Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Inflation Is Poised To Rise Because Of China Pollution

 AKS Steel Holding Company recently announced an across the board price increase on all its steel products of 2%. It cited rising demand across the globe. United States Steel has similar robust prospects. Alcoa and other basic material dealers are demonstrating a turn around in their stock price and the price of the their underlying metal ingots. China's pollution woes will provide a white hot boost to basic metals pricing. Simply the Chinese people can be content with 150 feet visability in cities because of coal-fired manufacturing and utility production or the smoke stacks will be shut down in the interest of public health. With this cutting back of steel , aluminum , copper and other materials and finished goods will come some or a lot of inflation. That will kill equities and may bring down China's highly leveraged real estate , banking and municipalities. But that may be a year away. So in the interim buy steel, copper, aluminum stocks. Later buy massive amounts of out-of the-money puts on the major indicies as stagflation grips the economies around the world.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Plan For Peace In Israel & Palestine

Another death of a Zionist today. A "farmer" was fixing a fence in the occupied territories when a Palestinian sniper picked him off. The Israeli Air force launched two U.S. made F-16s to bombard Hamas training camps in a "surgical strike". Needless to say the surgery was successful but many patients died. Tit for tat.These Semetic monkeys are nonstop. It's been going on for years. Since traditional peace talks have gone no where for a long time, how about we learned to live with this regular barbarism on a less barbaric time frame? The combatants should set aside one day a week for killings and have peace for the other six. Start with Monday as the killing day. Use fifteen deaths on both sides as the cap. They can kill each other any way they choose. But no more. So if F-16s kill a number over fifteen then a penalty will be enforced by international referees that allow Palestinians to kill 3x the amount of Zionists. This method will shorten up the process and maybe get people on both sides familiar with peace at least on six days of non combativity.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Light Comedy: Definition And Goal Of Entertainment

Entertainment takes you somewhere else. It lifts you out of your successful or not so successful hum drum.You will pay for the service.To that purpose, I believe light comedy the best vehicle.By its truthful disarming parts, it blots out the sour and unhealthy. It exists for its own sake. It is not judgemental or preachy but merely demonstrates what a happy life might look like. One stop morality wrapped up in quite satisfying examples. An example would be a picture of a kitten engaging a ball of woolen thread. The eyes are riveted. The claws are digging in or rolling the ball with gentle swipes. All the while the kitten is fixated. Truth which is the soul of wit is written large on the whiskered face. If one could write with that witty intensity on any wholesome subject then success is assured.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Liberals Prove Equality

How do liberals advance equality in a democracy?  They bring forward different examples of odd balls.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Affirmative Action,Low SATs, Mandela And Obama. Is There A Connection?

SAT tests are today. Originally SAT stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test It was changed when the Civil Rights Act of the 1960's was passed to Scholastic Assessment Test. It went from a hard fact test to a touchy-feely -all-inclusive-let- black victims-into-school-test. Nelson Mandela died yesterday.He was a Marxist who is well documented as a terrorist and killer of all races in South Africa. President Barack Obama has used greased rails of affirmative action to reach the highest office in the land. There is a connection between lowering the bars of education and current low academic scores throughout America and the glorification of Mandela the terrorist and the election of Obama. Neither Mandela nor Obama could have come up with the wheel and it looks like a few more years of affirmative action in schools non Africans will have to walk to get around.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fast Food Strikes: Some Good Consequences

The nationwide fast food strike by workers hits multiple positive targets never mentioned by burger flippers: 1)On strike workers may think twice about having more children, 2) Obese people will be somewhat deprived of junk food, 3) And slaughter houses will not be killing hapless animals.The phrase "fast food" is not an accurate description. Really fast food is raw fruit and vegetables. It's a better healthy choice . It's cheaper. And its animal friendly.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OECD Global Test Of Students Skip Africa: U.S. Should Skip Affirmative Action For African-Americans

The Organization For Economic Cooperation which has its roots dating back to 1948 released its findings on global testing of fifteen-year-olds. U.S. students fell further in the rankings. In math our students ranked 21st of 27 countries. Similar ranking was posted in science and reading. The 27 countries represent 80% of the worlds population. Nearer the bottom was Mexico. Interestingly Africa was not listed because it wasn't tested. Draw your own conclusions. But here in America we turned our previously world class schools that existed prior to the Civil rights Acts of the 1960's into integrated political labs for inclusion of African-Americans. Consequently the U.S. of A. has moved towards African mentality capability. And lately we have fallen further to accommodate illegal immigrants from Mexico. Its a fact that we have the bottom of the worlds students and one country that wasn't even tested somewhat packing our schools and controlling the teaching agenda. It's no wonder we are devolving.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees At CME Conference: What's For Lunch?

Hillary Clinton was paid $450,000 for a forty-five minute speech at Ritz-Carlton this past November 17, 2014. That was actually a long time when one considers that the CME Global Financial Leadership Conference was paying her a bribe. And CME knew that she had nothing to say. Maybe many attendees availed themselves of the bar or restroom while she spoke. Normal bribes come in envelopes without fanfare. But since Clinton is a possible president-elect in 2016 the CME wanted the appearance of propriety. CME is one of the many umbrella financial organizations that is fighting Wall Street reform. Why? Reform is bad for business. Stealing becomes harder. So if Hillary gets in then CME will have some credit with the new president. Heaven forbid! Speaking of stealing and commodities, Hillary way back in 1978 was under investigation for turning a $1000 investment in cattle futures into a $100,000 profit. At that time hubby Ozarks Caligula Bill was governor of Arkansas. There was an investigation but it went no where. At least one lawyer in every litigation is an accessory to the crime after the fact. Getting back to the $450,000 speaking fee. I dare say that the sum of money is tiny. it amounts to lunch money for Wall Street criminals. Easily financiers pay that sum or less for cocktails and a salad every day. Hillary is the "go for" who also delivers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walmart Versus Ashton Kutcher :Money And Morons And Reality

Todays Twitter tempest pits $474 billion gross sales giant Walmart against Two And A Half  Men star Ashton Kutcher who only earns app. $20,000,000 per year. Ashton is calling out Walmart for caring about profits over employees wages. Fact is Walmart makes app. 3.62% on those almost half-trillion gross sales. It leaves them with app. $17 billion in net profit.Where did all the other part of the gross sales go? They went for operating expenses which includes tens of billions paid in salaries and goods that people actually can  afford . Does anyone think that Ashton gives away app 94% of his earnings to salaries or goods and services that people need to survive? I guess if one watches Two and a Half Men then the concept of questioning thought does not apply. BTW. Ashton is guessed to be worth about $140 million. Looks like the son of divine law has his first schkel and has not the moral standing to crticize Walmart about relative value to society.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bloombergs Billionaires List: Don't Have Time To Count

According to Bloomberg News, the 200 members of its Billionaires List , which collectively have amassed $ 3 trillion in assets, saw that total grow by $7.9 billion yesterday. I'll wager that most of the members didn't know because they were in route to some place for some time for more of the same.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Germany Remembers Kristallnacht: Jews Night Of Broken Glass

Seventy-five years ago today marked the date that Jews were openly persecuted in Germany. Hundreds of synagogues were burned, stores and homes were ransacked, over 1000 Jews were killed and 30,000 were sent to concentration camps. Today groups in Germany are remembering that awful event. Tours of neighborhoods with bronze plaques embeded in the sidewalk show many ground zero addresses. Last week a poll of European Jews was released that indicated that 75% of the respondants believed anti-Semitism is now surging on the continent . Also the poll indicated that close to 30% of the interviewed were considering emigration to safer locales. Have the Jews any explanation for the events of Kristallnacht or why the anti-Semitic feelings persist to this day 75 years later? It hasn't got any better so it may get worse if these issues aren't dealt with honestly.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Mama Pelosi's Big Tits And Her Progressive Policies

Oh those big tits of House Democratic Minority Leader and former Madame Speaker, San Francisco's own Nancy Pelosi. In metaphor and maybe incarnation, she can nurse all. But she chooses only ultra -liberal and progressive minorities to suckle. The trite poppy cock nursers are the latest ,newest disenfranchised that are held up to the rest of us as examples of cause celebre that we are told we must long for their just respects before we can breathe easier in America. She started her political career by favoring Chinese voters in S.F. How? She argued for human rights in mainland China. It was 12,000 miles away. But the Chinese here got the message. Vote for Nancy and she will work to get your relatives to come to the Bay Area. From there she helped illegal Mexicans to stay comfortably in "sanctuary city" San Francisco. Presently she champions gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and soon-to-be-named additional offshoots of that queer tree when and if the new sub species can be properly identified and named to the pantheon of odd balls. Mama Pelosi's parents are dead. She was not a product of surrogate birth by way of a homosexual relationship. So why the need to empty herself of her mothers milk to support gays, Chinese and illegal Mexicans? It's about money and power. This Lady Madonna has to eat .

