Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 : Economic & Political Predictions

The basis of the economic predictions is the waning of the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus brought about by 9/11 and the resulting Middle East War.

a) The stock market will decline 20-25%.
b) GM will declare bankruptcy.
c) Job growth will fall below 2005 levels.
d) Home prices on average will fall 7-10%.
e) The government deficit will be higher than expected and the dollar will fall. But counterintuitively, deflation will be a bigger threat than inflation. Cash will be king.

The political predictions will reflect the backlash of voters towards the gloomy economic results.

a) Cheney will leave office. Health will be the reasons given. Rice will be appointed Vice-President.
b)Rove will be indicted.
c) Bush will be impeached only if the House changes hands in 2006.
d) Hillary Clinton's presidential momentum will fizzle further.
e) John McCain will emerge as the Republicans Presidential favorite.
f) Economic stagnation will lead to a drift to isolationist economic policies.
g) We will get a pretty tough immigration reform.
h) AIPAC/Israel will be caught in wide ranging and long term espionage activities.
i) Paul " The Merchant of Menace" Wolfowitz will not convert to Christianity.

Develop and trust your instincts and live a healthy life.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thomas " Torquemada" Friedman: Holocaust Inquisitor

N.Y. Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman today rants about the President of Iran calling the Holocaust a " myth". He calls for world-wide energy conservation to choke off influence buying by Iranian petro-dollars. The influence he refers to is the oil/gas deals that Iran has with Russia, China and India. With these deals in place , Friedman fears that Iran will now have veto power over any US sanction moves. Friedman sputters, " The whole world seems to be getting bought off these days by oil."

Friedman doesn't mention AIPACs influence on America's Congress and the pro-Israel Iraqi war. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organozations dangles over $ 200,000,000 in front of our politicians each election cycle for passage of pro-Israel legislation. No doubt some of the $2.5 billion the US gives to Israel each year gets recycled in Israel and returns to America via AIPAC controlled PACs.

Iran has oil to sell. What does Israel sell? Holocaust guilt tickets? The Holocaust did happen as did many horrible events in human history. In France, Germany and Austria it is a crime to deny the Holocaust. It is punishable with prison time. In these same countries it is not a crime to deny Napoleon, Goethe or Sigmund Freud existed. In these same countries it is not a crime to deny that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jews should get over their past by planning for a future without the marketing of guilt.

Bush's Security Boast a Lie

Bush constantly reminds people that his policies have kept America safe from terrorist attacks SINCE 9/11. Well, what about 9/11 ? Doesn't it count? It happened on his watch. The Bush family connection to the Saudi Royal family is well known and documented. Could the Bush presidency have been the last straw for bin Laden and his fight with the Saudi Royal family? The attack on the World Trade Towers was carried out by 19 operatives of which 17 were from Saudia Arabia. None from Iraq.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Morons At The Pentagon

Rumsfeld's Doctrine at the Pentagon is to have America able to fight a two-front war with rapidly deployed mobile troops. To that end the Pentagon is considering cutting 34,000 troops from the National Guard. This will save $ 32 billion in costs from 2007-2011. This will enable the development of the DDX destroyer,a new tactical fighter and other futuristic equipment to be afforded. Isn't Rummy familiar with Napolean and Hitler's experiences with two-front wars? What about the lesson of Iraq? After the "shock and awe" of technology there wasn't enough troops to secure the country.

The logo of the National Guard is "The Minuteman". The shift in Rummy's strategy replaces homeland security and disaster help with global empire-building. Mathmatics never changes. Some people just can add .

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Federal Government & Lobbyists are Occupying Forces

Bush admitted to ordering domestic spying. He also said, " Congressional leaders had been repeatedly briefed on the [ spying] program". Sen John D. Rockefeller IV, D-Va. and House Minority Leader Nacy Pelosi, D-Ca. acknowledged Bush's statement of notification.

Al-Qaeda is on the right, democrats and republicans are on the left. What's a guy to do? How about less federal government control and power?

For example, let's use the regional New England states. Could or would the New England states declare war on Iraq? No. Could or would the New England states draft regional solutions to environmental problems that are more effective than Federal drafted laws? Yes. They already have. Could or would the New England states have a better and cheaper educational curriculum than the No Child Left Behind Progarm of the federal government? Yes. And they have already sued for its implementation. Could or would the New England states legalize abortion in their states if abortion was outlawed by the federal government? Yes.

Therefore could or would the New England states demand a " metrics" for a federal influence withdrawal ? YOU BET !

Saturday, December 17, 2005

American Jewish History Month: A Chance to Ask Questions ?

Late Thursday the House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution to make January ,American Jewish History Month. Sponsored by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz D-Fla. it had 250 co-sponsors. She said," Similar to Black History Month in February and Womans History Month in March, American Jewish History Month will present educators with the opportunity and tools to teach diversity and cultural awareness." She also said that she received a commitment from House Speaker Dennis Hastert to personally contact the President and urge him to sign the executive order.

Does Rep. Wasserman Schultz allow for questions to be asked of American Jews during the month of January?

Here are some,

A) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree with AIPAC policies that effectively jeopardize American security in favor of Israeli security?

B) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree that the Israeli seperation wall is similar to an historic South African apartheid tactic?

C) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree there is a similarity between the way the Nazis treated the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and the way that Israelis treat the Palestinians in the occupied territories?

I am looking forward to January. It will be a month of amnesty for questions asked in other months would be considered racist at worse or politically incorrect at best. I encourage others to take the opportunity also. Don't forget to ask your reps in Congress what is more important. AIPAC money or American security?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hiel Evangelicals, Hiel Zionists, Hiel Neocons

The door slowly closes on individual rights and privacy. The Patriot Act looks like the bulk of it will pass. That would be enough of a critical mass of incursion to organically grow into the Orwellian scenario. That's part of the threat. In the NY Times today is an article about the the National Security Agency having some of the powers of the Patriot Act already. Specifically the N.S.A. has the authority to eavesdrop on Americans and others in the United States WITHOUT a court-approved warrant. The future Orwellian scenario is already here. The N.S.A. authority came from an executive order signed by the little evil moron 2 months after 9/11.

Lika a ball on a roulette wheel that drops into a numbered groove our number is up. But it was not by chance. All democracies arrive at this point. Because democracies follow the money. Wealth is the basis of democracy. Without a pile of value to vote/bid for the democratic process would have no lure.. So money is the name of the game. Like Texas-Hold'em, winner takes all. The shared American winners now are the Evangelicals, Zionists and Neocons. Both parties supported their march to power. Why? Because of campaign contributions and a maintenance of lobbyist influence purchasing. Neither party turns down money from these deep pocket reps of radical religious influence and their military-industrial attack dogs.

Time to give up? No. The beast of tryanny and intolerance thrives on hate and war. American voters should take the war-making ability away from the executive and the legislative branches. They can't be trusted. War should only be authorized by a majority favoring it through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM. The states should get the change started by drafting state propostions to that purpose.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush And The " Axis of Evil" Deception

Early in the Bush/Cheney presidency Dubya made the infamous "axis of evil" speech. N. Korea, Iran and Iraq were the axis members. In retrospect it looks like N. Korea was only a red herring. His administrations true objectives were centered on Iraq and Iran. Syria will be a footnote to those two major targets. Neutralizing Iran, Iraq and Syria is about providing security to Israel at great risk to American security.

Yesterday two statements were aired that show what dangers to America lie ahead. Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran followed up his " wipe Israel off the map"speech with a denial of the Holocaust. He labeled the Holocaust as the centerpiece of Jewish guilt marketing. Almost simultaneously Bush was being interviewed on Fox News. He said, .." absolutely I would have still invaded Iraq even if I Had known then that Mr. Hussein DID NOT have banned weapons". The gloves are off. Iran now knows they are in danger.Bush has come out of the closet about his intention to invade Iran with or without provocation.

The center of the Middle East problem is the fact that Israel wiped Palestine off the map with the rigged 1947 UN vote. Israel continues to avoid a two-state solution by effectively making many Palestinians live in squalid police state conditions when they are not getting bombed by American manufactured F-16s.

America security comes first. Evangelical, Zionist and Neocon dreams of world empire won't work. Stop funding this war and pull out. In future wars should only be the choice of a majotity voting in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Many American's Care About Iraqi Elections?

Gee the Iraqi elections are tomorrow. Jeepers what will be the voter turnout? How will the Sunni's do? What about the Kurd and the Shiites? Anyone staying up late for the returns?

What about some perspective? Elections in America in the past 20 years have only drawn about a 50% voter participation. 2004 was a little higher. This would suggest that no more than 50% of American voters would be at all interested in a foreign countries results. Of that 50% who voted in the 2004 elections only half voted for Bush. So 25 % of voters presumably support an Iraq democracy and would be interested in the returns. But wait. In 2004 Bush's approval ratings and support of the war were double present polls. So that 25 % is more close to 12-15 % of voters who are presently supportive and interested in Iraq election results.

Truly this war has turned into a very special interest affair. Preemptive war is sill American policy. Iran and Syria look like they are the next targets. STOP FUNDING THIS WAR AND PULL OUT.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Charles Krauthammer: More Dr. Strangelove Than Not

Chas. Krauthammer, syndicated columnist wrote a cover essay advocating legalized torture for the Dec. 5 edition of The Weekly Standard. Mr. Krauthammer argues".. that torture is not only defensible in certain very limited circumstances, but in fact morally necessary." This magazine serves as the Neocon/Likudnik propaganda publishing arm of The Project for The New American Century. The editor of The Weekly Standard is Wm. Kristol who is also a co-founder of PNAC and its present chairman.

Krauthammer reminds of the character Dr.Strangelove in Stanly Kubrick's 1960s movie of the same name. It starts with both being in wheelchairs. While this would be normally a point of sympathy or an unmentioned fact instead it may point to a possible origin for both characters dark, tortured and unsympathetic feeling to humane civilized morals and customs. Then again it may not. But who wants to be polite about possible motives of someone who advocates torture. Krauthammer like Strangelove in the movie uses hypothetical situations he thinks will logically force the conclusion of morally condoned crimes. Krauthammer's transparent arguments merely serve up the discredited philosophy of the ends justifying the means. This is where both miss the point of living a humane and just life. Life is necessarily an ongoing process. How you live life is more important than the goals that on sets.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush Test : An Experiment for a Moron

Yesterday the US walked out of a UN session of 50 delegates discussing climate change in Montreal. The US refuses to to commit to mandated reduction of greenhouse gas emmissions. This postion implies a scepticism of mans influence in climate change. Do we need more studies? No. Never argue with stupid people. Here's a simple test for Bush and his free air and free market polluters. First, go into their garage. Second, turn on their cars engine. Third, close the garage door. Notice what happens.

