Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fiat Money And Wars Of Choice

Why is the United States involved in so many wars? Well the first and most important reason is We Can Afford Them.How? We print money and sell government debt all over the planet to fund wars. In a very real sense our creditors are supporting our wars efforts and are in fact rooting for us. Our vibrant economy pays interest on the debt and so it goes on to the next war.Recently we have gotten so arrogant that we have declared a kind of trade war and or threatened a hot war on the very people who buy our debt and who we trade with. China and Russia are two of the targeted creditors/trading partners. Between them they have 16 time zones and 1.5 billion people. We support Japan and South Korea and Australia in efforts to keep China at bay. We have joined with the European Union with sanctions on Russia over their "aggression" in Crimea and Ukraine.We are shooting ourselves in the foot. In retaliation for our rudeness China and Russia have started to deal in their own local currencies to avoid sanctions which are denominated in U.S. Dollars and the Euro.That event was effected yesterday December 29, 2014.This could be a positive. If the U.S. is denied reserve currency status then fiat money would be curtailed. Because there would be less buyers.With less debt buyers our wars of choice would be immediately limited. Ergo wars would have to be financed domestically which would necessarily impact government spending on a great range of stupid programs. As an example limit or stop paying subsidies to people or corporations who do nothing to earn those subsidies.Only when that happens will our governmnet be forced to debate what we will pay for and what we wont.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Valerie Jarrett: Obama Iran Connection

Look who washed up on our shores by way of Iran-Valerie Jarrett.Like her boss Barack Obama she is plural person.Her ancestry includes African, French,Scottish and Native American. Her Native American roots gives her more standing than her boss.She was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran. Her parents, James E Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman ran a childrens hospital in Iran at the time of her birth. Jarret is a Senior Advisor to The President. Before hooking up with Obama she was also a Chicago attorney and social worker.She hired Michelle Robinson , now Mrs. Obama way back in Chicago and guided the couple into politics.The rest is history. It would seem that Obama's sympathy to Iran has genuine roots through Jarrett's advice.I guess if the Zionists can run our government without investigations Iranian operatives can also fairly try their hand. Only in America will government officials who represent foreign powers rise to such high places places because of political correctness. And we are caught in the middle bound and gagged by civil rights legislation. At this moment anything that will slow down or kill the Zionist influence is welcome to me. So I welcome iran in the White house. In future we could just repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and be done with this insanity.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Antonio Martin Killed : Time To Consider Stop Covering Shootings

In the Middle East deaths are bundled.Names and addresses of the killed are omitted. For example, "Sixty -five Iraqis were killed by a suicide bomber in a market in Baghdad today." We know why they were killed and by what group. Tragic? Yes. But more tragically it's routine so consequently vitals are omitted in reporting. In the sixties a popular saying was, " Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?". Maybe if there were no press coverage about suicide bombings there would be less because A) copy cats wouldn't be aware and B) Why commit suicide if no one knows?In the interest of normalizing what seems to be a daily occurence with regard to our black problems with the police we shouldn't cover the story either.Maybe these would be desperado black losers would find real occupations.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Water: Origins On Comets Or Earth?

A recently released analysis of water found on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko showed a higher amount of deuterium than is found on our own earths water.Scientists concluded that the theory of comets introducing water to earth is probably not correct.The signature doesn't match.Much money and time has been spent on the Rosetta spacecraft answering that question.It seems to me that a better question would have asked 'Where did the water on comets come from ?" To that question an answer might include since hydrogen is ubiquitous in our universe and so are hot stars it would be a natural result. Maybe scientists are just trying to serialize their work so as to make it last longer.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Film Critic Kim Jong Un: North Korea Versus Hollywood Scum

Hack Sony film . Pre release 'The Interview" with its disparaging and threatening plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un . Publish personal emails of Sony executives in case they didn't think this was personal. Now that's film criticism. Who will will grieve for Hollywood scum? They have marching into taboo and sewer subjects since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. You remember that POS legislation. It was the seminal event when freshly birthed and empowered minority interests where given veto power over any one having a personal opinion that wasn't politically correct.Who would have guessed that the littleist dictator would focus his slanty eyes at Beverly Hills perverts and say in North Korean 'Fuck You'. But more than just talk he did something about it. hey it's called free speach. Something we don't enjoy as much since the PC police started patrolling and collecting bounties via law suits. Let's hear it for Kim.Who would have guessed that a foreign dictator was what was needed to over come local dicktastors?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Current News Is Historical News

Just another day? Not really.Today we were informed that Google's market capitalization is greater than Russia's entire stock market capitalization!Also North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un did what many other people had tried but failed to do. Took on Hollywood and won. He and his hackers stopped Sony's "The Interview" from being shown in movie theaters.The picture told a story of an assassination of the same Kim Jong Un. So it was good and bad news. Google's feat only reinforced the notion of excess and extremes can happen when monkeys have tools . Which include speech and money.Kim's feat demonstrates Hollywood's limits on influencing cultures. I applaud Kim Jong Un and I am shorting our stock market.See you next time.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Barter Is Valuable Way Of Life

Oil is down. Ruble is down. Bitcoin is down. Aluminum is down. Coal is down. Copper is down. Junk bonds are down. Wages are stagnant. Healthcare costs are higher. Cost of living in dollars is higher.Regulations are higher. Politicians are not worth their salaries. War is more expensive and growing in use. You get the message. But barter is stable. Barter still returns on investment. No one shoots people who barter. BARTER AND LIVE FREE.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Russia: Regional Power?

In March of this year our President Barack Obama described Russia as a "regional power".He was responding to a question about the ramifications of Russia's annexation of Crimea. He went further and said "..Russia didn't pose a security threat to the United States."Oh? What region would Obama be speaking about? Russia has 11 time zones. It is 5592 miles wide and has 6,600,000 square miles in its borders.Russia spans two continents. By definition "regional power" is not accurate. As to the non threat of Russia to the United States, Russia has 3281 active strategic nuclear warheads which is only 300 less than U.S. stock pile.The word "strategic"translates "can reach target". This further translates "regions are not noticed".Which further translates " you can't hide".Those impressive numbers and capabilities didn't impress our Chicago social worker.He was raised on fiat money and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those two alchemical influences didn't prepare him for the real world. Obama wants more sanctions levied on Russia.He hasn't a clue.Woe is us.

Friday, December 12, 2014

CIA Director John Brennan: Routine Torture Master

Yesterday CIA Director John Brennan, could be Mangling Director said in a rare news conference, "The detention and interrogation program produced useful intelligence .... but let me be clear we have not concluded that EIT [enhanced interrogation techniques] within that program allowed us to obtain useful information from detainees subjected to them." But they continued torture anyway.Hey what's it to Brennan or the rest of his dungeon workers? It's not their skin or peace of mind. Is this the sort of activity that we are to respect our nation or pay taxes to enable this barbarism? Could Brennan have stopped this torture if he wanted? Do we as citizens have the right to kill people through a legal process who torture?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eric Garner: Just A Regular Guy?

Behold Eric Garner. He was diagnosed with heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and sleep apnea. What does a police officer do with this 6' 3" 350 pound forty-three old man who is resisting arrest? Cause celebre Eric had been arrested 30 times in his life. They included assault and grand larceny.It was reported he died from the police officer's "chokehold".But actually he died in an ambulance some time later of cardiac arrest.Was Eric Garner anyone's pal? Does anyone really care about this human hulk of serious pathologies? Could he have achieved even greater weight over time and been in record books? We will never know. One thing for sure he's worth more dead than alive to his circle of pals and business creditors. He is not a real human. He's a symbol that is worth money and power to exploiting relatives, lawyers and politicians? The alchemy of our civil rights laws turns his death into the fault of the system. Rather his lack of discipline ranging from not following healthy living to ignoring common sense law enforcement was the real reason why he's dead. The media has Garner saying " I can't breathe".How could he speak if he couldn't breathe ?

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Robot & AI Threat: Value Of Lies Defense

Physicist Stephen Hawking was interviewed by the BBC today.He speculated that the rise of artificial intelligence poses a threat to the human race. He went as far as predicting that machines could supersede humans and cause their extinction. While primitive AI is useful, advanced AI could empower machines to break away from human control. In a worst case scenario the machines could kill off humans.The article didn't elaborate on how or why the machines would terminate us.He raises more questions than answers.One advantage of human intelligence is its unique ability to lie.Machines aren't built to lie.That puts them at an immediate disadvantage.Of course lies in the long run will kill us off also. From religious lies to political lies to vanities each removes us from the truth of natural living.No. Machines are not the threat. Its the human who turns on the switch that is the problem.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Golden Ratio And Gravity

The Golden Ratio in numbers is 1.618.A Golden Rectangle would be 2'long and its width would be 2 x 1.618 or 3.24'.This ratio is found in nature and in the universe.It is observed so often that it is a clue to how the cosmos is laid out and operates.Plant structures have it. Our bodies have it. Buildings have it. Spiral galaxies have it.I think it is related to gravity which is related to motion. If you exist you must have a sustainable basic form. Ergo the Golden Ratio is the starting point.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Attention Brown Protestors In Ferguson, Mo.