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama Was Supposed To Be Best Of Breed! : Time For Kinder , Gentler Segregation?

Obamacare continues to blow up. Our allies are mad about us tapping their communications. Our foreign policy amounts to a stream of continuing self-inflected disasters.Spending is out of control because of Obama's socialistic policies.He appoints odd balls to the Supreme Court.His personally directed drone strikes that kill innocents insure a future for America that will end badly. And Michelle has gotten any less ugly.These facts should give us pause. How did this commie, creep get into the White House? He came from doing social work in Chicago ghettos.In other words, he was the best that the blacks had to offer! Can you imagine the near monkeys in the ghetto who were not as capable as Barack? I shudder to think why we support this festering underbelly of society.What's to be done? We should bring back a kinder, gentler segregation. No laws codifying discrimination . But also no laws that invite reverse discrimination. We have already lost two generations to The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960's. No more sacrifices for blacks who don't get it or don't want to get it.

Obamacare: Futile Democratic Equality Goals Displace Quality Service & Also Eliminate Service

Anytime a politician preaches equality in policies , you can expect quality policies to be abandoned. And so now we are informed by the Obama administration that millions will lose their old medical coverage. Why? Because they are "substandard".Never mind if one wants to keep the old cheaper policy. The Affordable Care Act mandates the covered individual apply for a more expensive policy. How? By using Which doesn't work almost all of the time.This is democracy in a nutshell.Policies that are for all because we are all equal but in fact can't work because we are known by our differences.Time for a change.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vanity Fair Features Mia Farrow: Rosemary's Baby Star & Woody Allen Are Like Life Imitating Art

Vanity Fair's latest edition features Mia Farrow. She was the star of "Rosemary's Baby". She lived with Woody Allen for twelve years . He now is married to an adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Andre Previn. In the Vanity article, he denies finger-fucking his present wife/Mia's adopted daughter while he was living with Mia. The article also mentions another adopted child of Mia and/or Woody. She had accused Woody of improper behavior toward herself.He also denied those accusations. Should we not call him Woody? They say that art imitates life. Well I'd say the "Rosemary's Baby" story of the devil raping and impregnating "Rosemary" a.k.a. Mia Farrow reverses this real life quasi sequel. In the Woody and Mia saga , it's life imitating art!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BART & SEIU: Build A Transportation System And They Will Strike

BART management settled the very disruptive strike with the Service Employees International Union. The overpaid strikers who make more than 90% of their passengers remind why unions have so little dues paying members.No matter what they get in contract negotiations they want more next time because it's never enough. Consequently jobs go elsewhere. Whether it be overseas or right to work states here in America. It's interesting the 'International" in the SEIU title. Sounds like a Marxist/Leninist organization with its goal set on a worldwide roll out.The commissars at SEIU headquarters should know two facts. This 2013 not 1913. And there are almost seven billion on the planet. In other word, people are cheap and unions aren't. So who you gonna call? Coincidentally ground breaking on California's bullet train recently began. So here we go again. Billions are going to be spent so another union can take effective control and hold Cal passengers/owners hostage. Union members could be given toy electric trains to play with? Then they wouldn't disturb hard working adults.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jerusalem : Semitic City Of Religions And Their Lies

Judaism, Islam and Christianity have important historical sites in Jerusalem. Jews have the remains of their temples. Islam has the Dome of The Rock where Mohammed supposedly ascended into heaven. The Christians revere Jerusalem as a place where Jesus taught. They were all Semitic. The eighteen century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, " A Semite is the master of the lie." And when it comes to religions, do we want a Semites word on its source of validity? I think not. Many Semites ended up in Hollywood.I think there is a connection between selling tickets to movies and selling indulgences via religions and collecting donations.Another way of putting is , "Why are so many religions related to Semitic peoples?". I smell a rat.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Democracy : A Source Of Confusion

Once the democratic tenet "all are equal " is applied as per the law , then all situations become blurred and we need attorneys and judges and politicians to sort things out. That lasts as long as the wealth of the country can be redistributed. When the wealth runs out, so does the lie "all are equal".Then differences count.

U.S. Olympic Committee & Sexual Orientation

The United States Olympic Committee added sexual orientation as a non-discriminatory class in picking Olympic individual representatives and team events. They include transgender freaks as fully acceptable. The USOC disallows performance enhancing drugs yet allows performance enhancing operations. This hole ( pun intended) in the rules turns a physical excellace event into a political correctness non event. Or without an operation,is the USOC simply to rely on the notion of the athlete as to what sex he or she wants to compete as?

Monday, October 07, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Into Law More Destructive Legislation

Yin and yang are the Chinese symbols for the philosophy of how opposites are interdependent and in fact create the other. The familiar symbol is the juxtaposition of two identical figures save the color. One is white. One is black.They make a circle unto themselves with head to tail and tail to head. Which resembles Governor Jerry Brown with his head up his ass. He is his own yin and yang. His inner conflicts create opportunities for nonsense legislation to be passed by the democratically controlled Assembly and Senate and signed into law. A recent example was this passed Saturday when he signed into law the right of illegal immigrants to practice law in the State of California. There was one person in that category that was mentioned. His name was Sergio Garcia. I guess Jerry and the greasers in the state legislators are hoping to attract more. Or they have absolutely nothing else to do that is race related so they just want to show how much power they have. Do we need another attorney in California? My recent copy of the Yellow Pages has 600 pages. Fully 52 of those pages are filled with lawyers! San Francisco Yellow Pages only has 14 pages of restaurants. two or three pages of plumbers, electricians , accountants etc. You get the point. But now we have an illegal immigrant lawyer.By the way, with over 8% of the Yellow Pages in lawyer contact information, one might say that is prima facie evidence that there is no substantial barrier to becoming an attorney. It also implies that because over 8% of the Yellow Pages are dedicated to this class one can deduce that only a cartel could support all those licences to steal.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Poor Blacks And Illegals Are Primarily Uninsured: Why Would They Sign Up For Obamacare?

According to government statistics poor blacks and illegals are the overwhelming majority of non-insured in the U.S. They are busting the system by demanding services at emergency rooms without paying. So here comes Obamacare. It's typical democratic nanny state solution. Instead of targeting the problem group or groups, a general levy or remedy is forced upon the entire population. That's the way of democracy. We're all equal so differences in performances can only be attributed to unequal provisions of the law.But so far poor blacks and illegals aren't signing up for the Affordable Care Act. And why should they? Those two groups have resisted doing anything the right way for most of their history. In the past poor blacks relied on white carpet bagger attorneys to arrange bussing to schools or lowering test score requirements to keep them in school etc. So why should the poor blacks put themselves to the trouble of actually signing up on a computer and requesting a subsidy? It's too much like work. Poor blacks want social workers to come to their homes and walk them through the process. Or maybe social workers will now be on duty at all ERs to do the paper work no matter what the extra expense. As for the illegals, I don't think they want to give away their contact information to the government. Obamacare will fail because of non participation.

Obamacare Sign Up Results So Far: What's The Total?

