, app. address and amount of money that was contributed by the targeted person for the passage of Prop 8. The obvious invitation to the map reader is to invite the reader to somehow respond to the targeted foe of homosexual marriage with some sort of appropriate or hateful counterattack. Boycotts, hateful emails and postal tricks have indeed followed from the launch of

Consider if some group got a hold of all the HIV/AIDS infected people in America and similarly flagged their name, address and occupation with Google Maps help? What do you think the homosexual community would do ? The bitches would take it to the streets.

Many of the backers of Prop 8 think once a generational change occurs in the U.S. the younger voters will pass same sex marriages. Think again. The qiuck spreading of HIV/AIDS infections may make the same sex marriage movement a one generation phenomenon.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Problem Attorneys : Final Solution

Ira Sorkin is a friend, investor and attorney for Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Sorkin presumably lost money with his investments in Madoff securities. But now Sorkin will defend Madoff against all criminal charges. I don't know what passes for normal friendship between shady consenting Jewish operators but they are still talking. Of course Ira is talking and Bernie is paying. Ira Sorkin is the quintessential form of attorney. Cheating and lying friends will not stop him from defending those same friends so they may delay or escape justice. There is one caveat: "Innocent until proven broke".

Here in San Francisco our Yellow Pages have 76 pages of attorneys ! There is no other professional category in the Yellow Pages that even comes close to that count. This fact begs the question," Are there any barriers to becoming an attorney?" The underlying fact that supports this legal infestation is the legal system rewards delay and by extension this includes rewarding lying and outright incompetence. No other professional pursuit rewards delay. Consequently the carrer attracts morally ambivalent people who can also be incompetent. One only needs an abundance of greed to succeed in the legal profession.

What's to be done to solve this predation? I'm intrigued by an old African rights of manhood ritual. This ritual happened before the European colonials and Bill Gates showed up. The custom was for young men to kill a lion with a spear ( my sympathy is with the lion). Then he would be considered a man worthy of respect from the tribe.

How about introducing a variation on that custom here in the U.S.? To wit, in the pursuit of real-time justice and to shed political correctness young men and women should be encouraged to slay attorneys with a weapon of choice to prove a break from childhood. Maybe a higher mark of ranking could be given if the slain lawyer was Jewish.