Thursday, December 06, 2018


Trump's latest maneuver is as brilliant as it is crudely dangerous.Over the weekend Trump had China's Premier Xi-Jinping best friend Ren Zhengfei -who founded the huge Huawei Technologies- daughter legally kidnapped by Canadian authorities. Daughter Meng Wanzhou was detained by the Canadians for alleged Iranian business deals that are not allowed by the United States sanctions provisions against Iran. The U.S. want her extradited to America for prosecution.The time line of her abduction coincided with the ending of dinner between Xi-Jinping and Trump and others of the G20 meeting in Argentina this past Saturday. Announcement came after the dinner! How's that for rude and malicious? But wait there's more.I think the real Trump target is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump wants interest rates lower. But he can't fire Powell because that would spoke the markets . So he puts Powell in the hot seat by picking a real fight with China with the help of the Canadians and forces a savage response from Premier Xi-Jinping because of the Homeric insult. This time it's not Helen who is launching a thousand ships but hapless daughter of tech magnate that launches a thousand containers to U.S. So a ratcheting up of trade war will force the Fed to sit tight on raising fed funds.I think that real economics will pick the winner and the loser in this U.S vs China trade war. Trump will find out that no one is bigger than the markets.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Me Too Movement: Return to Roots Solution

Sexual harassment training at corporations are now commonplace.Law suits or jail time can be avoided with careful tutorials on how men and women interact while on the job. Seems to me that these tutorials do as much to counsel avoid hiring women. It's easier than trying to manage the outcomes of basic sexual instincts.Pardon me but segregation is an answer for many of our gender and race issues. It's not a new idea. The animal kingdom does it naturally. The only thing new is the statement that segregation is bad.Actually a circumstantial case could be made that men who want hire women have early signs of potential sexual predation.What side would the ACLU take on such a legal question?

Saturday, December 01, 2018

G.H.W. BUSH: Successful Politician

President G.H.W.Bush died yesterday. Like all successful politicians he didn't know or knew but didn't ask the hard questions to ask in policy making that would jeopardize support from his voters in spite of the fact that his incompetence or lack of candor would cause the deaths of many innocents and the needless deaths of our own service men and women.

Monday, November 26, 2018

European Union Collapse

The European Union is a modern day version of empires long past.Empires by definition are occupiers. It follows that occupiers eventually lose their power and go home.There are not enough Euros to make the French like the Germans or the Italians agree amongst their own. There are not enough Euros to make the Europeans as a whole like or even tolerate African immigrants/illegals.Consequently a collapse of the EU is coming shortly. There is a limit to fiat money transformative powers.The collapse of the EU will be a text book example in the future.

Sunday, November 04, 2018


Like all entities, Facebook has two faces. One face is the social media forum where people exchange thoughts . Those thoughts can be wholesome or an open sewer of hate. That's pretty much mirrors the human species who at best is lovable and generous and at worst a mean monkey who is capable of anything as history has well documented. I think that is on a whole fair evaluation.The other face is the harvesting of members profiles and then monetizing that info by selling that information to a third party who literally can do anything with it. From a " legitimate " tailored sales pitch. Or a viciously edited or misquoted or outright lies to a constructive criminal conspiracy to slander or criminally implicate the Facebook's other users. In this regard Mark Zuckerberg is worse than Shakespeare's classic Jew in "The Merchant Of Venice". Shylock wanted what he was owed. Zuckerberg sold information that didn't belong to him. That information was used for criminal purposes. Ergo Zuckerberg is part of the crime and by definition a criminal.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lockheed And Wilson Always Win

Whether Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer triumphs, tennis racket manufacturer Wilson always is used. Whether Saudi Arabia or Israel survives, F-16 builder Lockheed Martin will be part of the margin of victory and will be reordered.Produce gadgets and the phone will always ring.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Jeff Sessions : Missed Opportunity ?

