Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rafah Crossing Opened:Ironic 6 Million More Jews at Risk

Egypt anounced yesterday that its Rafah border crossing into Gaza, Israel will be permanently opened. The new gatekeeper will be Hamas. It's the group that is the sworn enemy of Israel . It's also the Palestinian political group that runs Gaza and its 1.5 million inhabitants that are being collectively punished by Israel. That move by Egypt breaks the Israeli seige. Now all sorts of goods and services will be available to the Gazans who have been suffering a slow motion genocide from the Zionists. Some of those goods and services will be weapons. It promises to get interesting.

Israel's population is 6 million. That's the supposed/approximate number that died at the hands of Hitler's genocide against the Jews. It's ironic that a new 6 million Jews are now at risk. But there's still 6 million Jews in New York. Interestingly, the three six -666- harkens to the the Bibles Book of Revelations 13:17-18 in the King James Version. The number refers to the sign of the beast- the sign of the devil. I.E. "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the numbers of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666". There's many speculations as to why someone is identified by 666. Some say it was a tax collector who collected that number in taxes, some say it was something to do with the number assinged to the letters of the beasts name. There are other reasons given that have even less plausability than the two given. But remember that the Book of Revelations is a dream . Today it would be dismissed as a "bummer" dream induced by LSD, mushrooms or a Taco Bell jalopeno pastry. Ironies are in essence an example of regulation and balance.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding :Ladies Hats Upstaged Royals Vows?

One of the most emailed news releases from the Royal Wedding were of the ladies fashions. The young and definitely the older women were not about to be upstaged by the exchange of vows. The real show was the battle royale of fashionable hats. Amazonian sourced feathers not seen since the presumed extinction of the original bird were removed from safe deposit boxes and configured onto new two foot stages that rested elegantly on oh-so-proud piles of hair. Muammar Gaddafi could have been in Westminster Abbey along with the other 1900 mostly woman guests but his Mideastern wraps and wraps of cloth would be a non-event even if he were on fire. According to one news release, one woman had red flame-like silhouettes shielding her cheeks. Maybe she was advertising that she was hot to trot either orally or otherwise.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leon Panetta: Government Utility Stooge

In baseball there is a utility player. He's the versatile one that can do well in different postions. In government there are sensitive postions that need to be filled but are not required to be done effectively. In fact the person who is apponted as a utility government worker to a sensitive job is relied on not to hit home runs or strike out. He's just put there. He's to take calls from the appointer and in general stay in the dugout.

Hello Leon Panetta from Monterey, California. He was a country boy who was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff during the Monica Lewinsky scandals and the other Clinton cavalcade of crimes and misdemeanors. After decades in government, Leon stood out to the Arkansas Caligula as the man he wanted as door attendant. Panetta then kicked around Washington doing odd jobs for Bill including Budget work. That's were the money is raised and spent!.

The last couple of years he's been the Director of the C.I.A. Panetta wouldn't ask hard questions of the operatives even if he could. By popular acclaim C.I.A. operatives wanted Panetta for their director. So Obama obliged. What's Obama know? He knows enough not to ask questions also. Now Leon will go to the Department of Defense. He will pack his brown bag lunch and wait for his next utility appointment.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Donald Trump: Stupid Self Promoter?

Don's in the news today giving himself high fives for forcing the "long- form birth certificate" from our affirmative action president Obama. Looks like a battle of the chimpmonks. Incidentally one can order a masturbatory high five prosthesis by going to Don's web site. Trump promises to deliver if he can get enough orders. Trump is a compulsive self promoter who has entered the caricature stage. The hyenas are already picking off his close relatives. His daughter Ivanka married Jew Jared Kushner. She even converted to Judiasm ! Bad timing. Isn't another holocaust due? It's kind of the sign of stupid wealth when a Zionist can get in the door merely by asking and not paying a lobbyist. Trump, who? That's next.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Political Correctness: Stop Lying to Children, Tell Them the Truth

Children should be told the truth. It will be in their best interest that they find out sooner rather than finding out for themselves later. Political correctness instructs that all are equal. From that false premise comes the wasteful programs that mandate no one can advance until a measure of that advancement is redistributed among others. Whether it take the form of affirmative action or cash payments or services, it creates a false obligation and a kind of embarrassment to achievers. The fact is that we are known by our differences. Kids in school who can't or refuse to learn should be expelled. Let them make their own way in manual labor or private studies. But they shouldn't drag others down to their level. Teachers have no right to preach a quasi-religious philosophy of equality. What do they know?

The real world is slowly replacing political correctness with misanthropy. It doesn't have to swing that far. If the truth is told of differences among all creatures then each will find his or hers own place without feeling falsely oppressed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Buy Gold & Silver or Buy Gun ?

Recently the University of Texas Investment Management Co. converted its gold futures holdings into physical bullion worth about $1 billion. The fund has 20.7 tons of gold stored in a New York vault. Bruce Zimmerman, chief investment officer of the $26 billion fund said, " It's a very conservative hedge against some low probability scenarios, such as the debasement of a major currency." He's not alone. In 2010, total physical investment in gold bullion soared 66% to 880 metric tons. That's also almost mostly stored in New York vaults.

