Thursday, August 30, 2018

Apple, Amazon Technology And GDP

Apple and Amazon capitalizations total approximately two trillion dollars.The United States Gross Domestic Product totals approximately nineteen trillion dollars.APPL and AMZN capitalizations are a little more than ten percent of all the goods and services from mom and pops to heavy industry sales in the U.S. Apple is a technology company. If there is any truism about technology is that "change " is inevitable and with it fortunes are lost. Amazon is essentially a store.History has shown that the real estate under the store has proven more valuable over the long run. Amazon doesn't need real estate.So any new competition doesn't need any also because technology obviates the need of real estate. What about new technology that threatens Amazon? That is bound to happen

Sunday, August 12, 2018

McCarthyism: It Was Accurate

Poor Senator Joe McCarthy. He was vilified back in the 19050's for calling an alarm about communists in America.He also targeted Hollywood as its American propaganda voice.He was correct.For communists/progressives/liberals its only gotten easier to walk about in public spewing their subversive drivel about everyone being equal and everyones life mission should be to help others without an obligation from the "others" to fix their own problems or at least try.To paraphrase Simon and Garfunkle" Where are you Joe McCarthy/ Our nation needs you".