The courts have been in session but United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions hasn't attended.Trump is impatient. I agree. It's about the Clintons. Bleed them white in legal fees.All the evidence both circumstantial and legally incriminating are part of the public record. Just google Clinton crimes and even I could write a damning criminal brief. My preferable scenario would be never to go to trial but bleed the Clintons white with legal fees.Bill and Hill are old and fragile. They couldn't take the pressure.What great comeuppance to watch a public Dorian Gray-type of picture unveiling.Who would speak in their defense? The democrats would love to see Ozark's Caligula and his smelly wife off the speaking agendas at the national convention. Hey Jeff. All aboard. A train is leaving for Alabama.I say miss the train and send out subpoenas and Clinton operatives will be calling immediately with plea bargains.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Colin Kaepernick : Spartacus Redux ?

Ex football quarterback for sanctuary city San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick registered his unique head outline today as a trade mark. Looks like Nike wants to couple that outline mass with the Nike whoosh for simple communication to the legions of simple athletic shoe culture buyers. Legions? Reminds me of first century B.C.E Roman slave revolt led by Thracian- born ( modern day Bulgaria) Spartacus. He was killed by the Romans in modern day Calabria, Italy in 71 B.C.E. Good peppers from Calabria.Thousands of his fellow slaves were killed also.Spartacus et al had a legitimate complaint. No slaves. And that means particularly they didn't want to be enslaved. I agree. Kaepernick claims he's treated like a slave. Kaepernick any way if you care to look at him doesn't meet the slave profile. Millions in net worth and now a revolt for a political career.Any sword play? Any blood? No. All he needs is a Hollywood agent and one antitrust attorney.By the way slaves were not all conquered peoples. Some peoples sold neighbors and family members to slave traders. Kaepernick wasn't taught that in school. It's not the PC approved narrative. Ignorance is bliss. Till it aint.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


I Googled slavery in Africa.According to Wikipedia and many other sites slavery still exists in parts of Africa today. In fact slavery in Africa was the template for the slave trade that evolved throughout the rest of the world at least to the 16th century. It went further back but that length of time is enough to show up the misinformation I call it lies of the modern day progressives. The progressives spin the narrative that the Africans had a peaceful life in Africa before the white man showed up.Progressives make no reference to the fact of Africans selling family members and other tribes superfluous people for hard cash or bartered goods.They delivered the blacks to the shore.Nazis celebrated the elite with disastrous consequences. Progressives celebrate the less than elite with the disastrous consequence of making many people dumb and dangerous.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Smash And Grab Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area has had many smash and grab events recently. The comparable crimes are parabolic in number compared to just months ago. Apple stores get much of the media attention. But the mostly African American smashers and grabbers also take time to knock off pumpkin sellers at road side in a recent example. Maybe they were stuck in traffic on way to an Apple store and wanted to make the most of profitably for that days totals. Cant see much profit in grabbing a pumpkin and some loose change and few folding bills in the till. But I think money isn't the entire reason for this barbaric behavior. Looks to me the wild monkeys like the exhilaration of destroying and stealing others property. The implications are they can't tolerate a steady job and don't respect private property.Looks to me their future if they last that long will be for them to choose to become feral street people. Then they can retire with the help of the various homeless outreach programs in the Bay Area. These apes remind me of Alex in Clockwork Orange.Alex was a white monkey. Monkey see monkey do.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Progressives In America Are Vulnerable

Progressives in America are vulnerable.The simple fact that they can't have their lawyers with them 24/7 leaves them at a disadvantage.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Apple, Amazon Technology And GDP

Apple and Amazon capitalizations total approximately two trillion dollars.The United States Gross Domestic Product totals approximately nineteen trillion dollars.APPL and AMZN capitalizations are a little more than ten percent of all the goods and services from mom and pops to heavy industry sales in the U.S. Apple is a technology company. If there is any truism about technology is that "change " is inevitable and with it fortunes are lost. Amazon is essentially a store.History has shown that the real estate under the store has proven more valuable over the long run. Amazon doesn't need real estate.So any new competition doesn't need any also because technology obviates the need of real estate. What about new technology that threatens Amazon? That is bound to happen

Sunday, August 12, 2018

McCarthyism: It Was Accurate

Poor Senator Joe McCarthy. He was vilified back in the 19050's for calling an alarm about communists in America.He also targeted Hollywood as its American propaganda voice.He was correct.For communists/progressives/liberals its only gotten easier to walk about in public spewing their subversive drivel about everyone being equal and everyones life mission should be to help others without an obligation from the "others" to fix their own problems or at least try.To paraphrase Simon and Garfunkle" Where are you Joe McCarthy/ Our nation needs you".