Those of us who believe in man made harmful climate change haven't anything to lose. Bush et al will either die of the polluted air and not come out or turn off the engine a little wiser for the experience. Here's a thought George. The answer is not in the Bible.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Condi Rice : Twisted Sister

Only the hair is straight. Condi Rice is the twisted sister of the Bush tribe. Comparisons to Tomas de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor of 15th century Spain is ironically appropriate with the word TORQUE appearing in Torquemada and the meaning of torque- to twist- being evident in Condi's statements and policies.

TWIST 1, Denying torture in secret prisons begs the question " Why secret, if not used for unlawful twisting procedures?"

TWIST 2, Condi claims an American Civil Rights movement foundation for an Iraq preemptive war based on distorted intelligence. This twists the fact of Dr. King's Gandhi non-violent approach to social reformation.

TWIST 3, Evangelical Condi's " charge to keep" includes her opting to demonize other religions and governments twists the basic teachings of the Bible to " do good works".

The Inquistion of world opinion has tried sister Rice. She has been found to be devious and untruthful in matters of faith and morals. Her sentence is voluntary. She must let her hair grow out and move back to Alabama.. Life is really simple when you know who you are and where you belong.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Paul Wolfowitz: The Merchant of Menace was Spat Upon

Yesterday at the National Press Club, Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense gave a 30 minute speech about the joys and challenges of his new job. He is the new president of the World Bank. But an analysis of wht happened at the Press Club suggests that the invitation to Wolfy was bait for an ulterior agenda of embarrassing quotes and questions.

Richard Dunham of Business Week, president of the Club started by citing Wolfy's deferment from the Viet Nam War and then went on to cite some infamous Wolfy predictions about the Iraq War; " US forces will be welcome as liberators"; It is wildly off the mark to think that hundreds of thousands of troops will be needed to pacify a postwar Iraq; " It is just wrong to assume that the US would be needed to fund the Iraq War." And from there it got nasty. Questions from the aggressive audience included what was Wolfy's part in the distorted intelligence about WMD and an al-Qaeda connection etc. through comparing Wolfy's behavior to the Nazis and the judgement they received at the Nuremburg Trials.

Wolfowitz was an AIPAC- influenced appointment to the Pentagon. He along with other ultra-Zionists Douglas Feith, Michael Maloof and others look, act and quack Israel's racist's Likud Party line. Specifically Israel's security is the most important American objective in the Middle East. No matter what the cost.

It may turn out that this social abuse and disrespect may be the only punishment that this creep will ever receive but it was something. He should be shunned. American jingoism and McCarthyism carry their own recipe for unwanted intolerance. But allowing special interests like AIPAC and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations through their 50 PACs across America to have America underwrite an Israeli brand of jingoism and intolerance is worse. AIPAC lobbyists should be regulated like foreign agents with questionable motives. They should not be welcomed into the halls of Congres as reps of a quasie 51st state.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Book Of Genesis to Iraqi News : Distortions

" In the beginning God created heaven and earth. So are the assumptions that the two religions who control America's foreign policy are built on-Evangelicals and Zionists.. The Evangelicals follow Jesus the self-proclaimed son of god. who could be described as a 1960s U.C. Berkeley hippy Jew. The Zionists follow the god who gave them Israel. This transfer could be described as a land grab set up by a rigged 1947 UN vote to partition Palestine. But the victors write history.

Now we have Pentagon-paid Iraqi news media propaganda and a "Plan for Victory"in Iraq. Both schemes are the creation of former Duke Univ. political science professor Peter Feaver. He joined the National Security Council in June not with a plan for a winning military strategy but with a hopefully winning public relations strategy for the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld cabal. Never mind last months Cairo meeting on Nov. 21 that Iraqi Sunni, Shiite and Kurds asked for a US withdrawal schedule.

Its obvious that that Bush et al are playing for time. And thats the worrisome part. If thay can make this a wider war with Iran and/or Syria then they won't withdraw. Oppostion forces in Congress have to stop being complicit in the war. Stop funding this war and pull out.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2008 Elections: Team Hillbilly vs. Condi

Hopeful candidates for the 2008 elections include Team Hillbilly ( the Clintons together) and Condi Rice. Any hope for America with either candidate? Domestic issues pale in urgency to the foreign policy catastrophe of Iraq . But on the issue of Iraq both candidates are tied to the foreign policy approach of the present Bush/Cheney administration-pro Israel. Nether will do what it takes to force Israel into a two-state solution. Last month Team Hillbilly was in Israel. They voiced support for the seperation wall and exclusive control of Jerusalem by the Israelis. Both postions are non-starters for peace. The Team did not meet with the Palestinians.

And for those who would pick the ninny Condi, she favors preemptive war and supports regime change in Iran and Syria. Both postions flow from her evangelical roots. Spreading democracy is her " charge to keep" obligation to Jesus. Woe is US. The game of who will be president in 2008 is fixed in favor of candidates who kowtow to Evangelical and Zionist goals.

Powerful lobbies should not have the ability to start and maintain wars. Wars should only be waged through a majority vote through a national referemdum.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Iraq & Viet Nam: How to Avoid Illegitimate Wars

Iraq is a fact built on lies. Recently declassified facts about the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident -alledged N. Vietnamese firing on US destroyers-shows " deliberately skewd" and omitted facts were used to to bring on the Viet Nam War. Sounds like the military-industrial complex was alive and well in the 1960s as today. Nothing has changed? No. Something has dramatically changed. It took 40 years for top-secret report to be declassified and the " skewed information" to be reported. Converesly the lies of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith and others were exposed in a relative contemporary time frame. The reason for this exposure is the internet and world-wide news sources.

The access to the truth will eventually change the way we self-govern. Thorny political policies at the state level are increasingly left to the voters through a state referendum. What could be more thorny than the question of war or peace? With the truth of issues available through the internet and alternative media, the question of war or peace will eventually be decided more accurately by a majority voting in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

We have always voted for the peace candidate in the past but got more war instead. Next time lets not trust the lobbyist-owned politicians but vote for war or peace ourselves.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

" Svengali" Cheney and His Dazzled Moron

Even the Dick is not sure whether the moron will continue to do his bidding. When he asks for Dubya's attention, the eyes take awhile to focus. But a few key phrases, " You are the wartime president. Bring em' on. Jesus saved your worthless ass, you have a " charge to keep" to spread his evangelical word. Laura will be proud of you. Dad can't stop you."

" The Plan for Victory" smacks of Goebbels-like jingoism. Cheney and the little man refuse to be intimidated. According to the speech, the " Plan" will have American forces shift local police activities to the new Iraqi Army. This will free-up the American forces to probe/provke a wider Iran/Syrian war.

No " Plan for Victory" will justify the deception and crime of the Iraqi invasion. The ball is in the oppostion's court. There has to be closure to this criminal war. Congress controls the purse. That's the key. No funds for the war without a " metrics" for withdrawal. The battle for America starts today.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

War Funding Tied to Withdrawal Plan

Bush/Cheney et al were involved in a deception for the crime of the Iraq War. Congress is aware of that deception. Congress can be complicit in that crime or actively bring the war to closure. Congress has the power and should attach a " metrics" for withdrawal to any war appropriations bill. True support of our troops would remove them from harms way. Starve the warmongering beast.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rep. Cunningham: Only Steal with Majority Voting

Rep. Randy Cunningham, highly decorated Viet Nam War pilot, pleaded guilty to taking $ 2.4 million in bribes and resigned from Congress. The bribes came from military defense contractors who wanted business from the Federal government.

What's the fuss?Bush/Cheney received over $200 million in bribes to run for the presidency. Hell, the disaster duo were nowhere to be found during the Viet Nam War let alone get decorated. Actually Bush/Cheney started a war for it's lobbyists. Cheney's old firm Halliburton was a major beneficiary. Are Bush/Cheney going to confess and resign? I don't think so.

The difference between the 2 situations is that Bush/Cheney did their crime with a majority vote of Congress. Cunningham was a comparative mom and pop to the Walmart of the military-industrial complex's poster stooges. Politicians can't be trusted. War should only be declared with a majority of the country in favor by NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

N. Y. Times: Drumbeat for Iran/Syria Invasion

Today's N.Y.Times lead editorial is an example of hutzpah equal to hubris. Titled" An Army for the Day After", it encourages Seretary Rumsfeld's plans to elevate in importance " stability operations" policy to the level of importance of invasion plans. Quoting the Times, " Stability operations are not a panacea. But if used wisely, they can spell the difference between a successful completed mission and an endless quagmire".

Say what? The Times wants more nation-building. What country or countries? Do they have to be a threat to Israel to qualify- Iran and/or Syria? So any redeployment of troops after a withdrawal from Iraq will be kept close by? So Judith Miller was not the only reporter/editor/publisher at the Times Organization that wanted an Iraq invasion with or without WMD/al-Qaeda connections.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Israeli Interests Lease/Own Our Congress

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations together control over 50 PACs across America. Why is this a problem? Its the reason why America has a lopsided support of Israel. This is despite the rogue behavior of this nuclear-armed country. The 50 PACs allows the limits of contributions to be multiplied by 50 times. This effectively allows AIPAC and the Conference to contribute more than $ 500,000 to each candidate per election cycle. With 525 members of Congress, the math works to over $ 200,000,000 being dangled in front of our spineless politicians. Also the US gives Israel over $ 2.5 billion per year as per the Camp David Accords since 1980. No doubt some of that grant money is laundered in Israel and finds its way back to our politician's bank accounts. Most of the regional PACs are deceptively named in the interest of discretion. What can be done? These organizations represent a foreign country. Their reps should be collared under foreign agent laws not like lobbyists from a quasi 51st state.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cheney Needs a Straightjacket

Yesterday Cheney was at the American Enterprise Institute giving a speech chiding Americans in general and some politicians in particular for demanding a timetable for American withdrawal from Iraq. Simultaneously in Cairo, Iraqi leaders were demanding a timetable for an American withdrawal from Iraq.

