Monday, July 30, 2007

The Economist Magazine: In Growth It Trusts

The July 28th edition of " The Economist" had a provocative editorial essay. The title " How to deal with a falling population: Worries about a population explosion have been replaced by fears of decline". The editor is probably worried about subscription growth and corporate ads. But I am not. Frankly I would approve a leveling of human population. And I would give a standing ovation for a humane 90% reduction of our 6.6 billion bodies. A population of app. 500 million would be the app. population of man's classical era about 2500 years ago. Then intuition, wisdom and personal effort were the norm rather than todays non-quality but abundant quantity human count, duplicating machines, software and artificial intelligence ad nauseum.

One of the Editor's arguments for further not-to-worry human population growth was his dismissal out of hand of an " Malthusian catastrophe". The Editor noted that " mankind appropriates about a quater of what is known as the net primary production of the Earth ( this is the plant tissue created by photo synthesis) a lot but hardly near the point of exhaustian."

I rest my case! The self-evident fact that we already consume 25 % of " net primary production" has already caused a kind of " Malthusian catastrophe" in the extintions of the greater flora and fauna world that tries to cope with man. Also the the degeneration of the human species as evidenced by obesity, diseases linked to lack of hygiene and constant war point to overcrowding and the redundancy of most humans.

My advice to the editor is " Use a tool and lose your place". You can be replaced.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Cleavage : Desperate Sex Appeal Gambit?

When cleavage is mentioned as a description of one of the Clintons, my first thought would be Bill's possible sinister cloven feet. Because Hillary's chest barely meets minimum standards. But an e-mail message from publicist Ann Lewis over at the Clinton Lie-Works was titled " Cleavage". Ms. Lewis was trying to generate money, sympathy and news coverage for her boss.

It happened that the calculating Hillary showed up on the Senate floor and made a speech showing off her indentation in a low-neck outfit. The outfit was commented on by a female Washington Post reporter as a deviation from Hillary's normal sexless rags. The Clinton's Lewis seemingly anticipating some comment from someone had the " Cleavage" e-mail reposte ready as somehow a slight to all female politicians. I think that this was just cover for Hillary to add some sex appeal to her campaign. It's a kind of political strip poker. Next she will start showing leg and ankle. And if that doesn't help, she will start raising her voice. And why the shift in tactics? The Clintons are nervous about Obama.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Benefits Of Pastor George W.Bush's Foreign Policy

Our president acts increasingly more like a deranged intimidating pastor of a rogue sect of Christian radicals. It's as though his god-given " mission to keep " of spreading " god's gift of liberty" throughout the Middle East sustains him no matter the costs. But the indiscriminate bombing only breeds more deadly blowback to American forces. Can any good come out of this catastrophe?

Well the chaotic chain of events that started with the illegal and unnecessay preemptive Iraq War reminds of the 1964 Stanley Kubric movie, " Dr. Strangelove or : How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb". In this dark comedy, Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper launches a nuclear attack against Russia. The insane Ripper figures that if America doesn't attack first the Russians eventually will. Hence the title, " How I Learned To Stop Worrying....".

So how does the reckless behavior of President/Pastor Bush somehow make me stop worrying? Well for one thing, America won't be welcome in The Middle East for decades to come. This is a postive. Because it will curb American Imperial dreams and foster U.S. non-fossil fuel use. Secondly, Christians, Jews or other activist religious-type candidates will have a tougher time being nominated or elected to the presidency. Thirdly, imperial war powers will have to be withdrawn from the presidency and remain in Congress until the people demand a further safegard of war only through NATIONAL REFERENDUM. And also the solution to the problem of Israel may finally be in view. The Zionists have succeeded in encircling themselves so densely with anti-Zionists that even their nukes can't help them.

Sadly, there will be more loss of innocent lives and damage to the environment before it all plays out.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton: " Go For " Of Special Interests

Poor Hillary. Just when this twit-twat and her hound-husband had mastered the game of machine politics, enter YouTube. Last night's debates and Q & A via the phenomenon YouTube had a " live " feeling. Real people asking questions that were not scripted. And Hillary exposed herself to be the "go for" of D.C. special interests.

When asked if she would meet with leaders of countries that America has become estranged, she replied, " Certanily we're not going to just have our president [she even talks of herself in the third person despite being asked a personal opinion] meet with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and you know[ ? ] the president of North Korea, Iran and Syria, until we know better what the way forward will be".

