Friday, March 30, 2012

Jewish School Vouchers to Save Jerwish Culture: Why?

Today Peter Beinhart had the allocated space reserved for Zionists issues in The Wall Street Journal. He was bemaoning the continued fall out of Jewish diasopra dating from antiquity when first the Babylonians then the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Mr. Beinhart was arguing the case for government assistance in America for Jewish school vouchers. It was a plea akin to an endangered species crisis . He rambled on about the alarming intermarriage trends of Jews with other races.He concluded that Judiasm was in jeopardy. And only a massive government assisted reintroduction of Jewish culture and values to young ones would be enough to save the future of Judiasm from the pitfalls of melting pot America.

     Mr Beinhart doesn't believe in free choice. People are turning their back on Judiasm because it hasn't anything in particular to offer that can't be done better and with better food in other cultures. Heraclitus said that fate is in character. It's still true.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digital Age, Dark And Ephemera Age, Batteries Not Included : Print Encyclopedia Discontinued

     After the collapse of the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages engulfed Europe. Few centers still provided the collective knowledge of the Romans and the Greeks before them and the Babylonians and Egyptians before them. But there were still books. Last week the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was discontinued. It had been in continuous production for 244 years from its Edinburgh, Scotland headquarters .

     Why? The digital Age made it obsolete. The high production year of the set was in 1990. That's the same year that the internet was fully rolled out because of the proliferation of personal computers and enabling software. The digital age had made hard copies of books unneccesary. Actually the digital age could be termed the ephemera age.Because there are less hard copies of books. Note Kindle, Nook, iPad etc. But also the digital age needs batteries. That's a weak spot for people who value independence and knowledge. Without a source of power, digital information is out of reach and lost.

     In the future will governments and that includes our own shut down power grids to control populations? Without power all digital books are effectively burned. We should keep hard copies of important knowledge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games: It's From Hunger For Money

Occupied territories Hollywood is feasting on new substrata . What's for dinner? How about teens killing teens? This is new. Make no mistake. The book Hunger Games and now the movie depict teen atrocities. Everything is fair game. Our society isn't fit for prime time entertainment by most traditional ,sensible, value based measures. It's no wonder why people all over the planet have us in their crosshairs.

BATS Global Market Exchange IPO: Revenge Hacking Crash ?

Yesterday the slimey BATS Global Exchange IPO got slimed. It's the focus of an SEC investigation of what's wrong with volatile modern day equity markets . Was a 'software bug" to blame? An exchange spokeman said it was. Anyone want to believe a spokeman for a controversial high frequency trading platform whose controversial front running order strategies range to hated? Or was it a hacking revenge event in the publics interest by a dwindling ,fed up minority of honest Wall Street operators ?.The IPO was pulled. It's tough to pull on slime. But where's there's a will there's a way. The offering was priced at $ 16. Moments later it traded at less than a penny. That's ironic because BATS makes mischief by parsing pennies. Slime handlers , Credit Suisse , Citi Group and Morgan Stanley underwriters had to withdraw the offering from the very  exchange that BATS started in 2005. Since that time BATS has grown to handle 11% of toatal equity volume and 3% of option equity contracts in U.S. They got rich. But the SEC and others are wondering what the slime ball firm does for the public interest?

Thank you to ever pulled this sliming off.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Age of Assassins : History Will Repeat

Julius Caesar was the first de facto emperor of Rome. That was in 49 B.C. He was followed by 94 more emperors.. The last one was Justin II in 578 A.D. Only 32 of the 95 died from natural causes. The rest were assassinated in various forms. The reasons for their deaths were the same as why one would kill a tyrant today. They don't know their limitations and wont take no for an answer.The main assassins were the Praetorian Guard in cahoots with the Roman Senate.There very few individual heroes like Brutus.

     Our 21st century is filled with regional war lords who would become eager emperors if they had their way. A quick tally of the 21st century list of deposed tyrants or hated tyrants or wannabee tyrants is unprecedented . From the United States to North Korea and every nation in between  But where will the assassins come from?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan by Afghans : The End of A Failed Foreign Policy?

Two more American troops were killed in Afghanistan today by Afghans. This adds to the approxmate 50 in the last two years that have died from targeted asasassinations by supposedl allies. It also is in addition to the seven  that have been recently killed because of the blowback from the recent Koran burning. Also implies the drone aircraft weapon that has been championed by the criminals at the C.I.A has been checkmated by a more efficient procedure. What a stupid war. What a stupid foreign policy. What a stupid leadership in the Armed Srvices.These targeted assassinations could be the end of the war and the end of dreams of empire for America. Good riddance.