Thursday, April 21, 2016

Harriet Tubman: Twenty Dollar Bill Collector

Want the electorate to read about history and maybe get them to vote with a liberal bias in the exercise.?Put a controversial picture on currencies.That currency will become a best seller so to speak.Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.Her de facto smudge will broadcast a one dimensional evocation of slavery in America.Yet again we are presented with a bill for reparations.I didn't run up the bill so I'm not going to pay. Rather slam the door on the invasion of my privacy.Looked up Tubman on Wikipedia. The length of the scrolling comments suggests an introduction to a Russian novel.Like the one demential icon on the face of the bill only half the story of Tubman was dwelled on-her life in America as a slave.But how did she get here?Her parents were shipped here in slave ships. Why were her parents chosen to be on the slave ships? Because tribes in West Africa wanted to trade with slave traders.Did Harriet Tubman make any public remarks about the brothers and sisters way back in Africa for making her life miserable? None was on Wikipedia.The impetus for Tubman's bill brainwash came from our African American president. Evidently he's not yet satisfied with billing for white guilt. Treasury secretary Jack Lew was the operative, Jacks another guy who was on Wall Street and went to Harvard. Shouldn't there be a bounty on Wall Street bankers who also went to Harvard?Two tens for a twenty please.Almost forgot.Tubman was a slave in Maryland! Maryland was a northern state that fought for the Union Army. You know the Union Army, it was run by Abe Lincoln. Abe's Emancipation Proclamation only applied to Confederate States. How disingenuous can a black rights icon be? Cant trust politicians.Why doesn't the teachers union National Education Association mention that? Because it doesn't fit the narrative that leads to votes, power and money from liberal democrats.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Charlie Rose Was Rude To Bernie Sanders

Last night Charle Rose on a CBS set rudely treated Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders is running for president He's running against high priced street walker Hillary Clinton.I was a fan of Rose . He hosts his own nightly interviews with diverse guests. It follows that with a different stream of interviews his questions and tone are necessarily respectful . But not with Senator Sanders last night. If there was an oscilloscope on the TV screen that was over layed onto typical Rose voice meanderings a deviation by a significant margin would be apparent. Charlies voice could be confused with a Toy Poodle's bark in screen gyrations.He was particularly eager for Sanders to get on the record about endorsing Hillary if she won the nomination. Charlie went down a laundry list of scripted questions. He didn't do this interview in his normal ad hoc approach. He was doing someones chore.The chore was to discredit Senator Sanders. For example Rose would ask a question about how Sanders would break up the big banks. Sanders gave a credible answer which seemed to disappoint Charlie.Today Paul Krugman of the New York Times did a hit piece on Senator Sanders in his column.Krugman compared him to his lowest strata of his supporters. That would be the African Americans. He did it obliquely by terming "Bernie Bro" to signal his meaning.Seems to me there are a lot of fat cats in the Democratic and Republican parties that are enjoying other peoples money just fine- and they don't want any f--kin it up. I would rather have Trump or Sanders than all the others and their filthy political machines. Hillary is going to lose New York.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Employers Can Eliminate Many Fifteen Dollar Per Hour Jobs

Brave new world of fiat wages has arrived.It was bound to happen after so much fiat money has been created. Funny money is always followed by funny salaries. Remember the gas station attendant jobs? They went away with self service pumps. Now fast food workers are going to get raises in some states.What does a fast food worker do ? He/she presses icons on a menu screen when taking orders from customers. How about the employer turns the touch-screen menu towards the customer and eliminate the worker?Tell California Governor Jerry Brown and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo they should have had real jobs before they got into politics.