Attention Brown protestors in Ferguson, Mo. Michael Browns killing was not a civil rights or racial issue. It was a simple self defense shooting by Officer Darren Wilson. What would you do if a 6' 4'' 280 pound guy charged you after he was shot in a scuffle over the policeman's gun? Blacks have a false sense of their worth because of Lincoln's Civil War over taxes and tariffs. It wasn't about slavery ,in the South. If it was about slavery Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation would have applied to Northern black slaves. Which it didn't.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Questions About High Cost Drug Research : Aspirin Comparison

Let's use aspirin as an example of where drugs began.Edward Stone of Oxford University in 1763 analysed willow bark.Willow bark was used for thousands of years for human ailments by indigenous peoples. Stone found Acetylsalicylic Acid to be the active ingredient in the bark. Some years later Bayer of Germany synthesized the acid and put it into a bottle and the rest is history. Maybe the whole endeavor cost a couple hundred thousands? That includes manufacturing capability which includes packaging.Yesterday Tufts Center For The Study of Drug Development issued the results of its study of modern day drug introduction costs. It said it costs about $2.5 billion to bring a new drug to market. Well if if the history of the aspirin is any guide and taking into account inflation since 1763 I reckon that $2.4 billion is spent for unreadable lab tests and packaging design and legal costs associated with disclaimers and $100 million in copying what nature provides for free in jungles and everyones backyards.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Money And A Solution For Inequality

We are constantly reminded and sometimes sued to reinforce the laws that instruct all are equal. So with that dubious fact which ignores the fact that we are known by our differences,politicians and union organizers point out income distribution that is unequal. From there they leap out of their fox holes and charge any one and everyone who has more money. I have a thought .How about a simple cure. Make money equal. It would be easier than reasoning with people who have ideas that they never reasoned into. Then by extension the holders would be equal. For example. Instead of having currency in different denominations why not omit zeros. For example. A fiver would look the same as a tener and they both look like a Grover. A Grover means Grover Cleveland who's on the thousand dollar bill.All would have bragging rights of wealth equality. But some would have more non denominational currency? So? What about the obese? They are already fat.They don't need more fat. But aren't thy victims? No. Victims look like people in Sudan.Our "victims" are dress and trouser sizes that could hold three or more Sudanese.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Art Manipulation

Art by definition is creative.The artist is necessarily uniquely value added.Now take Christopher Wool.His word painting titled "Apocalypse Now" sold at Christie's for $26.4 million on October 4, 2013.The 1988 painting consisted of a 7 foot white canvas with stenciled letters spelling the written phrase from Marlon Brando's character Colonel Kurtz of the movie of the same name as the painting. The painting read, " SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE CAR SELL THE KIDS".Where's the "unique" ? Stencil letters, white canvas and borrowed words!It's not art.But like penny stocks that grow into dollar stocks one can make money IF you are in at a penny.It's called "penny stock" manipulation or fraud.It's simple. Manipulators take a corporate shell and issue shares among themselves .Then each player subsides market makers.Then just pass small portions of the stock to and from each other at ever higher and higher prices.At the same time hire public relations firms to issue press releases about the companies bright prospects. It's known as "Pump and dump".Now substitute Christopher Wool art as the corporate shell. Now bring in original low cost investors in Wool art. They would be largely made up of Wall Street operators. They understand how to get prices of stocks higher. The same principles apply to getting art prices up.For example. They put their personal collections out to loan in high profile exhibits like the Guggenheim.Donate to the Guggenheim to make sure Wool's works will get a credible show. This includes "experts"gushing over a stenciled canvas!Now for the payoff.Take the Wool canvas to Christie's.Have operatives from original investment group phone in bids.Voila.The gavel goes down at $26.4 million for a painting that sold in the thousands in the early 90's.The bid is shared by the originals. But the object of the exercise was to get the value of their holdings marked up. Which it was. Art works can serve as collateral at the banks."Apocalypse Now" was collateral at Bank Of America and Later JP Morgan. It was pledged by the seller at Christie's David Ganek.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Before You Vote

The common problem among political parties is what they offer is not theirs to give.For example a politician can't offer equality when reality demonstrates constantly that we are known by our differences.Another example would be trading pure water for trapped oil and gas and then claiming it enriches all.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Japan's Big Bet

Can't beat deflation and slow growth? Japan has an answer for its decades-old woes. Ignore the facts and just mark up traditional measurements of the economy .I.E. buy stocks and print more wealth a.k.a. money. So the score will look like a win but the real economic game may not necessarily match the score. This includes redirecting the one and a half trillion dollar pension fund to buy more risky assets.Grandma and grandpa don't need this at this time.We already did what Japan is now embarked on.In essence its a currency war.Currency wars can end in hot wars because of survival priorities.I.E.Buy local.These ultra liquidity machinations favor the wealthy and governments who have enormous debt to repay.Deflation would bankrupt those two but would help the rest.Ergo defaltion will succeed because of popular demand. It will be a rocky road. But less government should be one worthy outcome.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Interstellar Asks The Already Answered Question

Coming this November the movie " Interstellar" will be coming to a theater near you. It's story about explorers from earth going to a galaxy not near us to see if we fit in any better. I always noticed that no matter where I went there I was. My baggage was not noticeable until I spoke and acted out my background-largely unnoticed by me.But everyone and every thing else moved over. Uber Director Christopher Nolan got $165 million from investors to ask this already answered question. But that's why we go to the movies. Maybe this time we will get it right and a new address will change the extinctions and misery we have as a species have effected.Ho hum.It's a zero sum planet and a zero sum universe.The Royal Society of London some years ago speculated that a total population of 250,000,000 humans would be optimum on earth. I agree. But for a different reason. Two hundred and fifty million was the approximate population at circa 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. That was the golden age of many classical civilizations.Then came technology and then came antibiotics and then came fiat money.We don't deserve another pristine galaxy to screw up.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apple's Tim Cook Acclaimed By Former Congressman Barney Frank: Aren't They Precious?

The media world is gushing about Apple's CEO having a media open air orgasm about how he "So proud and happy that god made him gay". Gee. It moved former Congressman Barney Frank so much that he picked up the hot line that's reserved for former members of congress and who are currently gay and are eternally Jewish to be mandated quoted that " How pleased he was that Tim Cook was pleased to be gay because he was also gay and every one knew that but he thought some one might have forgotten that he was gay and he wanted to remind that one person and one and all about gay hurdles and not rear mounting problems but he was tired now from his moment about Tim's gayness but could Tim get Apple's stock higher because it's worth more.." And that's where transmission was cut for a commercial break and no one at the station wanted to hear from the asshole again. Aren't Tim and barney precious?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

American Flag: New Interpretation

Our flag Old Glory has it become new menace? The red, white and blue could signify blood on sheets and people in a blue mood. The stars could be explosions.Any peace in the future? We can make a lot of enemies quickly with cruise missiles, aircraft from carriers bombing people who mostly don't know why. Because collateral damage surely out numbers "the enemy".There's money in war. Win or lose. Corporations profit and payrolls swell.So we are all in it together.Until we refuse to be a part of killing for business reasons.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Midterm Elections Results: Humane Lynching of Progressives?

November 4 is a week from this coming Tuesday.That's too long for Obama and his progressives.They will never make it now. Because the news is getting worse about the spread of Ebola in the U.S. Ebola and its response here by government is very much on the ballot.Call it an immigration issue. De facto citizenship of the virus is evidenced by treating recent travelers to stricken West African countries as deserving due process and legal protection.So they are let in.Much the same as the illegals from south of the border are extended rights to our eternal regret. We wouldn't let in possible suicide bombers who have bulging clothing but we let in possible carriers of Ebola because they look like us and any other criteria would be racist.Talking about physicals our own First Couple could be as out-of-place-normal-looking as the Ebola configuration under the microscope.So Tuesday the fourth may be a day of humane lynching of the president and his progressives.Maybe we should be thankful for Ebola as a test for progressive policies which in turn failed the test . Ebola is more honest about the facts of life. Unlike progressives who either don't understand the facts of life or ignore them in the pursuit of power and money.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Politicians: Running For Office May Run From Office.