What are the results so far in sign-ups for the Affordable care Act a.k.a. Obamacare? Silence is deafening. We have heard of glitches in computer software. But surely some sign-ups have been processed. Silence is deafening. Our age is the information technology era. National election winners and losers are called after a few moments after election stations shut down.So why aren't there estimates of how Obamacare is doing after six days? Silence is deafening. I will guess that if President Obama had anything to brag about he and his groupies would be all over the media crowing about the success of his program. And REMINDING voters how the Republicans are out of step with the wishes of the country. But its not happening. ERGO Obama care is failing and it will be ever more embarrassing for the president.QED

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bitcoin Or Barter

A quick overview of Bitcoin as provided by Wikipedia left me asking why bother.Aside from being described as a cryptocurrency that is based on an open-source crptographic source than can be stored in your digital wallet after using bitcoin miners to find it while keeping in mind that the clock is ticking because Bitcoin creation will be halved every four years until there are 21 million Bitcoins created.Oh by the way all the bits of Bitcoins esoteric being were existing ideas from the cypherpunk community.That doesn't make it necessarily ready for mainstream. The purpose of the Bitcoin is to facilitate peer to peer virtual currency transactions deliberately excluding central monetary authority. I.E. no government printing press currency .But currency is currency. It's still the root of all evil. My thought about its bad rap is it allows people to be in more than one place at a time. The human in the best of circumstances should be limited in influence to his or hers immediate geographical locale. But money allows all sorts of messy projections. Such as sending currencies to Rhino pachers to kill and deliver Rhino horn by the pound. Without Bitcoin or the traditional folding green of any country this atrocity would largely disappear. So what's better for us and the planet instead of Bitcoin or traditional money? Barter is the answer. There are no barriers to participating except ones lack of talent to exchange.

Friday, October 04, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown & Party Dress Caucus Of Democratic Party

Did you know that California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill # 1266 in August that allows conflicted students to choose what bathroom they use? I guess bathroom icons that have a boy or girl silhouettes could be replaced with a simple party dress.What's next? Maybe fellatio and cunnilingus in at least five languages so one could make the most of pause that refreshes. I'm not against oral sex, but there is a time and place for everything and everyone. A bathroom is for obvious convenience but it is not the place for affirmative action about queer issues.It looks like AIDS will be the only caveat that will stop this nonsense

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

How About Blackstone Group Or Carl Icahn Or Other Private Equity & Hedge Fund Operators Organize Foreign Holders Of U.S. Debt For Restructure Of U.S. Government

It happens every day. Whether it be Blackstone or Icahn or some other raider takes a significant position in stock or bonds of targeted companies and then demands management unlock value or enhance safety of investment by changing management or management style.Does the United States Government need some demand that it reduce it ruinous ways? Yes. Our government has about $16 trillion in outstanding debt. Seventy percent of that debt is held by individuals, corporations and governments around the world.The U.S. is in danger of default. It's a circumstance that is perfect for a private equity group or many groups to organize the debt holders to demand responsible actions by our executive and judicial and legislative branches . Real time adjusting markets are not accurate. The Federal Reserve policy of buying its own debt at a $85 billion per month clip resembles market manipulation and is thus effectively criminal and jeopardizes bond holders investments. The mere mention of such a group organizing would plunge the government market initially but would force our congress to act in a prudent way. The group would tip the balance to favor consrevative approach to our government. It may be the only way to break the duopoly of Dems and Reps.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tea Party Headline Hope: "Obamacare Health Care Insurance Exchanges Fail On First Day: White House Accepts One Year Delay, Government Opens"

What are the chances the Obamacare's central feature of national health care exchanges fail on the first day? The first day will be tomorrow-October 1st. Glitches in the software have already brought on rolling official delays in the Affordable Health Care as per executive order.Hackers could already be at work to add their opinion of what should be the destiny of yet another government boondoggle. may be a blank screen tomorrow. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG ? I'll bet that within a week will have enough problems that President Obama will capitulate and delay the roll out in exchange for a reopening of government.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Super Bacteria Politician Who Wont Flush

According to the Center for Disease Control, " The overuse of antibiotics is causing an increase in drug-resistant bacteria." These bacteria are also known as superbugs. Could Hillary Clinton be a superbug-type politician? She's immune from the effects of filthy scandal that normally would kill off other politicos. She wont flush away with the cesspool of her own creating along with degenerate husband Bill. Her secret is she wont flush with embarrassment. She knows that her supporters can't smell . Even if they could they would stick by her so that together they could reach the promised out house. That's where all who are out now will be in and those in now will be out. And what was the disease that gave a bug such as her a place to squat? It's called democracy. It's the equality disease. The only cure is personal excellance and being known by your differences.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Need United States Default To Bring Higher Interest Rates And Slow Government Spending

Force interest rates higher. Bring on the default in government debt. Shut down government. The people who will be most hurt are the parasites who should be . Starve the military-industrial-complex. All forms of entitlements should be cut in half on their way to zero.Political correctness is an expensive perq for people who aren't worth the subsidy.Close Washington and bring government to the states.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pilot Bernake Doesn't Know How To Land Air Fed

Poor Federala Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake. No . Poor us ! Pilot Ben doesn't know how to stop the stimulus. If a pilot he would be frozen at the stick incapable of bringing down the Fed Plane to a glide path that lands on "normal" monetary policy.He was so cocky when he took off with after burners of fiat money. But alas money isn't everything.If the real economy doesn't want to expand then no amount of money will force it. He was taught by his family and his Poison Ivy Alma Mater Harvard that all are equal. And since all also want money more than anything then his policies had to work. But they aren't. Actually we are not all equal. We are known by our differences. And any policy and that includes monetary policy that doesn't recognize that truth will fail. He creates fiat money so entitlements can continue. He creates money so treasonous Zionists can use the U.S. as its very own cats paw.BTW al-qaeda has effectively similar bad plans for America as does Israel.He creates money so the legal cartel can continue to shake down any one. Why do I call it a cartel? Because ther are fifty pages of lawyers in San Francisco's Yellow Pages! Only a cartel can generate that many lawyers who apparently have no hurdle to overcome to get a license to steal. No, Ben, too little money in circulation is not the problem. The world suffers environmentally with too much money in circulation.The problem is we are not all equal. We are known by our differences. And until we get that fact understood and practiced many people who count more than the parasites will refuse to go along to get along anymore.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post Israel Or Post Pro- Israel Influenced World Shaping Up. Things Will Be Better

Dan Henninger , the roving gunslinger of the Wall Street Journals Op Ed section had his forty-fives blazing today. His " The Laurel and Hardy Presidency" op-ed piece about Obama's tossing over its world leadership role to the Russians was almost as hysterical as per a sorority girl finding out her boyfriend is banging her room mate.Danny boy didn't like Russia riding in on a white horse to deliver a solution about U.S. concerns about chemical weapons that Syria possess.Obama jumped at the chance. It got him out of his "red line" pot shot and certain defeat by congress on "surgical strikes"-yeah right- by sonic 4000 pound Tomahawk missiles. Hearing Danny boy tell it was the familiar refrain about American losing credibility on Iran. Huh? Its about Syria Mr. Zionist. And get used to it. One day Israel will be gone or the U.S. will elect a president that doesn't fete Israel as a 51st state. Maybe that president will expel Zionists? That would be a happy day.I'm no Obama fan but out of the mouths of children sometime come correct answers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Dow Jones Industrials Average Components: Sadly Accurate Evaluation

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp owns Dow Jones. Today it was announced that the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average will eliminate Alcoa, Hewlett Packard and Bank of America. They will be immediately replaced by Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa.

Alcoa was once a key pillar in America's industrial manufacturing infrastructure. Over the years it lost its edge to cheaper producers around the globe.

 Hewlett -Packard was started by two hard working genius types in a garage in what was to be Silicon Valley but was then still largely fruit orchards.Those were the days.Tree ripened fruit out gadgets in.  A sad loss in retrospect. What goes around comes around!

Bank of America was founded by immigrant Italian A.P. Gianinni . He financed the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 quake with a shake of his hands to people who had lost much. He financed Samuel Goldwyn's many classic films and David O. Selznick's "Gone with the Wind" and other Hollywood masterpieces.But the bank squandered all that good will and assets in a roll of the dice by CEO Ken Lewis in 2008 when he bought Countrywide Credit and Merrill Lynch.