Assuming that no one has tunneled into the the gold vault and it is still there next week and the worse happens. What's Bruce to do? Bruce is in Texas and the gold is in New York. Can Bruce handle 20.7 metric tons of gold? Does he have a truck? Who will help him pack the gold? What will the help charge? Where will they take the gold? Who will be in business to accept gold? What will they charge? Will vendors of food and services respect Bruce? Does Bruce own a gun?

Financial assets are a lot different than physical assets. One can have billions of financial assets in a drawer whereas thousands in gold or silver needs a lot more care in storage. Mega wealth in dominations of gold and silver needs massive security precautions. And in the end relies on the honor of all involved. That need for "honor" is a tall order. In the future guns are a better investment for personal security than attracting threats to ones personal security by lugging gold or silver around.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Drone Aircraft Going to Libya

The Obama administration is now funding and using U.S. drone aircraft in Libya. Casualities are going to go up in both armed camps in that civil war country. Drones hit innocents in Afghanistan where the targets are in open fields. The Libyan- use drones are planned for close rebel support in urban situations. Sure. What could possibly go wrong? We'll find out. Senator John McCain made a surprise trip to Libya yesterday to give high-fives to rebels. Maybe the little hot head remembers and is embarassed about his 2009 meeting with Libyan representatives? Then he offered Gadaffi U.S. defense products on credit. Gadaffi bought a pile. How come the New York Times isn't mentioning that? Maybe it's old news not fit to print considering we also supplied Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kill Critical Thinking In All Its Forms

Centers for Disease Control Prevention spokeswoman Dr Kimberly Workowski said today, "Drug resistant bacteria is winning in the battle against sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis." Superbugs now resist penicillin, tetracycline, flouroquinolones and cephalosporin. If you will, these were the first responders traditional drugs of choice.

Do bugs think? Well they figured out how to get around our cause celebre diseases that were brought on by civil rights legislation. How so? Teaching alternative sexual life styles in school and the public forums and inviting illegal immigartion among the great unwashed is a de facto invitation to bacteria.

Do we as a species think? Well if we do, the bugs are doing a better a job in these areas. When critical thinking is put in second place behind political correct policies, then superbugs go to the head of the class. I want critical thinking back and in full use. We can learn from superbugs. We can beat superbugs by changing policies rather than using better technology or drugs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photography Philosophy Question: Color or Black & White?

I recently visited the Detroit Institute of Art. The D.I.A. includes a large collection of black and white photographs by Hungarian-born Andre Kertesz (1894-1985). The thoughtful photo subjects are given a stark, engaging philosophical and /or a geometrical logical exercise because of the black and white choice. If the same photos were done in color, Kertesz would have failed in his message. Color would have blurred or bedazzled the viewer. It's like a realist painting versus an impressionistic rendering. The former is about about metaphysics and philosophy and the latter is about comforting deception.

Ansel Adams and Alfred Steieglitz also did moving black and white photos. But their choices of subjects were of nature and industry respectively. In both cases structual ratios and metaphysical geometries are showcased. Whereas Kertesz's choice's feature everyday human experiences cast in an intense b & w with a jewelers eye. The photos become a philosophical experience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Representaive Anthony Weiner:Poster Boy for Neo-Nazis

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York has a reputation as being unnecessarily combative and rude. He's an equal opportunity abuser except for other Zionists. He's against a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. And he thinks the U.S. should give unconditional support to Israel no matter the consequences for American security. Neo-Nazis could not do better than to use this guy for a poster-boy to raise membership tallies. But our country could not do worse than to have this kind of subversive operator in government.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodluck Jonathan & Bill Clinton

Todays Wall Street Journal carries a story of the politics of Nigeria. It includes a photo of Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience. Goodluck is waving to the crowd with a sh..t-eating grin on his face. That translates into a forced or phony smile. His wife Patience is by his side and slighty behind. She's wrapped in traditional African clothing but with un-traditional logos of" Goodluck Jonathan" all over. This one-off must have cost thousands but she doesn't pay or complain. There's been talk that Goodluck always has a hint of an erection. Maybe that's why Patience is somewhat behind him. People would notice that she couldn't possibly miss hubby's basic attempts of introduction. It struck me that Bill Clinton could be an American version of Goodluck Jonathan. Certainly Hillary is always by his side and a little behind so she could never be called as a witness. And Bill is always phony-smiling when he's not blathering and his sex life has produced volumes of testimony and tabloid stories.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Got Justice

