Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Neither Bomb Nor Feed Strangers

A new foreign policy is appropriate.Some thing that would cut down the middle of progressives naive policy of treating strangers/illegals better than their own relatives and their fellow citizens. And conservatives policies of preemptive war upon countries who neither have the power nor the inclination to invade the USA. That policy is simple. DO NOT FEED NOR BOMB STRANGERS.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Political Brands: Got Shelf Space?

Political acronyms are every where.One has been around since 1890. It's called, DAR, which stands for Daughters Of The American Revolution.The members are descended from a person who fought in America's war with England.Any sons of American revolution organization? Not that I'm aware of.Maybe because many sons died in that struggle and the surviving sons would rather not bring up the subject again.Acronyms have since exploded onto the scene since white male suffrage in Maryland in 1816.That piece of legislation uncoupled ownership of property with the right to vote. One who thought about that at the time could see the handwriting on the wall.Obviously not many in Maryland thought it through. Because now the handwriting on the wall is graffiti in maybe 189 languages of people who all vote.Getting to the point, there are more political acronyms that represent voter brands than our government can easily or comfortably afford. Political brands have run out of shelf space. And pretty much every one has run out of patience with descendants of any one or any place.