Bucolic Ottawa lost its bucolicness.Yesterday a gunman killed a soldier in Ottawa and was himself killed in the nearby Parliament building shortly thereafter.Parliamentarians were told to hide in their offices. Only when a all clear was announced would they be free to resume free movement.Is this the way Assad of Syria first learned of voter disappointment? Will future potential candidates be dissuaded from running from office by this new demand on elected officials. I.E. May be assassinated while serving.This is new.Sure assassinations started before Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus and others. But now Plebians are doing it and there are more of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blackstone And Uganda Dams: Ebola Hope

Blackstone Group LP raises money from wealthy individuals.It invests in most anything.Uganda has some of the last untouched jungles on the planet.Blackstone contacts Uganda government reps and offers its services. I.E. We got money what do you want? Uganda says how about funding a dam project? We need electricity.We will donate the property.You arrange financing. When electricity flows we will pay you back with interest.Blackstone in far away New York nods yes and pushes some input keys on a computer . Voila! Out comes a fully detailed agreement. Work starts and the Ugandan jungle is partially demolished by huge earth moving equipment.Animals and fish are dislocated forever. Blackstone in far away New York through the alchemy of money has created wealth for partners at the expense of serenity and beauty in the jungle.Recently Ebola reached U.S. shores. It's a kind of revenge.The western backed help to African nations with antibiotics created over population on the African continent.Those alchemical people need food. That's how Ebola crept into the population.The alchemical people ate mammals that they should not have.Hence Ebola.It's a start.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cut Pentagon Funding By Half: Cut The Murder Rate In Urban Bombing

News form Syria reports ten civilians killed by U,S, airstrikes. Tell me who is surprised? Bombing in an urban setting is murder.We knew there would be innocents killed yet we did it anyway.Why? When you get funded approximately $700 billion per year bad things will happen. Who gets $700 billion a year? The Pentagon does. Mean monkeys in uniform who can't lose their jobs or get indicted have the time, money and killing equipment to carry out murder on a huge scale. Our men and women in uniform are not heroes. They are not our protectors. Instead they create blow back from the families of people who are killed.Nine -Eleven 9/11 is an example of that revenge.Our soldiers are just following orders? That's not an excuse. They are the operatives that carry out the policies of our executive and legislative branches of government.Also the corporations who's business is death-making are also culpable. They can all go to hell. Cut Pentagon funding by half as a start.It's a humane way of dealing with murders.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Czar Ron Klain: He Can Suffer Fools

The quote "..suffer fools gladly.." is found in the New Testament. It's attributed to St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.Ron Klain like Paul is also Jewish. So he's got that going for him in Jewish- money controlled Washington. Why else would Klain who is a lawyer and partner in Revolution LLC -a venture capitalist firm - wind up as point man against the Ebola threat? Woe is us fools. Klain was also Chief of Staff of Vice President Joe Biden. Now that's hands on experience of suffering a fool.St Paul used the term "..suffer fools gladly..' sarcastically. He was chiding the hedonistic Corinthians about their arrogance. Klain will suffer our administrations arrogance and ignorance and put America's future in doubt with this high profile appointment. For Klain it will be a resume entry of importance. For every one else? Who knows what will happen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Obama and Ebola Czar

Obama says,"I may appoint an Ebola Czar. And maybe I wont.Most of you white folk want clarity.Hey man why are you hung up on plans? I had no idea I was going to make the presidency.Why should I change my life? Clarity ain't my thing. I like to roll out of bed without a course of action.I want loose shoes and warm clothing. I'm not going to worry about nothin.Take a look at those folks in West Africa. I came form that general area. Now look at me.Hey white folk how you feel now?President of these United States and you all can't take that from me. Try to live it down. I'm in the history books. Some can't live with me and some can't live without me. But that's politics. Both sides get paid to argue."

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

NFL Concussion : Protective Or Projectile Uniform?

Famous director and screenwriter John Huston was also an amateur boxer.He was feisty by nature and he was Irish. Maybe that is redundant. Errol Flynn who shared a similar ethnic background was a professional boxer for a short time.When both were at a Hollywood party and the drinks were abundant ... into the garden they went.That's another story. Huston ,in is his autobiography was convinced that modern day boxing gloves caused more damage than they prevented. Simply, harder punches could be thrown at the vulnerable head. Results at worst was death. But concussions were always felt in greater or lesser degrees. And concussions have a half life. They really never go away. Their dislocations add up. What about the NFL? The players body is akin to a boxing glove.It's a self propelled projectile hurtling at another. The other may or may not see that projectile coming.But the edge goes to who hits hardest and first. Put some skin in the game.Make the aggressor as vulnerable as the victim. For example, instead of a hard helmet fashion one that returns injury as it inflicts.To that end the helmet should be soft.This will guide footballers to be more circumspect about tactics.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Snapchat: Vanishing Intelligence

Yahoo recently invested millions in Snapchat. It's a three year old start up that enjoys a $10 billion valuation despite no revenues.It lets people send messages, photos and video that typically disappear in ten seconds.CEO Evan Spiegel smiled longer than 10 seconds when interviewed.As well he should. It's a wonder he didn't belly laugh when describing the company's tale of the vanishing product. Snapchat looks to be the ultimate in the promise of technology. It has to be done quickly. No matter the service , just do it fast and you will sell product or service.For example, a user messages a friend an article that will vanish in ten seconds. So that precludes an article that takes longer than 10 seconds to read.Of course all people don't read at the same speed.So will there be a handicapped app? At 10 seconds there won't be time for phone sex.So with sex out and deep subjects out what's left? Maybe that's why there's no revenue at Snapchat.If it has to be said in ten seconds or less it probably isn't worth talking about.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Affirmative Action President & Secret Service

Secret Service Chief Julia Pierson resigned under pressure yesterday. The chubby, smart mouthed affirmative action woman fouled up once too often How can one tell she's an affirmative action appointee? She didn't look anything like a Praetorian Guard or their descendants. In short she lacked physicality.Her recent goofs include missing the intent of bullet holes in the White House way back in 2011.And recently on her watch a deranged intruder getting into the East Room of the White House.Oh yeah, there was that armed felon getting into the elevator with Obama.So how did she get the job in the first place?The inescapable conclusion she's a affirmative action appointee. Why not? We got an affirmative action president so it follows. For affirmative action to work no one can ask hard questions. For example, besides being a cause celebre race or religion or sexual orientation is there anything that actually qualifies one for the job? Obviously no.!When the sum of Pierson's parts are added up.Together with Ebola citizenship being granted, we do bring patients here,progressive philosophy is being tested. Like it's never been tested before.No doubt if Obama was killed by the mishandling of the secret service or Ebola takes off in America progressives will have to rethink. If they can rethink. In the interim bravos for critical thinking.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ebola In America : Could it Be New Suicide Weapon?

Could Ebola virus be used as a new weapon by radical Islamist? Any carriers of the Ebola virus that are in U.S. should have a background check.The object of the test would try to determine if the deadly virus was being used as a weapon.

Afghanistan: Where Does All The Money Go?

Whoopee we get to stay in Afghanistan? Such a deal! Or is it ? Yesterday the American ambassador signed a formal agreement with Afghan leaders to allow U.S. troops to stay in that war torn country for at least another 3 years.We have been in that country since 2001.We invaded Afghanistan because Osama bin Laden and some of his al qaeda associates were found to be hiding out there. We invaded the whole country. It's like there is a group of a couple dozen bad guys in Oakland but a foreign power invades America to teach them a lesson.Stupid? Let's use "Pentagon" instead of "stupid". It means the same thing. Think about this . The Pentagon has budgeted $85 Billion for one year in Afghanistan.We will have approximately 10,000 of our own troops stationed there. A soldiers salary runs between $18,000-$34,000 per year.There are other expenses. The Pentagon has to feed, clothe,arm, medicate, transport etc. It adds up.But if you divide 10,000 into the $85 Billion you come up with an average of $8.5 Million per American service personnel.Where does all that extra money go? It goes for nothing. We lost in Afghanistan yet we throw more money at that losing cause.But someone is smiling big time.My guess that in a pretty short time Pentagon supplied equipment will end up in the hands of the "enemy" who will either use it or resell it.The Pentagon is stupid and we are stupid for thinking they know more than we do.

Monday, September 29, 2014

SNAP: The Information Age and Random Acts Of Violence

An act of terrorism aimed at airlines happened on September 26, 2014. A worker set fire to an air traffic control facility in Chicago.Resulting in thousands of delayed or canceled flights. Only luck prevented collisions and deaths. The next day on September 27, 2014 a man somewhat connected to al Qaeda beheaded a co worker in Oklahoma.Snap, snap. Prior to ubiquitous instant communication these horrible events would not have happened.These events are tied to what our government is doing in the Middle East.Rightly or wrongly our mission there are causing snaps in people's behavior around the globe who heretofore were not part of active plans of espionage or terror planning. Ad hoc revulsion of indiscriminate bombing is the motivation for individual copy cat retaliation against barbaric war in the Middle East.Who hit first in that region? You will probably get as many opinions as the people you ask. Warriors cause wars. That self evident fact should be reason to stop our participation in wars we don't have a need to be in. Or else we will get more random acts of terror and more retaliation.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

WMD: Weapons Of Mass Destruction OR War Of Mass Deception?

Today the Pentagon is reporting a possible killing of Khorasan master planner Mohsin Al-Fadhii. He's the guy who the Pentagon allege is connected to a possible plot for attacks on America and France.Pentagon says Moshin was on motor bike when the F-16 unloaded Hellfire missile.Motorbike? Probably was stolen. So no cost. F-16 cost approximately $20 million.Hellfire missile cost about $70K each.And those costs don't include shipping. Aircraft carriers cost million per day to operate. And all those contractor bills! My god they would sink that carrier.So a quick look at the books show it may have cost the U.S.approximately a million to kill that terrorist.It wont add up.The cost is too expensive. The guy on the bike can be replaced instantly at hardly any cost. Steal another bike! Whereas our cost will be so expensive we will have to borrow from the world. Which we will repay with fiat money which will leave foreign creditors holding worthless bonds because deflation will bankrupt debtor America. To paraphrase Civil War Admiral David Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay, "Damn the cost fire those Hellfire Missiles." This is not a war about mass destruction. It's war about about mass deception about the threat and the unbearable cost.