Gee Hillary, what's the definition of a statesman and leader and a president? Isn't a statesman defined by leadership abilities that facilitate healthy relations with other countries? Specifically, her response,.." until we know better the way forward would be.." tips her lack of personal vision and confidence in her own abilities and more importantly her reliance on getting directions from her special interests needs.

Here's a clue for you Hillary. If America has diplomatic relations with with the rogue state Israel, then the U.S. cannot honestly refuse to talk to anyone.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Stuff Of Legends And Religions

Next month will be the 39th anniversary of the 1968 Democratic National Convention that was held in Chicago. The convention largely represented the birth and strength of the anti-war movement in America. In it's wake, it brought along other cultural changes and movements that would change the U.S. forever. These included the environmental movement and American-style socialism with expected and unexpected applications of the newly passed Civil Rights legislation.

The poster group for the counter-culture was the Chicago 8 later to become the Chicago 7 when Black Panther Bobby Seale had a separate trial. The Group was primarily made up of activist, socialist/communist Jews. The leader was Jerry Rubin. The message was anti-war, anti-establishment, anti-business, anti-critical thinking and some would add anti-personal hygiene. Despite the mostly unsustainable agenda, the group and others did change the course and culture of America. Subsequently President Nixon did stop the Draft and other politicians were elected to office as anti-war representatives.

So with some clever editors in a hundred years from now, could Mayor Daly become a kind of Roman governor like Pontius Pilate and the scene of the riot at Lincoln Park become an Insurrection On The Mount Historical Landmark? Could the Chicago seven 7 be like the 12 Apostles? Could Jerry Rubin be a more modern anti-establishment Jesus? Is this the way the Catholic Church stumbled into existance?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Airstrikes In An Urban Area Are Murder

" Baghdad, July 21- American helicopters and warplanes attacked a Shiite area... killing at least 15 people and wounding 10, according to an official at the Iraqi Interior Ministry, who said some of the casualties were women and children".

How many times have we read about collateral death and damage from American airstrikes in Iraq and Afghanistan? What's the difference between a suicide bomber or an American pilot firing a laser-guided 500 pound bomb in a surgical strike in an urban setting? The answer is an American pilot unlike the suicide bomber can be reused. Detonating bombs in an urban setting either by suicide belts, explosive cars etc. or by airstrike is equal to murder.

"Winning the hearts and minds" of Iraqis or Afghans reguires that there be a positive difference between the " enemy" and the " liberator".

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dick Cheney & Force Majeure Or Force Manure

Tomorrow President Bush will undergo a " routine " colonoscopy. That's the procedure of examining the large intestine for signs of cancer. As per the 25th Amendment, the power of the presidency will be transferred to Vice President Cheney for the duration of the anesthesia.

Do you think that Cheney will seize power by conflating and confusing "force manure" with "force majeure"?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whither The Withering Catholic Church?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles announced a $ 600 miliion settlement with 500 victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy dating from decades ago. This dwarfs the 552 similar claims in Boston that were settled for $85 million. There were other suits and there are more coming. Surely not all the abused youngsters have come forward probably because of shame. The Church has had to sell some of its base of real estate to meet the tab. This is all happening at a time when competing, more liberal Christian faiths have eaten away at the Catholic membership.

So what has the Church done to meet the dual challenge of falling patronage and a systemic fault that attracts the wrong kind of demographic for its clergy? Nothing has been changed. Artificial birth control and abortion are still forbidden. And the clergy can't marry nor can women become priests. Meanwhile the liberalization of other faiths and the liberalization of the legal system will continue to take its toll on the Church. Nothing lasts forever. This includes ways and customs of religious practice.

Friday, July 13, 2007

George Bush: A Clockwork President

Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel ( also Stanley Kubrick film) titled " A Clockwork Orange" has an anti-hero that resembles our President George Bush. Burgess wrote in the introduction," that a creature who can only perform good or evil is a clockwork orange. That it has the appearance of an organism -lovely with color and juice but is in fact only a clockwork to be wound up by God or the Devil for an almighty state".

And so Bush resembles Alex de Large. Alex has trouble with the truth and can't play it straight. He wont take instruction feels constrained and misunderstood if he's popular. Also Alex enjoys "ultra-violence". Burgess writes about a creature who lacks the human touch and sensitivity that follows from nuanced thinking.And so our President " doesn't do nuanced" and semi-shouts " bring'em on". And at the press conference yesterday continues to deny the tragic reality of the Iraq War.

We may end up needing a straight-jacket for this moron and a kind of " Ludovico Process" to try to get him right.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

America's Iraq Policy & Israeli Refugee Survival: Plan B

As the rockets fall into Baghdad's American Green Zone and Hamas takes control of Gaza, Plan B for both areas should be formulated. One fact is obvious. Money and superior weaponry are no match for indigenous peoples who are abused in their legitimate homelands.

