Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Attention Brown Protestors In Ferguson, Mo.

Attention Brown protestors in Ferguson, Mo. Michael Browns killing was not a civil rights or racial issue. It was a simple self defense shooting by Officer Darren Wilson. What would you do if a 6' 4'' 280 pound guy charged you after he was shot in a scuffle over the policeman's gun? Blacks have a false sense of their worth because of Lincoln's Civil War over taxes and tariffs. It wasn't about slavery ,in the South. If it was about slavery Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation would have applied to Northern black slaves. Which it didn't.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Questions About High Cost Drug Research : Aspirin Comparison

Let's use aspirin as an example of where drugs began.Edward Stone of Oxford University in 1763 analysed willow bark.Willow bark was used for thousands of years for human ailments by indigenous peoples. Stone found Acetylsalicylic Acid to be the active ingredient in the bark. Some years later Bayer of Germany synthesized the acid and put it into a bottle and the rest is history. Maybe the whole endeavor cost a couple hundred thousands? That includes manufacturing capability which includes packaging.Yesterday Tufts Center For The Study of Drug Development issued the results of its study of modern day drug introduction costs. It said it costs about $2.5 billion to bring a new drug to market. Well if if the history of the aspirin is any guide and taking into account inflation since 1763 I reckon that $2.4 billion is spent for unreadable lab tests and packaging design and legal costs associated with disclaimers and $100 million in copying what nature provides for free in jungles and everyones backyards.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Money And A Solution For Inequality

We are constantly reminded and sometimes sued to reinforce the laws that instruct all are equal. So with that dubious fact which ignores the fact that we are known by our differences,politicians and union organizers point out income distribution that is unequal. From there they leap out of their fox holes and charge any one and everyone who has more money. I have a thought .How about a simple cure. Make money equal. It would be easier than reasoning with people who have ideas that they never reasoned into. Then by extension the holders would be equal. For example. Instead of having currency in different denominations why not omit zeros. For example. A fiver would look the same as a tener and they both look like a Grover. A Grover means Grover Cleveland who's on the thousand dollar bill.All would have bragging rights of wealth equality. But some would have more non denominational currency? So? What about the obese? They are already fat.They don't need more fat. But aren't thy victims? No. Victims look like people in Sudan.Our "victims" are dress and trouser sizes that could hold three or more Sudanese.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Art Manipulation

Art by definition is creative.The artist is necessarily uniquely value added.Now take Christopher Wool.His word painting titled "Apocalypse Now" sold at Christie's for $26.4 million on October 4, 2013.The 1988 painting consisted of a 7 foot white canvas with stenciled letters spelling the written phrase from Marlon Brando's character Colonel Kurtz of the movie of the same name as the painting. The painting read, " SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE CAR SELL THE KIDS".Where's the "unique" ? Stencil letters, white canvas and borrowed words!It's not art.But like penny stocks that grow into dollar stocks one can make money IF you are in at a penny.It's called "penny stock" manipulation or fraud.It's simple. Manipulators take a corporate shell and issue shares among themselves .Then each player subsides market makers.Then just pass small portions of the stock to and from each other at ever higher and higher prices.At the same time hire public relations firms to issue press releases about the companies bright prospects. It's known as "Pump and dump".Now substitute Christopher Wool art as the corporate shell. Now bring in original low cost investors in Wool art. They would be largely made up of Wall Street operators. They understand how to get prices of stocks higher. The same principles apply to getting art prices up.For example. They put their personal collections out to loan in high profile exhibits like the Guggenheim.Donate to the Guggenheim to make sure Wool's works will get a credible show. This includes "experts"gushing over a stenciled canvas!Now for the payoff.Take the Wool canvas to Christie's.Have operatives from original investment group phone in bids.Voila.The gavel goes down at $26.4 million for a painting that sold in the thousands in the early 90's.The bid is shared by the originals. But the object of the exercise was to get the value of their holdings marked up. Which it was. Art works can serve as collateral at the banks."Apocalypse Now" was collateral at Bank Of America and Later JP Morgan. It was pledged by the seller at Christie's David Ganek.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Before You Vote

The common problem among political parties is what they offer is not theirs to give.For example a politician can't offer equality when reality demonstrates constantly that we are known by our differences.Another example would be trading pure water for trapped oil and gas and then claiming it enriches all.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Japan's Big Bet

Can't beat deflation and slow growth? Japan has an answer for its decades-old woes. Ignore the facts and just mark up traditional measurements of the economy .I.E. buy stocks and print more wealth a.k.a. money. So the score will look like a win but the real economic game may not necessarily match the score. This includes redirecting the one and a half trillion dollar pension fund to buy more risky assets.Grandma and grandpa don't need this at this time.We already did what Japan is now embarked on.In essence its a currency war.Currency wars can end in hot wars because of survival priorities.I.E.Buy local.These ultra liquidity machinations favor the wealthy and governments who have enormous debt to repay.Deflation would bankrupt those two but would help the rest.Ergo defaltion will succeed because of popular demand. It will be a rocky road. But less government should be one worthy outcome.