Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Israel's Slow Motion Genocide Creates It's Own Slow Motion Suicide

" Ye reap what ye sow", so goes the biblical caveat. And so Israel's slow motion, 60 year-old genocide against the Palestinians creates a parallel slow motion Israeli suicide. It reminds of the Israeli mass suicide at Masada over 2000 years ago.

Consider Palestine as a plant and the policies of Israel as a herbacide that is administered in recurring , measured doses. Not enough for an outright kill off but enough for some killing but also a chance for mutant strains of Palestinian resistence to build up a tolerance. The new resitant strain takes the name of Hamas. And so the cynical Israelis and their counterparts in the Bush administration launch a new eradication campaign. And they arm Fatah against Hamas. Any Palestinians civilians caught in the middle can go to hell.

The doses of greed and conniving that created Israel and that have maintained it these past 60 years now show a half-life of toxicity that has built up in the Israeli state. The great greed now becomes an impediment to better judgement and peace so that Israel's existence is now in doubt.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Africa: Tourists Like It Natural

Increasing scientific evidence points to a significant migration out of Africa about 50,000 years ago. They were homo sapiens. The parts of the earth that they populated were never the same. Species of flora and fauna became extinct because of man's ability with tools. The high-technology that followed made the original relationship of man and his earth almost unrecognizable. Add to that, laws, politics, religion and other human alchemical social schemes and we end up with a neurotic primate euphemistically described as modern man. We have too much civilization.

According to Madrid-based World Tourism Organization, Africa led all other nations in 2006 in attracting tourists. African tourism jumped 8.1%. In contrast, the U.S. saw a 2% increase in the same period. The reasons that the tourists gave for picking an African destination included primarily the natural geography, wildlife and the pace of life. Many tourists said or paraphrased, " It's like going home".

The New World in many respects has not improved on the original natural landscape and it's wildlife. Africa should mostly be left alone. It's highest and best use is to be a conserved natural place that is witness to what was.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cluster Bombs In Lebanon: Israeli Hutzpah

Congress will be notified on Monday that Israel's bombardment of Lebanon this summer violated " use permits" of America-made cluster-bombs. Simply the Israelis used the bomblets on civilians.

The Israelis responeded characteristicaly by blaming the Lebanese civilians, including children, for being in the way. They also bragged that they make their own cluster-bombs and any American cut-off would not hurt them.

Yeah right. But the bombs wouldn't be free and the U.S. wouldn't be underwriting Israeli war crimes.

Hedge Fund Operators & Politicians

Stephen A. Schwarzman, co-founder of the giant hedge fund Blackstone Group, is throwing himself another expensive, conspicuously consumptive party. This multi-million dollar affair hails his 60th birthday. He's a perfect example of the billionaire hedge fund operators that are increasingly rolling off of America's financial entrepeneur assembly line. He deals in the abstract of the industrial revolution. He deals in paper that represents physical assets and peoples jobs. Wall St. is the incarnation of this kind of alchemy. Wealth is created without a creative product.

But in Mr. Schwarzman's defense, his function is more legitimate than our politicians. Talk about alchemy! Our reps in government auction off the rights and products of their constituents to the lobbies with the highest bids. The expensive, conspicuously consumptive parties that these poltical parties throw are paid for by campaign contributions. The political alchemists only add their abundant hubris to promote themselves.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hillary Clinton For President ?

America has certainly sunk lower. How else can the rising of Hillary to be the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nominee be explained? Have most people forgot that it was the antics of Bill and Hillary's presidency that gave us the backlash candidate George W. Bush ? We went from Clinton's no moral compass to Bush's fanatical, god-given compass.

Normally it takes a generation or 2 for a society to make the same mistake again. But maybe because of our cluttered, noisy society, we forget sooner. Her quasi-criminal background now is added to being a stooge for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Iraqi Parliament: Unsustainable Bribery

Iraqi members of Parliament draw a salary and benefits equal to $ 120,000 per year. In relative GDP figures, it is like our members of Congress earning $ 3,000,000 per year.This is the Middle East model for democracy as per George Bush.

Historically, democracy has always grown organically from the people who were to be governed. I.E. it started at the bottom and worked up. But the Bush model relies on bribes to militia heads to go through the motions of democratic governence.

