Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Hillary Clinton Story: Asks The Question....

The Hillary Clinton story asks the question, "Can a white- trash, unindicted- crminal get respect from the people she claims to represent?". Apparantly not is the answer.

Last Sunday at the now infamous Trinity United Church of Christ of Reverend Jeremiah Wright an encore Hillary bashing took place. This time a guest Catholic priest and white Michael Pfleger delivered the sermon/harangue.

In part he said, " When Hillary was crying [New Hampshire] and people said it was a put-on. I really don't believe it was a put-on. I really believed that she just always thought ,' This is mine [nomination]. I'm Bill's wife, I'm white and this is mine. Where did he [Barack Obama] come from? I'm white. I'm entitled. There's a black man stealing my show' ".

The congregation went wild with laughter and applause. I could tell it was a mostly all black congregation because I couldn't make out their faces because they don't reflect light. So what was wrong with the priest's rant? We all know the arrogance and greed of the Clintons. They have been trading in main stream white culture for black and other minority votes since their political hatching. But the pundits cried sexism and racism. Why? Pfleger and Wright before him were just giving the congregation what they wanted to hear. Why didn't the pundits condemn the congregation? Because it's not politically correct, that' why.

The pundits had better learn quickly that the era of YouTube has mortally challenged political correctness . It's the reality of people's opinions and actions shown side by side with the presumptuous goals of political correctness.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Causes Of High Oil Prices: Politics & Market Manipulation.

When is an "oil shortage" not an oil shortage? When there is no rationing and oil is available . Why do we have high-priced oil if there is no oil shortage? We have high-priced oil because market speculators, hedge funds and commodity funds have poured billions into the oil futures market . This has driven up the price of oil and effectively distorted the relationship between actual supply and demand.

The enabling legislation that allows market manipulation was passed in December 2000. It was called the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. It provided for no oversight or regulation for the newly introduced financial derivatives called "swaps". That allowed organizations like Enron to speculate in the futures and energy markets with little or no margin and with "off books" entities. That Enron tailored legislation has been subsequently tailored for mainline investors like CALPERS (California's giant pension fund). The rest is history.

Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm was the lead Senator in introducing the legislation. He is a close advisor to Presidential hopeful John McCain. Look out! Also Wendy Gramm, who just happened to be the head of the Commodity Furures Trading Commission and Phil's wife, some 8 years earlier through an executive ruling exempted Enron from CFTC positions limits and regulations. And the rest is history.

Goldman Sachs is suspected of playing a prominent role in the oil futures price manipulation. Our last two Secretarys of the Treasury were former Goldman Sachs CEOs-Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson. Do you think that Goldman has gotten too big for the country's good?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Abusive Monkey Experiments: We Should Use Humans Instead

Don't just sit there. Order a pizza, buy something on the Home Shopping Channel, order a movie and USE your credit card.

And so poor macaque monkeys with "their own arms gently restarined" learn to manipulate with only their brain waves which are wired to an artificial limb to grab and eat a marshmallow. The essence of our consumer society is now being delivered to the disabled courtesy of the hapless primate. The report is detailed in the latest edition of the scientific journal Nature.

Why use animals? Haven't we plenty of fat, demented couch potatoes who could be wired similarly? Probably some wouldn't even notice it. Or they would love to expend less energy in grabbing some potato chips and a coke while watching Oprah or some stupid game show. Merely thinking about the mouthful of stuff would be enough.

Our consumption and growth based society need all to participate. We ALL must buy and eat and buy and eat and buy and eat and buy and eat and buy and eat..........

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Same Sex Marriage & Required Blood Tests

The latest Field Poll of California voters show a shift to a majority now favoring-51% to 42%- same sex marriages in the state. According to Mark DiCamillo, Field Poll director, " It's a generational replacement, with older folks being replaced by younger voters very much in favor of same sex marriage". A"....generational replacement..."? That's optomistic. Not that we all need to be replaced but what about the homosexual diseases that may make this homosexual movement a one or two generational phenomenon and/or children normally springing from mostly heterosexual coupling?