Deflation: Helps Poor

Central banks around the world and our own Federal Reserve are working to stop creeping deflation. In fact their actions are diametrically opposed to the needs of working people. It's a fact that wages are stagnant if one can even find a job.So the challenge for workers is making meager salaries cover the costs of living.The vast majority need stable or preferably lower prices at stores and show rooms.But the Central Banks answer to governments, corporations and wealthy individuals who all have massive debt to repay.Deflation would bankrupt those three. But deflation will help everyone else.There is no choice. Deflation will come.It will come because of popular demand.So expect it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Syria Bombing Reports

Fresh photos of laser guided bombing runs in Syria are in the news.Gee it's grand Significant building that must have taken years to construct are literally vaporized in these Pentagram home movies.We are told that the buildings contained command and control operations of ISIL and Khorasan. We were further informed that Khorasan was about to launch a homeland attack. Homeland is short for America. One was encouraged to view and imagine the C and C building filled with 9 to five Islamic militants in their war rooms with maps and and operatives standing by receiving and giving out battle reports and new orders. Maybe Starbucks was delivering tea or coffee at the same time. Too bad for the delivery boy.Seriously. Does the Pentagram think we believe any body was in the building? Morons they or morons us? The fact is the building is gone. In addition photos were added of men , women and children inspecting the rubble. Were they Islamic extremists who escaped the U.S.bombing run? Or were they just in what's left of the neighborhood inspecting with incredulity the barbarism of American liberators? Maybe they were looking for lost neighbors or family pets? This re invasion will end badly for all involved. That includes us.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Whistleblower In Washington: We Need More

Today the SEC awarded a record $30 million to a whistleblower. The foreigner was instrumental in cracking a tax evasion case against a Swiss bank.That chunk of dough is peanuts compared to the billions that treasury will receive in fines and past due taxes.Light bulb time.Why isn't whistleblowing awards offered to helpful informants who point the finger at our pols in D.C.? We all know that Washington is a cesspool of excrement. Just look at the resumes of our three past presidents. Just think of the goo in the ranks these execs direct. Notice the whistleblower in the SEC case helped getting back taxes. Another example of money not ethics as the guiding motivation of our leaders.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Many People Do We Want On The Planet?

Ebola virus has the potential to kill millions. It could kill billions. That's an argument for sending help to Africa to stop the worse case scenario of a world wide pandemic.Superficially it's the wise decision.But Ebola is a symptom of the basic problem of lack of nutrition for overpopulated areas and also accompanying hygiene issues.So if we contain Ebola then we necessarily have to address nutrition and hygiene challenges.That is challenge that no one wants to talk about. Because we don't have the resources.It follows then we have to make a decision of how many people we want to limit to a global population.Right now nature says we have gone over the optimum number many years ago. My own reckoning gives 1970 as the year.The world population at that time was approximately 3.7 billion.That's roughly half of where we are today.In the late seventies world fish stocks plummeted 80% over the next decade and scarcely have recovered.Similar percentage losses in bird also were documented. Global pollution is written about daily and is getting worse.Do we have another 40 years left? Sure but what kind of planet will be looking at? And what kind of life will be living?Not hopeful. Let nature take its course with Ebola in Africa. We have to start somewhere.Africa is where it all began.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pope Francis And World War III

Today Pope Francis is in Redipuglia, Italy.It's the cemetery for approximately 100,000 Italians who died in World War I. He spoke about todays "chaos". He likened it to a piecemeal start of World War III. But he had no advice on how to prepare.He just condemned war. That's not a great leader. Great leaders point out directions that followers can use to prepare for the worst.For instance, he should advise his flock to have less children. That would limit casualties.Don't wait for that . Birth control is not in his job description.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Expensive Drug Or Death?

Japan is in the news today. It's pharma space is offering new cancer fighting drugs for $143,000.00 for a yearly treatment.Per capita income in Japan is approximately $37,000.00.Looks like many will be disappointed.Our own U.S. recently offered Sovaldi for $84,000.00 per treatment.It's for Hepatitus C.Our own per capita income is $53,000.00. Many will come up short. Of course pharma is counting on government to come up with the difference. Government hasn't the money either. But they can borrow.And if few and fewer want to buy government debt what will happen? Not to worry. The government will buy its own debt!And so it goes.People think they are worth saving. Governments want to help people with their imaginations and keep their phoney baloney jobs.Why not just tell people that they will all die some day. Which they will. And its very democratic and equal that they do die without burdening their survivors.C'est la vie.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Google Insurance: Why? Because You Will Need It

The boys at Google are in the news again. This time they are experimenting with drone aircraft. Google wants to get into parcel delivery.They are running tests in Australia. That's not like downtown New York or San Francisco. I guess they want no costly mistakes . After all "What could possibly go wrong with micro drones delivering parcels in an urban setting?" Of course it 's unarmed and like its name suggests it doesn't have a pilot on board either.Its purpose is to deliver packages.That makes FedEx and UPS potential collateral damage.Google has faith in technology. They are the guys that want us all in driverless autos. Also they want us to wear Google Glass so instead of thinking we just do a Google Search. Maybe we will get distracted just a little bit so we also buy something when searching. Are these guys greedy?Any way. The articles that I have reviewed all start the same way. Google's driverless car or Google's drone delivery project..... And then immediately in the next paragraph comes the question. "No one is quite sure of liability questions". But suppose Google all along wanted to get into the insurance business.That's how Warren Buffett made his swag. He took insurance premiums and played the stock market.Why would any one need insurance? No pilot on board! No driver in front seat! That's why you want insurance.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ebola Virus Directly Challenges African Exploitation

Gorillas in the mist or malls with ample parking? Mother nature and her Ebola virus says she wants Africa to keep her dress on. Mainly China is trying to rape Africa. China long ago went through her own natural resources and replaced those areas with humans. Approximately 1.25 billion humans.Bad trade.China started out looking somewhat like Africa. But not any more.What face does nature show to China and all others who would enter her Africa's "Heart of Darkness'? It's the fruit bat.The Ebola Virus, named for a river that runs through Zaire and the Democratic Republic Of The Congo, resides in a dormant state in the blood of the fruit bat. When the bat eats fruit it contaminates the fruit. When a primate comes a long and finishes eating the fruit then the chimp or gorilla contacts the Ebola Virus. Enter the human. Because of the exponential population growth and accompanying malnutrition humans eat "bush meat". whether it be primates, a quasi-cannibalism,or other small mammals. Those mammals , some of them, have contacted the fruit bats Ebola Virus and so it goes.Hopefully the Chinese and other persona non grata like animal poachers and other "developers "will stay out of Africa with the fruit bats help.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Should United States Grant Asylum For Palestinians? Or Should America Bomb Israel?

Today a twelve story apartment building was leveled in Gaza City.Israel used American-made F-16's to destroy the building and kill a few Palestinians as a bonus. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.Next door in Syria the U.S. is making plans to bomb ISIS militants who are using Syria as a base of their operations in Iraq. Syria's Assad gets an American Air Force to do his work. Because ISIS is also attacking Syrian forces. Back to Gaza. Gaza and its 1,8 million inhabitants are running out of infrastructure. Sewage disposal has been bombed by our Israeli allies. Also water and critical medical supplies and facilities have been bombed as well. Does a pandemic of infection wait to make things worse?The U.N. says as many as 500,000 Gazans have been displaced.The facts in Gaza speak a slow motion torture on top of a collective punishment action used by our "ally" Israel. America reaches out to similarly situated victims around the world.In Iraq we bomb ISIS for Israeli-like aggression against Iraqis.Which brings up the question. Should we grant asylum to the Palestinians or would it be simpler to cut off aid to Israel? And if Israel doesn't listen, should we bomb Israel?

How many Nations Has The United States Bombed?