Who's being made a fool, Bush et al, Iraqi members of parliament or American soldiers and taxpayers ? Bush and Iraqi parliamentarians collect salaries for their time. American soldiers and taxpayers pay the bills.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bush And Christians Should Give Up On Jews

The Bush war policies have an Evangelical-Christian basis. Bush is a born-again Christian. His invasion of Iraq and his attempts to make over tens of thousands of years of history in the Middle East follows biblical predictions as per The Apocalypse ( Book Of Revelations ). Apocalypse fortells the "fall of Babylon" which is modern day Iraq. It fortells the " New Jerusalem". This is modern day Israel. Never mind that it was created by a rigged United Nations vote in 1947, it will do for a "miracle". But also Apocalyptic predictions foretell the wiping out of all Jews save 144,000 who embrace Jesus' second coming and convert to Christianity!

Biblical Jews thought Jesus nothing more than a troublesome hippy-type. And so they demanded that the Roman governor Pontius Pilate crucify him. And the rest is history. But now Bush is on the verge of bombing Iran and widening his failed, biblical war. Bush should refresh himself of what The Apocalypse provides. God as per St. John's Apocalypse has fortold the wiping out of the Jews. Why should America get in the way? After all what have the Jews ever done for Christians?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What About Environmental Capitalism?

Since all financial philosophies and models ultimately rely on the planets resources to redeem those schemes, why not model a new capitalism on being a husband and steward to the earths riches. Then one would be truly wealthy.

Hey Norman Mailer, What About Genocide In Slow Motion?

Poor Norman Mailer. With his 84th birthday approaching, one would think he would have some wisdom to share with his readers. But his latest book," The Castle In The Forest" is just more shock at Hitler and the Holocaust.

According to reviewers, Mailer's explanation of Hitler is couched in Freudian and devilish, dark forces. This includes incest. I wonder what Mailer thinks about Prime Ministers of Israel? From Ben-Gurion through Olmert, a slow motion genocide against Palestinians has been perpetrated versus Hitler's Blitzkrieg style. Does incest or the devil have anything to do with slow motion genocide?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Versus George Bush

Yesterday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi vented her cynical and probably accurate opinions of President Bush's "Iraqi surge" plans on ABC's " Good Morning America".

Among other barbs and direct attacks she said,"..the president has to answer for his war. He has dug a hole so deep he can't even see the light. It's a tradgedy. It's a stark blunder." Also she said, " The president knows that because the troops are in harm's way that we [ congress ] won't cut off the resources. That's why he's moving so quickly to put them in harm's way."

Brava! No mincing there. No respect to a president who has no respect for most everything. Nancy Pelosi's attacks on George Bush will become legend. Hopefully she will embolden others to speak out forcefully and fearlessly to other abusers of power in our government. If her convictions and strength can be harnessed to government reforms and policies that rely on market-oriented and individual responsibility, then she will go a long way.

Nancy Pelosi is starting out to be the voice of authority that our bratty, moronic president never had and now needs. She is the quasi - mother figure who tells Georgie to clean up his Iraqi sand box and put his harmful toys away.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why Prevent Golden Gate Bridge Suicides?

" To be or not to be...", starts the soliloquy from Hamlet. The question has a timely application to the recurring debate on whether to construct a suicide prevention barrier on the Bridge.

According to todays San Francisco Chronicle, there were 23 suicides from the span in 2005. That number was less than 4% of the total of all suicides in the Bay Area during the period. Yet the meager percentage is the basis of arguments for constructing a barrier. The barriers cost to the public is estimated in the tens of millions. Some of the proponents have humane motivations. Others have monetary or political reasons.

But the public doesn't know the reasons of the jumpers. Since the public is paying, they have the right to know what personal decisions of the jumpers they are interfering with. Maybe suicide was a reasonable and appropriate response to the jumpers problems. Maybe if the public knew what these jumpers were avoiding in real life they would have assisted the jumpers.

Ergo. Without full disclosure of jumper's circumstances, fuding of a barrier would be made on insufficient data.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barack Obama: Outsider?

Barack Obama will run for the U.S. presidency. The civil rights movement policies guarnteed that in the end an African-American would finally get a chance. But will it also ironically coincide with an end to the civil rights movement? Has America's guilt been expurgated?

