Friday, July 25, 2014

Population Control And Protein Search Convergence Solution

Recent articles about Mainland China's slip shod attitude towards food processing gives one pause for thought.A recent article includes fox substituted for donkey. UGH!. Another recounts old, somewhat rotten chicken meat being resold as fresh to McDonald Chinese franchises. Fox vs donkey shows clear rape the environment philosophy.Rotten chicken shows value of money versus human health consideration. The ambient background is China's overpopulation.Food processors at some point will connect the dots and deliver up excess Chinese to excess Chines as a stabilization tactic.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Netanyahu Claims Civilian Deaths In Gaza Are Mostly Human Shields: He's As Bad As The Nazi

How did Nazi Party Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels whip up hatred for the Jews in the run up to the extermination camps. He portrayed them as sub-human.How does Benny Netanyahu of Israel answer critics of his mostly civilians deaths in the Israeli Gaza assault? He calls the dead mostly " human shields". Israel's bombardment of Gaza which is no bigger than 1/2 of Washington D.C. includes, naval gun boats, air-to-surface missiles, artillery, tanks, mortar and ground troops.By definition these types of weapons are for mass killings on a battle field. But when used in an small urban setting the result is constructively as bad as the gas chambers in Nazi Germany during the holocaust. Massive damage is inflicted randomly.Israel is committing war crimes and should be shunned by civilized nations.

Russia Sanctions: Are they Really Trade Wars?

Does any one really think that governments around the world care about people more than they care about their own jobs and salaries? Therefore are the sanctions against Russia really in fact a form of trade war? The trade war is designed to shore up local business by getting competition out of the way and get prices up of commodities like oil.Our recovery has been slow. And we teeter on deflation. Sanctions could be short term fix.

Mosquitoes Are Not Politically Correct

Over the weekend saw reports of Massachusetts experiencing life threatening cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Oklahoma documented West Nile Fever. Florida claimed Chikungunya infected residents. Mosquitoes are the carriers of the three African originated diseases. Mosquitoes aren't on no-fly lists passed out by TSA. So they hitched a ride on a jet and made use of the jet stream in coming to America.Would an attorney plead a case for asylum for mosquitoes fleeing fly swatters in West Africa? If there was money in it ,I think so. Why are West Africans who carry multiple diseases in their gut and blood welcome when the mosquito is not? The mosquito is vilified and exterminated when possible. But the West African human might get into politics and introduce laws to make it easier for other diseased immigrants to come to the U.S of A. Mosquitoes fly under the radar of political correctness. They just do their thing.At the same time we advanced organisms give our open arms to politically correct refugees.Mosquitoes will figure in the next world wide government. our PC democracy may not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Water In Gaza But Plenty Of Sewage : What's Obama Going To Do About Israel?

Today Israeli Air Force deliberately bombed Gaza's only water source. Also Israel deliberately bombed Gaza's sewage treatment plant.A humanity crisis is hours away. What does Obama think? He hasn't said anything.He has the executive authority to with hold U.S. foreign aid to the Zionist state. He could sanction Israel on a daily basis with portions of that aid embargoed until water is restored and sewage plant is operational again. He could do many executive decisions. Yet he hasn't even spoken out against Israel's war crime.He's not up to the job of president or commander in chief or simply giving a reasonable opinion. As for israel, history will continue to show why Zionists should be segregated and shunned.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Personal Power : New Laws Needed To Protect Land And Animals

The Endangered Species Act, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Clean Water Bill, Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals ,and laws to protect the sea and its inhabitants have done a lot of good to mitigate the degradation of our planets flora and fauna. Yet bird and fish stocks have plummeted 70-80% in the last thirty years. Slaughter of Rhinos, elephants, lions, whales and other hapless creatures are well documented. The Passenger Pigeon is extinct. That birds fate could be the fate of many others if laws are not put forward to stop the waste of land and animals. We are almost 7 billion in numbers. Most shouldn't have been born by a quick look at the cost of their maintenance. Our life is cheap compared to the disappearing fellow inhabitants that we kill or degrade their habitat without a second thought.Hopefully in the future well meaning people will have the power to execute on the spot abusers of land and animals. NO TRIAL. JUST DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE IS ALL THAT WILL BE NEEDED TO KILL OFF THESE BARBARIANS. SELF DEFENSE IS THE JUSTIFICATION FOR FORCE.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Pope Francis In Italy: No Work Sundays Should Be Rule

Pope Francis is in Campobasso, Italy today. It is a region of Italy that has chronic poor. He spoke about shops and business' being opened on Sunday.Although it was only Saturday. He rhetorically asked " Is working on Sundays true freedom?" He 's the guy who lives in the splendor of what's left of the most precious artifacts of the Roman Empire.He's telling people who live from day to day about knocking Sunday off as a work day. Well it's this way Frank, if your flock isn't going to work on Sundays who will feed them? Maybe that will be the basis of another victim speech for another time.How about telling the faithful if they aren't going to work on Sundays then they should refrain from conceiving children on that day also.Less victims should be the goal.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Caliph Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi Meets President Barack Obama

Last week the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) blew up the main Syrian border station between Syria and Iraq. Immediately self proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi declared the rebirth of the historic Islamic Caliphate.The Caliphate existed before the Ottoman Empire ruled those parts of the Middle East. The Ottomans lost control of those lands to the French, British and Russians in WW I. The Sykes-Picot Agreement redrew the map of the Middle East and the rest is history. Meanwhile back in America.Our President Barack Obama who could be compared to a shoe shine boy who only stoops to polish the boots of the military-industrial complex sent in 500 "advisors" to Iraq. That number will grow as their mission will almost certainly expand to pre debacle Iraqi levels. Which means another debacle is on the way. The new Caliph could be compared to 1960's civil rights activists. They too burned and killed to get respect.Life is nothing if not ironic. Our shine boy now fights a enemy in another part of the world who share the same roots as he.