Sunday, January 31, 2021


Looks to me the stock market is about to crash. Since Biden entered office he has barricaded the White House. With his knowledge of the upcoming collapse of the market, he sent in four of our warships into the Black Sea to protect the Ukraine from Russian aggression! Which caused Putin to activate surface to surface missile batteries and surface to air batteries also. Also he challenged China by doing an arms deal with Taiwan. In addition he scolded China about human rights abuses and told them to stay out of the South China Sea if they were planning aggressive moves. This is the classic move to change the context of the upcoming economic disaster of a collapsing economy to eventually declare martial law and make it a war time security decision. He may blame Trump who now is in Florida looking for a golf ball from a pathetic golf swing. And what about the millions the Pelosi's lost on their Apple and Tesla options? That was for show. It was chump change the Pelosi's used to convince the progressive voters how righteous their unquestioning loyalty means. Of course the progressive voters don't know what questions to ask any way. They always rely on their free attorneys to actually work

Saturday, January 30, 2021


Why new covid variants after all this time and lockdowns? Could it be that the human is develpong new strains itself from lack of robust life stle? Staying indoors no matter your age is like being in an eldery nursing home. Nursing homes have the higest numbers in covid fatalities.Get outside. Go back to work. Work out. You will have better mental health.That should be your agenda. Agendas of government bureaucrats are mostly about feathering their own nest


Facebook and Google and Twitter are censoring members. Fight back. Be creative, Use sign language You will alwys be ahaed of the curve. Their monitors will never be able to keep up or figure out intent.

Saturday, January 23, 2021


It's obvious. Gays want heterosexuals to go into the closet.The tyranny of the homosexual progressives is unmistakable. They exercise a form of censorship with gastapo like political correctness . The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 has emboldened homosexuals to continue to spread HIV/AIDS . HIV/AIDS is treated like a blemish or a lisping speech impediment by gays and their groupies. Never in history has a lethal disease been made comfortable . Affirmative action here in the United States witness transgender freaks routinely applauded with Academy Awards recognition and political appointments. What impact does that have on growing up children? Bad . I'm sure. Interestingly, Hollywood supports homosexuality. Because there are many gays in tinsel town.I wonder how deep that support goes? I never heard of Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Beatles et al compose and perform gay rock music. Repeal The Civil Rights Act Of 1964.

Monday, January 18, 2021

MY NEW BOOK ON AMAZON: "MY Lunch With A Hollywood Agent"

What did John Lennon of the Beatles and President Barack Obama and Charles Manson who killed nine people in nineteen sixty-nine and had time to write a song while serving a life sentence have in common? They all did business with politically connected and gay Hollywood mogul Dave Geffen and/or his Geffen Records Company. How does The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 and Title VII of that Act open the door for a new race creation via unimaginably lucrative patented human genome editing? And how did the recent Supreme Court ruling on "sexual orientation" constructively make a new race official already? What part did gay Hollywood moguls and managers and agents play in making sex debatable and profitable? And what will happen to the rest of our society which is based on man and woman as foundations? There is an overlooked fact about human attempts to rearrange the original genome to suit real time greed and power lust - there will be a bill. In the end the human will have to recreate what it thought it could do without. The book also romps through many, many topics in a conversational manner including a key antitrust ruling in nineteen forty-eight against Paramount Pictures and the studio system that dramatically changed our culture to this day. Also there is a sixty year personal retrospective starting in the Summer Of Love San Francisco scene. Topics range from prehistoric Bay Area to music and comedy acts at the Hungry I and the Purple Onion to civil rights riots in the 1960's to more anarchy riots today during a bad flu season and Covid-19. Not too much of any one dish. It's an a la carte lunch. San Francisco's evolution is a metaphor for the unique experience of the Galapagos Islands. Both were removed from the norms of mainstream evolution and thus fostered a range of oddities. The Islands produced singular flora and fauna because of tectonic movements. San Francisco went curious because of talented entertainers cross breeding with bad tripping hippies who were protesting the Viet Nam War.

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Want To Eliminate Poverty?

Want to eliminate poverty? Give the poor all the fiat money they want. Want cheap labor? Just wait. The coming inflation will cause the poor to apply for house work or assembly line work for pay that is only food and lodging from barter and bitcoin bossess. Suppose the help have children? Will the cildren become part of the employers property? How ironic will that be? An extra bonus will be the final passing away of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964. Because barter and Bitcoin will prove we are known by our differences. We are not all equal or by what laws or lawyers say we are.