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Progressives Create Silhouette Democracy

Progressives and their grinding political correctness tool constructively create a democracy made up of silhouettes.Outlines of people without noticeable features or individuality are held up by these quasi missionaries as exemplary.Progressives use their influence in school curriculum and general media vendors to teach young minds that care giving to others is the preferred way of life. This nihilistic way of life is coupled without critical thinking about the responsibilities of the receivers of this care in turn. Consequently silhouettes of humans become slaves and are massed produced. Repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That legislation codifies inclusion which is as subversive as codifying segregation.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Midterm Elections: Any Hope ?

Midterm elections are coming up in November 6, 2018. All 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs. Any hope for a reversal from the downward spiral course we have been following? I notice no one wants to repeal The Civil Rights Act of 1964. That's the stupid piece of legislation that enforces all are equal protection although we are known by our differences.The Act has been constructively used by homosexuals to allow their filthy habits to ignore basic health laws. That ground breaking crime somehow ushered in homeless filth who likewise had the civil right to foul our streets. And somehow the free pass allowed asylum seekers free passes to live in our country with little or no prosecution.I also notice no one wants to round up Hollywood perverts who openly support the Maximum application of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.So when will things change? Not this midterm election. But round up time is getting closer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Racism is in the news-again. And why shouldn't it be? One uses racism to get ahead. Another uses racism to stay ahead.Get over it.That's what we humans do.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Gates & Buffett: Fathers Of Millions

The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation will ultimately receive all of Warren Buffett's billions. That combination will add up to well over $ 100 billion in assets.Their main focus will probably continue to be Africa.How many millions of Africans has Bill and Warren constructively fathered through their charity work? Have any of the blacks named their children Bill or Melinda or Warren ? Lately it seems that Bill's and Warren's wealth is growing faster than population and charities in Africa. That puts the foundation in a precarious position of losing write offs. Lose write off's and then lose foundation protection from the tax man. Bill and Warren need bodies ASAP.I wonder. Will the future recipients of Bill and Warren largesse be required to do service to Bill and Warren in the form of personal body guards and/or troops? The foundation has laid a strong foundation for such a loyality based on money. Looks like a good way to get into politics with muscle. Better than attorneys.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Trump And Neocons Withdraw From Civilized World

Trump and his neocons withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.Iran should still adhere to the terms of the deal. It would isolate Trump from the other signatories to the deal.More business for them and less chance of an unilateral invasion by the United States. As a bonus Israel's world would get more cold.They are on their way to oblivion because of all that Zionist inbreeding. The country is mostly autistic because of their single purpose mania.By the way the sanctions are another form of trade war. Trump is going off the deep end.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Goldilocks Economy And The Bears

If I heard it once I heard a thousand times: "We are in a Goldilocks economic environment." As per the childs fable "It's not too hot and it's not too cold". It's just right.Investment advisors are not known for their sophisticated prose. But they can sure lie cleverly. Our economy rests on pallets of fiat money. Since the Great Recession literally trillions of dollars were printed and put into the system at zero interest rates.What's more our constructively criminally irresponsible congress spends trillions on government stimulus. Bottom line question: "What's the real economy minus all this quasi opioid fiat money"? What about the bears? Goldilocks disturbed the bears.She got away in the fable.But in real life today the bears wants Goldi's ass.They will get it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Major Challenge