There are 193 member states in the United Nations.Perusing the list left me with roughly the calculation of approximately 154 nations that we as a nation at one time or other have been at war with officially or bombed or fought gratuitously .The fields of battle are too long to list. But a few stand out as stupid engagements. World War I, Vietnam and Iraq immediately come to mind.Iraq is particularly stupid because of its justifications used by our administration.Who can forget WMD ? Weapons of mass destruction were certainly possessed by Saddam Hussein.Why? Because they found invoices and had pictures of "aluminum tubes". There were surveillance photos taken at 60,000 feet of mobile homes that certainly were command and control centers for missile firings of presumed nuclear or chemical or biological weapons. And what about "yellow cake" from Niger? We had Dick Cheney's word that was the smoking gun of nuclear fission war heads.History has pointed out all that evidence was spun lies.Now we have a new yarn to re-invade Iran.ISIS beheaded a journalist.It did happen but the yarn is ISIS will soon be beheading people around the world.That wont happen.But the fact already has given Syria's Assad the use of America's Air Force to help him fight ISIS in Syria.No one will talk about collateral bombing damage.The powers that be want everyone to focus on the beheading as justification for eternal war.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pentagon Bombing Again : Yahoo

Just when the Pentagon thought it would have to sit out the war in Iraq things changed.An American reporter was beheaded and the monkeys at the Pentagon are loading the bombs and making plans for more boots on the ground in Iraq.Gingerbread decorated General Martin Dempsey, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs,proclaimed that Syria would now have to be bombed also.Before this general wanted to bomb Assad forces. But now Dempsey wants to bomb anti-Assad forces in Syria.These forces are the ones who are causing all the trouble in Iraq.How will Dempsey and his monkeys at the pentagon know who they are bombing in Iraq and Syria? Does it matter? Not to him .Too bad bin Laden missed the Pentagon and got the Twin Towers.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Beyonce In San Francisco: Only The Noise Is Remembered

Some pre teen darkies and their single mothers enjoyed Beyonce at the August 8 performance at AT&T Park.But they are the minority. Most media reports are featuring not the song and dance numbers but the sound levels of the bass.Four miles away!Multiple calls into the Giants Park home stadium and comments on Twitter evidence the disruption. Music? No. Disruption? Yes.I think its fair to say that women didn't need their vibrators. They just screwed on to a door knob and went along for a free ride courtesy of the "singer" and her main man monkey handler Jay Z. Whatever the fuck "Jay Z" means."Assault on the skull" was a typical remark about the decibels. For those of you who were outside the four mile zone of ground zero a close analogy would be having a face on our moon depicting Hillary Clinton or George Bush or Nelson Mandela. It's not the place. This past Wednesday is yet another example of how monkeys and technology never cease to give lie to the "advanced state" of our species. It matches up with earlier low points like the atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima and the "All are Equal" bullshit.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Airbnb Crowds Out First Time Home Buyers And Renters

Home ownership is increasingly elusive. Whether it be the higher credit score needed or increased down payment or income to expense ratios that are in stone. But before all those hurdles the biggest hurdle of all is the melt up of home prices facilitated by easy money Fed policies. Easy for whom? Hedge funds with access to credit markets are now more than ever before to be the cash buyer of homes. They in turn either flip it or rent it. No way is the money manager going to move in.Now comes Airbnb. Similar to a geeky chimera of Genghis Kahn it changes the calculus of home ownership for an individual and puts home ownership out for bidding against the prospect of renting a home out to OUT OF TOWNERS. For example San Francisco real estate already exalted receives another bubble boost of effectively promising an extra income possibility. Under the new math possibility a typical one bedroom can be rented for $200 per night-roughly $6000 per month income.But the mortgage and expenses add up to only $3000-4000 per month.Looks like a good deal to the new class of Airbnb inspired who are similar to a somewhat humane Great Kahn's roving horde. These newly rich buyers who wouldn't think of living in a one bedroom now salute Airbnb. Genghis Kahn had his mandarins albeit on horseback. Do you think that G.K.'s pals could preemptively deal themselves in on Kahn's droppings at the feasting table and scope possibilities and position themselves appropriately? But where does that money come from? There so much money in circulation that finding places to store it can be a problem.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Airbnb San Francisco: Make Yourself At Home And Don't Worry About The Neighbors

Airbnb is rolling out in San Francisco. San Francisco, where people leave their hearts and find new experiences.The night life that carries over to the next day is more apt to happen here than any other swinging city. Meet new people. Have a ball.Raise the roof. But what about the neighbors? Don't give it a thought. Airbnb has the fix in at a politically friendly City Hall. Already the Planning Commission is rolling back decades old common sense residential neighborhood conforming codes so Airbnb can bring out-of-towners into the serenity of quiet neighborhoods.Parking? Not a problem. Use what's available.Screw the block.Who are the neighbors going to complain to? There's no front desk at Airbnbn rentals. Late party noise? So what. Airbnb has no clerk standing by to hear complaints.What's a neighbor who has lived there for years to do to these yahoo's from out-of-town? Knock on the door and tell them to be quiet? Well that could be the beginning of a vigilante event but only if it's backed up by some credible threat. It's not old fashion, " A man's home is his castle." Sounds like a good plea of self defense in court.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Progressive Philosophy And Ebola Asylum

Two American aid workers infected with Ebola are being flown from West Africa to the U.S. Ebola is 40-80% lethal. Casual contact can infect. The plane being used carries only one patient at a time. Think about that for a moment. The implications of cost and contagion exampled by a single large jet carrying only one person. Ebola is an extension of our embracing/normalizing HIV/AIDS. The whole of a person outweighs a part even if that part has the power to destroy disproportionately . It all started with the outlawing of critical thinking way back in 1964. Progressives in government taught caution to students about drawing personal conclusions. In fact teaching was followed up by punitive law suits if the student didn't go along and include any one. And I mean ANYONE. Progressives peddle a philosophy that no matter if you are in death row or are infected by ebola we are there for you. Meanwhile the will to power by bacteria of all sorts including Ebola has been granted asylum and a kind of citizenship in the U.S.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Population Control And Protein Search Convergence Solution

Recent articles about Mainland China's slip shod attitude towards food processing gives one pause for thought.A recent article includes fox substituted for donkey. UGH!. Another recounts old, somewhat rotten chicken meat being resold as fresh to McDonald Chinese franchises. Fox vs donkey shows clear rape the environment philosophy.Rotten chicken shows value of money versus human health consideration. The ambient background is China's overpopulation.Food processors at some point will connect the dots and deliver up excess Chinese to excess Chines as a stabilization tactic.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Netanyahu Claims Civilian Deaths In Gaza Are Mostly Human Shields: He's As Bad As The Nazi

How did Nazi Party Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels whip up hatred for the Jews in the run up to the extermination camps. He portrayed them as sub-human.How does Benny Netanyahu of Israel answer critics of his mostly civilians deaths in the Israeli Gaza assault? He calls the dead mostly " human shields". Israel's bombardment of Gaza which is no bigger than 1/2 of Washington D.C. includes, naval gun boats, air-to-surface missiles, artillery, tanks, mortar and ground troops.By definition these types of weapons are for mass killings on a battle field. But when used in an small urban setting the result is constructively as bad as the gas chambers in Nazi Germany during the holocaust. Massive damage is inflicted randomly.Israel is committing war crimes and should be shunned by civilized nations.

Russia Sanctions: Are they Really Trade Wars?

Does any one really think that governments around the world care about people more than they care about their own jobs and salaries? Therefore are the sanctions against Russia really in fact a form of trade war? The trade war is designed to shore up local business by getting competition out of the way and get prices up of commodities like oil.Our recovery has been slow. And we teeter on deflation. Sanctions could be short term fix.

Mosquitoes Are Not Politically Correct

Over the weekend saw reports of Massachusetts experiencing life threatening cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Oklahoma documented West Nile Fever. Florida claimed Chikungunya infected residents. Mosquitoes are the carriers of the three African originated diseases. Mosquitoes aren't on no-fly lists passed out by TSA. So they hitched a ride on a jet and made use of the jet stream in coming to America.Would an attorney plead a case for asylum for mosquitoes fleeing fly swatters in West Africa? If there was money in it ,I think so. Why are West Africans who carry multiple diseases in their gut and blood welcome when the mosquito is not? The mosquito is vilified and exterminated when possible. But the West African human might get into politics and introduce laws to make it easier for other diseased immigrants to come to the U.S of A. Mosquitoes fly under the radar of political correctness. They just do their thing.At the same time we advanced organisms give our open arms to politically correct refugees.Mosquitoes will figure in the next world wide government. our PC democracy may not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Water In Gaza But Plenty Of Sewage : What's Obama Going To Do About Israel?

