Monday, January 26, 2015

Islamist Terrorist Roots

How many bombs has the U.S. dropped in the Middle East and Afghanistan? Certainly hundreds of thousands.Never mind to try an estimate of small arms , tank shelling, mortars and the like. That surely runs into the millions.So why are there still Islamist terrorists?Because most of those expended ordinance missed its human targets and ended up just degrading urban infrastructure.So we took away places to live and work. Without housing there are no roots. so homeless refugees hit the road in search of a place in the sun.More bombs less housing more freebooters looking for roots.And so it goes. At some point there will be no buildings.That will leave only migrating herds of homeless people with weapons who have nothing to lose. They will fight the U.S.who has a lot to lose. It will end badly for us.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Minority Political Groups Celebrate Narcissism: Attention Gays & Other Minorities

Now we are witness to the Supreme Court grappling with gay rights -once again.Do homosexuals have the constitutional right to marry in the United States? So this would over ride individual state laws. Depending on the outcome. I don't see any thing remotely mentioned or obliquely indicated in the constitution about gay marriage. Let's get to the point. Homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics and other color coded minorities issues are not about government.Their issues fall into the category of narcissistic exhibitionism.They are stunted personalities who have gamed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That act should be repealed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charlie Hebdo And Muslims: Free Speech Enjoyed By Both

Editors got their cover on the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" at the expense of Muslims. But they have the right of free speech. The free speech license doesn't censor bad taste.The Muslim fanatic used sign language as their free speech surrogate in their revenge atrocity. Looks like free speech was enjoyed by all.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pentagon Versus Throw Away People

What do we do next?That's the question the brass at the Pentagon ask themselves before they contact congress for funding.Well, they say, after World War II we have nothing but losers.That's as per the score board. But as to action and excitement , that's a different story.We have spent trillions.Lost thousands of our own. But killed or displaced millions of throw away people around the globe.So what's next? It has to be throw away people as our targets. They are the only ones still out there.We have drones, planes, ships, missiles, chemical weapons etc. But they all have shelf lives that are expiring. Got to move them out.The throw away people only have cell phones. That's all they have. It's low cost equipment and available any where.So we can keep this going for a long time. OK. Tonight we drink tomorrow we bomb.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Paris, Al Qaeda, Yemen And World War I

The horror in Paris from a Yemen-directed terrorist act sends shock waves and shivers. Rag headed sand dwellers paralyze a nuclear powered France.Not with sophisticated strategic weapons but with a couple of rifles and limitless reckless abandon for the terrorists own safety. Fight a person who has nothing to lose. This is the pay back. Losses by France ? Immeasurable. Losses by Al-Qaeda directed Yemen operatives? Two throw away people.You think World War I was senseless? This is worse. The European soldiers in WW I wanted to go home. Yet there were 24 million in casualties.Now try to fight an enemy who has only a next world home.How many must you kill of that breed before peace. You may lose count. If you are still alive to count.What should we do. Get out of the middle east and stop immigration from that middle east.Its simple. There's no money it. But it will be better.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

McDonalds Menu And Animal Rights

McDonalds is having problems. It looks like America has matured. But McDonalds still offers food that more suits immature tendencies. I.E. caloric imbalances at the same time quality of ingredients falling short. Many in U.S. have migrated to more healthy foods. To that purpose meat has been replaced with veggies. Chipotle is one successful example.This new wave of eating habits has also embraced animal rights. From interest in how animals are raised to out right vegan habits. McDonalds would do itself well by bringing to its Board of Directors a representative of this new culinary culture. And then follow up with a dramatic menu over haul to that end.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Drone Sales And Shotguns: Trespassing Not Protected by Law

Peeping tom drones. Delivery drones.Killer drones.What's an earthbound person to do?Can the government auction air space flying lanes to drone users? Can drone flight paths be auctioned off and regulated like wireless carriers do with bandwidth commerce?No. earthbound citizens can't see wireless commerce in the atmosphere. But noisy, ugly and intrusive drones are another story.Shot guns are the last resort.But quiet and untraceable pellet guns are a good way to go. Trespassing is not protected by law.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Check With Gravity For The Correct Answer

Simplify your life. Think more clearly in 2015. Win more arguments.How? Kick political considerations. Don't pay attention to politicians opinions. And study what Isaac Newton had to say about gravity.Gravity is that unseen hand that controls everything on the planet. No matter the time zone. No matter the race or religion.We are all tethered to gravity. Pay respect to gravity and gravity will be a useful ally. For example,smaller buildings, smaller cars, smaller families, more space ,less government weight at the top, etc.Gravity has logic and doesn't lie. Say that about politicians.Happy New Year!