Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump And Clinton Both Avoid Personal Taxes

Donald Trump has been criticized for not producing his personal tax returns.Probably he wants to avoid demonstrating how he use's the tax code to avoid taxes.Clintons have set up the Clinton Foundation to avoid paying taxes also. Trump sells services that he owns. Trump has also paid hundreds of millions to payrolls and the working families on those payrolls. On the other hand the Clintons sell things they don't own. They sell access to government for special lucrative deals. Many of these people who pay Clinton's for access to these special deals wouldn't be invited to a lawn party. Also the Clintons payroll is largely a slush fund to buy off peoples with special clout in the Washington cesspool of deal making.Who do you identify with?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Zuckerberg Chan Bad Idea : Eradicate All Disease

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan announced today that they will circle $3 billion of their total net worth of approximately $50 billion "... to cure or eradicate all disease by the end of the century...". Who says yesterdays values aren't around any more? Pardon me but the disease that is killing us all is over population. Which is totally curable.Talk to our people at the Pentagon for an estimate of what the job would take on a short term time frame. Short of the worlds munition we all are on a slow motion extinction trajectory because of lack of natural necessities.You know water, clean air livable space etc.So why do we want to cure disease? Wouldn't population control measures in most any form be better in the long run? Whats the Zuck thinking ? We are at 7 billion world population now. So if he is marginally successful in prolonging life 10 billion is a generation or two away.Where will they all live? What will they eat? Why do we want them in any scenario?Maybe Zuck wants them for Facebook members? What are they going to use for money?Imagine what the net worth of the tenth billionth person.Maybe a $1.50.Cant generate top line growth at Facebook with that number.Maybe Facebook could prosper on people worth $1.50.But only if the people got barcoded on their forehead with a "like" icon. That way Facebook scanners could charge the barcoded customer $ 1.50 on every New Years Day therby indebting the Facebook member his/hers net worth for that year. Which makes the bankrupt person a slave and subject to Zuckerberg/Chan whims for the years remainder.

Friday, September 16, 2016

How Bad Are The Movies And TV ?

For me the answer to " How bad are the movies and television?"is that the actors and story lines are worse than having to sit through a family get together.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

PBS NewsHour Can't Interview Trump

When is a news vendor not a news vendor? When they don't report important news is the obvious answer. Have you noticed that Trump has not been interviewed on the NewsHour? Recently anchor Judy Woodruff announced the NewsHour was hoping to get Trump on the show for a sit down. But he has refused. I would guess because of the one sided presentation of presidential race in favor of Clinton's candidacy.Kind of leaves the ultra progressive news vendor stuck with its normal menu of subjects. Those include but not limited to black single moms and their struggles with their many children and in some cases the many fathers of those same children. In short where are they? . Some of those black single moms have become single grandmoms.So the drill is more money and services are needed. Why? Haven't we seen enough of this life style? And what about police brutality? So when some one resists arrests what is a policeman to do?Appeal to the resistors sense of how to behave in a civilized environment? Haven't got enough time for that when resistor pulls weapon.Looks like NewsHour maybe have to become NewsHalfHour for those who care.