Today Israeli Air Force deliberately bombed Gaza's only water source. Also Israel deliberately bombed Gaza's sewage treatment plant.A humanity crisis is hours away. What does Obama think? He hasn't said anything.He has the executive authority to with hold U.S. foreign aid to the Zionist state. He could sanction Israel on a daily basis with portions of that aid embargoed until water is restored and sewage plant is operational again. He could do many executive decisions. Yet he hasn't even spoken out against Israel's war crime.He's not up to the job of president or commander in chief or simply giving a reasonable opinion. As for israel, history will continue to show why Zionists should be segregated and shunned.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Personal Power : New Laws Needed To Protect Land And Animals

The Endangered Species Act, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Clean Water Bill, Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals ,and laws to protect the sea and its inhabitants have done a lot of good to mitigate the degradation of our planets flora and fauna. Yet bird and fish stocks have plummeted 70-80% in the last thirty years. Slaughter of Rhinos, elephants, lions, whales and other hapless creatures are well documented. The Passenger Pigeon is extinct. That birds fate could be the fate of many others if laws are not put forward to stop the waste of land and animals. We are almost 7 billion in numbers. Most shouldn't have been born by a quick look at the cost of their maintenance. Our life is cheap compared to the disappearing fellow inhabitants that we kill or degrade their habitat without a second thought.Hopefully in the future well meaning people will have the power to execute on the spot abusers of land and animals. NO TRIAL. JUST DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE IS ALL THAT WILL BE NEEDED TO KILL OFF THESE BARBARIANS. SELF DEFENSE IS THE JUSTIFICATION FOR FORCE.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Pope Francis In Italy: No Work Sundays Should Be Rule

Pope Francis is in Campobasso, Italy today. It is a region of Italy that has chronic poor. He spoke about shops and business' being opened on Sunday.Although it was only Saturday. He rhetorically asked " Is working on Sundays true freedom?" He 's the guy who lives in the splendor of what's left of the most precious artifacts of the Roman Empire.He's telling people who live from day to day about knocking Sunday off as a work day. Well it's this way Frank, if your flock isn't going to work on Sundays who will feed them? Maybe that will be the basis of another victim speech for another time.How about telling the faithful if they aren't going to work on Sundays then they should refrain from conceiving children on that day also.Less victims should be the goal.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Caliph Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi Meets President Barack Obama

Last week the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) blew up the main Syrian border station between Syria and Iraq. Immediately self proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi declared the rebirth of the historic Islamic Caliphate.The Caliphate existed before the Ottoman Empire ruled those parts of the Middle East. The Ottomans lost control of those lands to the French, British and Russians in WW I. The Sykes-Picot Agreement redrew the map of the Middle East and the rest is history. Meanwhile back in America.Our President Barack Obama who could be compared to a shoe shine boy who only stoops to polish the boots of the military-industrial complex sent in 500 "advisors" to Iraq. That number will grow as their mission will almost certainly expand to pre debacle Iraqi levels. Which means another debacle is on the way. The new Caliph could be compared to 1960's civil rights activists. They too burned and killed to get respect.Life is nothing if not ironic. Our shine boy now fights a enemy in another part of the world who share the same roots as he.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hedonist Felix Dennis: Deathbed Conversion

Felix Dennis recently passed away . He was 67. Considering his lifestyle staples of cocaine and booze which demonstrated the sine qua non for his type of counterculture writing and publishing which included pornographic takes on the children book "Rupert The Bear". But in the end those habits brought him a wretched death of cancer. And so an enlightenment occurred near his passing. He willed the bulk of the profits of his media empire which amounts to a significant portion of the gross $ 340 million per year to the reforestation of fifty thousand acres in England. Last year saw the millionth tree planted. It has become the largest contiguous tract of forest on the Isle. The tree was there all along. All the while Dennis was making a fool of himself , he ended up wanting to perpetuate the dignity of a tree.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Copper Short: Crowded Trade, Could Be Short Squeeze Coming

Interesting article about "net short" in copper futures contracts reported today in Wall Street Journal .Net short means that of all the contracts "long" and " short" in copper futures the net position is short bet contracts on the physical copper commodity.When did eveyone have it right about the direction of anything except time? The catalyst is the thesis that copper in storage at Chinese port of Qingdao is in jeopardy of being forced to sell on the open market. The reason is the loans have gone bad and crditors will want the collateral sold to pay back debt. Sounds feasible. But what would happen if not as many loans actually went bad? Or what if , and this my gut feel, that the metal in storage is securing more than one loan! The Chinese are known for cooking the books. If that were the fact then from over supply estimates an actual under supply exists. Of course whatever the facts turn out to be the demand for copper now is more because of greedy hedge funds. Time to buy a some copper.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Magazine Vanity Fair : Dull People and Dull Topics

How does a magazine with its historical roots in writing about interesting, educated and dare say cosmopolitan people survive now in its own self imposed choosing of featuring only politically correct people? How could it? What about the rest of the people and their non PC views and lives that could be interesting, educated and dare say cosmopolitan. The magazine precludes expanding its circulation by sticking to narratives about a limited group. This months edition starts with an editorial by Graydon Carter about how California's Proposition 8 which banned same sex marriages was struck down. That sets the tone . It's a tip of the editors hat to the readership. No harm will come to them if they renew their subscription now. More good stuff about gay rights. BORING. That was followed up by a show and tell by Jason Segel. Which to sum up his banal answers only proved to me that if you are Jewish and have a Jewish agent you will succeed in Hollywood. All you have to do is show up on the set. Do Jewish agents put new validity to the saying a star is born! That is if the baby is Jewish. Next comes an article on the best seller " Capital In The Twenty-First Century". It's about redistributing wealth. A book to curl with up on a cold night or maybe take it with you on that cruise around around the world.Then comes a section about teen stars.Questions are kept as simple as the ones asked of Jason Segel. Like Instagram or Twitter? Favorite TV show? Miley or Taylor? And then it gets worse.Then comes an article hinted at in the editorial by Graydon Carter. It's about the usually confrontational lawyers of David Boies and Theodore Olson both of Gore vs Bush Florida court fame.In this article we all are to gush how these two opposite cultural spectrum guns-for-hire joined forces to strike down California's Prop 8.We are encourage to thank the gods or Harvey Milk that we were alive to see this act of gay rights triumph.For me they can go fuck themselves. Next comes an article about the Dubai over the top airport.I thought these liberal types were environmentally conscious? The rather lengthy article show cases why al qaeda has a motivated base.And then there is an article about "artist" Jeff Koons of "Baloon Dog " fame. He appears nude. And that was that. There was an article about Clare Boothe Luce which if one read between the lines told the story of a girl who learned from her promiscuous some say prostitute mother how to sexually please men. Clare parlayed that ability to become sucessful in a number of incarnations.Somethings never change. And that pretty much covers it. By the way my wife will not be renewing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor Loss Is Israel Loss

Last night Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Virginia seat to Tea Party candidate David Brat .It's the first time a majority leader lost his seat in Congress since the position was established in 1899. The popular reason for the upset was Cantor's somewhat liberal stand on immigration reform. But also in my view this is the second time a high profile Israel supporter has been humanely deported from the political scene. The first time was when Obama defeated Mitt Romney. Obama was arms length from Israel. Romney embraced Israel. And the public knew it.Cantor was the highest ranking Zionist Jew in congress. he was unashamedly pro Israel. AIPAC' poster boy Cantor is on record as boasting to Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu that he would personally be a check against Tea party opposition to Israel first policies in Congress. Well it didn't work out. If Israel wants to continue to commit slow motion suicide let them without any sympathy or military or monetary help from the U.S. .

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Democracy: Cost Of Equality Is Too Expensive

Yesterday Obama signed another executive order. This one let students who couldn't afford to meet their student loan obligation a path to legal forgiveness or legal default. It was a kind of dream act. But not The Dream Act that deals with free citizenship for illegals. But dreamy none the less. No reality please. Liberal causes always add up to lots of money being spent or laws being bent or ignored to fit people in who want their rights.Trillions of dollars later Lyndon Johnson's Great Society still has nothing to show for the legislation that promised to deliver equality to equals who were denied through no fault of their own. Fact is if we were in fact equal we wouldn't need trillions to live together.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Negotiating With Terrorists: United States And Taliban

More trite news posing as grave is in the news. The prisoner swap of five "extremely dangerous" Taliban were released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for prisoner of war Pvt Bowe Bergdalh. Why are the Taliban five considered so dangerous when they have been locked away for years ? And yet we have managed to continue losing the Afghan War without their aid? Bergdahl's suspected desertion and supporting statements by Taliban captors that he was disenchanted with American foreign policy are logical. Who does like the war in Afghanistan? Maybe Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the military industrial complex like the war? But who agrees with them? And didn't that unholy trio get deferments from the Vietnam War? What about the charge that we shouldn't negotiate with terrorists? That's B.S. Negotiating with terrorists is how wars always end. It's called peace talks.By the way, Israel is the true terrorist by refusing to negotiate in good faith with the leaders of Palestine.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Affirmative Action & Diversity Goals Solution: How About Cap And Trade?

