Saturday, August 30, 2014

Google Insurance: Why? Because You Will Need It

The boys at Google are in the news again. This time they are experimenting with drone aircraft. Google wants to get into parcel delivery.They are running tests in Australia. That's not like downtown New York or San Francisco. I guess they want no costly mistakes . After all "What could possibly go wrong with micro drones delivering parcels in an urban setting?" Of course it 's unarmed and like its name suggests it doesn't have a pilot on board either.Its purpose is to deliver packages.That makes FedEx and UPS potential collateral damage.Google has faith in technology. They are the guys that want us all in driverless autos. Also they want us to wear Google Glass so instead of thinking we just do a Google Search. Maybe we will get distracted just a little bit so we also buy something when searching. Are these guys greedy?Any way. The articles that I have reviewed all start the same way. Google's driverless car or Google's drone delivery project..... And then immediately in the next paragraph comes the question. "No one is quite sure of liability questions". But suppose Google all along wanted to get into the insurance business.That's how Warren Buffett made his swag. He took insurance premiums and played the stock market.Why would any one need insurance? No pilot on board! No driver in front seat! That's why you want insurance.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ebola Virus Directly Challenges African Exploitation

Gorillas in the mist or malls with ample parking? Mother nature and her Ebola virus says she wants Africa to keep her dress on. Mainly China is trying to rape Africa. China long ago went through her own natural resources and replaced those areas with humans. Approximately 1.25 billion humans.Bad trade.China started out looking somewhat like Africa. But not any more.What face does nature show to China and all others who would enter her Africa's "Heart of Darkness'? It's the fruit bat.The Ebola Virus, named for a river that runs through Zaire and the Democratic Republic Of The Congo, resides in a dormant state in the blood of the fruit bat. When the bat eats fruit it contaminates the fruit. When a primate comes a long and finishes eating the fruit then the chimp or gorilla contacts the Ebola Virus. Enter the human. Because of the exponential population growth and accompanying malnutrition humans eat "bush meat". whether it be primates, a quasi-cannibalism,or other small mammals. Those mammals , some of them, have contacted the fruit bats Ebola Virus and so it goes.Hopefully the Chinese and other persona non grata like animal poachers and other "developers "will stay out of Africa with the fruit bats help.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Should United States Grant Asylum For Palestinians? Or Should America Bomb Israel?

Today a twelve story apartment building was leveled in Gaza City.Israel used American-made F-16's to destroy the building and kill a few Palestinians as a bonus. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.Next door in Syria the U.S. is making plans to bomb ISIS militants who are using Syria as a base of their operations in Iraq. Syria's Assad gets an American Air Force to do his work. Because ISIS is also attacking Syrian forces. Back to Gaza. Gaza and its 1,8 million inhabitants are running out of infrastructure. Sewage disposal has been bombed by our Israeli allies. Also water and critical medical supplies and facilities have been bombed as well. Does a pandemic of infection wait to make things worse?The U.N. says as many as 500,000 Gazans have been displaced.The facts in Gaza speak a slow motion torture on top of a collective punishment action used by our "ally" Israel. America reaches out to similarly situated victims around the world.In Iraq we bomb ISIS for Israeli-like aggression against Iraqis.Which brings up the question. Should we grant asylum to the Palestinians or would it be simpler to cut off aid to Israel? And if Israel doesn't listen, should we bomb Israel?

How many Nations Has The United States Bombed?

There are 193 member states in the United Nations.Perusing the list left me with roughly the calculation of approximately 154 nations that we as a nation at one time or other have been at war with officially or bombed or fought gratuitously .The fields of battle are too long to list. But a few stand out as stupid engagements. World War I, Vietnam and Iraq immediately come to mind.Iraq is particularly stupid because of its justifications used by our administration.Who can forget WMD ? Weapons of mass destruction were certainly possessed by Saddam Hussein.Why? Because they found invoices and had pictures of "aluminum tubes". There were surveillance photos taken at 60,000 feet of mobile homes that certainly were command and control centers for missile firings of presumed nuclear or chemical or biological weapons. And what about "yellow cake" from Niger? We had Dick Cheney's word that was the smoking gun of nuclear fission war heads.History has pointed out all that evidence was spun lies.Now we have a new yarn to re-invade Iran.ISIS beheaded a journalist.It did happen but the yarn is ISIS will soon be beheading people around the world.That wont happen.But the fact already has given Syria's Assad the use of America's Air Force to help him fight ISIS in Syria.No one will talk about collateral bombing damage.The powers that be want everyone to focus on the beheading as justification for eternal war.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pentagon Bombing Again : Yahoo