Goldman Sachs is the poster boy for greed and what went went wrong in the financial meltdown. In the interest of keeping your interest I won't tick off the many criminals acts of the Zionist occupied Wall Street "bank". Suffice that super Zionist Rupert Murdoch had a hand in creating a Dow Industrial index -tracker bid for his fellow Israel-first occupiers.

Nike minus all the billion dollar ads is still only a shoe company!

Visa is the credit card service provider to the largely ( 70% of economy) consuming, obese, mindless nation  that we are.

P.S. The stocks going out are fractions of the prices of the stocks going in. So the base of the Dow now has a deeper cushion to fall into but it also will bring more volatility. And America unfortunately is hooked on volatility.

Twitter Trends: Weary Of Hillary, Too Much Clinton

The PBS Newshour started a new slimmed -down version last night. It started with ex- Secretary of State Hillary "in the news-again" Clinton making a case for Syria to avert an American strike would have to give up its chemical weapons.So? Moments later Gwen Ifill  interviews President Obama who says the same thing! I don't like either lawyer but why did Hillary get preemptive air time? She's not in office. She should be in jail.  Hillary Groupies are everywhere. I guess the Newshour's producer must be one also.

I'm weary of Hillary. Her Thighness is obviously running for president again.That means that Brand Clinton will be flung at the voting public like monkeys throw their excrement at gawkers who stop to look and listen.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Al Hunt, AIPAC, Syria, Iran And Israel

Last night on the Charlie Rose Show, Charlie is to Zionists what Tavis Smiley is to black radicals, Al Hunt and Mark Halperin were discussing the possibility of a Syrian attack by the U.S. Al And Mark are proof positive that one can spend an entire career writing about pro-Israel causes and still pass for mainstream  journalism on subjects that ostensibly concern routine domestic issues. A conversation between Mark and Al is like playing solitaire and cheating. So Al rhetorically asks about the possibilty of a strike and what happens if we [U.S.] doesn't strike. And Mark says it's about the presidents credibility on Iran if we don't strike. Iran? I thought we were talking about gas attacks on civilians in Syria? And then Al talks about AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee ) is hopping mad about the possibility of not enough votes from its sheep in congress to support Tomahawks in downtown Damascus. Once AIPAC is mentioned then both cut to what they really wanted to talk about-Israel vulnerability. .Enough of Israel. Ghetto Israel is a country on the edge of civilization. They use laundered U. S. foreign aid to bribe sheep in congress to extend benefits to Israel and its citizens that individuals in congress wouldn't extend to their immediate family in America.

Hopefully in the near future, Zionists in America will be deported because of their constructively fifth column activities.I will go to the dock to wave goodbye and make sure that no rats run down the moorings.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

John McCain Is As Useless As Fortune Teller In Old Folks Home

Senator John McCain wants war on Syria. There is no such thing as degrading Assad's military capabilities and not equating that action to a declaration of war. McCain is as useless as a predictor of what our military action on Syria will turn out to be as if he were in an old folks home as the resident fortune teller. It looks like this morons leadership will prevail. So here we go again. More killing. More collateral damage. More hatred stored up against the U.S.

One thing good may come of this madness. If Assad is toppled and al qaeda takes effective control of Syria then to the victor belongs the spoils. Al qaeda will assume control of Assad's considerable weaponry which includes poison gas.And Syria so close to Israel will tighten the noose around that criminal state.So maybe millions of jihadists massing on Israels border with state of the art weapons will finally get the job done of bringing peace to the mideast.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Obama, Congress, Syria, Tomahawk Missile, Sarin Gas, Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama is our black president and also the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. He is the walking talking incarnation of how far affirmative action has rendered heretofore revered positions and prizes sullied by political correctness. But "it is an ill wind that doesn't carry some good". Obama's deferring to congressional approval for a retaliatory missile on Syria does deserve a clap of the hands. Granted he took his cue from Britain but I doubt if George W Bush who is a kind of affirmative action moron who only because he's the  scion of the Bush Family  political cartel would have exampled such heed..

It looks like Sarin gas was used.. Was it Assad? Was it the rebels? We don't know for sure. Sarin gas kills no more brutally than shrapnel , vaporization, bleeding to death or by infection or amputation etc.Adult minds don't parse the difference. Only adults with children brains see a difference.The weapon of choice for the retaliatory strike would be a sea-launched Tomahawk Missile. But they are supposed to be surgical. They are supposed to be pinpoint. They are touted as only killing the "enemy". Sounds like god's justice. here are a few details about Tomahawk Missiles.They are 18 feet 3 inches long. They weigh 3500 pounds. They carry a warhead of 1000 pounds. They cost between $569,000 and $1.45 million depending on how accurate you want them. " I shot an arrow into the air..." Can anyone in the world honestly say that an 18 foot, 4500 pound missile that travels at close to sonic speeds can hit its target without impacting a considerable amount of contiguous space? That's also known as collateral damage. I would take bets that for the 1425 people who died from Sarin gas our Tomahawk strikes would impact or kill at least more than double that amount.

Mr. Peace Prize Obama was half correct in deferring to congress. He would have been 100% correct if he said no to any retaliatory strikes on his own because of humanitarian reasons.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Force Out J. P. Morgan's Jamie Dimon: Mary Jo White Should Constantly Annoy Him To Leave

The collapse of the housing bubble and the following demise of Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros. AIG , Freddie Mac , Fannie Mae  and other widespread financial shocks that still reverberate around the world today was a mini replay of the Great Crash of 1929. Following the '29 Crash an investigation into the cause was after fits and starts successfully led by New York Assistant District Attorney Ferdinand Pecora. His background was prosecuting gangsters. He exposed the constructively criminal behaviors of the banks most notably National City Bank (Citigroup). He forced National City Banks Chairman Charles Mitchell to resign. Then and now it would be difficult to bring criminal charges against powerful Wall Street bankers. The legal hurdle of criminal intent is difficult to prove. So Pecora hounded him out of office. Later The Securities and Exchange Commission was formed and laws were codified.. Ferdinand Pecora was one of the first SEC Commissioners.

The present Chairwoman of the SEC is Mary Jo White. She also has a background in New York of prosecuting gangsters and terrorists. Like Pecora she plays hardball. But it still remains difficult if not impossible to get higher - ups in Wall Street banks to get and win criminal indictments. J P Morgan's Jamie Dimon is poster boy for the rogues on Wall Street. At the present time , his bank is subject to over 25 different major law suits related to the financial melt down.Collectively they add up to the profile of a criminal enterprise. The bank should be prosecuted under RICO statutes.But that won't happen because of the realities of our legal system and the political power of Wall Street firms..

But there is an old fashioned way to get rid of Dimon and others like him. Harass him.Annoy him. Roust him.Bother him. To that purpose Mary Jo White should routinely invite/deman Jamie dimon come to her office for short questions.The meetings could only be for a half hour. But people like Jamie Dimon will fume. He won't tolerate being shoved around by a five foot , smart, pugnacious woman who can make trouble for him if he doesn't show manners.He didn't become Chairman of J P Morgan for this kind of treatment.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Downton Abbey & American Black Audience : Culture Difference Miss

I don't normally watch The Tavis Smiley Show on PBS. But the black activist host had two guests from Downton Abbey this week. One was the creator of the series Julian Fellowes and the other was Elizabeth McGovern. She is a leading character of the 23 diverse, marvelous, multi-demensial characters who rotate into the screen of this immensely popular miniseries. How popular? It's worth noting its accolades ,

1) Golden Globe Award For Best Miniseries

2) Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Miniseries

3) Recognized by Guinniss World Book as the Most Critically Acclaimed English-Language Television Series in 2011

4) It Earned the most nominations of any entertainment television series in the history of Primetime Emmy Awards.

5) It was the most watched TV show series on both iTV and PBS.

6) Became the most successful British Costume Drama Series since the 1961's Brideshead Revisited.

7) By the third season, it had become one of the most widely watched TV shows in the world.


