Sunday, January 26, 2014

Virgin America: No Niggers Or Virgins On My Plane

I flew up and back to Seattle recently on Virgin America Airlines. Service was excellent. I only have two questions. Why is the airline called Virgin? I saw no virgins. Maybe Sir Richard Branson thought it would be daring and or somewhat sexy to name his air service virgin? But why? What's any virgin offered in helpful guide or paced overall sexual experience? It would be more likely a virgin would need some guiding hand and some oral instructions from an experienced partner. No. Virgin conjures inexperience. Is that what an airline wants to project? Does the pilot want help from passengers ? I think not. That may be a trifle.But it shows some immaturity or lack of experience. One would think that some enterprising non virgin would have got a hold of Sir Richard at some point into his second million-now he's worth billions- and brought him along to the point where virgins are not where it's at. Maybe he believes in novels more than first hand experienced women. Any way, it's no big deal. But another part of my Virgin America trip went over the line and gave me critical mass for this critique. It was the instructional video on safety.It was a nigger rap, hip hop presentation. I saw no niggers on the plane. There was one black women who was not a nigger. The video was done with rap music cadence . The video made white people look like stupes and the non white players were hip and willing to condescend to whitey and instruct about safety procedures on the plane. The film even took swipes at nuns. One of the lead blacks was a Africa-American preteen young man dressed in suit and bow tie who was the sophisticated lead. To sum up there were no virgins on the plane. And there were no niggers on the plane . I can abide the virgin . But I can't stand the nigger rap.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Serena Williams Is Hybrid Species Of Liberalism

I saw African American Serena Williams on the tennis courts yesterday. She was in Australia for their Open. My jaw was almost as dropped as hers. But mine was from amazement at her build whereas her is from a natural physical fact. The close ups of face and body could have been a cartoon of soft porn.Examining her from top to bottom - a sure 5' 9"--showed a dead heat for protrusions of forehead, fake eyelashes and size whatever large feet. The grossness and muscularity of the women suggested steriods and/or rigorous body building. But no comments from PC conscious tennis commentators.But by that lack of the observation of the obvious near monkey grandiosity , I think more people were forced to comment privately or to others. God, someone has to say something. We aren't dumb. Looks to me like another triumph of Civil Rights and political correctness that this tennis pro is welcomed as eligible for equality. What's that make us? Serena is a hybrid species of near monkey and legal entitlement.

SodaStream Stock Fall & Boycott Israel Connection

Yesterday Israel-based SodaStream stock fell 26% because of a projected 30% shortfall in projected profits.The company is a poster character of what comprises the "Made in Israel" label.It's plant is in the occupied territories of historical Palestine. In fact the European Union highest court ruled that SodaStream products couldn't advertise the Made in Israel logo on products sold in the EU because of that ongoing crime.No one can make excuses faster than a Zionist. So company officials put out an official statement regarding the earnings miss with these excuses. "SodaStream sales reflect challenging holiday season in the U.S. and several factors including lower selling prices and higher product costs, a shift in product mix and unfavorable foreign currency changes." No mention of BDS a.k.a. boycott, disinvest, sanction Israel because of occupation. I asked the question on Facebook's SodaStream posting wall, "Did BDS Israel impact SodaStream's earnings results? Soda didn't respond. But they removed my question! I'll take that as a definite YES to may question. BDS does workk. Israel shouldn't exist. Boycott their products and their political advice and influence.