Obama is certainly pleasant and at ease in speaking. He smiles and is witty. In these mannerisms he is unlike his competition. But what are his policies? And what methods will he use to achieve those policies fulfillment? Will they be market-oriented solutions or government-mandated? He's running as an outsider. But his backround says no. He was an attorney and a politician. Both professions suceed only on redistributuion of wealth which defines insider politics.

Obama might win. He has the attributes and postioning of 2 former presidents. He's as telegenic as Reagan. And he's in the same postion tactically as Carter. Carter caught American in the rebound fromNixon/Watergate.

But will all this make him a good president? I suspect that Washington will change him more than he will change Washington.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iraqi & Semitic Refugees In America: A Solution For The Zionist Problem?

Gallows humor is almost never funny. But the essence of humor is truth.

And so the exploding number of Iraqi refugees may provide a humane final solution to the Zionist problem in America. In short the U.S. should let in at least 5 million Iraqi refugees to offset the Zionist/Jewish vote. After all the U.S. destroyed Iraq. So the Iraqis are eligible both legally and morally to gain citizenship here. The new Iraqi-Americans are semitic. So they can't be called anti-semitic when they criticize pro-Israel policies in American politics.

It's noteworthy that the last great dislocation of people in the Middle East was also motivated by Zionist/Israeli objectives. That event was when historic Palestine was partitioned in a rigged 1947 United Nations vote blessed with President Truman's nod. The constructive genocide of Palestinians continues to this day.

For it's own good,America needs more semitic non-Zionist citizens .

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Spoiled White Man, A Yenta & A Pickaninny

Why does America's politics produce so many caricatures? Is it the combination of the great wealth of this country coupled with an increasingly leisure-seeking and dumber electorate? The great wealth allows full implimentation of the best and worst policies. And the dumber electorate requires ever more stark choice at the ballot box because the voters "don't want to bother or get nuance".

Example? How about the exchange yesterday between Senator Barbara Boxer and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Senator Boxer is a yenta, a meddlesome Jewess. Secretary Rice is a pickaninny, a diminutive African-American who is in over her head. They were debating the future of the failed U.S. colonial adventure in Iraq. This failed policy is still being advocated by the spoiled white man who is also our President George W. Bush. This is the moron who undoubtedly has not let historical experience enter into his decision and planning processes.

In a non-political occupation, I doubt that this threesome could wield the power or earn the money that American politics affords them. So? Instead of enabling monstrous caricatures, the power and money flow to Washington should be reveresd. More of the power and money should stay in the states and local governments. This way U.S. politics will create smaller and less harmful caricatures.

Friday, January 12, 2007

America: Israel And Zionist's Slave

Mark Twain once observed, " Ninty percent of people would rather do anything but think". By implication he described those same people as being more comfortable in being led and/or being quasi-slaves. He also is describing the relationship America has with Israel and it's Zionist supporters.

How slave-like or stupid is American foreign policy vis a vis Israel? Well, to follow the tasks set out by Israel, America must forgo most other postive relationships in the Middle East. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting Israel's constructive genocide of the Palestinians. It includes the Iraqi invasion. It includes supporting Israel's barbaric war crimes in Lebanon. It includes the prospective bombing of Iran and/or Syria.

Jimmy Carter's recent book, " Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid", is a serious examination of Israeli atrocites against the Palestinians. For his efforts, he has been called anti-semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Israelis and Zionists will get more criticism and deservedly so. If they want to make the world over into their selfish view, severe criticism goes with the territory.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Progressives In San Francisco?

What's a progressive by San Francisco standards? The new president of S.F.'s Board of Education is called a progressive. He is Mark Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is a homaosexual, latino, socialist mix who favors more African-American remedial help. He also favors a proactive homosexual orientation for any children that are toying with the ideas of an alternative lifestyle. This is progressive? It's more like a virulent distillation of failed mutant parts of the Civil Rights Acts that we all have suffered through these past 40 plus years.

What does S.F. need to do to be called truly progressive? How about not dragging down the general school population to the level and advancement of chronic laggards in the classrooms, no matter what race. Those underacheivers should be segregated among their peers. Also homosexual orientation and counseling is more appropiately administered by health care workers. They can better inform and guide juvenile minds about the serious health issues associated with that life choice.

Now that would be progressive.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baghdad Chaos: Hey George, Surge This !