It qualifies as an ultra-embarassing moment for any sensitive or sane person. But I don't think Cheney is sensitive or particularly sane. He is a malevolent version of a modern day Don Quixote denying and fearing a world without the possibility of perpetual war. He and his little stooge should be run out of town.

Is Someone in the C I A Out to Get Cheney ?

Prosecutor Fitzgerald's recent statement, " the investigation [Plame leak] is ongoing" points to more problems for the Bush administration in general and Dick Cheney in particular. Cheney's Chief of Staff is so far taking the fall for the outing of Valerie Plame which many think was Cheney's idea. But only a Libby indictment doesn't suit parties unknown at this time. Thats why the Bob Woodward leak/revelation happened. These leaks around Cheney remind of Nixon's " deep throat" adversary. Where are the leaks coming from? My bet is that someone in the CIA is behind a plot to get Cheney impeached and/or for him to resign.

Here are some reasons. On March 10, 2004 former CIA Director George Tenet testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. He said, " I was out of the loop when a Pentagon unit [ Douglas Feith, F. Michael Maloof and others] presented findings [CIA intelligence] to the Office of the Vice President Dick Cheney". These "findings" were left out of original CIA briefings because of them not being reliable.

Also in 2004, former NY Times reporter Judith Miller wrote in her notes that Libby believed the " CIA was hedging against accusations of failure by blaming Cheney and Bush".

The new CIA Director, Porter Goss upon replacing Tenet in 2004 said, " I want to clarify beyond a doubt the rules of the road. As Agency [ CIA] employees, we do not identify with or champion oppostion to the administration and its policies are our work." Sounds like " Fixing facts to suit policy," as per the Downing St Memo.

Cheney used the CIA for information gathering. When that information is distorted or even worse demands that future info be tailor-made, he then makes fools of the CIA. But some in the CIA resent being used as fools or fetch dogs for the likes of Cheney and his foolish dreams of empire.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

PNAC & America's Coming, Rotating Emperors

For The Project for the New American Century, empire includes America. The logical extension of a preemptive war foreign policy ( still unopposed by either party) is the domestic Patriot Act. To that end PNAC interests have been joined by democratic and republican aims for only a two-party system in the future. Late last night Congressional negotiators agreed on making permanent almost all of the temporary provisions of the Patriot Act. A particular double-edged provision is the " National Security Letter". This Orwellian-named legal instrument is equivalent to searches without warrents-police-state stuff. In the hands of the politically-controlled F.B.I. not only terrorist organizations could be rousted but also third-party challengers.

So prepare for rotating emperors. Be they republican or democrats. The Praetorian Guard will be made up of Washigton bureaucracies.. What can one do ? The heart of the beast is the war-making powers of Washington's lobbyist-owned politicians. In war they trust. Therefore to kill the beast, the power to wage war should reside only in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Each state should put this propistion on the ballot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Power Defines Peoples and Nations

Bush is in China badgering the leadership about more democratic reforms. Compare his pop-off behavior to his spiraling poll numbers based on a criminal high-handed invasion of Iraq. Where is his moral authority for preaching? Our moron was informed of the non-binding Senate amendment for more disclosure and progress reports of the Iraqi situation from the executive branch. Bush commented, " The only reason we won't succeed [ in Iraq] would be if we lost our nerve." Nerve? The senate bill is not about nerve or machismo. It is about learning. If it is not working you stop.

Meanwhile back in the occupied territories of the previously historic Palestine, Sec. Rice actually brokered a deal. She "won" from the Israeli slum landlords the right for the Palestinians to actually leave Gaza and go into Egypt through the Rafah crossing. Wasn't there a Warsaw Ghetto that the Nazis effectively ran as a prison?Didn't America fight WW II to stop situations like that?

Want to know what a person or country is really made of? Give them power. America should not be defined by lobbyist-bought representatives. Any important decisions concerning war and peace should be by NATIONAL REFERENDUM. The lobbyists have won the old way of governing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wake Up People ! Preemptive War is Still Policy

Any Democrat or Republican objecting to preemptive war as policy? No. They are all in lock step. Could a preemptive war happen in Iran? Could a preemtive war happen in Syria? The same forces in and out of government that lied and lobbied for preemptive war in Iraq are still pulling the strings. War should only be declared by NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Stop the lobbyist choke hold on Washington.

Hill & Billy in Israel: Didn't Speak with Palestinians

Hill and Billy Clinton were in Israel this past weekend. They spoke to Prime Minister Sharon about his country's future needs. They also commerorated the 10-year anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's death . Rabin was the Prime Minister who was assasinated by an ultra-national Jew for making peace with the Palestinians. Rabin received a Nobel Peace Prize along with Yasir Arafat for their efforts on the Oslo Peace Accords. These same Accords were repudiated by Sharon. The 425-mile seperation wall is the unequivocal statement about those Accords. Hill and Billy didn't take the opportunity to speak with the Palestinian leadership about anything.

Hill is running for president in 2008. If elected her opinions about the Middle East will play a role in America's future security. Her opinions include Jerusalem under exclusive Jewish control and she also favors the construction of the seperation wall. Both positions are non-starters with the Palestinians regarding peace negotiations.

America cannot afford yet another president that is in the pocket of AIPAC and Israeli lobbyists.

Friday, November 11, 2005

America & Israel's High Cost of Supporting Lies

What a coincidence or was it? Yesterdays House vote over budget cuts were called off. The republican majority couldn't get the votes to cut spending by $ 50 billion over 5 years. That figure is a pittance compared to the $ 7 billion per month expenses of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. But the cuts were going to be levied on the backs of the poor not Lockheed, Boeing, Halliburton et al. The ugly realities of what this war is doing to the middle class and the poor has brought a revolt.

At the same time in Israel, the ruling coalition of Likud/Labor was about to collapse. The upset victory of a new Labor Party leader Amir Peretz over Shimon Peres is the reason. Peretz said he will pull Labor out of the coalition because his partys members are being left behind. Israel like America is a top ten world arms dealer. It is # 4 and America is # 1. So while the unending conflict with the Palestinians is good for a certain segment of the economy the rest are being left behind.

America is trying to live the expensive lie of empire as a reachable , sustainable goal. And Israel is trying to live the expensive lie that it can occupy anothers land indefinitely.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why Is Chalabi Visting the American Enterprise Institute ?

If PNAC is the impresario of the Bush administration, the American Enterprise Institute is central casting. As the name suggests AEI is about business. How the money is made is of no particular concern. First make the money and then deal with the fallout with some of the profits. So in the interests of profits and power, Ahmad Chalabi visited AEI yesterday. An AEI spokesman, Senior Fellow Reuel Marc Gerecht said, " Some might say his [ Chalabi's] role is verging on indespensible. We still don't have that many people in Iraq we can go to and get information that makes sense."

Chalabi's short resume includes a conviction of a $ 30 million bank fraud in Jordan. He fled the country. He is still wanted. In the first Gulf War the CIA fired him for for feeding them false information. He was requested by the ultra-Zionists/ Neocons in the Pentagon Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith for more false information in their push for an Iraq invasion. Former N. Y. Times reporter Judith Miller used his lies of WMD and al-Qaeda connection for her agenda. Also he has been accused of leaking US intelligence about Iran to Iran. His current position is Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and Oil Minister. AEI members were not interested in his resume. The false information issues could be absorbed by US troop. Right now both Chalabi and AEI want more profits and power.

Douglas Feith: Questions about his Iraq Behavior & " Deception"

The original plan for postwar Iraq was for the State Dept. to have the governing authority. It was also the plan for that authority to be passed off to an intermediate Iraqi government as quickly as possible. Also the Iraqi army was not to be disbanded. The National Security Directive 24 which Bush signed changed all that. NSC 24 instead gave postwar Iraq authority to the Pentagon. The rest is history. Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith was the effective head of postwar Iraq. Paul Bremer and the CPA answerd and took instructions from Feith. Feith also set policy for Iraqi prisoners and detainees in Iraq.

Over a year ago on October 21, 2004 Sen Carl Levin submitted a 46-page report to the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding prewar intelligence. The report concluded that " Mr. Feith had practiced a continuing deception of Congress." At the same time Congressman John Conyers wrote a letter to the House Judiciary Committee demanding an investigation into the "substantial, credible evidence that Pentagon officials engaged in unathorized activity". He named Feith and others.

In 1997 Douglas Feith and his father Dalck were honored by the Zionist Organization of America as " pro-Israel activists". Douglas Feith has authored/coauthored many books/policy papers for Israeli think tanks that seemingly conflict with official US policy in the Middle East. For example in 1997, Feith co-authored along with Richard Perle, David Wurmser ( Cheney's advisor on the Middle East) " A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm". The policy paper advised then Prime Minister Elect Natanyahu to abandon the Oslo Peace Accords and take a hard line with the Palestinians. The " realm" to be secured was Israel not America. One wonders how someone with less of a right-wing Zionist attitude would have handled events relating to Iraq? An occupation of Iraq is a plus for Israel but a negative for America.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


1) Want a quasi impeachment of Bush?


2) Republicans worried about losing Congress in 2006?


3) AIPAC and Israel want the espionage spotlight off their activities?


4) PNAC and Chairman Wm. Kristol want more privacy?


5) Seperate America from torture reputation?


6) Use conservation and alternative fuels as a curb to oil consumption?


7) Mitigate military-industrial complex influence in Congress?


8) Libby want to get off lightly?


9) Hey Dick. How about your wild, racing heart and raging machismo? " DUMP CHENEY " might be a blessing.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Douglas Feith: Iraq " Deception" Cover-Up

Tuesdays rare closing of the Senate was about the 22-month delayed Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of false pre-war Iraq intelligence. At the heart of the investigation is the role played by Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and others at the Pentagon.

Over a year ago on October 21, 2004 Senator Carl Levin submitted a 46-page report to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Levin's report concluded that "Mr. Feith had practiced continuing deception of Congress". At the same time Congressman John Conyers wrote to the House Judiciary Committee demanding an investigation into the " substantial, credible evidence that Pentagon officials engaged in unauthorized activities". He named Feith and others.

Interestingly Lawrence Franklin the Pentagon analyst who pleaded guilty to passing classified information to AIPAC and Israeli embassy employees worked directly under Feith during that time. Feith, Wolfowitz and others should be brought before Congress to answer what they were up to. Stop the cover-up.

Bravo, Harry Reid : PNAC Worried

Last Tuesday the beginning of a revolt against the presidency of Bush/Cheney was started. Senate Minority Leader Reid closed the Senate. He and the oppostion demanded an accounting of the 22-month delayed Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of false pre-war Iraq intelligence. Gee wouldn't be nice to know the facts?