The Gates Foundation has a major problem. With the parabolic rise in Microsoft stock Bill and Melinda are searching for write offs or else they will have to pay additional taxes. Recently they have doubled downed on their battle with the disease carrying mosquito.Long story short. Bill and Melinda constructively want to kill off the mosquitoes and largely replace that insect with more humans.Say what you will about mosquitoes but they are a form of late stage abortion for the indiscriminate breeding habits of Africans.And that service does have some merit. Consider the challenge of people in Africa that number closer to mosquitoes population? Bill values tax write offs more than balance in nature. QED

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Homeless, Civil Rights, Health Laws, Gays And Progressives

San Francisco homeless problem is in a crisis stage. Districts are variously infected. The main areas are in the commercial sections. Beleagured business operators who are losing business don't have the clouts or votes of primarily residential sections.Consequently the civil rights of defecating and urinating homeless is respected more than the public who are exposed to these health hazards.Maybe because San Francisco is the modern day home of gay marriages and their own special health hazards of HIV/AIDS that follows the courting and mating of the homosexuals that foul living habits of homeless is the new normal.It's Ok. If AIDS/HIV is tolerated and supported without criticism unless one wants to get sued or worse we owe it to the homeless for free roaming filth production. Progressives run San Francisco. If they wanted to stop filth on the streets they could. Simply get a determination that cholera or some such other diseases can suddenly occur because of these unchecked homeless conditions. But maybe the progressives are using the homeless as a foil against anyone looking to shut down homosexual rights in the United States. My own view is homosexuality and homelessness are health issues. That trumps civil rights issues.Sooner or later many will see it my way.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shape Of Water: Hollywood Out Of Closet And Mind

Oscars nominees are posted today. Leading the pack is " Shape Of Water " with 13 nominations- including Best Picture and Best Director. It has everything a progressive agenda would wish for--including ground breaking beastialitality. That's right folks.Come see the tender caring mute white woman reach out embrace and have sex with a look alike creature from the black lagoon in a bath tub in her apartment.Disclaimer. I didn't see the movie. I only read synopsis. I won't be seeing the film.The rest of the cast includes gay man, african american women who cares deeply about the odd couple and requisite callous white men. And a Mexican born director writer. Could it get anymore gushing ?Why shouldn't Hollywood push this new relationship possibility? Last year saw the first transgender nomination and win! What's next?I think there's a short connection between progressives in Hollywood and Democratic party bosses platform strategies. I also think trannies and now beastialitaly have something to do with progressives doing so badly at the polls.Fine with me.P.S. Romantic lead beast looks to be OK compared to rapist Harvey Weinstein or degenerate Woody Allen.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Vs, Politicians

Consumer Electronics were on display in Las Vegas recently.Nvidia announced deals with Volkswagen and Uber to develop self driving cabs and cars.Lets cut to it. If I'm going to be driven around Bay Area traffic by a self driving car why not replace my politicians with non human AI programed computers?If I trust no one in the front seat certainly I would trust an AI non human in Sacramento or D.C. more than the clowns and perverts and morons that have been dished up as leaders of our republic.The non human AI computer would be programmed By IBM's Watson Division. Advice. Next election write in Non human AI computer for any office available on the ballot.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Cryptocurrencies Vs Quantitative Tightening

The Federal Reserve is implementing its well advertised shrinking of its $ 4.5 trillion balance sheet.At the moment the fed's drain amounts to approximately $ 20 billion per month.At the same time cryptocurrencies of all possible descriptions and functions are expanding their market cap at a faster rate. Lately a new normal month shows crypto's growing $ 100 billion in a month!Looks like a high noon event is shaping up. Will inflation result? Will the demise of the federal reserve and by extension other central banks result? Or will both learn how to coexist? Cryptocurrencies definitely have the appeal of potentially obviating government as we know it. For instance why pay taxes and fund wars if crypto's can subtract one's monetary footprint from tabulation?So what do we do individually? Buy gold? Buy guns? Buy puts on the S&P? Buy calls on the S&P first?