The young who are in favor are aged 18-29 with the older being 50+ voting no. A few weeks ago the Center For Disease Control released a survey of teenage girls across all races. It showed 1 in 4 girls had a STD (sexually transmitted disease). That's America's upcoming breeding stock who are right behind the 18-29 age group that voted 68% in favor of same sex marriage.

Normally people date many times before finally popping the question about marriage. Will this new attitude towards same sex marriage encourage bisexual dating before settling down to a homosexual or a heterosexual marriage? Speaking of popping the question. Will any of the ambivalent sexual adventurers pop the question to their new partner " Where you been honey and who with ?". Maybe they wouldn't want to bring up the subject because they may be infected themselves?

No one has the "right"to infect another with a STD. No one should expect others to pay for their spreading avoidable diseases. At some point -like now- mandatory blood tests for STDs including AIDS/HIV have to be passed before marriage licenses are issued.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Heraclitus & Hillary Clinton

The 6th century B.C. Greek philosopher Heraclitus said," Our fate isn't written in our stars but in our character".

And so Hillary's secret wishing on a star about a Robert Kennedy June timetable " assassination" of Barack Obama fated her to an " obliteration" of her political chances in the democratic nomination race . Character matters. When one pursues "obliteration" -as was Hillary's warning to Iran -obliteration may be the puruers fate.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Supporters & Enemies Of Jews Predict Fewer Number

Recently Pastor John Hagee of Christians United For Israel said, " Adolf Hitler had been fulfilling God's will by hastening the return of Jews to Israel according to Biblical prophecy". Reverend Hagee speaks for the most powerful evangelical lobby that together with AIPAC are the core support for Israel in Washington.

So Hitler was an instrument of God? Wait there's more. According to the Book Of Revelations (Apocalypse) in the Bible, when the Jews are back in Israel then and only then will the second coming of Christ begin. This Messianic return has dire implications for many Jews. As per the apocalyptic prophecy, Jews will be given a second chance to accept Christ. The prophecy describes most all Jews refusing to acknowlede Christ for a second time and consequently all Jews save 180,000 will be slaughtered by God's angels.

So Hagee and his horde of evangelicals offer only temporary support of the Jews until they are given their final solution by God. And in a small contrast the real-time enemies of the Jews want them dead now. And the U.S. is smack dab in the middle of the Jews and their enemies only because of the constant flow of bribes/campaign contributions from CUFI and AIPAC. In other words the U.S. is getting paid to protect the Jewish state.

Bush was recently in Israel and gave a speach in the Knesset. He refered to the Jews as the " chosen people". Chosen for what and when?

French Fishermen Finally Forced To Face Reality

French fishermen are caught .They are straddling a dock of rising diesel fuel price and an away- drifting boat of elusive, depleted fishing stocks. The fishermen are protesting the 30% surge in the price of diesel in the past 4 months. They want the price rolled back so they can go further out to sea for the fish that they have depleted from their coastal waters.

Their anger has taken the form of port blockades, sea traffic disruption and acts of vandalism on land. The government has offered a limited subsidy but the fishermen say it's not enough. And so the natural world and its laws are brought into sharp focus. I.E. the using of a diminishing resource to pursue a frgile resource has its limits.

Many fishermen will probably go out of business. And well they should. Their business model and philosophy was flawed from the launch. Fishing for dinner is one thing. But the wholesale slaughter of worldwide fish stocks to a mere 20% of their former numbers is a sin. Let the monkeys eat more snails.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hybrid Cripples Invade Olympic Games

When does a cripple's crutch make him more competitive than an able bodied athlete? When a double-amputee uses the trademarked Cheetah Flex Foot. Yesterday South African Oscar Pistorius was granted the right to try out for the Olympic games. The liberal Court Of Arbitration For Sport created in 1984 overturned the 1912 founded International Association Of Athletic Federations' determination that the Flex Foot was indeed a performance enhancer that was unfair to normal competitors.

