Saturday, February 20, 2016

Deadpool : Oculus , Fourth Wall & Zuckerberg

The brutal motion picture "Deadpool "is breaking box office records.The ancient saying "Art Imitates Life " was never more graphically exampled than this "fourth wall " presentation. The fourth wall refers to the technique of bringing the audience into the play. It takes theater-in-the-round to a new level.How did we all live before technology? At some point we will need another event like discovering Kink Tut's tomb to find out.I did not see the film. I have only saw the brutal trailers. I have seen fourth wall "Last Action Hero" which starred former California Governor "Anhooold".Actors are fungible with politicians.In a way the fourth wall was breached with Ronald Reagan and before him by RKO Motion Picture Corporation owner Joseph Kennedy Sr. and his star JFK. Last Action Hero was a sketchy confused brutal romp.Fourth wall movies are trailers for Oculus VR. That's the gimmick that left out individuals strap on to their skulls to fully embrace being left out for some in spot of their choosing.Guess who owns Oculus VR? It's Mark Zuckerberg. He's the insect with an intellect. The merchant of menace promises privacy at the same time he helps spread billions of messages around the globe. Maybe his foundation has a black book of embarrassing facts about many.He has voting stock. Everyone else doesn't. So who will stop him?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ancestry.Com:Revise History?

I received my Ancestry DNA saliva kit today. I entered my activation code but it didn't activate the account.Everyone I know who took the test showed results that included some Jewish ancestry. All didm't know of any Jewish connection.i'm not Jewish. Maybe Ancestry has a mole who is Jewish and wants to combat anti semitism by sprinkling Jewish backgrounds in Ancestry test results?How does Ancestry know I won't show positive for a Jew in the wood pile? Maybe they read my blogs.But I make a distinction between Jews and Zionists. I take Jews as I find them. But Zionists I pre judge-negatively.So if the mole at Ancestry.Com sees this, please give me an activation code that works. That is if he's not a Zionist himself in which case I'll probably be in contact with him at some future date-one way or the other.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gravity Waves: By Definition Are Moving

Einstein predicted gravity waves about 100 years ago.This week scientist announced they proved gravity waves do exist.Two black holes light years away left a trace of an ancient collision. An interferometer in Washington state and one interferometer in Louisiana coordinated data of the collision to prove a cause and effect by inference.Einstein describes gravity as mass that warps space.Like a bowling ball on a trampoline.But that still begs the question how does a stationary mass attract another mass? Unless gravity is in fact motion. Like a cement truck on the side of a road. At rest it attracts nothing. But start the cement truck up and get up to cruising speed and then watch and feel force-gravitational wave force.In short, motion first then comes gravity second.It's like time without motion/change there is no time.Motion is the mover.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Negative Interest Rates: Form Of Slavery

European Central Bank And Japan's Central Bank have a policy of negative interest rates.Federal Chair Janet Yellen spoke before Congress yesterday. She answered a question that the Fed is studying the legality and implementation of negative interest rates in the U.S. Negative interest rates as the name suggests are rates of interest charged to member bank or banks charge their customers who have money on deposit.It's the last resort. It's akin to the Fed or the bank forcing some one to take out a loan. It's form of indenture-making one a slave till his bill/loan is paid. The customer can avoid negative interest rate accrual by preemptively buying something in the hopes of a positive return either by way of investment or life style adventure.Credit worthiness of the prospective borrower may be over looked to avoid a sure loss with neg rates.In short our government and its agencies view the citizens as worthless unless they are in debt indentured servant. Debt takes the form of borrowed money for investment or travel or buying consumer goods etc. Debt is also the sine qua non that governments necessarily need to exist. Addicting people or corporations to services guarantees government and the politicians jobs at the nexus of huge money flows.And we all know how much that can benefit lobbyists, politicians and bureaucracy.Central governments all become common highway robbers near the end of their lives.