Monday, September 29, 2014

SNAP: The Information Age and Random Acts Of Violence

An act of terrorism aimed at airlines happened on September 26, 2014. A worker set fire to an air traffic control facility in Chicago.Resulting in thousands of delayed or canceled flights. Only luck prevented collisions and deaths. The next day on September 27, 2014 a man somewhat connected to al Qaeda beheaded a co worker in Oklahoma.Snap, snap. Prior to ubiquitous instant communication these horrible events would not have happened.These events are tied to what our government is doing in the Middle East.Rightly or wrongly our mission there are causing snaps in people's behavior around the globe who heretofore were not part of active plans of espionage or terror planning. Ad hoc revulsion of indiscriminate bombing is the motivation for individual copy cat retaliation against barbaric war in the Middle East.Who hit first in that region? You will probably get as many opinions as the people you ask. Warriors cause wars. That self evident fact should be reason to stop our participation in wars we don't have a need to be in. Or else we will get more random acts of terror and more retaliation.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

WMD: Weapons Of Mass Destruction OR War Of Mass Deception?

Today the Pentagon is reporting a possible killing of Khorasan master planner Mohsin Al-Fadhii. He's the guy who the Pentagon allege is connected to a possible plot for attacks on America and France.Pentagon says Moshin was on motor bike when the F-16 unloaded Hellfire missile.Motorbike? Probably was stolen. So no cost. F-16 cost approximately $20 million.Hellfire missile cost about $70K each.And those costs don't include shipping. Aircraft carriers cost million per day to operate. And all those contractor bills! My god they would sink that carrier.So a quick look at the books show it may have cost the U.S.approximately a million to kill that terrorist.It wont add up.The cost is too expensive. The guy on the bike can be replaced instantly at hardly any cost. Steal another bike! Whereas our cost will be so expensive we will have to borrow from the world. Which we will repay with fiat money which will leave foreign creditors holding worthless bonds because deflation will bankrupt debtor America. To paraphrase Civil War Admiral David Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay, "Damn the cost fire those Hellfire Missiles." This is not a war about mass destruction. It's war about about mass deception about the threat and the unbearable cost.

Deflation: Helps Poor

Central banks around the world and our own Federal Reserve are working to stop creeping deflation. In fact their actions are diametrically opposed to the needs of working people. It's a fact that wages are stagnant if one can even find a job.So the challenge for workers is making meager salaries cover the costs of living.The vast majority need stable or preferably lower prices at stores and show rooms.But the Central Banks answer to governments, corporations and wealthy individuals who all have massive debt to repay.Deflation would bankrupt those three. But deflation will help everyone else.There is no choice. Deflation will come.It will come because of popular demand.So expect it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Syria Bombing Reports

Fresh photos of laser guided bombing runs in Syria are in the news.Gee it's grand Significant building that must have taken years to construct are literally vaporized in these Pentagram home movies.We are told that the buildings contained command and control operations of ISIL and Khorasan. We were further informed that Khorasan was about to launch a homeland attack. Homeland is short for America. One was encouraged to view and imagine the C and C building filled with 9 to five Islamic militants in their war rooms with maps and and operatives standing by receiving and giving out battle reports and new orders. Maybe Starbucks was delivering tea or coffee at the same time. Too bad for the delivery boy.Seriously. Does the Pentagram think we believe any body was in the building? Morons they or morons us? The fact is the building is gone. In addition photos were added of men , women and children inspecting the rubble. Were they Islamic extremists who escaped the U.S.bombing run? Or were they just in what's left of the neighborhood inspecting with incredulity the barbarism of American liberators? Maybe they were looking for lost neighbors or family pets? This re invasion will end badly for all involved. That includes us.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Whistleblower In Washington: We Need More

Today the SEC awarded a record $30 million to a whistleblower. The foreigner was instrumental in cracking a tax evasion case against a Swiss bank.That chunk of dough is peanuts compared to the billions that treasury will receive in fines and past due taxes.Light bulb time.Why isn't whistleblowing awards offered to helpful informants who point the finger at our pols in D.C.? We all know that Washington is a cesspool of excrement. Just look at the resumes of our three past presidents. Just think of the goo in the ranks these execs direct. Notice the whistleblower in the SEC case helped getting back taxes. Another example of money not ethics as the guiding motivation of our leaders.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Many People Do We Want On The Planet?

Ebola virus has the potential to kill millions. It could kill billions. That's an argument for sending help to Africa to stop the worse case scenario of a world wide pandemic.Superficially it's the wise decision.But Ebola is a symptom of the basic problem of lack of nutrition for overpopulated areas and also accompanying hygiene issues.So if we contain Ebola then we necessarily have to address nutrition and hygiene challenges.That is challenge that no one wants to talk about. Because we don't have the resources.It follows then we have to make a decision of how many people we want to limit to a global population.Right now nature says we have gone over the optimum number many years ago. My own reckoning gives 1970 as the year.The world population at that time was approximately 3.7 billion.That's roughly half of where we are today.In the late seventies world fish stocks plummeted 80% over the next decade and scarcely have recovered.Similar percentage losses in bird also were documented. Global pollution is written about daily and is getting worse.Do we have another 40 years left? Sure but what kind of planet will be looking at? And what kind of life will be living?Not hopeful. Let nature take its course with Ebola in Africa. We have to start somewhere.Africa is where it all began.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pope Francis And World War III

Today Pope Francis is in Redipuglia, Italy.It's the cemetery for approximately 100,000 Italians who died in World War I. He spoke about todays "chaos". He likened it to a piecemeal start of World War III. But he had no advice on how to prepare.He just condemned war. That's not a great leader. Great leaders point out directions that followers can use to prepare for the worst.For instance, he should advise his flock to have less children. That would limit casualties.Don't wait for that . Birth control is not in his job description.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Expensive Drug Or Death?

Japan is in the news today. It's pharma space is offering new cancer fighting drugs for $143,000.00 for a yearly treatment.Per capita income in Japan is approximately $37,000.00.Looks like many will be disappointed.Our own U.S. recently offered Sovaldi for $84,000.00 per treatment.It's for Hepatitus C.Our own per capita income is $53,000.00. Many will come up short. Of course pharma is counting on government to come up with the difference. Government hasn't the money either. But they can borrow.And if few and fewer want to buy government debt what will happen? Not to worry. The government will buy its own debt!And so it goes.People think they are worth saving. Governments want to help people with their imaginations and keep their phoney baloney jobs.Why not just tell people that they will all die some day. Which they will. And its very democratic and equal that they do die without burdening their survivors.C'est la vie.