Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Friendly Fire": Final Solution for Israel ?

Gee. Why are the western powers shocked and upset about an Iranian mob sacking a British Embassy?  Even a worm turns. All this fuss to make the world safe for the filthy Zionists. Ain't worth a war.

But all things considered, there is a chance that another Mideast war this time against Iran could have some broader consequences. When one examines the amount of collateral damage and deaths due to friendly fire that the U.S. and NATO  have inflicted in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia etc., maybe Israel could get some disastrous blows from misguided missiles? It would be a lesson about why politically correct wars are not worth it and an end to a country that shouldn't exist.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why We Will Get Another War

The Super Committee failure to find at least $1.2 trillion in budget cuts over ten years ushers in mandatory across the board cuts in spending. The biggest cuts will be in defense.Approximately $ 60 billion per year for ten years. That's about 10% of the Pentagons spending per year.That fiscal fact along with the draw down from the losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will leave much of the C.I.A. and The generals twidling their thumbs. And as they say in the armed services, " War is hell but peace is a bitch". So Iran here we come. With a preemptive strike there, the sequester of defense funds will stop and were are off to the carnage again. Count on it.

The only way to stop this madness is to require a National Referendum on any war.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Minority Student Burden:Leadership & Excellance

Since the 1960's Civil Rights legislation, its fair to say thatl public school teaching goals have been switched from the pursuit of excellence  to the pursuit of inclusion. I.E.advancement in learning is only worthwhile if all advance.Individual excellence is constructively elitism and not to be celebrated. Our top students most now idle until the most obtuse student in the class catch up. This is particularly difficult with some students from foreign countries who are here legally or illegally. They just don't get the American language and culture.

But this "don't get it" problem also applies to native African Americans. Particularly the boys are a problem. But they do understand one thing about the new goals of the U.S. teaching. They know that the blacks really control the agenda. So if they don't get the lessons or don't excel in the lessons they can effectively hold everyone back as an exercise of power. Perhaps the burden of leadership in schooling is too much for them and they resort to a kind of nihilism towards education in general as a cover up.

Care giving is not an occupation for smarter children. They should be segregated from the nihilists..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stanford Cardinal:Mascot of Emasculation

Stanford University dropped its Indian team mascot in 1972. Fifty-five native Americans out of a general student body population of app. 15,000 used guilt to shame the mostly straight white males to turn in their mascot and constructively their balls. It was aided by the prevailing philosophy of the Civil Rights Acts of the 60's. I.E. if there is any minority grievance that needs money or power or fixing just accuse straight white males of insensitivity.And voila! You will have the progressive press, descendants form the 19th century slave trade,unloved  bitches and carpetbagger politicians flex their vitriol to steam roll opposition..

And what did Stanford replace "Indians" with? The effete school leadership gathered all their critical thinking ability to conjure "cardinal". Note, not even plural. Cardinal for color. Period.  What the fuck does that mean? What the fuck kind of image is cardinal that a school can root for? All that higher education subverted to produce no passion for excellence. Instead we get care givers.. Isn't that so 1960's? Interestingly, since the time of the mascot and name change, Stanford has lagged in mens sports and done better in women sports.No balls there.

P.S. In 1970 Stanford Q.B.Jim Plunkett won the Heisman Trophy along with two other prestigious awards. He was part Indian. But all Indians are not equal.He was representing the Indians mascot of Stanford at that time.