No. In the opinion of N,Y.Times writer David Brooks. One would think that " All the News Fit to Print" would include a dispassionate outing of internal national security threats. But judging by the vile, childish Brook's piece " The Harry da Reid Code" one is certain that a nerve in the PNAC, Neocon and Likudnik corpus has been touched. Brook's DENIES 10 times, count'em ,10 times " republican conspiracy to manipulate intelligence in Iraq". But Dave isn't the problem. He is only the weenie- tool compared to the swinging Dick and Chairman Kristol at PNAC.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gates Foundation, Malaria & Birth Control

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently awarded a $ 258 million in grants for malaria treatment and prevention. Over 3000 children die each day from malaria. The United Nations recently released figures that showed over 30,000 children die each day from malnutrition. The Gates Foundation means well. The UN means well. The road to unintended consequences is paved with-meaning intentions. A Chinese proverb goes " If you save a life you are responsible for that life." Any life-saving drugs should be accompanied with birth control drugs/devices/procedures that are also recommended. Why save lives from malaria only to set-up long term death by malnutrition?

Wider War Will Come Without Oppostion

Bush's ratings are plunging. Cheney described by friend Brent Scowcroft in current " New Yorker". He said,".. I've known him [Cheney]for 30 years, but Dick Cheney I don't know anymore." Lawrence Wilkerson speaks of " secret cabal" of Cheney/Rumsfeld twisting Iraq intelligence. Libby indicted. Only he stands in the way of Cheney going down. Cheney is dangerously paranoid and Bush is the mindless brute. So what do these two most powerful men in the world do to maintain control? Widen the war. It is the classic tactic. Syria and/or Iran are next with or without UN authorization. It will be staged as self-defense. The Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon was probably the work of Israeli agents. Syria was in Lebanon for 29 years with Harari alive. Why did they need him dead? Someone has to oppose our executive rogues. They are the most dangerous now when they are cornered.

Meet Cheney's Middle East Advisor: David Wurmser

David Wurmser's advice follows Israel's hard-line Likud party. He is a director of the U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon and he co-authored a policy paper titled " Ending Syrian Occupation in Lebanon: A U.S.Role?" Both these efforts contain the ultimate option of an American invasion of Syria. In 1996 Wurmser collaborated with Pentagon super-Zionists Douglas Feith and Richard Perle in writing a policy paper for Israel-based Institute for Advanced Strategic and Politcal Studies. The paper was titled " A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm". The realm they want to secure is Israel not America. The paper advised then Prime Minister-elect Natanyahu to abandon the Oslo Peace Accords, which he did, and not trade land for peace with the Palestinians. No two-state solution which Sharon also adopted.

So what does Cheney and the US get from doing the dirty work for Israel? Cheney uses Israel as a cat's paw. The chaos that rogue state creates gives Cheney and his rogues at PNAC the excuse for empire and full employment for the military-industrial complex. This is 30% of US GDP. IN WAR WE TRUST.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

David Brooks, N. Y. Times & PNAC

Mr. Brooks piece in the N. Y. Times today, " No Cancer Found", refers to Fitzgerald's indictment of only Libby. Brook's ran with that probable fleeting fact and called for a halt to further investigations and negative speculations. He followed William Kristol, his schoolmaster's conclusion expressed earlier in the week. Kristol writes for " The Weekly Standard" and is chairman and co-founder of The Project for the New American Century. Other founders are Cheney, Libby, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Khalilzad, Jeb Bush, Elliot Abrahms and many others in the Bush administrataion.

Early in 2004 Brooks wrote a piece claiming only " full mooners believe in neoconservative institutions like PNAC having any influence in the Bush administration". He also said," In truth [ protesting already] the people labeled Neocons travel in widely different circles and don't actually have much contact with one another." No contact? There in the same room!

The N. Y. Times at its core has an agenda in the Middle East and/or some of it's writers do-Miller, Friedman, Brooks etc. This agenda puts Ameica's security at risk for imperial and /or Israeli goals. Can we have a show of hands at the Times? What team and what goals are you playing for?

Friday, October 28, 2005

America Needs a Neutral Middle East Policy

A famous saying goes ," War makes strange bedfellows". How wonderfully strange and welcome would be the US having a NEUTRAL Middle East policy regarding those ancient wars. This week brought a remark by Iran's new president. He said, " Israel should be wiped off the map". On August 13, 2005 Pres. Bush spoke on Israeli TV regarding Iran's nuclear program. He said " All options [ US nuclear first strike against Iran] are on the table". So one threat leads to another threat which leads to another...etc. Whats in it for America?

Peace will come to the region when Israel's influence reflects it's population size and they allow the creation of a Palestinian state.Now they are leveraging US wealth and strength to underwrite their questionable creation. America's brat needs to be stripped of it's nuclear arsenal so there will be a nuclear free zone .

Looming problem for Israel is its negative population growth. This started in 2004 and has increased. Hence the pullout of Gaza was a direct result of this thinning population. Israel has even resorted to allowing more Ethiopian Jews to immigrate. If the population decline continues, Israel might get desperate. Desperation plus 200 nuclear warheads is a dangerous combination.

Cheney Will Go

The Bush presidency needs a fall guy. Cheney is it. Cheney ran Bush. He certainly ran Libby. Libby will cooperate with Fitzgerald for a lighter sentence. There is no reason to be loyal. Maybe Libby has knowledge of Bush embarassing facts for possible executive pardon. Cheney's indictment/resignation will have the symbolic effect of purging the major bad influence in Bush administration's invaison of Iraq. The republicans can then be less apoligetic for Bush and his agenda and they will retain control of congress in 2006 elections. The democrats will have the bragging rights of helping to clean up bad foreign policy and loss of civil liberties.. Cheney will be blamed for everything. This will allow former Pentagon super-Zionists Wolfowitz, Feith and other Likudniks to slip away under the cover of blaming Cheney. Rumsfeld will probably be forced to resign to reinforce the cleansing scenario. Coni Rice, an evangelical, will probably be made vice-president because Bush may need her executive powers if anything happens to him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Suppose Cheney is Indicted?

According to new leaks, Cheney told Libby on June 12, 2003 about Valerie Plame. By itself its not illegal. But the outing of her identity deliberately is. Libby ( Wolfowitz and Feith protege) is the key. To save himself he may make a deal telling it was the Dick who planned the vindictive outing. Then Cheney goes down. He would have to resign if he were indicted. No one in the White House would implicate Bush. They need his executive pardon power. Bush then would name his theocratic soul mate Condi Rice to be vice-president. Bush may need her executive pardon power if something happens to him. It seems that nobody ever really liked the Dick. These well-timed leaks have him being set up for the fall and rightly so. This Cheney expose also takes the AIPAC/Franklin/Israel spy investigation off the front page. This investigation probably precipitated the dump Cheney diversion.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Who Wanted Iraq War?

Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. The DNA of the Iraq War will show these shared parents.

NEOCONS: Win, lose or draw the military-industrial complex profited. CHENEY/RUMSFELD are perpetual war advocates.

ZIONISTS: Israel got an American security force and chaos was created in its neihborhood. WOLFOWITZ/FEITH are among the super-Zionists in the Pentagon.

EVANGELICALS: They wanted to introduce democracy which is their Trojan Horse for a " Charge to Keep" of spreading the word of Jesus. BUSH and RICE are both members of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rice Role Model : Dr. King or Birmingham Police ?

Our affirmative action Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was at her alma mater in Birmingham, Alabama Friday. She was comparing her 1960's struggle in the Jim Crow south to todays Iraq. Well Condi, it is not similar. Dr . King used the Gandhi non-violent approach to remove codified segregation from our democracy. You and your affirmative action boss- wealthy, well-connected moron- used a preemptive war based on false intelligence to invade a country that was not a threat to America. She also commerorated the 42nd anniversary of a school bombing and the death of 4 children. What of Iraq's blown-up mosques and over 150,000 civilian deaths?

You and Bush asked your country to die for strangers while trying to kill strangers in a place where most of the people were estranged from our way of living. Condi, it looks like you favor the the tactics of the 1960's Birmingham police.

AIPAC/Franklin Spy Case: Top Prosecutor Pulled

Pres. Bush on Friday named top federal prosecutor Paul J. Mc Nulty to the # 2 spot at the Justice Dept. He is the prosecutor that brought charges of espionage against Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin, 2 employees of AIPAC ( Israels's lobby) and also an employee at Israel's Washington's embassy. He is in the middle of this political- national security highly charged caes. Why pull him? Sen. Chas. Schumer D-NY, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be asking questions of Mr. Mc Nulty was gushingly positive about Bush's choice. Heretofore, Schumer has been loathed about any Bush appointee. Schumer is a zealous Israel supporter and an opportunity to get Mc Nulty off the case may have been suggested by AIPAC lobbyists as a good thing. This espionage case is tied to Plamegate, bogus WMD intelligence in Iraq, new map of the Middle East, Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal et al. Israel is a foreign country. They have way to much influence in American domestic and international affairs.

Friday, October 21, 2005

American Culture : UNESCO Votes

UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Paris yesterday voted in favor of a new " convention on diversity" designed to combat the homogenizing effect of cultural globilization. Only America and Israel opposed the convention. Under the terms " governments will be permitted to use subsidies and quotas to promote their cultures" which will have the effect of limiting Hollywood movies to their countries. America is supposed to be the "melting pot" of the world's races. According to that vote, the racial meltdown process somehow stamped out general cultural value in " entertainment". Recent elections in America also show a sharpening cultural and political divide about entertainment, politics et al. Cole Porter's song ," Anything Goes " ,may finally be proved to be non-applicable.

We are known by our differences. Maybe the future America will have populated states that reflect tribal/cultural demographic differences as per world demographic distributions. And with this state nationalism will come a dismantiling of Washington power. That would be welcome.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rumsfeld in China: Selling What? Looking like Fonda

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was in Bejing yesterday. He wants to " strengthen military ties" . China and America have no common enemy. In fact Taiwan looms. So what does " strengthen military ties " mean ? Is America offering selected military hardware? The military-industrial part of the U S economy adds up to app. 30%. When you have lemons you sell lemonade. Clinton and the Republican Congress sold N. Korea it's Westinghouse nuclear reactor in the 1990's. Was it Nixon or Ford that sold a nuclear reactor to the Shah of Iran in the 1970's? Administrations and congress come and go but the war business remains. Why not produce eco-sustainable products?

