Thursday, June 11, 2020


Black lives matter. Of course they do. Other peoples properties matter. Of course they do. Which is more important? Other peoples properties matter more . Particularly when the BLM and other rioters loot and burn property and business's to advance their own "civil rights" agenda. That act of destruction has no justification. Why involve an innocent bystander? But they do and the reason is greed and no respect for the law. It seems the only act that unhappy blacks and their supporters remember is Civil War.And they have used that template from the late nineteenth century until the present twenty-first century to advance their causes.Why not? It's worked for over a hundred and fifty years.Don't give us what we want and we will loot and burn. They have gotten so arrogant that emasculated non blacks are thinking about firing their police . That's enough. If that happens then it will be left to vigilantes to stop the violence and maintain the peace.No more reading Miranda rights warnings.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Shelter In Place, Leave Only To Riot Or Protest

George Floyd died On May 25. That's almost two weeks ago. Prior to that day America was in a shelter-in- place directive by health officials backed up in varying degrees by local, state and federal governments. But then Floyd died on May 25th. But it then became OK to ignore the health directive and leave one's shelter to protest or riot. What happened to the threat of the coronavirus? One person died -George Floyd because of mishandled police work. And then large parts of the country are vandalized. Some people died in the riots. Many stores were driven out of business because of rioters. In short the protest riots did more damage than the corona virus ever thought of doing. Here we are two weeks later. Any resurgence of Covid-19 because of the crowding of people in the streets. I have not heard or read of any such new break out. But the riots and protests still go on and are scheduled into the months of the calendar ahead.In short the only ones to really have lost are the law abiding ones who followed the law and stayed in their shelter while the dog whistle loonies are in the street making life more difficult for the law abiders by erasing business locations that were their only hope.