Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bloomberg For President: Can You Trust A Zionist?

The Wall Street Journal has an article about former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg doing exploratory work about he running for the presidency.Bloomberg is unique. He doesn't need donors. He packs app. $5 billion of his own "no strings attached"war chest. Mike is a Jew. To me that doest make him unacceptable. After the evangelical Bush, the muslim Obama a Jew is just another character actor on the political stage. I wonder if Mike describes himself as " Jew" or "Jewish"? A jew is definite. Jewish is kinda Jew.But Bloomberg is a definite Zionist. Not all Jews believe there should be an Israel. Zionists believe in an historical Israel existence. That belief is in spite of meager evidence to support that idea/wish.And that's the difference. Referring to "no strings attached" Zionists are nothing if not bound up in strings of lies, myths and greed.And that's a problem. Of course the U.S. has backed Israel through many administrations so that effectively makes citizens of this country de facto Zionists.But Bloomberg as a potential president waves a distinctively worrisome possibility.Bloomberg can't be trusted.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blacks Discipline Problem

Two hundred or so years after slaves were imported. One hundred and fifty or so years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Sixty or so years after the Civil Rights Act our Bay Bridge was shut down yesterday by advocates of black issues. "Issues" translates into more money for nothing and more exceptions to living a normal life which includes working for a living and not having children you can't afford etc.The commute traffic was shut down for hours as five lanes of bridge traffic were blocked by cars which stopped and drivers then chained cars and themselves in place.Inclusion of negroes while having advanced significantly, they wear clothes although I suspect for some it's a disguise to pass for civilized, seems to have stalled.Like the cars on the bridge. I think that regularity is a bridge that some blacks refuse or are reluctant to take. In essence it's like a wheel. It's simple and does the same thing all the time.It's engineered discipline and consequently its a valuable tool.It can't be jazzed. It can't be jazzed is one of the reasons that some blacks can't stand it. Lyrics from lament "Ole Man River" from "Show Boat"composed by high profile liberal Oscar Hammerstein II includes "...jest keeps rollin' along..". And so the hapless negro slave tells his story simply.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Boycott Oscars: Black Millionaires Matter

Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith and other black entertainers in the motion picture industry are considering a boycott of the Academy Awards ceremony. The brothers and sisters feel dissed that none of the black color were nominated for the recently announced awards.So its come to this. Akin to the pleas of the Wizard Of Oz characters who wanted something that wasn't given them at birth they want to change history.They want the impossible. It's another example of black activists complaining about the discipline of the white mans wheel.Could this be the end of the affirmative action movement? The black activists are squaring off against Jewish Agents that actually run Hollywood and some might say run American culture.If blacks are given awards over the stable of white actors that are controlled by Jewish agents then this is very much a bottom line issue as in less money.The calculus of who represents more blacks throws out of whack the cozy relationships with studios that heretofore existed. My bet is on the Jewish Agent. Hopefully "To Kill A Mockingbird " will stop being required reading if nothing else.The 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume remarked to a friend who recently visited Jamaica and was impressed by the African descendant natives and their command of the English language. Hume replied " Myna birds speak better english but share the intelligence of the African." Part of the reason that black actors aren't nominated for acting is because of their blackness. Not in a racist way but in a physical way.Black doesn't reflect light like white does. Consequently facial emotions are harder to discern.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Self Driving Cars: Alcoa, Google, Lyft, Apple, Uber, GM, Ford

It looks like Apple has entered the self driving car race. Yesterday Apple.Car was added to Apple's domain name lexicon.Apple joins Google, Lyft, Uber, GM, Ford, etc. as eager providers to "must have" choices for consumers.The tech group speaks to what they will be their value added to this care free driving experience. What could possibly go wrong? But who will build the platform?Tech equipped is one thing. But The car still needs wheels and a wrap around metal sheet to keep rain out and stop other cars and tech equipped pedestrians from walking into the cars space. Alcoa has a patented process called Micromill. Ford now uses it to reduce weight in its vehicles to meet government mileage goals. The Micromill processed aluminum is not only lighter than steel but more durable.The same enhanced aluminum was used in combat vehicles in Iraq. Bay Area driving isn't as dangerous as driving any where in Iraq.Let the gadget gods fight it out. They still have to come propeller hat in hand to Alcoa's engineering and metal working shop. Google will offer insurance with its entry.That's the business they really want to get a foothold. Why? Look what the insurance business did for Warren Buffett.Google's eco friendly motto will parlay no towing fees with crashed/damaged self driving aluminum cars. Just leave the car. The homeless will remove it in shopping carts for return fees.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Screen Free, Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix Redux

In 1967 Jimi Hendrix composed and sang "Stone Free".The lyrics in part "Stone free do what I please Stone free to ride the breeze Stone free, baby I can't stay I got to got to got to get away" If Jimmy had lived would he have composed and sang something like "Screen Free I got to got to got to get away"? The screens of course are computers, televisions, stop and go signs etc. Probably he would have considered it.