Rummy also visted China's strategic missle fleet. He signed a " blank page" in a guest book! Doesn't he remember Jane Fonda? Probably some of those missles were aimed at the U S with a guidance system supplied by the U S Loral Corp.. That illegal transfer of technology was done through a cabinet authority shift during the Clinton administration. The breach of security drew only a $ 12 million fine being levied by Dubya's administration. Anyone looking out for us ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who will read a Judith Miller article?

" All the news fit to print", is the N.Y. Times logo. Judith Miller, according to former N.Y. Times investigative editor Douglas Frantz, called herself " Miss Run Amok", because she said, " I can do whatever I want.". Is the Times logo mutually exclusive with Miller's self-discription. No. But there is another saying, " Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice , shame on me". Miller fooled her readers at least twice. First, the Libby-sourced bogus Iraq WMD stories. Second by exposing her ethical lapses by continuing to talk to Libby and the role she and Libby played in Plamegate..

Why is the N.Y. Times standing by a non-credible reporter? Cui bono-who benefited from bogus WMD information in Iraq? Who benefited from outing Plame? Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith and others ran foreign policy. Bush doesn't count. Cheney/Rumsfeld want American empire. Bogus WMD info and the follow-up police action of Plamegate are a means to that end. Wolfowitz/Feith were the Zionists/Likudniks in the Pentagon. Israel was their concern. Another redrawing of the Middle East map was a security move for Israel's flank. That's where the Times backing of Miller makes sense. It's not about accurate news. It's about an agenda in the Middle East.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hussein Going to Trial, Cheney Next?

Who says someone or something doesn't keep score? Ironies of life, yin and yang, call it character is fate or a thousand other metaphors that could be said. Hussein is going to the gallows and Cheney and his dyspeptic gang could be next up on the steps to judgement. Hussein was literally holed-up in Iraq a couple of years ago. And now the Dick is holed-up in his office with only Libby keeping a lid over his head. Libby will buckle. Give 'em the Dick.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Howard Dean Needs to be Sullen

Dean was in California yesterday. He said, " Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and then sold himself and the state to special interests". Trying to educate Howard on California issues is obviously beyond his grasp. So maybe a personality lesson will help him get by. Howie, why not try faking probity, intelligence and maturity? Be sullen. It has worked for Dubya. He can't string two sentences together. But he is passed off as single-purposed and on a god-directed mission. He has been able to conceal the fact that he is truly a moron to albeit a dwindling number. On the other hand with each rant by Dean, the majority of Californians instantly identify Dean as the Dems very own moron.

The recall of Gray Davis shows dramatically that Californians wanted a 180 degree change in some areas. Arnold's 4 initiatives on the Nov. ballot are the next step in getting California government on the right track. Howie, denying the recall and the reasons behind it put you in jeopardy of going to the same rubber room that we are going to put George in.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Louis Farrkhan Revises History

Saturday was the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington. Speakers included Louis Farrkhan, leader of America's Nation of Islam. He said in part ( 80 minute speech), " We want America to acknowledge the wickedness of slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade; acknowledge what you did in robbing our fathers of their names, their language, their culture, their religion."Mr. Farrakhan is not dumb. He conveniently omitted the realities of 17th century slave trade. Most if not all slaves that went to America were delivered to the waiting ships by native African slave traders who were payed for their services. Why not ask for acknowledgements of wickedness and reparations from west African countries?

America fought in part a Civil War because of slavery. Talk of apoligies and reparations should be shared with fallen American soldiers and their desendants. Farrakhan could be a modern day slave trader. He keeps his people in the bondage of being victims.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Evangelicals vs. Neocons

Bush has split his base by following his Jesus-filled heart and nominating evangelical Miers. Following Chief Justice Roberts could be a one-two punch against Roe v. Wade. One of the duties of the Chief Justice is to guide the selection process of which cases will be considered ( last year 80 of 7600 were heard) . So with a Roe v. Wade-type case selected, it could be overturned.But these Neocons are largely pro-choice and also favor a fascistic-type legal system which the evangelicals at their core oppose.

The Project for the New American Century is funded by the New Citizen Project, a non-profit 501c3 org. that in turn is funded by the Bradly Foundation of Milwaukee, Wis. These Bradly people are the ones that funded the controversial book " The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life". It was coauthored by Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein. The book claims to have scientific evidence to support racism. Reportedly much of the data collected was provided by the Pioneer Fund which is characterized by some as a neo-Nazi orginzation associated with eugenicist research.

The lessons for America from the Bush presidency is that the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government should not be composed of caricatures of divisive policies. Send them all packing.

Friday, October 14, 2005

China and Captive Tiger Trade

What will come first, educating Chinese not to use endangered tiger- parts in medicines and aphrodisiacs or the extinction of the tiger in the wild ? I fear and expect the latter. In 1993 China band trade of any kind in tiger- parts. Since that time tiger populations in the wild have plummeted because of illegal poaching. Now China is considering captive-breeding of tigers for human exploitation. The World Wildlife Fund's Global Species Program is opposing this move.

As long as there are buyers there will be sellers at some price. This applies to the oldest profession, drug use, etc. The most timely and effective remedy is humane captive breeding to supply these markets. China's 1.2 billion population alongside the facts of only 1000 Pandas in the wild, an environmentally degraded country that is headed into a full blown industrial revolution is not cause for hope for the mute among us.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Are We Getting Our Moneys Worth?

The US Government is spending $ 11 million per day to house Katrina evacuees. Cries of waste from the right are joined by cries of not solving the root social injustice problem from the left. Both sides agree it is too much money.

Israel has received from America over $ 14 million per day for the last 25 years. Are we spending too much threre? The common thread is America is not getting its moneys worth in both projects.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Catholic Church and Self-Preservation

The Catholic Archdicese of Los Angeles is in the middle of a huge law suit brought by 560 victims of molestations by priests. Church files in evidence going back to the 1930's document disregard for the priests criminal-predatory behavior by merely shuffling deviants to different locales where they preyed on new unsuspecting victims. Racketeering and/or Human Trafficking laws were certainly brushed-up against if not violated.

The Church's bureacracy is a metaphor for all former and future secular or religious bureaucracies. Once established, they all default to self-preservation as a goal. If that means in some cases criminal behavior, so be it.

The seperation of church and state has been breached by the Evangelical Bush presidency. He and his evangelical supporters with their Jesus-flavored jingoism has introduced pre-emptive war to American foreign policy. Notably Christ is not on record favoring pre-emptive war. Nietzsche said correctly, " The first and last Christian was Christ himself".

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Evangelicals, Zionists & Neocons

There is a very effective political dynamic that is created when religious lobbies join forces with secular lobbies. One lobby can argue its point obliquely by pushing the other lobby's goals. For example, Iraq has the second largest known oil reserve. Iraq is also a threat to Israel. Wolfowitz used oil as part of his sales pitch for " regime change" in Iraq with Israeli security as a side issue. This tactic helps him sell his idea to Cheney who is eager for American-empire as stated by The Project for the New American Century. Cheney then talks to Dubya in terms of Iraq's national security threat. Dubya then talks to the American people in terms of spreading democracy as the antidote to a terrorist breeding atmosphere. This hides his god-directed " charge to keep" mission of evangelism in Muslim countries.

The true interests of the three players is hidden opaquely from view.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Knowing the root of a word can be educational and give perspective. " Jingo" according to my dictionary was a polite substitute for the name Jesus. Interestingly " jingoism" has the very negative definition of a belligerent foreign policy based on national goals. Hello Dubya.

Jesus, Allah and all the gods that preceded them were all definers of culture and by extension land and it's uses. But I think it's the other way around in sequence. It starts with land and natural resources, then comes culture and then comes god. Poor Dubya and Condi, they think it's about god and the " evil-doers" But Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Kristols, Wolfowitz, Feith et al know it's about land and resources.

Check out " Evangelicals, Zionists & Secular Neocons": Superpower Lobbies That are Tied Together. Find out who and what the players represent.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Thomas L. Friedman & the Newest Latest Reason

Tom Friedman, the N.Y. Times columnist was ready. He is part of the select pro-imperial chorus. In his piece Friday, he was singing the praises of Bush's debut at The National Endowment for Democracy of the newest latest reason for the Iraq War. We have to stop Islamo-Fascism. Do you think he had to wait for Bush to speak or was he given a copy in advance by the folks at The Project for the New American Century? William Kristol for example.

Islamo-Fascism reminds of the " domino theory of communism in Southeast Asia" that was used to sell the Viet Nam War. The movie " The Manchurian Candidate" comes to mind more and more. Bush's moronic convictions despite facts to the contrary suggest he is an Evangelical, Likudnik and Neocon Candidate. Poor Dubya, all those large greedy programs squeezed into his meager circuits.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Bush was passing on lies yesterday at his speech before The National Endowment for Democracy ( administration's trojan horse for evangelism and consumerism). He said in part, "... the militants [ Al Qaeda et al. ] were being aided by elements of the Arab news media that incite hatred and anti-semitism."

Hey Dubya, Arabs are Semites! Why would they foster anti-semitism? Bush was told to use a rhetorical tactic that is employed by the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC , Jewish demagogues and some family teachings. The tactic implies if one doesn't agree and/or give into demands of Zionists/Israeli needs then one is anti-semitic.

A Chinese proverbs states " The beginning of wisdom begins with calling things by their proper name". The Arab press comments are not anti-semitic but anti-American imperialism.

San Francisco Fleet Week : Not The Same

San Francisco's Fleet Week has brought back the Navy's Blue Angels. Subsonic aerial acrabatics over the city does not bring the feeling of security it once did. Al Qaeda has no plans to engage America in aerial dog-fights.

What came first, the" military-industrial complex" or 9/11? What about an eco-sustainable complex and watch the earth bloom again instead of wither in war?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Harriet Miers and a " CHARGE TO KEEP"

" I know her," the president said yesterday, " I know her heart, I know what she believes". And that's for us to find out! The president was speaking in code to other evangelicals. He was saying that she, like himself, surrendered to Jesus for redemption. But with that saving, she has a " charge to keep". That means evangelicals are directed by their faith to spread the evangelical word of God.

Bush's autobiographical account of his 1999 Texas gubernatorial race was titled " A Charge to Keep". The rest is history. If Ms. Miers had her druthers, Roe v. Wade would be struck down and a evangelical-type religious influence would be tolerated in national government. These " concerns" from conservatives is a side-show red herring.

