Thursday, January 31, 2008

Barack Obama & Hispanic Voters: What's The Problem ?

It is no secret that Barack Obama will have a tough time getting the Latino's vote. California, Arizona, New York and others are key electoral states that he needs. What's the problem between blacks in general and Hispanics ?

Could it be that Hispanics are in America in large numbers because they are doing jobs that blacks wouldn't or couldn't do ? For any good the civil rights movement accomplished, further disconnecting responsibility from rights wasn't one of them. Hispanics value workers .

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Microsoft's Bill Gates , African Aid & The Dependency Problem

Ask Bill Gates how best to help Africa with it's chronic malnutrirtion and sexually transmitted disease problem and he will tell you about the "Red Campaign". He pushed that campaign at Davos, Switzerland the other day. Simply the participating companies in the campaign which also includes, Apple, American Express, Dell and others donate a portion of the sales price of " Red Campaign" logo products to the Global Fund which targets Africa's social maladies.

Since the 1960's aid to Africa from outside sources is now totaled well over $700 billion. Yet, Africa's woes have only grown and Africans have become ever more dependent on outside aid. Of course Bill knows and relies on dependency from customers who make a habit of buying Microsoft's products to solve their personal computing needs. But aiding the breeding of dependent generations of Africans indefinietly is a blueprint for disaster.

Bill must learn that people who are dependent on Microsoft's computing ware at least know what question to ask of the software. It seems that many Africans still don't even wonder or ask how to stop overpopulation or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Artificial Life Or Synthetic Organism: Do We Need It ?

There's an old maxim that goes, " Give 1000 monkeys 1000 keyboards and an indefinite period of time and those monkeys will recreate the works of William Shakespeare."

Well it looks like one of we monkeys has come up with the first step in a three step process to create synthetic organisms. Dr. Craig Ventner and other nobel laureates have recently accomplished this feat at the J. Craig Ventner Institute in Rockville,M.D.. Dr. Ventner's goal is " to make artificial life forms with a minimum set of genes necessay for life. It is hoped that such organisms could one day be engineered to perform commercial tasks such as absorbing carbon dioxide from the air or churning out biofuels."

I suggest to the esteemed doctor that nature has already provided for accomplishig such a task . It's called a tree! And instead of replacing trees we should conserve them. Also the goal of reducing the genetic code to a "minimum" contradicts what nature says is best for species survival. Nature dictates that a plurality of genes is the reason species have evolved in an adaptive way. The species have all kinds of different genes to rely on. That's why we all have lived so long.

Like trying to recreate Shakespeare's work's with some sort of monkey business why try to recreate nature's plan. One Shakespeare and one natural metaphysic is all anyone neads.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Paul Wolfowitz : Hard Questions " Off The Table"

Look who's back. Former Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz of fake Iraq WMD/al-Qaeda infamy will now become Chairman of the International Security Advisory Board at the State Department. He will report directly to our own pickaninny Condi Rice. She's the one that doesn't know what questions to ask let alone have any answers. Wolfy is also an Israeli favorite son. He will be in direct line to negotiate on behalf of Israel and the U.S. -if it's OK with TEl Aviv -with Iran on nuclear issues.

Speaking of questions and answers. Why haven't Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and others been answering hard questions about their role in the Iraq intelligence affair by the newly democratically controlled congress? Is it because that Reid/Pelosi have also taken that process" off the table" along with impeachment of Bush/Cheney?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anne Frank And Chestnut Tree In The News Again

Holocaust icon Anne Frank who looked at a nearby chestnut tree as she wrote her " Diary Of Anne Frank" is yet again in the news some 62 years after her passing. The chestnut tree is on life support at a cost of $15,000.00 per year and may last another 5-15 years.

We could have many more chestnut trees planted and greened the planet a bit more if the holocaust industry would franchise some of their icons and memorabilia.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

San Francisco's Alcatraz Island Propostion C: For The Birds

Beware of Director Da Vid's Global Peace Foundation and Proposition C promising world peace by transforming Alcatraz Island. The organization thinks that building a hexagram structure in place of the prison will lead to a " deep meditative, transpersonal and transcendant experience" that will help make a more peaceful world. Hey Da Vid, if that's your real name, Alcatraz Island is already peaceful. Why don't you and your " transpersonals" make a pilgramage to Iraq with whatever message you have?

Da Vid has tipped one card already. He's mentioned Bechtel Corp as a possible source of spade money to transform the under- exploited Island. You know, where there is Bechtel there is certainly the other moneygrubbers, Feinstein and operative hubby Dickie Blum, Walter Shorenstein who together want to sell tickets to other peoples property.

