Friday, November 30, 2012

Reality TV, Killer Karaoke, Vampire and Zombie Facination ,etc: Any Criticism By Teachers Or Politicians?

Where are the moral leaders? Any civic leaders who would speak to what's desirable for the general populations healthy mental and social customs. Where are they? You think, how retro? But enough is enough. I read today of a TV reality show called "Killer Karaoke" .It is the latest TV reality show in an ever spiraling downward "entertainment" offering. It is offered by TruTV. The master of ceremonies is one Steve-O .Briefly this particular segment reported a big titty preachers daughter ( there was a photo ) in a transparent tank of water singing "Take on Me". But wait , there's more. She's sharing the tank with baby alligators and snakes who are wondering what they deserved to get themselves in this place.Yuck. Another segment featured another "singer" getting squished and smeared with sweat by a couple of obese men in sumo-style underpants.Yuck. Yuck.

Does any politician want to go on record about what he/she thinks about this kind of TV? Does the National Education Association want to make a statement that its teachers warn students about the hazards of trash  TV ? Or is that too elitist? Do the pols and teachers want to think about it a little longer? Do they want to take a poll? Will their negative statement offend anyone ?

Well I say, the participants , the MC and the audience both in the studio and at home should have their breeding ability revoked surgically or chemically. Next comes the pols and teachers who should be similarly impaired if they don't speak up and be counted as one who objects..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Saw Willie Brown Yesterday

I had an appointment in downtown San Francisco yesterday. Driving on Bush St I spotted former Mayor Willie Brown coming out of his favorite restaurant Le Central according to fawning reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle.  Some passerby was clutching Willie's hand trying  to ingratiate himself to the politico. For those of you who don't know of Willie Brown. you will know the type. He's the kind of politician that runs on race issues. He never stops selling guilt. In the old days he would have been hung on general principles of disturbing the peace. But in todays PC world he is feted by low self esteemed whites and carpetbagger attorneys of all colors.Willie was customarily stylishly outfitted. Probably a $500. 00 fedora and a $ 2000. 00 suit. His face was remarkably smooth and blemish free. I'll bet he treated his skin with a theatrical powder that dulls the shine of black skin. But Willie is still a monkey .And his pudenda lips rival an orangutans ass. He knows it better than anyone. Why else would he try to dress up like Gary Cooper.

The window in my car was partially down. I instinctively flipped him the bird and called out, " Hey Willie. Go fuck yourself." I think he heard me. I hope so.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Schlemiel Netanyahu : The Last Prime Minister Of Israel ?

Why won't the 1,500,000 collectively punished Gazans just take Israel's brutality? Why must they fight back? Can't they see that Israel thinks it OK to assassinate and kill at will and they should just patiently bury the body parts and wash away the blood? How come they are insulted when Israel adds insult to injury by allowing new settlements on stolen,occupied Palestinian lands?
Hopefully Netanyahu will be the last Prime Minister of the Zionists scum that run Israel.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

U.S. Drone Policy Invites More 9/11 Events

America's increasing use of drones around the world to kill suspected "enemies" is causing blowback. The "blue on green " killings in Afghanistan is tit for tat. Afghanis who have died from drone strike collateral damage left behind relatives who plot revenge. Drone killings in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other countries that we don't yet know will strike at U.S. targets in the future. The cold blooded killers at the Pentagon think they have a deus ex machina. But in time that creation will morph into an avenging gallows and hang people in the U.S. in another 9/11 type event.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Foie Gras Nation: Consume Or Die

Fact. American economy is based on consumption. Fact. Seventy percent of our economy is dedicated to providing food and services to a consuming class of all gradations and income levels. Fact. If we don't consume our economy will fail. In our current sputtering economic times and high unemployment, the Federal Reserve has resorted to buying up government debt so new debt can be issued and so consumption can be guaranteed. These monetary policies herd U.S. citizens to consume because interest rates are almost non existant so there is no money in saving and prudence.. Much like geese are force fed to fatten their liver to produce foie gras. That's reality. That's the plan. But a collateral result produces an obese nation. Fact. Almost 70% ( notice the number?) of consumers are overweight, fat or obese. If 70% of economy is consumer based, then only 30% actually produce. The producers are necessarily not fat in their operating procedures.. It would be bad for their business model. The people we fight around the world are not fat. ever see a fat member of al Qaeda or Taliban? Who is more likely to win the wars? Who is more likely to win a healthy peace ?