Just when the Pentagon thought it would have to sit out the war in Iraq things changed.An American reporter was beheaded and the monkeys at the Pentagon are loading the bombs and making plans for more boots on the ground in Iraq.Gingerbread decorated General Martin Dempsey, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs,proclaimed that Syria would now have to be bombed also.Before this general wanted to bomb Assad forces. But now Dempsey wants to bomb anti-Assad forces in Syria.These forces are the ones who are causing all the trouble in Iraq.How will Dempsey and his monkeys at the pentagon know who they are bombing in Iraq and Syria? Does it matter? Not to him .Too bad bin Laden missed the Pentagon and got the Twin Towers.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Beyonce In San Francisco: Only The Noise Is Remembered

Some pre teen darkies and their single mothers enjoyed Beyonce at the August 8 performance at AT&T Park.But they are the minority. Most media reports are featuring not the song and dance numbers but the sound levels of the bass.Four miles away!Multiple calls into the Giants Park home stadium and comments on Twitter evidence the disruption. Music? No. Disruption? Yes.I think its fair to say that women didn't need their vibrators. They just screwed on to a door knob and went along for a free ride courtesy of the "singer" and her main man monkey handler Jay Z. Whatever the fuck "Jay Z" means."Assault on the skull" was a typical remark about the decibels. For those of you who were outside the four mile zone of ground zero a close analogy would be having a face on our moon depicting Hillary Clinton or George Bush or Nelson Mandela. It's not the place. This past Wednesday is yet another example of how monkeys and technology never cease to give lie to the "advanced state" of our species. It matches up with earlier low points like the atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima and the "All are Equal" bullshit.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Airbnb Crowds Out First Time Home Buyers And Renters

Home ownership is increasingly elusive. Whether it be the higher credit score needed or increased down payment or income to expense ratios that are in stone. But before all those hurdles the biggest hurdle of all is the melt up of home prices facilitated by easy money Fed policies. Easy for whom? Hedge funds with access to credit markets are now more than ever before to be the cash buyer of homes. They in turn either flip it or rent it. No way is the money manager going to move in.Now comes Airbnb. Similar to a geeky chimera of Genghis Kahn it changes the calculus of home ownership for an individual and puts home ownership out for bidding against the prospect of renting a home out to OUT OF TOWNERS. For example San Francisco real estate already exalted receives another bubble boost of effectively promising an extra income possibility. Under the new math possibility a typical one bedroom can be rented for $200 per night-roughly $6000 per month income.But the mortgage and expenses add up to only $3000-4000 per month.Looks like a good deal to the new class of Airbnb inspired who are similar to a somewhat humane Great Kahn's roving horde. These newly rich buyers who wouldn't think of living in a one bedroom now salute Airbnb. Genghis Kahn had his mandarins albeit on horseback. Do you think that G.K.'s pals could preemptively deal themselves in on Kahn's droppings at the feasting table and scope possibilities and position themselves appropriately? But where does that money come from? There so much money in circulation that finding places to store it can be a problem.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Airbnb San Francisco: Make Yourself At Home And Don't Worry About The Neighbors

Airbnb is rolling out in San Francisco. San Francisco, where people leave their hearts and find new experiences.The night life that carries over to the next day is more apt to happen here than any other swinging city. Meet new people. Have a ball.Raise the roof. But what about the neighbors? Don't give it a thought. Airbnb has the fix in at a politically friendly City Hall. Already the Planning Commission is rolling back decades old common sense residential neighborhood conforming codes so Airbnb can bring out-of-towners into the serenity of quiet neighborhoods.Parking? Not a problem. Use what's available.Screw the block.Who are the neighbors going to complain to? There's no front desk at Airbnbn rentals. Late party noise? So what. Airbnb has no clerk standing by to hear complaints.What's a neighbor who has lived there for years to do to these yahoo's from out-of-town? Knock on the door and tell them to be quiet? Well that could be the beginning of a vigilante event but only if it's backed up by some credible threat. It's not old fashion, " A man's home is his castle." Sounds like a good plea of self defense in court.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Progressive Philosophy And Ebola Asylum

Two American aid workers infected with Ebola are being flown from West Africa to the U.S. Ebola is 40-80% lethal. Casual contact can infect. The plane being used carries only one patient at a time. Think about that for a moment. The implications of cost and contagion exampled by a single large jet carrying only one person. Ebola is an extension of our embracing/normalizing HIV/AIDS. The whole of a person outweighs a part even if that part has the power to destroy disproportionately . It all started with the outlawing of critical thinking way back in 1964. Progressives in government taught caution to students about drawing personal conclusions. In fact teaching was followed up by punitive law suits if the student didn't go along and include any one. And I mean ANYONE. Progressives peddle a philosophy that no matter if you are in death row or are infected by ebola we are there for you. Meanwhile the will to power by bacteria of all sorts including Ebola has been granted asylum and a kind of citizenship in the U.S.