I got an idea. How about we just let the Pelicans and other birds use the Island for a sanctuary ? After all Alcatraz means Pelican in the indigenous Indian language. That still it's highest and best use.

Vote No on Prop C.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clinton's Race Politics Exposed

This past week has seen Bill and Hillary Clinton's vicious and condescending attack on Barack Obama expose their true feelings towards the minority races they have professed to champion . I.E. they effectively say, " We want minorities in general and Obama in particular to stay on our political plantation and be only heard with amens to our policies. We and we alone will deliver you to the promised land".

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bill Clinton's Health & The Dorian Gray Experience

Recently the increasingly frail looking Bill Clinton-his body is shrinking away from his head- was on the stump for his wife in Oakland, Ca.. He said, "Our country is in a fix, in no small measure, because we had no strategy to help middle income people."

That's right Bill and you were part of the problem. You pushed for and signed NAFTA which sent middle class jobs and security to Mexico and Canada. Bill's lifelong distortions and lies reminds somewhat of Oscar Wilde's character in " The Picture Of Dorian Gray". Only Bill is the incarnation of what a sociopath's habits have on one's health and persona.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bobby Fischer And His Critics

Bobby Fischer was a brilliant chess player but not flawless. Bobby Fischer's political rants were also brilliant but not flawless. Who are Bobby Fisher's critics, what have they done and are they flawless?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Slum Landlord Israel Doesn't Like The Rent It Receives

Another week , another 30 or so Palestinians killed by the asymetrical response by Israeli Defense Forces. Israeli tanks, helicopter gunships and F-16's retaliate for largely impotent Palestinian rockets that land ever deeper into what is called Israel. Today the Israelis halted all food and aid into the Gaza. Evidently the "chosen" can do things that agressors in the Congo, Darfur, Kenya etc. can't do without some outrage by the governments of the world. Particularly absent is strong criticism and/or actions by Israel's stooge a.k.a. the United States. Israel should view the rocket fire from the Palestinians as the rent come due from Israel's illegal and immoral occupation of historic Palestine.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

U.S.- Style Democracy & Banks Need Foreign Money And Help To Survive

Why are some pundits so upset about Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and other major financial instutions giving up significant ownership stakes in exchange for desperately needed cash infusions from China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other foreign countries?

Would the pundits rather these countries refuse to help? The pundits say it's a matter of principle. Gee then wht's the principle that allows app. 12 million illegals to live in the U.S. in a relatively pampered state of care including allowing some to vote? America prints money like Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice to underwrite it's false " all are equal" philosophy. So multinationals need China's cheap labor to prosper and pay taxes so our government can support a welfare system for the " equals"who are chronically unemployed or under employed.

If we as a country want to get serious about who owns America and who has rights in America then we will have to get serious about rights being tied to performance. NO FREE LUNCH AND THAT INCLUDES CORPORATE WELFARE .

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Problem Is Not Overfishing, It's Overpopulation Stupid!

According to the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization, overfishing has caused a 75% reduction in fish stocks worldwide.

That statement is true and false. The accurate part is the dismal estimate of a 75% reduction in fish stocks. The false and misleading part is to blame overfishing. Overfishing is only a sympton or result. In truth the cause of this crash in fish stocks is overpopulation by humans of all races. In the near future people will not find enough food unless they reverse the human population. These sporadic local genocides in Africa are more about overpopulation than political differences.

May I offer a target of app. 200,000,000 as a population goal to aim for. That worldwild human number was app. the population of the human during the classical/golden age about 2500 years ago. All the rest that have been added are largely unwelcome, just look at America's trash culture for evidence.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shock And Awe Are Tools Of Barbarians

Our presumptious, proponent of preemptive war pup of a president is touring the middle east. He's assessing the fallout from his shock and awe approach to mankind. Shock and awe are the tools of the barbarian who is met with an appropriate response by the injured parties who can't waste time trying to reason with the brute who has entered someone's home or country.

Bush is being met with objections and warnings about more shock and awe in the region particularly against Iran. Is Bush concerned that his barbaric ways have run their course? Will he be left without someone to hate?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shameless Hillary Clinton & Mindless Voters

In the late 60's there was a L.A. used-car salesman named Cal Worthington. He was the supreme caricature of his breed with the chaotic- clashing- dressing choices and his promise to " Eat a Bug" if necessary to close a deal. Which brings me to Hillary Clinton! The bad dressing is not as bad as Cal's but she has expert couture help. But when no one's there she will default to Ozark/Mervyn's chic. But to close and eclipse the gap with Cal, she draws on her 1/4 Jewish stomach to swallow and digest and prevail in getting votes using any tactic. Here's some: still clings to sexual predator hubby Bill for advice, profited from the bankruptcy of Madison S&L and then both defended and prosecuted same S&L while at Rose Law Firm, while Bill was Arkansas governor she profited from bogus commodity trades , she revised Bills' history as president and revises her own reasons for the support of the Iraq war, she claims " experience" as her best credential for her presidential run ad nauseum. What "experience" of any worth?