Sounds familar. And now unfair affirmative action has made a beachead in the Olympic Games in the form of hybrid technology. Cheetah gives Oscar, who is already 30 pounds lighter because of the missing limbs below the knee, the ability to run down the track on ultra- light carbon fiber blades that effectively mimic pogo-like springs attached to his thighs. There is less wind resistance with the blades, there are never the problems of sore feet or sore lower leg muscles. Also with less body mass, the vital dynamic of oxygen distribution is concentrated in a smaller muscular areas.

Enough already. With the human population approaching 7 billion on the planet we should be celebrating excellence and not degrading the heretofore ultimate physical competitions of the Olympic games. Handicapped people have their own Paralympian games. Oscar should stay where he belongs.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mayor Newsom Spends Too Much Time On Wrong Holes

Yesterday Mayor Gavin Newsom squeakly proclaimed from his pencil-neck, " My god, this [same-sex marriage court ruling] is now bigger than San Francisco". The crowd gushed. And so Newsless let slip his personal joy of being freed from the pedestrian jobs of a local mayor. He was back on the national stage. He was "bigger than General Motors".

Hey Newsless, all politics are local. Sure there are many homosexuals in San Francisco. But I wonder how many would rather trade in marriage possibilities for a Golden Gate Park that was not a private reserve for bums? How about fixing holes in the streets instead of right of way for cannubial sodomy or cunnilingus? How about plugging holes in the budget and fixing gaps in sound city business regulations so heterosexuals and homosexuals alike can help plan for a secure future?

Newsless wants to leave this to the next administration. And so it will be left for others to clean up. Just like the spread of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases will be left to mother nature inspite of Newsless' stamping his foot about discrimination.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Israel Embraces America: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Our moron president is in Israel celebrating the so-called 60th anniversary of Israel's land swindle of Palestine and the slow-motion genocide of its indigenous people. One photo has the Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert gleefully and possessively hugging Bush. Pictures are worth a thousand words. It's a truism that the proximity of a Zionist-in this scene, Olmert- is directly proportional to the exploitability of the targeted person -in this scene Bush and by extension the U.S. America is Israel's only friend. Boy are we doing something wrong! The U.S. stands between Israel and its world of enemies. If we went away, Israel would disappear quickly.

While in Israel Bush will visit the ancient mountain fortress of Masada. It is a monument to Israeli nationalism. It was here that in 70 A.D. app. 1000 Israeli zealots holed up in the face of advancing Roman legions. And what did the zealots do to earn this commemoration? They commited suicide by jumping from Masada heights. What's brave about that? The zealots were cowards.

I get the feeling that the Masada event will play again in modern times. Israel sometime in the not to distant future will be faced with destruction from one or many of its many enemies. And so it will use its nukes before it is finally annihilated. It will be a kind of suicide and final gesture. Israel won't be missed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mayor Gavin Newsom & Angela Alioto: Two For The Road

What to do about the "homeless"? Well Angela Alioto, chairwoman of The 10-Year Plan To Abolish Homelessness In San Francisco and Mayor Newsom now want to try old parking meters placed in "homeless' locales. The meters will collect money for worthy homeless charities and discourage people from giving handouts to panhandlers.In the first place "homeless" is a sympton. It's not the problem. The cause of homelessness is either a mental condition or a simple lifestyle choice by some to just go feral.

If the problem is mental then the city can refer to the state law called "Laura's Law" which mandates outpatient treatment and help. Newsom refuses to enforce this statute. Why? Maybe he's a mental case also. If the problem is a lifestyle choice to go feral. Then there are plenty of laws on the books whether they be hygiene related or criminal to use to clear these filthy people out of S.F. Newsom does not enforce those laws either.

When will Newsless and the "Snarling Garlic" do something effective? Maybe they need a "homeless"to sit on their faces to really understand the problem.