But not to Smiley, who according to Time Magazine, is one of the Most Influential Media Persons in the World. I kid you not. Just look at his PBS advertising

Smiley asked Fellowes, " Why aren't there any blacks in the series?."  Fellowes replied with a hint of his crest being jostled , " In season four we feature a successful black entertainer. He's portrayed as an equal in stature to the rest of the cast without any of the victim status that so permeates the usual characterizations of blacks in media today."

 Smiley's crest tumbled.  He closed the show somewhat abruptly. He thanked Fellowes and almost forgot to thank Elizabeth McGovern. After all , how did Smiley succeed if not for a victim status award ? He achieved notoriety by the Civil Rights Act 's influence in relaxing of school grading standards and a legally forced integration and affirmative action to make him and people like him more comfortable? And besides Tavis, Lord Grantham didn't need hard -headed black house help when he had plenty of hard-headed Irish.

Maybe Tavis will interview a native African whenever he or she is awarded a patent on anything whenever that happens?.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Technology Driven Deflation Is Pushing Us Towards Barter System

The unions have gone away. The middle class is going away. Wages are going away on a relative basis when buying power and less hours worked are added up. The Federal Reserve for all intents and purposes is giving money away. to offset the realities of deflationary trends. So far the drunken sailor monetary policy has failed to reignite job growth or wage increase in any satisfactory way. What's to be done? Well its being done. Technology driven deflation is pointing the way to salvation. Salvation will be a barter system. If adopted, a bartering society will erase unemployment immediately. It will also point out people who are worthless to themselves and by implication to society. Barter will also humanely kill off  bureaucrats . There won't be any checks to cash There won't be any interest to collect. And military proxy wars will go away. And humans will take their place and only one place. They won't be able to "invest" in corporations that decimate the planet. Rhinos and other endangered species will get a pass also.

 Barter and kill a bureaucrat or investor. Sounds good to me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

U.S. Army In Mideast :Why Do We Wear Uniforms?

We as a nation have been losing wars of choice since World War II. Many of those wars have been fought against locals who just wanted to live in their own country and didn't want us or anyone else interfering in local issues. That's are first mistake. But on top of picking local civil wars to get involved in we make another mistake. We invade these countries wearing uniforms that unmistakenly point out to the enemy who the target is. By the way, the local "enemy " doesn't wear a uniform.. So he has a distinct advantage. And so it goes. How stupid are we?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rhino Poaching Follows Fiat Money: China , Thailand, Korea Wealth Kills Endangered Species

South Africa's Rhino population is being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate. Using a baseline starting in 2000 and extending to 2007, a total of 117 Rhinos were killed for their horn during that period. Rhino horn  brings app $37,000 per pound in the black market.. Asian peoples in China, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong think it helps with sex and health issues. Starting in 2008 and extending through six months of 2013, a total of 2168 Rhinos have been killed in South Africa. Why the increase? It must be tied to wealth. Considering the pricey Rhino horn, money is the effective tool for this kind of horror. Starting in 2008 world central banks opened the floodgates on heretofore "normal" money creation. In the view of central bankers and their governments ,an increase of money in circulation plus easier credit was needed to restart Western economies. This was was a boon to Asian emerging countries economies. Money flooded into those countries and made instant multi-billionaires in a very short period.

With all that money, the primative ids of the Asians reached out for ancient status trophies -Rhino horn dagger handles and presumed aphrodisiac brews and health prescriptions. In the beginning we lived on a planet that looked largely like present day Africa. Now the planet is looking more like filthy China.Boycott Asia.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Concealed Weapons: Democratic Tool

The right to carry a concealed weapon in America is as easy as registering to vote. In truth the owning of an "equalizer" is fitting for a nation of "equals".

Trayvon Martin's death by gunshot from a concealed weapon carried by  George Zimmerman who claimed  self defense was neat and legal . How many crimes in future will be averted by the possibility that seemingly easy targets may be carrying a weapon. The criminal will have second thoughts. Hopefully the next such killing won't make the front page.Then law and order will have come in large measure to the U.S.

Friday, July 12, 2013

No Cure For Deflation Because We Need It !

Ben Bernanke and his propeller- yami is in deep waters. He is fighting yesterdays problems with yesterdays remedies. Simply,  the deflation he is trying to reverse is what all of us need to survive. How can employment and wages go up when increasingly jobs and wages are being eliminated and held down respectively by technology and software that replaces humans. Consequently the push by Ben and the fed to raise asset classes by easy money and quantitative easing is actually the Kool -Aid that we should not drink. The prime example is the reflation of housing prices. Instead of making housing affordable, he is pushing the real estate market out of peoples reach.. Because the easy money he provides is mostly used by speculators who crowd out prospective home buyers who want to live in the house and not parlay it's price appreciation.

Ben will be back at Princeton before this latest bad policy/bubble is seen for what is-a bad choice. But Ben will have written a book and will have many speaking engagements lined up by then. Come to think of it, software could replace Ben at Princeton by replacing him with a simple loop recording of " Money isn't the answer and will never replace sustainable personal responsibility."

Illegal Immigration Amnesty: What Would Lincoln Have Done?

Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed non-citizens slaves. He did that for philosophical reasons and ALSO for practical reasons-he hoped the slaves would take up arms against their citizen owners. That was a arrogant abuse of power for the president of ALL the United States. For largely political reasons he aligned himself with people who had no legal status and hoped they would kill legally protected American citizens..What would he do today if he saw political gain in amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Amnesty may well be an issue that could break up this country again.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obamacare: Rumors Of Demise May Be Premature

The Wall Street Journal's thoughtful editor Daniel Henninger wrote an op-ed piece in todays WSJ.  He opined, " Mark July 3, 2013, as the day Big Government [in U.S.A.] finally imploded".He was referring to a quiet announcement by a deputy assistant Treasury secretary that Obama's Affordable Care Act "employer mandate " would be delayed for a year because of the " complexity of requirements ". He took that confession by the administration and ran with it. What did he run to? He ran to physics. He said, "'s time to call in the physicists , the people who study black holes and death stars ( death stars would require George Lucas, not Caltech ) . that's what the federal government looks like after expanding ever outward for the past 224 years." Simply he thinks liberal government has run out of political universe to creep into.

But Issac Newton or Caltech aren't the people or institutions that our Washington spending monkeys are ruled by in the foreseeable future. As long as our grinning apes have printing presses for money or there is any equity left in savers asset columns, congress, the executive and the judiciary will have quantum ingredients to print and tax into an alternative universe.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google's Car Without A Driver: Consumerism Without A Life ?

Google has announced technology that has been tested over 140,000 miles that drives an automobile. Specifically , the car needs no driver. It relies on Google maps for the shortest distance on all car trips. The software also analyzes traffic conditions as per artificial intelligence and adjusts speeds.  All Google needs is some one to take out an auto loan and buy the car. Presumably a driver license may not be needed if Google presses a comprehensive marketing blitz. The consumer age has reached the point where the consumer is only necessary to to buy the product and the product from then on has a life while the consumer takes a back seat in the car and in life.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Barack And Michelle Obama : Political Correctness Creations Worst Case Examples-So Far

We are all near monkeys. But some humans are nearer than others. Consider Barack and Michelle Obama. They are proof positive what political correctness in an advanced evolutionary stage can deliver up as acceptable reps of homo sapiens.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Look At Edward Snowden's Enemies, They Are The Real Problem

"You are known by the company you keep" and by implication the enemies you make.So if we add up the C.I.A., most of congress, Obama and his "security" team, Vlad Putin, most of the democratic countries of the world who refuse Snowden asylum, main stream media etc on one side of the ledger. And put Snowden on the other side. The burning question is "Who do you trust?"

If nothing else, Snowden's release of the facts that our government spies on us illegally and immorally has shown how the above list of central governments and their operatives all need each other to maintain control over their respective populations. Who would of thought that when push came to shove Putin of Russia would close the door on Snowden's request for asylum and give the reason " protect America"? But he needs the U.S.A. as a ostensible enemy so he can usurp powers. Snowden did us all a service by revealing yet again why big central governments should be opposed no matter what flag they fly.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Porgy And Bess : Too Dark To See Or Enjoy

The Gershwin's "folk opera" Porgy And Bess with book by DeBose Hayward was and is joyless and dark. Joyless because all are presented as victims. Dark because all are African-American and one can't look at dark faces from any distance beyond familiar and see facial construction much less emotive acting.