But all that " experience" didn't help in her Iowa rout by Barack Obama. So frustrated or maybe they were only crocidile-type variety she welled up and cried a bit. Well according to the polls that was enough for women voters to turn a 13% deficit into a 3% win over Obama in New Hampshire.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Wants To Be Vice President

According to a recent quote by Mayor Bloomberg, " Who want's a 5 ' 2 " Jew in the White House?". Well Mike, you do. But not necessarily through the front door.

His interest in national politics is a given. It's what he can achieve is the question? Which leads to my speculation that he would eagerly settle for a VP spot with either party. And then run later for the top spot on his own ticket in 4 or 8 years. His credentials would be first and foremost a personal commitment to spend a sizable amount of his own fortune. Say $250-500 million. Another asset would be his appeal to center-left voters and also his state of New York offers a bunch of electoral votes. His best liason would be with Mike Huckabee. Huckabee is a christian conservative and so would cover the right by center-right electorate.

This Judeo-Christian axis would bleed some of Obama's base who looks like the guy who will be the democratic presidential candidate. But I think Obama will win in the end.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dick Cheney: Time To Go

"Fat Man" Dick Cheney and "Little Boy" George W. Bush aptly fit the named-discription of those 2 atomic bombs that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But that's not a nice implied prospect.

Since "impeachment is off the table" according to our impotent Reid/Pelosi congressional leaders, one can only hope that nature lends a hand. The more likely candidate is The Dick. He at 5' 10" and 260 pounds is obese by a comfortable 86 pounds overweight. His 4 heart attacks, bypass surgeries and hardened arteries build the odds of some event in the future. Hopefully it will happen while he is in office so the " Fat Man " threat is defused. Go to hell Dick.

That would still leave the " Little Boy " Bush in power. But maybe Bush would fold-up without Cheney? It would be nice to see anyway.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Invade Pakistan? Reid, Pelosi & Congress Are MIA

According to the NYT, Bush/Cheney et al met Friday to discuss mission creep for the CIA with support from U.S. Special Forces and Navy Seals. The plan is to allow small targeted strikes at al-qaeda in PAKISTAN! "Small targeted" my ass, is like saying a small match in an ammo dump can't do much.

Where's our neutered Harry Reid , spayed Nancy Pelosi and the eunochoid Congress going to do about it ? Having taken "impeachment off the table" the children of congress are following events rather than leading.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Max Boot : Another Zionist Distorts History

Oh these Zionists, they distort in the morning, they distort in the afternoon and they fall asleep dreaming of distortions when they awake. Zionist Max Boot is a senior fellow at America's Council Of Foreign Relations. Today in "The Wall Street Journal", he wrote an op-ed piece that compares the centuries long battle between the Scots and the English that started in the 13 century as a proper comparison for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I.E. the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians and their response against the Israelis may last for centuries and the U.S. should get use to seemingly perpetual war and it's funding.

Boot's distortion exists in the Israeli claim on Palestinian territory is as justified as the English claim on the Scotish throne. Say what? One historical wrong desereves to be duplicated and endured by another wrong? One sees how Zionists have gotten the boot from unsuspecting countries in the past! But the real distortion is the comparing of of the 20th century phenomenon of Israel to the real country of England. Also England wasn't supported by a foreign country in it's aggression toward Scotland in contrast to the U.S. support of Israel against the Palestinians. Boot the Boot.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Monsanto,Monkeys & Misanthropy

According to the late, renowned evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould the human is more than 1/2 made of bacteria that is found elsewhere in the natural world. In spite of that physical fact, the Monsanto Chemical Company recently reported record sales of it's herbacide Roundup which also kills insects as an unintended fallout. Monsanto also hailed it's record sales of genetically modified crop seeds like corn and soybeans. These seeds also deprive many insects in the chain of life of food. So what's the human's future with these poisons already killing our relatives?

Meanwhile in India, indigenous monkeys who once lived in rural jungles have seen their space turned into human cities and the monkeys are fighting back by refusing to leave and in some cases harassing the humans! So Indian authorities are sterilyzing the monkeys to mitigate the problem. All told, it's plenty of reason to be more than a little misanthropic. The inevitable coming plague or virus that will reduce our numbers will be somewhat welcome.