How can we reconcile affirmative action and diversity goals in our society without sacrificing meritocracy and efficiency? Actually we can have both ways with a cap and trade system. Pollution problems have been addressed by polluters buying credits from non-polluters.For example, a Google spokesman was on the PBS News Hour last night. He was owning up to Google's past which didn't include enough diversity in the ranks. There were not enough women and minorities. The firm was made up mostly of white males. He cited a recent MIT study which showed that a more diverse employment results in higher profits. One wonders if Google is making the right choice in changing directions going forward. After all they are one of the most successful companies of all time by pursuing their narrow merit based hiring . Why change now? Maybe they have succumbed to the PC harpies.Whatever.Suppose Google had an alternative to its lack of diversity without actually being more diverse?We all know Congress is filled with all the diversity that no one really wanted or needed. But that's the nature of mature democracies. Odd balls rise up as more and more of them reach voting age. What if Google could send a check to Congress in lieu of hiring some one they really didn't want? That would be a win -win. Because we know that Congress wants a check more than it wants diversity.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Liberal Media: Historical Reason

The roots of a liberal media are imbedded in the quest to increase circulation. Telling people about the facts of a story is comparatively dull to adding reasons , real or imagined , behind the facts of the story. Add discrimination as a reason behind the story and immediately the paper will tap into a baited audience.Any subject has a yin and yang.The paper has to pick one side. Circulation necessarily demands that the paper seek out the lowest common denominator of readership.That also helps ad sales with mass marketers . So we end up with stories that glorify or support generally the have nots against the haves.Even if there are no "haves" the editor would have to invent one to have a target for his "have nots". And then comes the politicians who declare " If I'm elected I will address this unbalanced situation to the reward of the discriminated". George Bernard Shaw said, " Most people shouldn't have been born". Newspaper editors would never allow that Shavian truth to guide their publishing efforts.ERGO that's why we are where we are.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Genghis Khan Killer App : Sharing Community

Genghis Khan a.k.a. Temujin (1162-1227)together with his Mongol hoard controlled China, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. He was in the east what the Romans were in the West. He killed like the Romans killed. But the Romans left a culture behind including magnificent architecture.The Great Khan left only carnage. Some was buried. Most rotted. Genghis Khan led a mass of poor. They had nothing . That was an asset. They had nothing to lose. So like locusts they spread and migrated out to neighbors near and far. They took and killed. They were akin to day labor. But they didn't ask for jobs. They just took living day by day.Genghis Khan was the leader of this sharing community.Todays 21st century middle class is under a similar pressure of need to find a living fro day to day as did the Mongol hoard. With the internet as their quasi emperor opportunity are every where. Mandrins like airbnb, Lyft, Alibaba, Uber and others offer platforms to auction excess personal property to anyone for hire/rent.Unlike the Mongols the modern day hoard use money as the medium of exchange. But that could default into a barter if someone could keep score of products for barter.A true cashless society would emerge. Freedom from large parts of government intrusion could be eliminated.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Disneyland Rides Pricing & Availability: Higher Price & Less Availability

Recently Disney reported record income from all divisions.It's theme parks were particularly profitable.I was in Disneyland the year of its opening with my parents. It opened in July, 1955. Last year I was in the neighborhood for a fencing competition and included a revisit to the Magic Kingdom.I found it crowded.What I saw in 2013 were long lines.Prices have gone up, but the rides have been almost static in their capacity for riders. Hence the long lines. Some were 1-2 hours before getting to the head of the line.I don't know how long the public will put up with this over selling of attendance. But the laws of physics are closing in.

Boko Haram: Pros And Con

As the saying goes, " It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good." Boko Haram translates " no western education".So that would preclude a Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Beyonce, Gloria Steinem, Michelle Obama or Barbara Boxer ad nauseum from being raised in Nigeria.So that's pro for Boko Haram.But Boka Haram uses western educated enabled weaponry to kill and maime. So BH is lying about being true Luddites and that's a con.BH attacks western backed natural resource extracors form their country. The oil and mining companies polute the land. So BH work like that is a pro for environmentalists philosophy. BH is against the corrupt government of Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan. This pres supports an oligarchy to the detriment of his lands and peoples.If Bill Clinton were black he would be a Goodluck Jonathan So BH deserves a pro for opposing Goodluck.If Boko Haram prevails and takes over Nigeria. The world should honor the BH philosophy of no western educated institutions or products in Nigeria.To that end there should be an embargo of all antibiotics to that country. And that would answer broad objections on both sides of the clash of civilizations.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

New Anarchy Of The Politically Correct Makes Repeal Of Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Necessary

The ancient Greeks used shards of broken pottery to register their objections to people in their society.Pottery was called "ostra" a yes or no vote was marked on the back of the broken pottery shards. Hence "ostracize" was established to boot people from their midst.Don Sterling was booted from the NBA based on peer pressure generated by an illegal taped recording of his private opinions. Those opinions were made to a girlfriend who set him up.But the analogy of peer pressure is valid. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed codified segregation. But the Act constructively codified inclusion and by extension took choice of association and personal opinion out of the individuals control. We have had two generations of social engineering because of this law.Now the children of LBJ's Great Society want to be free of all criticism. But they have the law on their side. We have to level the playing field of public opinion.I don't know whether Sterling's free speech violation will be recognized by the court. But if it isn't than more of this high-handed behavior will be coming more often and sooner. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be expunged. If peer pressure is the new norm then no one side should be handicapped.People like Sterling were effectively made by the tax code.A simpler tax code would make modern day black ghetto ball a lot less profitable. I was an avid fan of basketball during the golden years of the Celtics, Knicks, Baltimore Bullets etc. In those days one had to dribble the ball when he moved.Guys like Bob Cousy, K.C. Jones, Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and Jerry West and others were something to watch. Now guys like LeBron James are human bowling balls striking ten-pin-bodies on the way to the basket. That's black ghetto ball.A new tax code would eliminate Sterling and force fans of ghetto ball to go to the ghettos to watch their wallets and their favorite half backs.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Do High Speed Trading Profits Support Wall Street Banks? What Would Happen If Profits Went Away?

Think of a row boat over the Marianas Trench. It's 36,069 feet deep. Mount Everest would be out of sight with a mile and one half from its summit to water level.Could that be a valid analogy of the height of the stock market and its reasonable value? If you subtract QE 2 that till recently was running at a trillion dollars a year of bond buying and trillion dollar deficits by our irresponsible government. Add that to all the stimulus from central banks like European Union, Japan and China.What is the value of stocks without this alchemy of money-printing support? What could possibly go wrong? Here's a thought. The recent glare of public scrutiny of High Frequency Trading coupled with S.E.C.and Department Of Justice and F.B.I. investigations could determine rather quickly if this type of trading is in fact illegal. Critics claim that high frequency trading is constructively front running legitimate orders from the public.If that HFT trading was stopped immediately what would be the financial ramifications? The question is . How much of the bottom line of Wall Street banks profit is tied to this type of trading? If it were stopped how much of their earnings would go away? Could the banks remain stable and pass stress tests if a portion of earnings were ruled illegal? Some years ago there were only three major exchanges-New York, American, NASDAQ.Now there are 13 public exchanges and 45 "dark pools" and 200 "internalizers". These have become for profit exchanges and off-exchange trading platforms .They sell access for money. That access enables firms like Moragn Stanley and Goldman Sachs and many obscure HFT firms to skim a profit from legitimate order flow.If that all stopped? Could these firms pay their debt? No amount of central bank alchemy could stop another panic about the security of bank stocks. It would be yet another example why Glass steagal should be reinstated and banks should not be on Wall Street

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Zionism : A Form Of Autism ?

Autism has many forms and different characteristics. But one common trait among the affected is an impairment of social interactions and a repetitive or stereotyped behavior. Savior faire is definitely missing in fluid situations. In its most extreme example could be a Hitler . On a larger race level example , Zionism shows many signs that match up with an impairment of social interaction and stereotyped behavior. This has led to a ever dwindling population of Zionists because of a backlash of nearby non Zionists. History points to that conclusion.Israel is constructively a mental institution run by the inmates.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ObamaCare : New Kind Of Tax Policy And Social Engineering

Conservatives were outraged when the Affordable Care Act was passed by a partisan vote in Congress. They challenged it by taking the law to the Supreme Court on the basis that Congress couldn't require people to buy insurance. Conservatives screamed that congress doesn't have have the power to force that requirement.How silly? Congress has the power to tax. Ergo Congress has the power to destroy. ObamaCare was just another way of destroying. The Affordable care Act was in fact the largest tax increase in history but the revenues were dedicated to "healthcare". Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts was correct when he said that ACA was a tax and well within the power of Congress.Congress has been passing surtaxes after the first day they met in the nations capital or state house throughout this country. ObamaCare is just the largest. And this giant act of destruction was done in broad daylight.We were told by the liberals that the uninsured were the real reason why the bill was proposed and passed.There is some truth in that marquee mantra.But I also suspect people like rich and politically well connected people like David Geffen and other Hollywood homosexuals wanted a no precondition ineligibility for the upcoming explosion of HIV/AIDS infected that is resulting from the normalizing of homosexuality in our society.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crimea And Ukraine : Why Blame Mother Russia?