There is also a connection between the Evangelicals and the Zionists about the " end days". This spiritual relationship has been monetized by Cheney/Rumsfeld, Halliburton ad naseaum. Check out " Evangelicals, Zionists & Secular Neocons" for an in-depth look at these characters.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In War We Trust

In 1950 Paul Nitze, Undersecretary of State for Policy drafted a National Security Council document-NSC 68. The document read, " Without an expansion of military spending, the United States would face a decline in economic activity of serious proportions".President Eisenhower warned of the growing menace of the " military -industrial complex" in a 1959 speech.

In 1997 The Project for the New American Century was launched by the dyspeptic gang now in power. The PNAC mission statement includes, " We need to increase defense spending significantly to perserve and extend an international order which is friendly to our security, our prosperity and our principles". The" military- industrial complex" have become hypertrophies ( 20-30 % of GDP) and are ripe to go the way of all hypertrophies- EXTINCT.

Are there any candidates that are not owned by this mutation? Can't " military-industrial complex" be replaced with " eco-sustainable complex"? Please speak up. There are many who will follow.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Presidents and Congress should not have the power of preemptive war.

Clinton invaded Kosovo under the cover of NATO. Kosovo was no threat to America. The American electorate yawned and switched their TV channel to a "reality" program! People like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Wolfowitz et al. noticed America's uncaring response to the invasion. Hence The Project for the New American Century was established shortly thereafter. Then came Iraq and who knows what else will follow.

Therefore the banner to carry in the next elections is NO WAR UNLESS BY NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Get candidates on record on this issue. Say goodbye to military-industrial complex without the hope or promise of a war in their future.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Dick Cheney runs foreign policy as per goals of The Project for the New American Century. Bush is just a pugnacious puppet. Joe Wilson's criticism of administration intelligence about Iraqi nuclear plans was the source of Cheney's arrogant rage. Cheney retaliated by planning leak of Wilson's wife Valerie Plame as CIA agent. Libby, Cheney's deputy brought in Rove. Novak, Cooper and Miller were the cat paws. Incidentally, Miller had earlier published Libby-sourced bogus Iraqi intelligence in the run-up to the war for which the N.Y. Times apoligized for it's lack of accuracy. But Miller still talked to Libby!

Prosecutor Fitzgerald has to unzip Libby. Get the Dick and the " palace of lies " collapses.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Karen Hughes : Does not Know History of Middle East

Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes and a long-time communications aide of Bush and Rove is on an Islamic public relations tour for the US. She passes out media kits which include a US presidential historical primer- the cover shows Bush, Wasington, Lincoln and Kennedy. What's wrong with this cover? One of the pitches that Ms. Hughes repeats many times is that Bush is the FIRST American president that supports a Palestinian state. This is not true. It's easy to see why she has a credibility gap with her listeners.

Palestine's ancient existence is found in historical records from many different sources.Even the Book of Exodus in the Bible records that. Israel was created out of the partition of Palestine in 1947 by the rigged vote in the UN. The voting members were voting for a reduced- gerrymandered Palestinian state . President Truman who gave the go ahead for the partition wanted Palestine to remain in existence.

The claim that Bush wants to establish an independent Palestine comes off as a lie or stupid or probably both. The people in the Middle East know their history. Bush and Hughes are learning the hard way.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

SLAVERY : Good and Bad Results ?

On October 7, 2005 The New York Historical Society will present " Slavery in New York ". It chronicles the period from the 1620's to July 5, 1827 when an emancipation act ended slavery in the state. Since those times, the guilt of slavery has weighed on American culture and politics.

History has been filled with other examples of slavery. The Greeks, whose philosophy and culture were the basis for Western Civilization were enslaved by the Romans. But the Greeks made the most of it and Rome learned Greek ways. Rome invaded and conquered Greece. Africa was not invaded. Slaves that were bought by American traders were delivered to the shores by tribal chiefs who were paid for their service.

The question is what were these slaves deprived of ? Was their leaving Africa a better or worse fate than remaining? Nobody knows that answer. Looking at Africa compared to America in the last 300 years may suggest to some that getting out of Africa might have been a blessing in disguise.

Guilt for slavery in America has been overdone and probably not justified with all things considered. There is a lot of money in the "race business " and that is why it lingers.

PROSTITUTION & POLITICS : Oldest Professions

As long as there is money to buy there will be prostitutes or politicians who will sell. Prostitutes own and should have control to sell. Politicians on the other hand sell things that don't belong to them or that they should not have effective control of on an auction basis.

Voters should limit what government has control over. A good start would be having the right to declare war being exclusive to a majority vote of a national referendum.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Marilyn Monroe and JFK

Recently the Antiques Roadshow had highlights of past shows. One segment had an autographed photo of Marilyn Monroe valued at $ 4000-6000. Another segment had an autographed photo of JFK valued at $ 1500-2000. Marilyn and JFK were involved in a now famous affair( Bobby Kennedy made it a menage a trois) .It ended badly for Marilyn with talk of Bobby having a hand in silencing the actress. Monroe's momento was 3 times JFKs. One would think that the president's signature would have been more valuable or at least as valuable as Monroe's.

But there is something about Marilyn Monroe that moved people that was lacking in JFK' s persona. Her acting parts were suitably picked to resonate with her knockout looks and a particular vulnerability. She just played herself. This is the requirement of all actors , to be believable. On the other hand John Kennedy was largely a creation of his father Joe Kennedy.

Joe was enormously wealthy and had a backround in the motion picture business with his share of RKO ( K for Kennedy). He knew how to project a theatrical voter- friendly image. JFK's best-selling " Profiles in Courage" is suspected to have been ghost written by Ted Sorenson. Joe's money is widely suspected of criminally-delivering Illinois, Texas and W. Virginia in a extremely close national vote.

Marilyn played from her heart and personality. JFK followed his father's script and showed a lack of character . In the real world, only the truths last and are more valuable.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Africa Should be a Nature and Game Preserve.

Recent debt relief for Africa now allows more lending and grants to go forward.

Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank has big plans for Africa. Recently he said, " Entrepreneurs and farmers [ in Africa] could not begin to realize their potential if they lacked electricity and roads to move their products to market". For Wolfy, electricity means building dams and road-building means building industrial infrastructure.

Don't do to Africa what has been done to most of the world. There must be places that are left alone. Africa's best use and cheapest to realize is letting it be a nature and game preserve. Nature tour dollars are the least destructive on the environment. Also the" human infrastructure" of Africa is more suited to supporting tourism.

Africa's malnutrition is a sympton of the root problem of overpopulated dry-land ecosystems. Any aid to Africa from the rest of the world must be tied to population control and conservation of land.

Victims of Katrina: Is That the Wrong Name?

If the 134,000 people who didn't leave New Orleans are victims, what do you call the people who left?

Cheney Tells Bush the Bad News

Dick Cheney is recovering from aneurysm repairs to both knees. After getting a quote on Halliburton, he phoned our boy-president to tell him that clutching Cheney's knees for security would have to stop. He did tell Dubya that in place of his own knees he would provide a duplicate life-like model. The mock-up would have a night-light and travel case. It would also have an inscription on the knee caps, " Nobody learns because nobody remembers".

With the affairs of state settled, Dick booked a " canned hunt" of pheasants in Texas. His last hunt bagged 70 unsuspecting birds. Some had to be drop-kicked to make it sporting.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush's Character and Fate

The 5th century B.C. philosopher Heraclitus remarked " man's fate is in his character not in his stars".

Recently there were more revelations of Iraqi prisoner abuse " for amusement" by members of the 82nd Airborne. Bush has made no pretense that his mission in the Middle East is in part god-directed against " evil doers". Are some of our armed forces taking Bush at his word? Is the torture of " evil doers' permissable in holy wars?

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are fateful events in the Bush presidency. But would we have been better prepared if Bush was focused more on domestic issues rather than god-directed imperial ones?


Lobbies/special interests are expensive and need money to prosper and maintain loyalty. Money is the " mother's milk" of politics. Tribes are a hybrid. They run best on personal/familial/regional relationships with barter as a medium of exchange. But they also can run on money . In our adaptive Darwinian world, the the tribes that run on relationships rather than money will last longer.

If we want to rein in Washington's imperial arrogance, the states must assert their hybrid vigor. Bring home the taxes, the legislative power and the troops.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bush: "Roveing Maniac"

Yesterday Bush spoke before the Republican Jewish Coalition. This group has to be patient with our evangelical president considering how much he has done for Israel in these " end days". In the speech he used the tactic of the 2000 election of collapsing the 9/11 terrorist event into the Iraq invasion. Yesterday Bush/Rove collapsed the Katrina disaster and response into the Iraq response and disaster. He claimed, " both challenges will make America stronger".

Is it a cheap con? Is it mental masturbation? Or worse does he believe it ? Has he become a " Roveing Maniac"?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


In the interest of world peace and educating the secular-minded and to guarentee a sustaining income stream to world-wide religions.

a) Jerusalem should be an open city. Only an international honor guard will be it's security force.

b)Ticket sales to the three major religious holy places will be the only revenue source. Ticket sales and a small commission will be handled by the Israelis with an international audit committee looking on.

c) Explanations of the religious locale ( individuals relevance to particular religion) will be displayed side-by-side with a secular explanation ( real estate, weather etc. ) of locales desireability. Oh, Revisionist (lies) about history of particular origins of people will not be censored.

With a secular and spiritual explanation side-by-side maybe there will be some mitigation of all-too-serious approach that man ( frivolous primate ) views his/her place in the world.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

America's Needs too Big for Planet

a) A nasty hurricane one hundred years ago would have done less damage because of less environmental degradation and a population with an ethic of " can think, can do" would have engaged the challenges.

b) An American Empire foreign policy that requires obediece so oil will flow and the commerce of perpetual war will pay dividends.

c) Jobs are outsourced to other countries so corporations can make more money to support the 12.7% people in the poverty level who can't compete with foreign workers.

d) America's muscle-bound legal system among other examples requires an act of Congress regarding the personal choice of having a child.

Does government do for us what should be a personal responsibility? What's to be done? All politics are local. Local solutions preclude national problems. It's not perfect but perfection is the enemy of the good.