One hundred and forty-six years ago today Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford Theater. Abe was enjoying a stage play while parts of the North and South still smoked and not all the casualities had been buried yet. He has been termed the last casualty of the Civil War. He was killed for his convictions. His convictions contributed to the approximate deaths of 700,000 other deaths. Not mentioned much is the total devestation to much of the South or the damage to the truly innocent flora and fauna that we take for granted but is much more enjoyable than people. Lincoln's convictions were either political or moral or a combination of both. But the toll of death and damage to everything was not worth it. Lincoln deserved to die like he made others die who were not so eager to die but were ordered to die if necessary for a Lincoln vanity.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japan Reactor Radiation,Lipitor & Coumadin; Don't Drink the Water

Water is the source of all life. But since humans started using water to flush toilets, one could predict that eventually people would die from thirst. Eventually water will become so laced with residual fecal , chemical and radiation parts that it will be unusable for man or beast. How many people take Lipitor or Coumadin or Valium or the countless other well advertised drugs? When those drugs leave the body they enter the atmosphere. The ground water or oceans becomes tainted and evaporation sends the toxins around the planet. Today Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor was just bumped up to the highest international level of severity. It now matches the dead space of the 1986 Chernobyl reactor in Russia. That radiation also ends up in the seas and ground water. And from there it gets into plants, animals and the atmosphere. My own speculation is that more people have read and followed the books of religion than have followed the disciplines of hygiene.The Bible, Koran , Torah, teachings of Buddha and other religious publications makes no mention of guarding against pollution. It's not in the commandments. Looking at supposed paintings of the writers of biblical parables, they look more like poster boys for a-before-a-bath example. A clean life is better than a holy life. Whatever "holy"means.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rodenticide Needed for Wall Street Operators

Today Facebook and China's largest search engine Baidu announced a joint venture. They plan a social network site in China. The news catapulted Baidu to a $50 billion market cap. Gee. That's only one deal. How many other deals happen all the time that create huge market caps? Trillions are created out of thin air. But one can't eat thin air. One needs hard assets to spend this virtual wealth on. Does the planet have another $50 billion of natural assets to be processed into huge homes, expensive cars, near extinct tuna, near extinct tiger parts, etc? Wall Street operators are a kind of sophisticated omnivore rat. They eat plants, animals and waste natural asets with their alchemy of paper value. They give nothing for these millennia year old products of the earth. All things weighed, Wall Strret rats need a rodenticide.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Israel's Iron Dome Protects Holocaust Repeat

Israel Defense Force spokeman is crowing ctoday about how effective the Iron Dome is. The missile shield that the U.S. funded and developed knock downed some incoming demands for rent checks from the people in the collective punishment neighborhood of the Gaza Strip. But many more incomings got through and the Zionists suffered some casualties. Then they bombed Gaza with U.S supplied aircraft and killed civilians. What is with Zionists? Wouldn't it be cheaper just to live by the law? These people are still trying to stop from going extinct the hard way. Hello Zionists, from the Babylonians through Hitler's holocaust to today with everyone except the U.S. wanting your head on a pike, why can't you just follow the laws of civilized nations? I suspect that stealing and lying are in your DNA and you don't feel whole unless it comes out. Things will get worse for Zionists.

Friday, April 08, 2011

We Need Planned Parenthood Funding: Keep Abortions Cheap & Available

The government may shut down. But money issues will not be the reason. Republicans have added an unnecessary hurdle to budget negotiations. They want to partially defund Planned Parenthood programs. That's just stupid. The negotiations should be about budgets and not about religion. Further more, tax deductions for children should be balanced with tax deductions for children that are not born. I.E. childless couples tax bills should be reduced by the amount tax deductions reduce couples tax bills with children. Otherwise equal protection has failed. People cause problems. Less people less problems. It's tough to value human life when there are 7 billion of our kind fucking things up. The ideal global population should be app. 250,000,000. That was the population aroun 250 B.C. That was the golden Age of East and West. Ever since then, we have been rearing dumber and dumber slaves.

The Winning Society Will Be Tribal Based

America's society of a central government is expensive. From its never ending legislation comes endless litigation based on the lie that all are equal. That expensive and corrosive paradigm will fade away because its self defeating. It rewards politicians and attorneys more than the general population. But out of the heap of unnecessary politicians and lawyers will come a fragmented tribal based society that will prosper. The low cost producer of cohesion among members will be based on race or religion or some symbiotic common ground. Barter will take the place of money and further obviate any need for formal government. Money, together with its interest bearing feature, is non competitive compared to a barter system.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hitler & Lincoln: A Couple of Characters

Someone is referred to as a character when that someone stands out for a defining, usually outsized defining trait. Adolf Hitler was a character for his brutal championing of a master race. Abraham Lincoln was a character for his championing of individual human rights. Both thought they were doing god's work. Both killed many to prove that they cared about people in the abstract sense. Hitler had advanced technology. Lincoln was stuck with more eye to eye weaponry. Consequently only 700,000 were killed on Lincoln's watch. Whereas Hitler rained down death on millions. They built a memorial to Lincoln in the North because he "won". Hitler lost and was not built a memorial. Lincoln is held up as a hero in our school books. Hitler is vilified in historical accounts. It's no wonder that killing is still the way to go if one wants to make a name for himself in historical accounts and be in school books.