W.Virginia Vote:Carpetbagger & Klan Culture Whip Black Man

" Politics makes strange bedfellows" . And none stranger than West Virginians with their Klan heritage teaming up with a carpetbagger. Hillary "More White People Support Me" Clinton and 8 in 10 West Virginians who commented in the exit polls that race was a factor publically whipped the black man Barack Obama with a 40% pluarity of votes. West Virginia is 98% white and 2% black. That 2% includes military personnel that are on temporary duty in the state.

Senior Senator Robert Bryd has represented W. Virginia since 1959. In 1945 he was appointed a Ku Klux Klan " Exalted Cyclops"to keep an eye on the local chapter. Bias of any kind is natural. Bias crosses the line when it gets physical or demeaning. So the KKK have a point as long as they use only votes to register their preference. But carpetbagger Hillary marshalling the Klan to rein in and beat a black man who jumped her and Bill's political plantation makes the Klan look ethically better by comparison.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Morons Studying Obese & Lazy Humans: Another Wasteful Government Study

Here's some recent findings about the causes of obesity reached by some of the morons who run expensive government studies at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia . The study reports " there is a link between irregular sleep [too much and too little] and big bellies". Also the study points to "a link between light sleepers to higher drinking and smoking rates".

The conclusion issued by the CDC was, " We are getting to the point that recommending enough sleep [not too little or too much] as a standard approach to weight loss and prevention of obesity". No, it wasn't Dr. Goldilocks who was the spokesperson for the CDC.

I dont know how much money was spent on this study but it covered a pool of 87,000 adults and was conducted between the years 2004 and 2006. It must have been very expensive. Did it ever occur to the study directors that the main cause of obesity is laziness ? Did it ever occur to the directors of this study that these fat underworked adults would sleep better, drink less and smoke less if they got off their fat ass' and exercised ? The human species is largely disgusting . There are too many of us that really don't merit being supported.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Israel's Birthday: Lies About It's Age & Legitamcy

Israel's first prime minister David Ben Gurion declared Israel's independence on May 14, 1948. And so according to David's calender, next Wednesday well be Israel's 60th birthday.

But wait,the United Nations created Israel out of the partition of Palestine on November 29,1947( the vote was heavily influenced by the political blackmail of the United States under the direction of super-Zionist Bernard Baruch). So why celebrate the b-day 6 months later when the Zionists had already fixed the final score- so to speak? Well the one hang up to the partition were the facts on the ground. Namely there were 700,000 Palestinians living in their homes and they had to be evicted a.k.a. ethnically cleansed.

And so they were with the help of the land title in the Zionist's greedy hands and superior arms from the U.S. and worldwide Jewry. Suppose the original Zionists could not evict the Palestinians? Then what would have happened? It was too late for the Palestinians, the fix was already done. The U.N. had transferred title to one half of Palestine to the Zionists. From that point on it would become a job for U.N. peacekeepers or the U.S. to deliver the land to the Zionists.

A interesting point is that the U.N. didn't own Palestine. So how could it sell any part of Palestine? To borrow a Wall Street term ,it effectively made a "short sale" of 1/2 of Palestine and has been struggling with margin calls ever since 1947.

Monday, May 05, 2008

U.S. In Iraq & Iran : Finally Getting It Right

For the past 5 years the U.S. has suffered defeat after defeat in the preemptive Iraq War debacle. Unphased the U.S. now is considering expanding the mess into neighboring Iran. Even if Iran didn't respond to American targeted bombing, worldwide commodities funds would drive the oil futures market up minimally to $175.00 /bbl. That would further cripple our economy and may cause a collapse in tangental economies. It would also exacerbate the world food crisis. But of course Iran would respond and the fallout from a preemptive war in Iran would severely greater to world economies.

It's a truism that " People who can't remember can never learn". And so if people refuse to learn from yesterday in Iraq, today in Iraq and all those tomorrows in Iraq then it will get worse. So how will it all end for the U.S. in Iraq and the Middle East? We will lose big. And then and only then will America finally come up with a sustainable Middle East policy.