Monday, September 19, 2005

HOUNDS & BITCHES: Hunting Strategies

When hunting for game, one should have all areas of the field covered. Hounds will cover the left and bitches will cover an area somewhat to the right. Of course that can be reversed if the terrain changes, Mongrels that have been raised in the streets are more resourceful than priveledged kennel-raised moronic runts.

Yesterday on a similar circumstance, Bill Clinton was talking to his estranged friend George Stephanopoulos on ABC. Clinton said, " You can't have an emergency plan[ New Orleans] that works if it only affects middle-class people up [he is against the disappearing middle-class?]

The fact is that 350, 000 mainly African-Americans evacuated New Orleans when they were told to. The ones that stayed behind for whatever reason will be generously compensated by the" middle-class people up". Clinton's bark of class and race prejudiced after 40 years of the Great Society and trillions spent should remind people why some dogs should be kept outside.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Afghanistan and the Realities of Democracy

Afghanistan votes for a parliament today. There are 5800 candidates running for 669 seats. The elected will be paid hard dollars by the US, Britain and NATO. What will the voters get?

Per capita yearly Afghan income is app. $ 200 . Democracy needs wealth. Without wealth to distribute/redistribute why would anyone vote their own self-interest? Who can afford to pay taxes? What programs will the new government initiate or afford?

Of course these are questions that would get in the way of empire and it's client states that are being bred to consume.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sharon at U N : Whining & No Gratitude

The Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon A.K.A. " Butcher of Beirut" ( involved in app. 17,000 deaths in Lebanon in 1980's) spoke to the UN yesterday. He said, " Israelis had not forgotten dozens of harsh and unjust decisions made by the United Nations over the years".

What chutzpah. Most of the U N decisions were about Israel's killing innocent people and taking land that did not belong to them. Israel was created in 1947 by the UN when Palestine was partitioned. The vote at the UN was rigged with bribes and intimidation by the United States. Sharon's whining about " what have you done lately for Israel " falls increasingly on deaf ears.

The country has enough historical evidence to qualify as a theme park. Nothing more.

Bush : Deja VU of LBJ

Presidents Bush and Johnson have similar roots and increasingly similar performance profiles.

a) Both are/were commanders-in chiefs of unpopular wars that started suspiciously. Both had to learn about world geography and history by starting a war.

b) Both the philosophical rhetoric, costs and scope of Hurricane Katrina relief and Great Society programs are similar.

c) Insiders to both presidents profited from both wars and both social reconstruction and initiatives.

Some differences include:

a) LBJ could ride a horse. Bush rides a bike.

b) LBJ could intelligently string more than two sentences together. Bush can't.

c)LBJ had a plain cloth carpetbag. Bush has an endangered species brief case.

By the way. What is the remaining balance of this " historic opportunity" to pay for past injustices?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Maggie: Alaska's Only Elephant

Maggie is a long way from home. But the elephant makes the most of her home in Anchorage. She has learned to paint, play the harmonica and use a 20' by 8' treadmill for exercise. Maggie is an example of making use of one's time productively and by so doing dealing effectively with the problems of life that are dealt randomly to all of us. I wish she were free in her native jungle. But it probably will never be.

Compare Maggie's ingenuity with the 134,000 New Orleans residents who didn't leave town when ordered to in the face of a looming disater. What is their problem and excuse?

Does Bush Need An Exorcist?

Pope Benedict XVI welcomed a convention of exorcists to Rome yesterday. Exorcism has become very popular with priests in the past 4 years. The Regina Apostolorum offers courses.

Bush's speech yesterday in the UN talked about " poverty being a source of terrorism". What about super-wealth being a source of arrogance and ambition to empire from the safety and armchair- comfort of a F-16?

What about an exorcist for Bush? A few less vapors from his greedy, opionated and righteous god might make him more qualified to be a grouchy manager at a Dairy Queen in the rural south.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Liberal Courts and Civil Rights Act

The liberal Warren Court struck down the arrogant " seperate but equal" of school segregation in 1954. It introduced the condescending "different but equal" which set up affirmative action, bussing etc.

One extreme out and another extreme in.

We are known by our differences. Laws that reflect that reality will last longer, be less expensive to enforce and have happier law-abiding citizens.

The Warren Court and the Civil Rights Acts provisions and directives for human behavior read like a manual sent out with an appliance.

Rice: " soft bigotry of low expectations"

Secretary Rice was defending President Bush's race record yesterday. She was being questioned by reporters if race played a part in the Katrina disaster. She denied it. She recalled how in 1990 she was moved by Bush's remarks about the " soft bigotry of low expectations". She then went on to say that the rebuilding of New Orleans " gives us an opportunity to rectify historic injustices " that she also experienced as an African-American growing up in the South.

Sound like she has " low expectations" also. The meaning of "opportunity to rectify historic injustices" is another thrown low ball of guilt to anyone who still feels an obligation to make life pleasant and understandable for a hardcore of people of all colors who just won't put some energy into improving their lives.

Monday, September 12, 2005

War: Only by National Referendum

Special interests instigated the preemptive war in Iraq-primarily Evangelicals, Zionists and military-industrial complex.. Both parties signed off on giving Bush the authority to invade preemptively. Preemptive war is still American policy. Neither party has introduced legislation to rescind that policy. Special interests are still directing American foreign policy.

Therefore American voters should limit what their representatives can control. Wars should be declared only by a national referendum.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina : Personal Responsibility & The Guilt Merchants

Michael Moore on Sept. 1, posted an open letter to Bush on . He made his points for the negative review of Bush's enthusiasm for a preemptive war in Iraq compared with his lack of interest in domestic matters including care of the environment which is really the basis for the New Orleans mess.

He then went on to make the hurricane response a race issue. He had a lot of company. The usual suspects included Jesse Jackson, Congressional Black Caucas, NAACP and others. These organizations have endured because of their ability to market and monetize guilt issues (real or imagined) relating to race. They have been so succesful that no race issue ever gets settled.

App. 400,000 residents of New Orleans evacuated the city by order of Lousiana's governor. More than 134,000 choose to stay behind- they were mainly comprised of poor African-Americans. Enter Moore et al. peddling guilt.

No sale. Over 40 years into the Great Society, trillions spent, schools politicized, welfare and medicaid systems straing under the ever increasing "entitlements", America can't afford any more guilt trips or inequality windmills to tilt at. All people must take responsibility for their actions . They must at least demonstrate that they are trying. People will help those who try to help themselves.

To that end the Red Cross has raised over $500, the relief efforts of the Federal, State and local governments are spending enormous amounts of time and resources also. But there would have been a lot less to clean up and a lot less tears if people in New Orleans evacuated in total. And that includes walking out if need be.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina & Iraq: Natural and Man-Made Disasters

There is a lot of finger pointing from the fallout of Katrina. Nobody is mad at Katrina. They are mad at the response by local, state and federal agencies. Probably the seminal mistake that tripped everyone else that followed was the decision by 100,000 residents not to leave New Orleans. No one in town- therefore no casulities. What were they thinking? New Orleans is below sea level and a Force 5 hurricane is coming down the tracks. Do you feel lucky? What percentage were opportunists? What percentage just couldn't cope with such a big decision? Some didn't want to leave their pets and I would probably have stayed behind also if I couldn't round my pets up.

There is another aspect of this disaster that bears looking at. Bush, prior presidents and Congress are somewhat to blame for not preparing and preventing the tragedy in the first place. Our government is largely influenced by special interests and powerful lobbies. Simply there was not much lobbying for prepartion and prevention of hurricane and flooding threats to New Orleans. Unlike the intense lobbying for the war in Iraq. There is a lot of money in warmaking .

For flood prevention and preparation, America will need to attract better men than Bush. To attract better men , the power and influence of lobbies will have to be mitigated. The only way to that goal is to have less federal power and more state power. It won't be perfect. But it will be better. Then money from Louisiana won't go to Washington to be spent on an Iraq war . Instead the money will stay at home and solve the flooding threats to New Orleans.

Same -Sex Marriage: Handmaiden for AIDS

The California Senate passed legislation yesterday that will legalize same-sex marriage. It now goes to the Assembly where its fate is not certain. Is this good legislation?

If the legislation is passed, the message to the young and uninitiated will be its OK to experiment with alternative sex and lifestyles. This is the dangerous part. Sodomy is a source of AIDS. Liberalizing the application of marriage to include same-sex marriage will add to the spread of the disease.

What people do in private is their affair. But spending billions of taxpayer money and changing cultural standards to make the world safe and attractive for sodomy is going in the wrong direction.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Illegal Immigrants, Taxes & US poverty

The top 20% ( $ 86,000 and higher ) earners in America pay 80% of Federal Income Taxes. The top 50% (56,000 and higher) pay 97% of Federal Taxes. And 44% (122 million people) pay no taxes.

The Census Bureau on Tuesday reported that the poverty rate moved to 12.7% in 2004-app 40 million people. The poverty rate is $ 19,157 for a family of 4. Significantly, once classified in the poverty level, people immediately qualify for extensive government assistance. On average this assistance will amount to app. $ 25,000 for the family of 4.

There are app. 12 million illegal immigrants ( mostly Mexicans ) in America. They make enough money to support themselves and send back to Mexico app. $ 9 billion per year.

How can America afford giving assistance to app. 40 million welfare recipients and not requiring that they do the work that 12 million illegals do ?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cellphones, iTunes, iPod : iDistracted

Many are anticipating the imminent ( possibly Sept. 7, 2005) introduction of the cellphone-music player-made by Motorola and Apple. Who will pass the oppotunity to upgrade their next cellphone with iTunes capability. Driving is boring and high gas prices only make it worse. Distraction will help. Never mind the near misses with cellphone use. Now music can be added with the help of earphones. With that added cocooning listening experience, honks from other motorists, screams from pedestrians or needless conversations from passengers will not be noticed.

Technology has brought many benefits with one hand and has taken a proportianate amount of human relevance with the other. Is there a better use of one's time ? Use a tool lose your place-or a fender.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Gaza Defeat Because of Israel Population Decline: Another Massada ?

In 2004, a record low of 21,000 Jews immigrated to Israel. During that same period, 20,000 Soviet Jews immigrated to Germany . In the past several years, 70,000 former Soviet Jews have left Israel because of " adjustment problems "- going back to Russia and some going on to Germany. Israel's newspaper Haaretz reported that the Jewish population of the "greater Israel"( including occupied lands) has fallen below 50%- there are more non-Jews in Israel. Israel is experiecing a net population loss.The withdrawal from Gaza was forced by this reality.

