Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did F.B.I. "entrap" Somali?

It's one thing to have a legitimate sting. But it is another thing to illegally entrap. The nineteen year old Somali, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was caught in a F.B.I. covert operation. Mohamud agrreed to and tried to blow up a van in the midst of Oregonians. There was no bomb and there was no explosion but Mohamud is in custody.

Why is Mohamud in America? It's no secret that the C.I.A has bombed and killed thousands in Somalia for yeras. Some were " insurgents" but a vast amount had to "be collateral damage". Did Mohamud lose innocent relatives? I'm no bleeding heart for terrorists.. But if someone told me all I had to do was dial a number to get rid of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Vlad Putin, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hu Wintao, George Soros, Pope Benedict,Rush Limbaugh,Lady Gaga, Madonna, ALL RAPPERS, Oprah Winfrey, Charles Schmuer, ALL ZIONISTS, STATE OF ISRAEL,Mayor Bloomberg, Michelle and Barack Obama, Gavin newsom, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, the memory of the Kennedys,Lyndon Johnson, Lloyd Blankfein, Sarah Palin, John McCain, John Kerry,Rupert Murdoch, Don Henniger, Wall Street Journal op-ed section,ALL THE JEWS at Investor Business Daily, the inhabitants of Haiti, Robert Magube, Angelina Jolie, Bradd Pitt, George Clooney, one of my neighbors, most of my neighbors, Rio slums,Carlos Slim, 5 billion people ,etc ad nauseam? I must say I would like that telephone number.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kamala Harris: Best of What Breed?

Today Marisa Lagos, a staff [ infection] writer for  the San Francisco Chronicle was gushing about the Kamala Harris victory. Harris became the "first African American, the first Indian American  and the first woman to be elected to state attorney general". Wait a minute. In Lagos' rush to celebrate multiculturism and biodiversity she ran over some tripping facts. Harris cannot simultaneously be the first African American  and first Indian American. Kamala necessarily is a new sport on the  frivolous monkey, political,  evolution tree. Lagos should have more correctly described K.H. as the first African/Indian American to to be elected....

Welcome to the new age of multi-hyphenated Americans. Yes folks it's vomit point politics.

P.S. Kamala Harris immediately went on the record. She would choose which politically correct issues she would defend. And she would fight politically incorrect issues. No matter what the voter has passed or turned down. I.E. same sex marriage is her choice. So much for blind, unbiased justice. Harris is new poster face for arrogance of liberal left.

P.P.S. One can depend on the Chronicle and its assorted multicultural writers to keep count of the races and their infinite combinations as they triumph on the political scoreboard. Liberals are more racist oriented than most. What does race have to do with competence?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Francisco Politics: Power of Two

San Francisco is the place where only two people are required to establish a political party or unique culture. Whether one wants to sleep on the sidewalks or shoot up in the park or change genders, just get a friend and you are a political force. Of course if you can get an attorney then the TWO requirement is waived.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Too Much Lipstick

The age of  lipstick has come to American politics. The emancipated painted ladies are coming out of the closet. Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin are two prominent examples. Of course entertainment related women Cher , Marilyn Monroe, Madonna  and recently Lady Gaga also exampled too much lipstick and makeup. Makeup is meant to hide and deceive. But Las Vegas shows, motion pictures and Halloween parties are acceptable venues. But painted ladies in government office send the wrong signals. Maybe Pelosi and Palin should register their lipstick brands so we will know where their lips have been and what they have done and to whom.

al Qaeda Boasts

Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula is in news taking credit for mailed bombs. They also said that the downed UPS plane in Dubai last September was their work. Funny, our investigators of that crash didn't make mention of foul play.

Who's more truthful? 

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jews & Irish Politicians Thrive in California Politics

The Jews and Irish did well in California elections last night. Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Barbara Boxer are some examples. Generally speaking, both races have meager cultures. So they really dont understand or value rich cultural heritages or tradition. They thrive in acultural and politically correct legal paradigm settings where other cultures vie for power. They know how to get votes from the last legal or illegal immigrant so as to makeover Cal's legal paradigm on a real time basis.

Plus there's all  those California multicultural restaurants to eat out at. Ever eat at a Jewish or Irish restaurant?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Use a Train, Forget the Bus

So the flamers on the right win then the flamers on the left win. The hapless independents in the middle wait for Godot. The time for talk and voting is over. Independents should alternatively take one flamer from the conservative right and take one flamer from the liberal left and lay them down on railroad tracks. Let's start with 20.

Throwing pols under buses takes too long and is not as efficient as slicing metal train wheels. It would be kind o' like a conveyor belt of guillotine blades. Works for me. Trust me. The pols will understand.

George W Bush at Baseball Game

Yesterday moron George W Bush and suspected moron George H. W. Bush threw out first ball at Texas Ranger, San Francisco Giants world series game. I suspect H.W. to be a constructive moron for not having noticed over the course of years his dim witted sons problem with understanding reality.  W. then went on to Miami Book Fair to push his newly realeased memoir.  Memoir, what facts will he ignore? I wont investigate.

I've read that Cheney and Rumsfeld will be hunting game birds in a canned Texas hunt this season. Last week an Iraqi court sentenced Tariq Aziz to hang for his part in killing thousands of Iraqi Shiites and Kurds during the Saddam Hussein regime. Hussein has already been hung. But it's popular and accurate knowledge that more Iraqis have died and been displaced because of the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces under the direction of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Far more Iraqi deaths than under Hussein's regime. Therefore common logic and justice would dictate that the three criminals should have been hung also instead of enjoying their freedom.

P.S. Another 52 Iraqis died in a suicide in Baghdad this morning. America's invasion destabilized Iraq. But I don't think that Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld lose a minute of sleep because of their crimes. But the U.S. as a whole continues to live under threat because of reckless foreign policies.