Sunday, August 09, 2015

Carly Fiorina: White Anglo Saxon Protestant

Welcome Carly Fiorina. After a long while a White Anglo Saxon Protestant is running for president. WASP's were among the earlier settlers of the United States. They came from another place. Like all of us came from another place or another species. This includes the indigenous indians that came from Mongolia over a land bridge during the last Ice Age.Fiorina's maiden name is Sneed. She is Episcopalian .She in no way resembles Obama. Maybe Sneeds ancestors adopted blacks from Africa. Obama would say enslaved blacks.I guess the different definition depends on political ambition .Fiorina's look suggests Grant Wood's American Gothic portrait.That portrait doesn't conjure Hillary Clinton in any way.Could the cultural pendulum finally begin to swing back to more sane people and policies? After Caitlyn Jenner and buck-toothed Miley Cyrus there isnt much left on the downside.What I see of Fiorina I like.She could go all the way and become president.I'll bet she will make progress in getting black males to walk on sidewalks.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Drone Assassination :Personal Revenge

Drones are different. Something completely new. Humans fault/fall out lie with their ability to be in more than one place at a time. They take up more space than they need/deserve. Money and technology enable this chaos of constant change and consumption and exploitation. But drones deliver a kind of deus ex machina wheres individuals can kill, spy or destroy without a trace. Heretofore guns needed to be fired by some one in firing range.Which necessarily is an entirely different risk to the shooter.But with a remote controlled drone the firing range is increased exponentially . Who was behind the drones act of murder etc?Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Google Ventures and some venture capitalists want access to the space above our heads. Package deliveries being one object.That's one use. What about the thousands of unintended possibilities.Suppose Hillary Clinton was giving a speech in an out door venue.How could the Secret Service protect her from a gun equipped drone?Bin Laden could have used a dozen or so drones for each Boeing 787 to make a point.Federal Aviation Administration is trying to codify rules for drone use in an urban environment. Ain't going to work.Free access to drones in air space above our heads amounts to trespassing which can never be made legal without significant blow back of self defense.GPS equipped Drones will deliver efficiency in assassination.Venture capitalists all have addresses. Politicians all have addresses. Wildlife poachers all have addresses.We are on equal democratic footing now.We all have an air force if we want it.