On August 24, 2005 Israel announced a new seizure of Palestinian land that is contiguous to Jerusalem. The land will be sequestered behind the seperation wall. Walls in history have all been breached- China's Wall, Athen's redoubts, Maginot Line, Siegfried Line, Berlin Wall etc. Equilibrium, not a wall is the force that determines where things or people start and end.

In 70 A.D., Roman legions under Vespasian surrounded 1,000 Jewish Zealots on the heights of Massada which is just outside of Jerusalem. Rather than be caught, the Zealots committed collective suicide. Does history repeat itself ? Today Israel has 200 nuclear warheads and state of the art delivery systems compliments of the US. Would Israelis' do a collective suicide by launching nuclear attacks on 200 targets ?

The Middle East should be nuclear weapon free. Start with Israel.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Creationist John Bolton vs. "respect for nature"

John Bolton hints at being an oddball without saying a word. One look at the white-drying-mop moustache with the incongruity of a full head of dark hair begs the question if he owns a mirror or does he use one? He is America's UN Ambassador who was pushed by Lynne Cheney ( Dick's wife ). I guess if you can marry Dick then don't bother to question her about matters of taste.

Bolton is a creationist. He believes in the Bible as it is written. Among those beliefs is the dictate of the Bible that man has dominion over the earth's flora and fauna to do with as man chooses. This belief underlies his recent action as US Ambassador.

The UN on Sept. 14, 2005, is having a summit on Millenium Development Goals which were APPROVED by world leaders 5 years ago. Bolton submitted a last-minute list of 500 amendments to a draft document that the diplomats have been nogotiating for the past 6 months. I am no fan of the UN. They are just another layer of mostly unneeded bureacrats. But symbolically one of the changes Bolton wants is to delete " respect for nature " from the " core values " principles that unite the UN. When Ric Grenell of the US mission to the UN was asked why the request for deletion, he said " the phrase was to broad a subject."

Oh. God is a topic that is easier to limit and capture.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Base Closings (BRAC) : Rumsfeld's Real Estate Deal

Sec. Rumsfeld wants to close or downsize 800 military bases in 50 states. He says this will save $ 2.5 billion per year. That is an insignificant amount when one looks at the FY 2006 Defense budget of $ 600 billion-less than 1/2 %. Iraq and Afhganistan cost over $ 6 billion in ONE MONTH. Communities around the nation are going to lose a significant amount of business. The military payroll alone will be reduced by 26,000 people. The private business's that serve those bases will suffer proportionatley and will have to downsize also. In Keynesian terms, all those bases were net winners for local communities and the federal tax roles. The so-called savings turns out to be a loser in the bigger picture.

Strategically closing the bases seems to go againt the Homeland Security mission. Those bases are logistically and psychologically valuable. Opening inflammatory occupying bases in the Middle East and closing homeland response strike bases in the US doesn't make sense.

So base closings don't make sense in net economic or a military sense. Maybe the real reason for the closures have nothing to do with US efficiency or security. Suppose the real reason is the greatest transfer of wealth since the Indians sold Manhattan for some trinkets. Here is how it would work. After the bases are closed, the prime real estate would be sold to politically connected- investors at " fair market value". " Fair market value" in government terms always ends up being below market prices and only insiders know the price and terms.

In my state of California a few years ago, Sen. Diane Feinstein and her money-grubbing husband Dick Blum almost sold the Naval facility at Long Beach to the Chinese- Blum would have got a commission. Only when the public became aware of the pending deal was it killed. Sen Barbara Boxer, our other Senator kept silent during the whole scheme.

Feinstein, Blum, Madeline Albright, George I and Frank Carlucci of Carlyle Group and other major players in the windfall of Iraq and Afghanistan contracts will certainly take part in this new legal swindle.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intelligent Design: Do Christians or Cretins Have Good Judgement?

Our cretin ( 18th century corruption of French word for Christian which also means fool) president took time out from his many exorcising bike rides . He addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars yesterday in Utah. He said, " We owe them (dead/wounded Americans in Iraq/Afghanistan) something. We will finish the task that they gave their lives for."

Americans died for WMD that didn't exist. Americans died for an al-Qaeda/Iraq/9/11 connection that didn't exist. Now Bush has finally come up with a fact. But it still is not a reason for the Iraq war. Welcome to the mentality of a cretin.

Speaking of cretins. Televangelist and founder of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson was in the news yesterday calling for the assassination of the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. Robertson mentioned that Venezuela was a breeding ground for communists and Muslim extremists. He said, " You know I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he [Chavez] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war and I don't think any oil shipments will stop."

Hey, with his ruthlessness and brains, he would do a better job than Rummy at the Defense Department. So much for the both of those guys having any moral authority in representing a righteous America.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Current TV , Podcasting and America's Future

Current TV has carved a niche for itself. It has postioned it's programming sails to capture the podcasting winds. By soliciting low-cost podcast production and having viewers participate on what will be shown, it seems fool-proof. Also the real time tabulation of viewing preferences will point to ideas for possible full length productions. Motion picture industry results show that the cost of a production of a motion picture is not recouped in theater presentation. DVD sales and tv broadcasting license fees make the whole venture profitable.

The fact of a small screen preference leave open enormous possibilities. Unknown ensemble actors or internet news bureaus connected by able producer/director podcasters will swamp the motion picture , network broadcasters and newspaper monopolies.

When those monopolies go so will the political agendas that accompanied them. For better or worse America will be less cohesive. Whereas podcasting productions in Britain, France, Italy etc. would still have a basic culture ( including language ) to draw from . America's fragmented and special interest marketes will be catered to in any number of languages. America will suffer even more special interest friction. This dynamic will lead inexorably to less federal-centered power and more state's rights power.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Intelligent Design : What Purpose and Who's God ?

Any design that reflects intelligence must have a purpose. The I.D. advocate has to answer the question what was god's purpose for his/her creation? Also since there have been so many gods, which god and which policies are the true design-oriented message?

The evolution advocates have no such burden of proof in their theory. They merely observe that their research has shown that the goal of evolution is simply for a species to adapt and therefore survive. Darwin and evolution advocates don't preclude a god.

Religious clases are available to the curious or faithful. Introducing I.D. discussion in science class goes over the line seperating science from non-science.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Able Danger Cover-Up ?

What an interesting development on Aug 17. Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer had worked on the intelligence gathering system called Able Danger. He stated on Wednesday that in 2000 their work produced the name of Mohamed Atta and others involved in the 9/11 attack. Atta was the Egyptian ringleader . The original report was highly classified. The names and the report were not shown to the 9/11 Commission in 2004 which was led by Thomas Kean.

Was there a cover-up? A highly classified document in 2000 having Atta's name just doesn't get overlooked. The question is who and why was there a cover-up? There are two possible explanations. The first could be a cover-up based on embarrassment of Pentagon personnel- Atta identified but no follow-up. Or the second could be that the same people who were rushing to find reasons to do an Iraq invasion saw the gathering threat of a hostile act by Atta and Al-Qaeda as a means to their end.

What has Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith have say ?

Intelligent Design : Symmetry in An Asymmetrical War

On Aug. 18, 2005 in Fort Bliss, Tx. , Pfc Willie V. Brand was convicted of assault, maltreatment and maiming an Afghan prisoner. The prisoner died weeks later. The crime had taken place at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan in Dec. 2002. The jury's sentenced was to demote Pfc Brand to Pvt.-no prison time and no discharge.

On Aug. 18, 2005 near Kabul, Afghanistan 1 American soldier was killed with a roadside bomb.

The chaos of an asymmetrical war showed symmetry in results. Are these the results of intelligent design?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Arizona & New Mexico :State Laws Draw Illegal Immigrants

There is a land rush of illegals in Arizona and New Mexico. Both states on August 16, issued emergency declarations. That procedure will free up government money for border patrol expansion. But they are treating the symptons. Both states are too liberal in their treatment of illegals.

Gov. Bill Richardson proudly remarked, " I have the most migrant friendly state(New Mexico)." He went on to cite New Mexico's policy of issuing drivers licenses without regard to immigration status. With a driver license an illegal can go a long way in his state and America. Maybe the migrant can even vote.

Gov. Janet Napolitano is even more impaired. In may, 2005 she vetoed responsible legislation that would have made English the state's official language. In the same month she vetoed two other laws that would have prohibited illegals from receiving child care assistance, attending adult education classes and paying out-of-state tuition to state universities like American citizens from other states have to pay.

This whole scene in these border states reminds of the run-up to the Battle of the Alamo. But don't expect political wimps like these two Govs. to be among the last standing.

AIPAC/ PNAC and US Intelligence Access

The espionage charges against two former reps. of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is turning up some embarrassing and potentially damaging facts about people very close to the Bush administration. It looks like a senior fellow of the contraversial and politically connected Project for the New American Century ( American empire advocate) received that stolen information also.

PNAC was founded by contraversial and politically connected people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush and William Kristol. Kristol is also the director of PNAC. He is the son of Irving Kristol, godfather of the "neocons" and world culture designer at American Enterprise Institute.

Armed Service Rivals: Halliburton & Army; Northrup Grumman & Navy

The inter-service rivalry has just evolved a new tactic. The military-industrial complex has now further divided and made more expensive American defense policy. They are using their respective political muscles to get civilian business contacts that support grand strategies and/or pet projects appointed to strtegic government postions.

The model for this new tactic is V.P. Cheney and his old firm of Halliburton outsourcing for the Army. Cheney ran for office for his company and then help start a war for his company.

Well here comes the Navy. Dubya just nominated Donald "Nuclear" Winter ( has doctorate in physics) a Northrup-Grumman executive to be Navy Secretary. Northrup plays a leading role in developing the DDX. It is the new contraversial warship that has come under fire by Congress. The developmental costs are triple the costs originally estimated. Also the ships useability is being challenged by the realities of America's new different threats. With his new position Mr. Winter will now be able to make a stronger case for it's survival.

Madonna Injury : Horses are Harder to Ride

Madonna recently suffered a broken collarbone, broken hand and three cracked ribs. No, she is not dating those missing-links at the NBA again. She was riding a horse. Horses are harder to ride!

Horses are negatively- sensitive to people who don't understand the nuances of an equestrian relationship. At first chance, the horse may try to lose that rider. Good equestrians have a subtle, thoughtful and effective relationship with horses. Madonna has never been subtle. And any thoughtfulness has been confused with doing the unthinkable.