With regard to the American quagmire in Iraq, it's going to have to be a withdrawal of troops within a year. But Israeli survival is more complicated. Israel's present configuration is unsustainable. It will have to shrink. But who wants Israeli refugees? Here's a simple solution. Every country that voted for the partition of Palestine at the United Nations in 1947 would be forced to take their pro rata share. That share would be based on the current population of the new host nation. Maybe the prospective Israeli refugees could be traded like pollution credits with greater or lesser amounts being sold with a cash payment as a bonus.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Madonna & Missed Opportunity At Live Earth

Why was there no talk about human overpopulation at the Live Earth venues? The rock stars and politicos only addressed global warming. But global warming is only an effect of the problem. The cause of global warming,rampant extinctions and other scourages is the consumer habits of the overpopulated human species. Hundreds of millions of people with obviously nothing better to do were listening. These are some of the ones who should have less children. What a missed opportunity.

Madonna should have been the keynote speaker about human overpopulation. She could have spoken like this, "You all know me. I have had sex with most all kinds of people. Here's a partial list: NBA numbskulls, Puerto Rican greasers, trembling lilly-white choir boys, boisterous bisexuals, lesbian groupies etc. But I only have 2 children. Are you listening Africa and Asia? No more of 3-10 children per breeding female. Hey, you would be able to buy and listen to my records with the extra money and time."

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Barry's Revelations: Parents & Country Of Origin Of Antichrist

These past 3 days, I competed in a fencing tournament in Miami Beach. I shared a lunch counter with a Jewish, Russian-born, divorce-attorney female . We talked a bit. Our waiter was a recent, Cuban-born immigrant male.

After that brief encounter, I am convinced that if that woman and that man were to marry, the possible proportional distribution of their collective genes could produce the Antichrist.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz: Qualifies At American Enterprise Institute Or "Dracula's" Castle

Paul Wolfowitz, Zionist, Iraq War architect, disgraced former World Bank President and in general persona non grata landed on his claws at a perch at the American Enterprise Institute. AEI is the impressario and central casting for all things facist and zionist in America.

Too bad he missed a more tailored role at the recently listed for sale Bran Castle in Transylvania. The castle was the home in the 1400s of Vlad The Impaler. He was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's 1897 novel " Dracula". No Wolfy wouldn't play Drac. He can't move that fast. But he could play a darn good creepy major domo of the castle.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yo Mama! Here Come Obama

Look! Oh my. Is it black? Is it white? Is it conservative? Is it liberal? No. It's Obama. He's Poly-Man! His background includes: part black, part white, part Christian, part atheist, part Muslim, part single-parent-raised, partly raised in Pacific islands and Asia and he "inhaled".

The latest campaign figures released show him raising more money from more DIFFERENT DONORS than any other presidential contender from either party. His grassroots base number a staggering 258,000 donating supporters. I predict he will win the Democratic nomination and possibly the general election.

His motely backround gives many of the new Americans something to identify with. Particularly Obama is nothing like Bush. He's not white. He's not spoiled. He's not bigoted. And if ever there was a backlash candidate, Obama is it.

P.S. I am still voting for the Libertarian candidate.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bush & Truman: Israel, Oil & Nuclear Weapons

The recent cover of "Newsweek" showed former President Harry Truman and a poster "WANTED: A NEW TRUMAN". Gee, why? He's the guy who dropped 2 nucler bombs on Japanese civilians who were already defeated. Also, his administration was the driving force for the creation of Israel out of the partition of historic Palestine. The world has been the worse for both those dark deeds.

Actually George Bush is repeating parts of Truman's deeds by threatening a nuclear attack on Iran an by his unconditional support of the Zionists thugs. When Truman ordered the the nuclear attack on Japan there were only 2 nuclear weapons in the world. Now there over 11,000 nukes in existence. When Truman put in motion the creation of Israel, this lead to the ethnic cleansing of app. 750,000 indigenous Palestinians. Now the dislocated Palestinian population has swollen to over 5 million and additional billions of the world population are threatened by Middle East unrest.No, we don't need another Truman, 1/2 pint Bush is Trumanesque enough.

Yesterday in Glasgow,Scotland, a would-be suicide bomber was literally on fire from burning gasoline but continued to punch police officers and shout"Allah, Allah"! That bomber was the incarnation of what America should distance itself from-fossil fuels and Israel.