I may be missing something. Who hasn't. But didn't the voting citizens of Crimea ask Mother Russia if they could come home? What's a mother to do? Say "No ". Why is the West upset? Could it be the military-industrial complex witnessing their waning of Middle East opportunities default to a new strt up cold war opportunities? Could it be Putin's opposition to homosexual organizing of the young and tender that couples homosexual lobbyists with strange bedfellows of the military hardware lobbyists that push congress and the European Union for more and more sanctions? And don't forget the Zionists. They thrive on chaos because it takes the spotlight off of their crimes.The real instigator of the Crimean separation are the Crimeans themselves.Should we sanction Crimea? That won't happen. There's no money or headlines in that gambit.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eliminate Debt, Eliminate Politicians, Eliminate Unnecessary Wars, Eliminate Welfare And Political Correctness: Embrace Virtual Money Or Barter

Finally a way out of the mistakes of the past.How does one know mistakes have been made? Add up the personal , local ,state and federal debt. If the actions of the past were correct then there would be no debt to be burdened with. Both virtual money or barter would mitigate or eliminate legacy debt that we didn't sign up for. But our politicians assigned us.We can break this cycle by starting fresh. Let people with money pay off debt. People like Warren Buffett who is loathe at the mere mention of Bitcoin. Why? Because all the companies he has invested in have trillions of debt on the books. But the debt is denominated and payable in Central Bank currency. If the economy switches to barter or virtual money those debts become not payable. Same goes for debt from our government. People like Bush and Cheney ran up bills to finance illegal wars. Let them and others of the military-industrial complex pay off the government debt.Declare independence from legacy debt. Barter or use virtual currency in whatever form it morphs to.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia 370 And Bitcoins: Is There A Connection? Hijacking And Ransom Demand In Bitcoins

Malaysia Air Flight 370 has been missing for nine days. No trace. The more forensic facts come out the more they point to a well planned event. Particularly the fact about position-relaying electronic gear aboard the plane being turned off by hand. Could this be a kidnapping? How will the hijackers be paid? Bitcoins? Is there a connection between the Mt Gox bankruptcy because of a hacker or hackers looting the firm of nearly 500 million in stored Bitcoins and the planes disappearance and possible ransom demand of Bitcoins in payment? The kidnappers would benefit two ways. First their stash of one half billion in Bitcoins would appreciate because of this credible act of monetizing Bitcoins on a grand scale and also getting paid in an untraceable method.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Academy Awards: Oscars Go To Minorities Who Could Fit In Closet

Last nights Academy Awards winners shared a narrow choice in subject matter. " 12 Years A Slave" served up yet another trite black victim story. That picture won Best Picture and Best Actress In A Supporting Role. "Dallas Buyers Club" tossed in your face the down and dirty about HIV/AIDS drugs and homosexual issues which featured a transgender victim who carved out Best "Actor" In Supporting Role. "Blue Jasmine" won in Best Actress. But here the story could be a wink and pass to alleged child molester Woody Allen who wrote and directed the picture. Sexual deviants won two of the three top awards with blacks coming in a strong second. Looks like closet-size special interests. Closets can add drama.How will Hollywood get its money back at the box office with such a narrow focus of stories? Maybe the teachers unions will make viewing these films mandatory.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Willie L Brown Jr Bridge Sign: Don't Blink Or You Will Miss The Sign

Controversial African-American former politician Willie L Brown Jr got part of the Oakland Bay Bridge named for him. The racist organization NAACP was the instigator and paid for the sign.  It was Black History Month and the NAACP and Willie wanted to gloat. The price to gloat was $6500  for the sign. Too much by the looks of it. It was six feet long by two feet wide. A comparison would be two ping pong paddles tall and three paddles wide. It will be screwed as per Willies SOP to the bridge superstructure.But at sixty miles an hour most will miss it. The sign could have been smaller but Willie insisted on having Jr. displayed. He wanted people to know he knew his father. They said 500 people were invited. But the press coverage I saw looked more like ten people in folding chairs. Willie was in one of the chairs. The others comprised of seven blacks and two token multicultural reps. The highlight for me was Lt Governor Gavin Newsom's appearance on the podium. Governor Brown, no relation to Willie didn't attend. Actually he opposed the renaming of the bridge. But Gav was styling. He strutted behind the small podium and showed his profiles first left then right then back and then back again so many times one could forget the roar of traffic. Gavin's father spared the whip on Gavin. Maybe someday somebody will unload on this caricature. His over done posturing is inversely related to his actual talent. Willie is lucky. He was born black at the right time in America. Another time he would have been jailed, hung or ignored. But these days with affirmative action and political correctness Willie collects guilt bills from stupid whites and pisses on the culture as a bonus. Speaking of whites, Dan White missed nailing Willie when he entered former Mayor George Moscone's office when homosexual gadfly Supervisor Harvey Milk was present. White shot and killed both but Willie had just left moment before. Good break for Willie but not for us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mayor Ray Nagin: African-American Example Of Multiple Category Eligbility

Yesterday African-American, ex mayor Ray Nagin of Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans was found guilty of bribery and conspiracy in a $500,000 scheme with local N.O. contractors in the rebuilding of the city. He could spend 20 years in jail. I dare say he fits the description of many blacks in political office.  He was swept in by a wave of guilt over 18th century slavery. Affirmative action righteousness was the powerful sail that pushed blacks to the front of the regatta. The trouble is wind alone is enough. You have to steer the boat accurately and safely. As a captain he failed. He should have been in the galley swamping tables and doing dishes. But wait. Nagin in his new persona as jailed convicted thief becomes yet another cause celebre for the guilt peddlers . Nagin now will be added to the number of jailed blacks. And we all know what that means. Ray will retain his victim status. Vendors of guilt can't lose. But they could be defeated if if people just said "No sale".

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

High Frequency Trading Publishes False Prices & Hides Layering Conspiracy

High frequency trading firms are in the news today. A Wall Street Journal article features new laser tower technology attempts by HFT traders at getting price discovery closer to zero time elapsed. If these guys can afford this type of investments then it speaks volumes how much money is made from front running orders. HFT accounts for 50% of all trading volume on U.S. stock exchanges. Since the HFT firms are only a relative handful  in aggregate compared to the legitimate order- issuing investing community it follows that their documented 50% total of volume is by definition an illegal trust and self dealing criminal enterprise. And there is more. These roving de facto criminal traders who parse pennies to 4, 5 or more decimal points publish their trades only in round numbers. The layering of who is buying and selling in an effort to boost the price of the shares at  the expense of legitimate orders should be forensically dissected but is hidden by round number publishing. There must be at least two trading firms to walk a stock up or down. There are probably more than that so it is a far reaching racket. They are stealing right under the noses of the S.E.C. The false reporting round numbers  is cause for change , fines or jail time.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Virgin America: No Niggers Or Virgins On My Plane

I flew up and back to Seattle recently on Virgin America Airlines. Service was excellent. I only have two questions. Why is the airline called Virgin? I saw no virgins. Maybe Sir Richard Branson thought it would be daring and or somewhat sexy to name his air service virgin? But why? What's any virgin offered in helpful guide or paced overall sexual experience? It would be more likely a virgin would need some guiding hand and some oral instructions from an experienced partner. No. Virgin conjures inexperience. Is that what an airline wants to project? Does the pilot want help from passengers ? I think not. That may be a trifle.But it shows some immaturity or lack of experience. One would think that some enterprising non virgin would have got a hold of Sir Richard at some point into his second million-now he's worth billions- and brought him along to the point where virgins are not where it's at. Maybe he believes in novels more than first hand experienced women. Any way, it's no big deal. But another part of my Virgin America trip went over the line and gave me critical mass for this critique. It was the instructional video on safety.It was a nigger rap, hip hop presentation. I saw no niggers on the plane. There was one black women who was not a nigger. The video was done with rap music cadence . The video made white people look like stupes and the non white players were hip and willing to condescend to whitey and instruct about safety procedures on the plane. The film even took swipes at nuns. One of the lead blacks was a Africa-American preteen young man dressed in suit and bow tie who was the sophisticated lead. To sum up there were no virgins on the plane. And there were no niggers on the plane . I can abide the virgin . But I can't stand the nigger rap.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Serena Williams Is Hybrid Species Of Liberalism

I saw African American Serena Williams on the tennis courts yesterday. She was in Australia for their Open. My jaw was almost as dropped as hers. But mine was from amazement at her build whereas her is from a natural physical fact. The close ups of face and body could have been a cartoon of soft porn.Examining her from top to bottom - a sure 5' 9"--showed a dead heat for protrusions of forehead, fake eyelashes and size whatever large feet. The grossness and muscularity of the women suggested steriods and/or rigorous body building. But no comments from PC conscious tennis commentators.But by that lack of the observation of the obvious near monkey grandiosity , I think more people were forced to comment privately or to others. God, someone has to say something. We aren't dumb. Looks to me like another triumph of Civil Rights and political correctness that this tennis pro is welcomed as eligible for equality. What's that make us? Serena is a hybrid species of near monkey and legal entitlement.

SodaStream Stock Fall & Boycott Israel Connection

Yesterday Israel-based SodaStream stock fell 26% because of a projected 30% shortfall in projected profits.The company is a poster character of what comprises the "Made in Israel" label.It's plant is in the occupied territories of historical Palestine. In fact the European Union highest court ruled that SodaStream products couldn't advertise the Made in Israel logo on products sold in the EU because of that ongoing crime.No one can make excuses faster than a Zionist. So company officials put out an official statement regarding the earnings miss with these excuses. "SodaStream sales reflect challenging holiday season in the U.S. and several factors including lower selling prices and higher product costs, a shift in product mix and unfavorable foreign currency changes." No mention of BDS a.k.a. boycott, disinvest, sanction Israel because of occupation. I asked the question on Facebook's SodaStream posting wall, "Did BDS Israel impact SodaStream's earnings results? Soda didn't respond. But they removed my question! I'll take that as a definite YES to may question. BDS does workk. Israel shouldn't exist. Boycott their products and their political advice and influence.