Sunday, September 30, 2018


I Googled slavery in Africa.According to Wikipedia and many other sites slavery still exists in parts of Africa today. In fact slavery in Africa was the template for the slave trade that evolved throughout the rest of the world at least to the 16th century. It went further back but that length of time is enough to show up the misinformation I call it lies of the modern day progressives. The progressives spin the narrative that the Africans had a peaceful life in Africa before the white man showed up.Progressives make no reference to the fact of Africans selling family members and other tribes superfluous people for hard cash or bartered goods.They delivered the blacks to the shore.Nazis celebrated the elite with disastrous consequences. Progressives celebrate the less than elite with the disastrous consequence of making many people dumb and dangerous.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Smash And Grab Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area has had many smash and grab events recently. The comparable crimes are parabolic in number compared to just months ago. Apple stores get much of the media attention. But the mostly African American smashers and grabbers also take time to knock off pumpkin sellers at road side in a recent example. Maybe they were stuck in traffic on way to an Apple store and wanted to make the most of profitably for that days totals. Cant see much profit in grabbing a pumpkin and some loose change and few folding bills in the till. But I think money isn't the entire reason for this barbaric behavior. Looks to me the wild monkeys like the exhilaration of destroying and stealing others property. The implications are they can't tolerate a steady job and don't respect private property.Looks to me their future if they last that long will be for them to choose to become feral street people. Then they can retire with the help of the various homeless outreach programs in the Bay Area. These apes remind me of Alex in Clockwork Orange.Alex was a white monkey. Monkey see monkey do.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Progressives In America Are Vulnerable

Progressives in America are vulnerable.The simple fact that they can't have their lawyers with them 24/7 leaves them at a disadvantage.