Someone should cast an all white cast in any setting with some hope in the book.Songs like 'Summertime", "I Got Plenty Of Nuttin" and "It ain't Necessarily So" could be used and adapted to more entertaining presentation. A status of "victim" largely is political or legal . One can't live a happy life thinking or acting as one is a victim.

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Federal Reserve Chairman: Sure To Come From Central Casting Of Team Jew

Today The Wall Street Journal informs of possible choices for the next Federal Reserve Chairman. The feeling is spreading that Ben Bernanke will step down.The popular belief is Ben has had it. He's tired. He may privately think that his reckless policies will end badly. One cannot print enormous amounts of money without some negative consequence when the presses stop. It's just physics. Newton would simply point out " What goes up must come down".Ben is Jewish He followed Alan Greenspan who was also Jewish. Alan followed Paul Volcker who was also Jewish. These are facts.

The WSJ has listed seven possible replacements for Benny and JETS . JETS stands for Jews Economic Tyranny Syndrome. Why? Why not ? The seven replacements have six Jews and one token black.

The List:
1) Janet Yellen
2) Lawrence Summers
3) Donald Kohn
4) Timothy Geithner
5) Roger Ferguson (Black)
6) Alan Blinder
7) Stanley Fischer ( ALSO BANK OF ISRAEL GOVERNOR) I wonder how much of U.S. aid to Israel is recycled into bribing our executive and legislative branches of government? That influence would explain a Jew under every shell when choices for nominations are made.

Are there any non-Jewish candidates who's name could be added to the list? It's a fact that the WSJ is run by super Zionist Rupert Murdoch. Don't think he will break with the ranks. I think that Team Jew's winning streak in running Fed couldn't advance from this present elevated level. Time for change.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

America's Cup: Money And Ego Sinks Competitors In San Francisco Bay

In 1851 the America's Cup competition started. Originally it was a contest between us and the Brits. The original boats were magnificent single hulled things with a large keel for stability. The boats raced offshore in open ocean conditions. The results were necessarily a slower race and largely out of view except for devotees who sailed into the vicinity and made a grand day of it. The spectacle  was worthy of oil painting and indeed it was with renditions commanding six and seven figure price tags in todays auctions..

Enter super Jew Larry Ellison. He founded Oracle Software and finances Team Oracle in America's Cup current competition . Due in part to his instigation, today the competitors use double-hull catamarans which do not have a keel. Also in part to his influence the race venue was changed from open ocean sailing to a competition that took place in San Francisco Bay. The bay is infamous for its strong cross currents and changeable strong winds. Larry wanted to make the event faster and more dangerous so spectators would be thrilled in a closer-viewed situation. Maybe he also wanted the giant Oracle logo on the sails to better noticed also?

Long story short, today The Wall Street Journal is carrying a post mortem story on Andrew " Bart" Simpson who died Thursday. he was the skipper of Team Artemis. In a nautical tactic called a "bear away" where the boat turns away from the oncoming wind, the boat capsized and killed Simpson outright. The other ten crew members were hurled into the bay but immediately rescued. Tricky tactics in strong winded cross current bays without a keel made this accident possible. It was completely avoidable according to WSJ questioned race participants. It was the design change and venue change that caused the accident. The WSJ contacted Ellison's spokeswoman about any comment that Larry Ellison had on the death. She declined to comment.

Seems Larry's cup, that personally runneth over, didn't have enough to spill one drop of condolence.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dream Headline : Hillary Clinton Killed In Benghazi

The more details that come out about the Benghazi killings of our our four foreign service members , the more our politicians in the executive look like caricatures of the rank and file of the pols in congress. Both Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are clearly the object of justifiable scorn for their initial denial that the attack on the U.S. Embassy was a terrorist event. And this was criminally reinforced by the denial of a military response by U.S. armed services for the embassies protection.

In a better world Obama and Clinton would be dead rather than the well meaning state department representatives.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Google Glass. Use A Tool Lose Your Place

Google is field testing Google Glass .It's a " wearable computer with head mounted display that is voice activated".Some of its features include: record a video, take a picture, use Google Now, start Google + hangout, search, translate, get GPS directions, read message, display weather, give flight details.I wonder if Larry Page and Sergey Brin would take a one time payment to stay away from my children? Did I have children to be delivered up to Google for processing?

 Did you know that baby faced Brin and Page share their cherub like faces with Josef Mengele. The infamous Nazi "Angel of Death" who experimented with humans had that same central casting cute face and smile. But all the while he was carrying on tests that would further the Reich's quest for master race uniformity.Cattle cars then. Computers and search now.  Being critical of the Google boys runs the risk of retaliation. It's interesting and revealing that the company motto " Don't Be Evil " was preemptively presented disclaimer before any one else thought about the information that Google was amassing. They have more info than the C.I.A and the F.B.I. I wonder who works at Google that can do private research on extortion or hacking projects that threaten individuals or  governments. Kind of another  take off the film "Manchurian Candidate".

In my 2003 book " Where Are The Meek?", my fourth essay is titled " Use A Tool Lose Your Place". It should be self evident. But more people are buying into Google than bought my book.

Friday, May 03, 2013

U.S. Planes Downed In Kyrgyzstan & Afghanistan Suggest Captured Syrian Hand Held Rocket Launchers Spreading

Today another U.S. plane and crew was lost. This time it happened in Kyrgyzstan. A couple of days ago under similar circumstances a plane and crew was lost in Afghanistan. Both planes were downed in take off. Coincidence? Pentagon spokesman denies enemy fire.That's not a coincidence.Denial is automatic.Syria has a huge arsenal. This arsenal includes hand held surface to air rocket launchers. Looks like captured Syrian weapons are leaking into other parts of the world.into the hands of anti- American forces.By the way, Obama and other western leaders are sending more aid to Syrian rebels. We don't have a sane foreign policy. We only have a foreign policy that guarantees profits to weapons manufacturing. We can't trust politicians


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Does Jason Collins Think About Jerry Sandusky?

All the media mice are gushing  about NBA Jason Collins coming out of the closet or the locker room proclaiming his gay credentials.Well, " la de la". So what's that mean for the rest of us? I guess the implication is that one can be a homosexual and still demonstrate superior athletic ability over the mostly heteros one meets on a basketball court or gridiron or baseball diamond or any contentious turf one could mention. It's a tacit validation of homosexuality for all and a beckoning to children who are thinking about a sexual homosexual experience.

It wasn't too long ago that disgraced Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was vilified in the press for having sexual encounters with numerous "underage" athletes who were left in his hands to learn of winning football techniques. How many of those "underage" boys lured Sandusky? After all the testimony elaborated long periods of "abuse". If it was abuse then why didn't some one say "ouch" or "stop"? We are well into 40 plus years of championing gay rights. We teach gay life styles in schools.So what's a child to do if the press and his teacher is telling them that's it's OK to try alternative homosexual sexual experiences? Actually you could be regarded as a bigot if you don't give homosexuality a chance!

Did Jason Collins have his own Jerry Sandusky- type coach?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

World Peace Grand Bargain; China & United States Should Bomb North Korea & Israel Nuclear Capabilities

World peace is threatened. No it's not Iran. Iran  is not the problem. The obvious problems are North Korea and Israel. North Korea is China's cat paw. Israel is America's cat paw. The U.S. is the worlds largest economy and China is in second place. By definition these two countries have the most to lose if the DPRK and/or Israel unleash a regional war. Quickly that could turn into a world wide war that no one could predict the far reaching possibilities in destruction  and economic dislocation.. The U.S. and China have enough military strength to pacify N.Korea and Israel .So with motive and opportunity, China should take out North Koreas nuclear capability. Likewise the United States should take out Israel's nuclear capabilities. Isn't the greater good worth this?