The implied corollary to this predictable outcome is that preemptive war is not a wise policy and by extension all preemptive wars SHOULD BE LOST lest they become a bad habit.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Filly Eight Belles: Exploitation Exploded Ankles

Three-year old filly Eight Belles with her bursting determination tried to catch the exceptional colt Big Brown in yesterday's 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. She didn't. She finished second. Probably both of her front ankles were already broken when she crossed the finish line. Within minutes she was euthanized on the track. Her spirit and determination were greater than her ankles could carry.

Her most sad end is reminiscent of the 1975 match race between the filly Ruffian and then Kentucky Derby winner Foolish Pleasure. Ruffian tried to catch the colt also, but shattered one of her ankles in the pursuit. She ran for 40 yards after her ankle was broken before the jockey could rein her in! Ruffian was also euthanized. The two fillies' spirit and determination were the margins that made them champions. Those qualities simply known as heart can overcome anatomical disadvantages.I'm sure the trainers of both fillies knew that they could "go to the bank" in the exploitation of the horses heart quotient.

I have been an equestrian for 37 years. I stopped watching horse racing shortly after buying my first horse. When you know horses intimaely you learn that racing is cruelty.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Party Of Incumbents: The Oldest & Strongest Political Party In The United States

Who are you going to vote for? No matter what you answer the person who goes to Washington will join a new political party. The party doesn't have an official name. But it's hold on new arrivals is immediate and overwhelming. "All politics are local" is a truism. And the politics of our nations capitol is not immuned. Simply, the local politics in D.C. is about incumbents remaining incumbents and the incestuous players will do most anything to stay in their cushy powerful jobs. That's the explanation for the seemingly unchanged and predictably increasingly out of touch performance of our elected representatives since the founding of our republic.

The most recent example of the incumbent party trumping the democratic and republican parties is the complete capitulation of the anti-war 2006 congressional elections. That group led by Pelosi and Reid now routinely extend war funding. And what's more Pelosi and Reid will give this president all he wants and will also start the next administration with a free 6 months war funding starter kit.

As with all hypertrophies the incumbent party will only lose when an extraordinary event slams into their careful planning. In this case the extraordinary event will be the unequivocal failure of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time is on the side of the truth of things. Be truthful and life is a pretty easy thing to enjoyably live.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Barbara Walters & Edward Brooke: Kiss & Sell

Kiss and tell? No. Kiss and maybe tell? No. Kiss and sell? Yes .Oh yes Barbara Walters maybe thought . And so grasping Walters went public in her recent memoir " Audition" about a sexual relationship with then married but stll alive now former Massachusetts' Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970s. He was the first African-American to be elected to the U.S. Senate. At that time she was co-host of the NBC "Today" show.

Is this another Jew exploits African-American story? If so then Barbara seduced Edward with the faint idea that she could profit from the relationship either by being paid or getting a political connection to parlay. She's a classic.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dick Cheney Fights Whale Protection

Just when you think your opinion of Vice President Dick Cheney couldn't sink further . Up jumps Cheney's executive blocking of a National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) regulation to protect right whales from sea collisions. The ship-operators lobby got Cheney's ear on the topic and asked him to use his executive authority to block the regs implementation. He has for a year and at least 3 more right whales have died because of being rammed by ocean-going ships and numerous other whales have been mangled by the vessels propellers. Right whales are extremely endangered with only 350 left after a very slow recovery from near extinction 100 years ago.

Simply the new regulation would require ships that are in right whale waters to reduce speed by app. 40% to 10 knots until they are out of whales locale. It's like cars slowing down in a school zone. The ship owners lobby say their costs of operation will go up because of the reduced speed. So The Dick's office is quoted ,"We had no evidence that lowering speeds of "large ships will actually make a difference". Arrogance and callousness thy names are Dick Cheney.

It's too bad this asshole is still alive. And not even endangered. It's easy to determine where he lives. Its' the pixelated Google maps in Northwest Washington at the Naval Observatory or his second home in St. Michaels, Maryland. Rumsfeld also lives in St. Michaels. Hey while in the neighborhood, why not stop by?