Bush, our moronic, brat-in-chief, will make an Iraqi policy speech this Wednesday. He is expected to call for a "surge" of 20,000 additional U.S. troops to pacify Baghdad. Also, get this, he will call for an additional $ 1 billion for rebuilding projects in Baghdad that will be directed at Iraqi-only contractors ( is this a bribe?). It's a clean-up-as-you-destroy project.

The surge will fail. New York City employs app. 40,000 police for a city of similar size in a relatively blissful atmosphere. Someone tell me how the American soldiers know who the enemy is ? They don't wear uniforms. Even the Iraqis don't know who they are kidnapping. Note that some kidnapped victims are relaesed while others are tortured and killed.

How about not destroying Baghdad so we will not have to rebuild it? Hey Bush, surge this!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Islamist's Defeat Is Somalia's Loss ?

Consider this analogy. Mogadishu, Somalia and surrounding areas are like an American slum or blighted-urban area. The warlords in Somalia are like the rival gangs in American crime hot spots. They both deal in drugs, commit murders, rob, rape and sell protection to the "civilians" caught in the crossfire. These dismal facts have persisted in Somalia since 1991.

In 2006, The Somalia Islamic Courts Council ran the warlords out of Mogadishu. The ICC then administered Islamic Sharia Law. Drugs were banned. Rapes, murders and robberies nosedived because of the law's enforcement. Businessmen and residents liked and supported the legal paradigm. Now the ICC is gone because of C.I.A. backing of Ethiopia.

But absent the terrorist wing of Muslim law, couldn't criminal hotspots in America benefit from Sharia Law or some such discipline?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Excessive Corporate Executive Pay: Pigs Do Fly

Corporate executives have finally proven that pigs can fly. Well almost, they need multi-million dollar airplanes to pull it off. Yesterday Home Depot's CEO Robert Nardelli soared into the stratosphere with his $ 210 million severence package. That's on top of the $ 64 million in salary that he received these past 6 years while HD's stock was grounded.

He's the latest example of legal theivery. Stealing is defined as taking something that does not rightfully belong to you. Nardelli may have followed HD's corporate by-laws in setting up the pay package. But the size of the transfer of wealth from shareholders to management is equal to stealing valuable company assets. And no corporate by-laws condone or should codify stealing significant company assets.

Stockholders are the owners of the companies. They must have control over salaries of employees. Nardelli's self-dealing amounts to larceny.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hedge Funds & Private Equity: Bite-size Poison

Today "The Wall Street Journal" carried an article titled, " Investors Riding The 'Cash' Rapids". The point of the article was that this time it's different, risk has finally become manageable to the point of being a financial non-event. Why? Because the new template used by fund mangers utilizes the securitization of debt tthat supports investments. So defaults become affordable. The debt is made into bite-sized portions that can be eaten by financial appetites of all sizes. So if the worst happens in an investment, the effects are muffled because of the broadness of the participants.

That's novel. So financial poison is less lethal if more is distributed in smaller doses. But what about the half-life of financial poison? Doesn't it build up in the financial body until a critical mass of poison kills the polluted financial system? Caveat emptor.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Predictions For Year 2007

1) Global warming's implications and remedies will have the largest philosophical influence in the public debate.

2) It will become apparant that the irresponsible population growth in emerging countries only exacerbates the problems of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Also natural disasters such as storms, flooding, earthquakes etc. are also made worse because of overcrowding. For examples, clearing of the forrests take away the lands ability to absorb rain; poorly built dwellings can easily be shook apart by even mild earthquakes especially when the building sites are not appropriate.

3) There is an upside to finally dealing with global warming issues. Particularly with the new leadership in Congress. New legislation will come forth that will eventually change the industrial base in America from it's 20th century industrial revolution template. It will be replaced with an environmentally sustainable approach to manufacturing and living that will end up providing boom times for well-situated companies. Technology in particular will benefit. The NASDAQ should climb by at least 20% in 2007.

4) Dick Cheney will resign from office. He will cite health reasons. But he faces numerous lawsuits. They include: Plamegate; cooked-up Iraqi War intelligence; his "energy policy" meetings which includes warmongering with his old firm of Halliburton.

5) George Bush will appoint Condi Rice as Cheney's replacement. She will come in handy if Bush needs a pardon if he is forced out of office. But that is a long shot.

6)It looks like Clinton and Obama will be the democratic nominees for the presidential ticket. Who will be in which slot is not clear.

7) Good health and critical thinking are still the most important personal assets.