The alternative is for a very young Kin Jong Eun to remain in power.Can any one see him growing old in the job? He should be neutralized. As with the Zionists, can any one see these rabid people ever being civilized? The Romans knew how to handle them.Learn from history.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

How To Communicate With Voters

How does one communicate an idea to a voter? That's the age old question. Know the term "stumping" ? That tactic was the simple sawing of a hapless tree so a politician could stand somewhat higher than his audience. With that measure of increased stature his words or pitch gave the illusion of importance. It gave the speaker the eternal charm of the loud mouth because it sounded like the words were the first time ever spoken. From that early principle of rudimentary communication evolved the cacophony of our modern era . Twenty-four/seven news broadcasting of old words presented in stature- enhancing ways.Opposing parties use the same tactics.

The winning party is the one that makes the message understandable to both morons and higher mentalities. To that end a winning strategy will include an ability for the interested voters to keep score. Most can't understand the issues. Even if they could , they would rather do something else.But if they can be engaged like a ball game can engage and entertain then that party will get the winning votes.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trouble In Paradise:San Francisco Cause Celebre Minorities Hate Crimes

During the two day talkathon in the Supreme court about same sex marriage and other trivia best left to private discussion.  San Francisco residents have spoken quite eloquently about how they feel about these issues. You may know that San Francisco is home to cause celebre minorities such as illegal aliens who have sanctuary city benefits. I.E. no reporting to federal authorities of their illegal presence.Another cause celebre indigenous specie to S.F. is the multiple forms of homosexual sub groups and in general those who are confused about their sexual orientation . But in San Fran there is someone for everyone.But what happens when one celebrated group picks on another? What's a nanny Board of Supervisors to do ? How can they possibly take sides? Hello Supervisor David Campos. Behold Campos he's two for one. He is both a homosexual and is in the United States illegally. The petri dish of San Francisco politics produced this freak of democracy. Former Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed Campos to the Board with full knowledge of Dave's quasi credentials. Gav figured only a guy like Campos could make Newsom look good. If that were at all possible? Trouble is some members of the Hispanic community don't like transgender people. They never saw one in Old Mexico. So recently there have been assaults by Hispanics on transgender and other reps of the homosexual community. Campos stomped his feet and wants the police to stop this outrage.

How about transgenders and other confused types only frequent certain special bars that cater to their types. The bars should be named "The Closet".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Endangered Species Poaching: Rewards For Dead or Alive Poachers

Game wardens and security measures that try to protect endangered species like Rhinos, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Bears etc have not been effective enough to stop the ghastly slaughter of the animals. Viet Nam, China, Thailand and other Asian destinations still get their immoral and illegal body parts of the hapless noble beasts of the forests. The World Wildlife Fund and the respective countries that are losing their national identity because of poachers should try offering rewards for the arrest and conviction of the people who are doing the killing . These reward should include the people in distribution of the animal parts. In a better world I would recommend the reward be given for poachers on a dead or alive basis. Sling their bodies across the hood of a Range Rover and leave them to rot. But until we reach that better world, offer cash rewards instead.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dick Cheney Showtime Documentary: Profile Of Misanthrope

March 15 will be the date of filmmaker R.J Cutler's Showtime airing of " The World According To Dick Cheney ". According to R.J. Cutler during the extensive preliminary conversations with the ex-VP and the actual filming of the piece,Cheney constantly made the point of not caring about his critics. One particularly blatant example was his spiteful comment , " I don't lay awake at night thinking ' gee, what are they going to say about me now?"

Hey Dick. What about criticisms from parents who lost children in your ill conceived , mismanaged and constructively illegal wars? The fact is Dick wants critics. That's why he has so many. These critics are like small triumphs of spoiling their day because his misanthropic life is so without joy. Misery loves company.

In a better world Cheney would be dead by now because of popular demand.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sequestration, Pentagon & Al Qaeda

Looks like congress will finish what al Qaeda started. In 2001 a hyjacked United Airlines crashed before it could ram the Pentagon. It would have been doubtful that the Boeing 767 could have demolished the entire Pentagon Building and its hundred of thousands of employees. So the upcoming sequester impact on the Pentagon cutback will approximate the 2001 attempted demoliotion had it been successful. I.E. approximately 20% of "defense" personnell will be effectively killed off humanely by furlough. Who will miss these warmongers? None work for the minimum wage. In fact all work at multiples of wages that exist in the private sector. Also their health and retirement benefits are found no where in the universe for their disconnect from value given compared to value received. Osama Bin Laden was ahead of his time and his methods by our standards were over-the-top but the credibility of his analysis has found currency with our politicians.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Drone Assassination Killing: Immaculate, Righteous & Ritualistic

The translation of Mozart's "Cosi Fan Tutti" comic opera title says " Everyone is doing it".

The defense of United States drone assassination is that it's saving many lives by killing a few lives. To hear  advocates, drone assassinations approach gods own judgement and execution.. It's immaculate. It's ritualistic. It's righteous. And its cost effective. How can one argue against a god like approach to killing? In the tradition of a long history of celebrated assassins, which include Brutus, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan and the many suicide bombers past, present and in the future, you are honored by the highest form of praise ---imitation.

If drones were around in Cole Porters day, he would have included a reference in " You're The Top".

Friday, February 08, 2013

George W Bush Emails Hacked:Electronic Shoe Throwing?

"Character is fate", remarked the 5th century B.C. Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

The New York Times is carrying the story that George W Bush emails for the past three years have been hacked and posted on the website " The Smoking Gun". The emails contain gossip , photos, w's observations along with friends messages Naturally also included are personal names and addresses and contact numbers for W's personal circle of family and friends. Want to contact W now or ever more? We all remember W as the the moron who gave us preemptive war and then demonstrated its pitfalls by invading Iraq for WMD . He found none. But under his direct orders killed over a million innocent Iraqi civilians and dislocated over 5 millions. His reckless moronic behavior still causes deaths in Iraq to this day . His overthrow of Saddam Hussein started a civil war with no end in sight. George also gave us the Patriot Act. That misnomer allowed surveillance of U.S. citizens without warrants. So todays news looks like some payback for the ass.Hopefully W will never sleep well for the rest of his days.

In Iraq on November 16, 2007, Iraqi broadcast journalist Muntadhar al- Zaidi throw both his shoes at Bush at a press conference. He shouted at the same time, " This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people you dog." The hacking is a kind of electronic shoe throwing. The shoe has been passed to many others.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Homosexuals In Military : Mandatory Blood Tests

War means spilling of blood. Why the homosexuals want to to be part of this is any ones guess? But since the sure way of transmitting STDs which include AIDS/HIV is contact with an infected persons blood, then mandatory testing for recruits and all members of the armed forces should be the rule. There are many barriers to being  accepted in the armed services. This should be added.

 War is tough enough as is. A regular soldier doesn't deserve to be collateral damage from a politically correct, cause celebre minority's spattered blood..

Citizenship & Visas For Smart & Highly Qualified Foreigners

The debate on illegals in this country covers options from shoot on sight to make them comfortable without regard to moral hazard or costs.But the two sides agree on one option in dealing with prospective legal immigrants. I.E. Highly qualified applicants for U.S. citizenship should be fast tracked to an approval.

This begs the questions, " Why are there many openings for highly skilled jobs that can't be filled by our own domestically schooled people?" Let me include my own answer to this thorny question that many won't even ask in public. Our students are taught more about care giving and sacrificing their advancement in knowledge so cause celebre minorities can feel more comfortable in class. That's how Obama got his job! We all pretended to be stupid so he could look smart.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Senator Charles Schumer: Zionist In Charge Of Obama's Inauguration Shows Bad Judgement

Last time it was Senator Dianne Feinstein. This time it's Senator Charles Schumer. It looks like a tradition has been established. And the tradition is having Jewish/Zionist Senators as masters of ceremonies in presidential inaugurations The symbolism is not lost to the Islamic world or to people like me that the Israel lobby has too much power in U.S. government. Schumer in his opening remarks hailed President Abraham Lincoln as a model of presidential integrity. Never mind that Lincoln took part in a ghastly Civil War that cost over 700,000 lives of American citizens whose lives were put in second place to African slaves who were not citizens.

 So here we go again. Zionists leading an African-American social workers turned president of a country that has to print enormous amounts of money and pass gargantuan legislative do's and don'ts in dealing with other organisms and pretend to be stupid so democracy can work. But not for long. When the checks don't cash then all these charades will come to an end.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Is Giving Me Nightmares.

Last night I awoke from a nightmare. I was dreaming my classic chestnut tabby short hair pet cat was wanted for questioning by the San Francisco police and she also had a call waiting from Schwab & cure a margin call on a bad bet in gold. futures. What was happening? Could it be another four years of Obama that was the real problem? My cat doesn't deal in gold futures and certainly the S.F. police don't pick on that soft a target at this point. It had to be the impending inauguration this coming Monday. Obama will be sworn in again. And for another four years his supporters will be required to pretend to be stupid or demand more money to be bought off or in the case of his true believers just be themselves and be naturally stupid.

We have reached a point in America after 40 plus years of the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1965  that pretending to be stupid or actually being stupid has allowed affirmative action darkies to pass for normal and in Obama's case rise to the highest elected office in the land. What's next? Right now it's another four for the social worker attorney from Chicago. I think the only cure for the 1965 Civil Rights Act and zombies like Obama is a bankruptcy of the country. At least then we will have to ask a not stupid question of ourselves, " Can we afford equality made workable by pretending to be stupid?"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sonia Sotomayor : How Much Damage Has She Done?

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was appointed to the Supreme Court by arguably the first affirmative action president- Barack Obama. She entered Ivy League institutions based on her race, gender and lack of grades and money. That's how Obama did it. Thus demonstrating a self- sustaining, political breeder reactor chain of political events and power. Affirmative Action has come of age. It breeds on its own. We have lift off.  She has a new book. It's titled " My Beloved World". Accurate that she should describe the world such. It's not the world created by the dynamics of the cosmos.In that world only things that deserve to survive do survive. In Sonia's world, the dynamics of the cosmos have to be muted by putting the likes of her in unreal priority positions where politics trumps competence for advancement. How many people were made stupid so she could look smart?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harvey Milk Airport ?: Homosexual Orgy Of Power In San Francisco

Just when you thought that the homosexuals in San Francisco had won all the battles that were to be won, they identify a new loyalty test or challenge to the largely cowed and politically correct San Franciscans. A quick tutorial of their victories include affirmative action in City hiring policies, grammar school sex education about the joys and relief of bisexual and other homosexual pursuits, renaming landmarks after diseased or murdered LGBT members and their advocates, introducing same sex marriage on the whim of then Mayor Gavin Newsom and fostering homosexual behavior between young and old in city condoned clubs etc.

But today brought forth a resolution by San Francisco Supervisor David Campos. He himself is a homosexual and oddly entered the United States illegally. I kid you not. But no one seems to mind.Least of who was then Mayor Gavin Newsom who appointed Campos to the Board of Supervisors . I guess Gavin thought David a little more unqualified than the Gav himself , so it would make Newsom  look better.  Campos wants  to change the name of San Francisco International Airport to Harvey Milk International Airport. Milk was a homosexual from New York who at the time was a Supervisor in S.F. Milk was murdered while in office. He instantly became a cause celebre. Campos needs the support of five other Supervisors to get the Propostion on the ballot and then the voters will decide whether to change the airports name. .

 Milk was queer. Airports should not be named after one issue queers.Homosexual should show caution. They may well be a one generation phenomenon. .Their capricious and arrogant and non hygenic sexual behavior may stop short any celebration of the renaming because their ranks may be withered by the various diseases they harbor. They may fail because of their success.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Children Of Fiat Money

Starting with George W. Bush and continuing through Barack Obama's second term the U.S. will have approximately 16 years of federal deficits of about $1 trillion per year. That's well into a full generation of an unreal economic heretofore never experienced by any generation of peoples in recorded history. Before this time people created value and wealth the old fashioned way. They worked and saved. Now congress and the executive along with judicial activism mandate money be created to support the brave new world of equality. Equality before the law and increasingly equality in results. We had deficits before. But on a much smaller scale. Notably the Lyndon Johnson presidency. At that time Johnson and Congress funded the Viet Nam War and an expansion of entitlements without regard to how they were to be paid. Two people raised in that poorly thought out period were the same George W. Bush and the same Barack Obama. They saw. They experienced. They copied. Hence the mess we are in today.

 What will the sixteen years and counting experience of $ 1 trillion deficits coupled with $ 1 trillion Federal Reserve  purchases of government securities do to young and immature minds who are forming a basis of approaching life? Will G.W. Bush and B. Obama look frugal in comparison?

One thing for sure. Afghanistan will not change as much compared to what the U.S. will experience in difference in the coming years..

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel: Anti-War, Anti- Gays In Military & Anti- Israel

Former Nebraska Senator and decorated Viet Nam veteran Chuck Hagel looks to be President Obama's nominee for the Secretary Of  Defense. Opposition to his nomination preceded his nomination. Let's see who is in a dither about his nomination.

First there is the military-industrial lobby. That groups views are ably expressed by Senator Lindsay Graham of North Carolina. They and Graham resent Hagel's turn around on the support of the Iraqi War. That was followed up by Hagel's reluctance to invade Iran and topped off by Hagel's advice to have a less muscular foreign policy. And get out of Afghanistan ASAP.

Second in the "no" group are the Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, Transgender and at least two new deviant species that have yet to be identified or understood. They say that Chuck doesn't make the LGBT + 2 feel wanted in the foxholes. Maybe Chuck  is thinking of his experience in Viet Nam  and how his backside will be covered and made safe? Maybe LGBT+2 groupies would have other ideas?

Third is the Israel Lobby. The Zionists  say that Senator Hagel didn't like their influence in U.S. government and foreign affairs. They think Israel comes first. Chuck said, " I'm an American senator from Nebraska. I don't represent Israel." Hitler had a point about Zionists. We should get on the right side of history also. Zionists don't belong in Washington.

Considering the opposition and their complaints, I'm immediately drawn To Senator Hagel. I support his nomination. I hope he is followed by other like-minded candidates . He's a breath of fresh air.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why Do We Honor Abraham Lincoln?

Most all wars the U.S. has fought were basically other peoples civil or regional conflicts.Whether it be WW I, Korean or the latest Iraqi invasion we have chosen one side over another. At the moment we are wringing our hands about the Syrians killing Syrians. Just yesterday the estimated toll of Syrians dead was upped to 60,000. Assad is a bad man.

What about our own Civil War? The North and South collectively lost over 700,000. Popular belief opines freeing of African slaves was the reason for the war. What's more, no one seems to mind the loss of indigenous peoples, that be we white majority peoples, losing their lives and properties in the cause of freeing field workers who were not citizens.Fact is that the chief instigator of the war by his policies the dyspeptic President Abraham Lincoln was honored for his dirty work by a stunning memorial in Washington, D.C. Now that really sends the wrong signals to minorities and their lawyers and advocates.Hence the riots in the 1960's. Slavery was being abolished peacefully around the globe in the 1860's. We didn't need a war. In the 1960's Martin Luther Kings non-violent ,Ghandi-type resistance to segregation was winning. There wasn't any need for Watts in Los Angeles or Detroit or Berkeley etc. Lincoln was a bad man.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

21 st Century :Age Of Baby Face Power

Why do so many powerful people on the global scene have baby faces?  Examples include Kim Jong Eun of North Korea. He has absolute authority over 24 million North Koreans. He also has his fat fingers on ballistic missiles that have nuclear war heads. He looks like the cute Pillsbury Dough Boy or some cherub-faced bobble-headed toy. The Google founders Brin and Page also have baby faces. Facebooks Zuckerberg could be a poster boy for this new age phenomenon  A common thread of their source of power is technology. Respectively they either inherited , invented or stole someone elses invention. What makes a baby face? It's the absence of the lines of maturity. So technology has leap frogged  normal evolution and given power to the young and maybe foolish or unwise. Add central governments fiat money to technology and powerful immature people at the levers of power and a recipe for chaos appears.