Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama Was Supposed To Be Best Of Breed! : Time For Kinder , Gentler Segregation?

Obamacare continues to blow up. Our allies are mad about us tapping their communications. Our foreign policy amounts to a stream of continuing self-inflected disasters.Spending is out of control because of Obama's socialistic policies.He appoints odd balls to the Supreme Court.His personally directed drone strikes that kill innocents insure a future for America that will end badly. And Michelle has gotten any less ugly.These facts should give us pause. How did this commie, creep get into the White House? He came from doing social work in Chicago ghettos.In other words, he was the best that the blacks had to offer! Can you imagine the near monkeys in the ghetto who were not as capable as Barack? I shudder to think why we support this festering underbelly of society.What's to be done? We should bring back a kinder, gentler segregation. No laws codifying discrimination . But also no laws that invite reverse discrimination. We have already lost two generations to The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960's. No more sacrifices for blacks who don't get it or don't want to get it.

Obamacare: Futile Democratic Equality Goals Displace Quality Service & Also Eliminate Service

Anytime a politician preaches equality in policies , you can expect quality policies to be abandoned. And so now we are informed by the Obama administration that millions will lose their old medical coverage. Why? Because they are "substandard".Never mind if one wants to keep the old cheaper policy. The Affordable Care Act mandates the covered individual apply for a more expensive policy. How? By using Healthcare.gov. Which doesn't work almost all of the time.This is democracy in a nutshell.Policies that are for all because we are all equal but in fact can't work because we are known by our differences.Time for a change.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vanity Fair Features Mia Farrow: Rosemary's Baby Star & Woody Allen Are Like Life Imitating Art

Vanity Fair's latest edition features Mia Farrow. She was the star of "Rosemary's Baby". She lived with Woody Allen for twelve years . He now is married to an adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Andre Previn. In the Vanity article, he denies finger-fucking his present wife/Mia's adopted daughter while he was living with Mia. The article also mentions another adopted child of Mia and/or Woody. She had accused Woody of improper behavior toward herself.He also denied those accusations. Should we not call him Woody? They say that art imitates life. Well I'd say the "Rosemary's Baby" story of the devil raping and impregnating "Rosemary" a.k.a. Mia Farrow reverses this real life quasi sequel. In the Woody and Mia saga , it's life imitating art!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BART & SEIU: Build A Transportation System And They Will Strike

BART management settled the very disruptive strike with the Service Employees International Union. The overpaid strikers who make more than 90% of their passengers remind why unions have so little dues paying members.No matter what they get in contract negotiations they want more next time because it's never enough. Consequently jobs go elsewhere. Whether it be overseas or right to work states here in America. It's interesting the 'International" in the SEIU title. Sounds like a Marxist/Leninist organization with its goal set on a worldwide roll out.The commissars at SEIU headquarters should know two facts. This 2013 not 1913. And there are almost seven billion on the planet. In other word, people are cheap and unions aren't. So who you gonna call? Coincidentally ground breaking on California's bullet train recently began. So here we go again. Billions are going to be spent so another union can take effective control and hold Cal passengers/owners hostage. Union members could be given toy electric trains to play with? Then they wouldn't disturb hard working adults.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jerusalem : Semitic City Of Religions And Their Lies

Judaism, Islam and Christianity have important historical sites in Jerusalem. Jews have the remains of their temples. Islam has the Dome of The Rock where Mohammed supposedly ascended into heaven. The Christians revere Jerusalem as a place where Jesus taught. They were all Semitic. The eighteen century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, " A Semite is the master of the lie." And when it comes to religions, do we want a Semites word on its source of validity? I think not. Many Semites ended up in Hollywood.I think there is a connection between selling tickets to movies and selling indulgences via religions and collecting donations.Another way of putting is , "Why are so many religions related to Semitic peoples?". I smell a rat.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Democracy : A Source Of Confusion

Once the democratic tenet "all are equal " is applied as per the law , then all situations become blurred and we need attorneys and judges and politicians to sort things out. That lasts as long as the wealth of the country can be redistributed. When the wealth runs out, so does the lie "all are equal".Then differences count.

U.S. Olympic Committee & Sexual Orientation

The United States Olympic Committee added sexual orientation as a non-discriminatory class in picking Olympic individual representatives and team events. They include transgender freaks as fully acceptable. The USOC disallows performance enhancing drugs yet allows performance enhancing operations. This hole ( pun intended) in the rules turns a physical excellace event into a political correctness non event. Or without an operation,is the USOC simply to rely on the notion of the athlete as to what sex he or she wants to compete as?

Monday, October 07, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Into Law More Destructive Legislation

Yin and yang are the Chinese symbols for the philosophy of how opposites are interdependent and in fact create the other. The familiar symbol is the juxtaposition of two identical figures save the color. One is white. One is black.They make a circle unto themselves with head to tail and tail to head. Which resembles Governor Jerry Brown with his head up his ass. He is his own yin and yang. His inner conflicts create opportunities for nonsense legislation to be passed by the democratically controlled Assembly and Senate and signed into law. A recent example was this passed Saturday when he signed into law the right of illegal immigrants to practice law in the State of California. There was one person in that category that was mentioned. His name was Sergio Garcia. I guess Jerry and the greasers in the state legislators are hoping to attract more. Or they have absolutely nothing else to do that is race related so they just want to show how much power they have. Do we need another attorney in California? My recent copy of the Yellow Pages has 600 pages. Fully 52 of those pages are filled with lawyers! San Francisco Yellow Pages only has 14 pages of restaurants. two or three pages of plumbers, electricians , accountants etc. You get the point. But now we have an illegal immigrant lawyer.By the way, with over 8% of the Yellow Pages in lawyer contact information, one might say that is prima facie evidence that there is no substantial barrier to becoming an attorney. It also implies that because over 8% of the Yellow Pages are dedicated to this class one can deduce that only a cartel could support all those licences to steal.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Poor Blacks And Illegals Are Primarily Uninsured: Why Would They Sign Up For Obamacare?

According to government statistics poor blacks and illegals are the overwhelming majority of non-insured in the U.S. They are busting the system by demanding services at emergency rooms without paying. So here comes Obamacare. It's typical democratic nanny state solution. Instead of targeting the problem group or groups, a general levy or remedy is forced upon the entire population. That's the way of democracy. We're all equal so differences in performances can only be attributed to unequal provisions of the law.But so far poor blacks and illegals aren't signing up for the Affordable Care Act. And why should they? Those two groups have resisted doing anything the right way for most of their history. In the past poor blacks relied on white carpet bagger attorneys to arrange bussing to schools or lowering test score requirements to keep them in school etc. So why should the poor blacks put themselves to the trouble of actually signing up on a computer and requesting a subsidy? It's too much like work. Poor blacks want social workers to come to their homes and walk them through the process. Or maybe social workers will now be on duty at all ERs to do the paper work no matter what the extra expense. As for the illegals, I don't think they want to give away their contact information to the government. Obamacare will fail because of non participation.

Obamacare Sign Up Results So Far: What's The Total?

What are the results so far in sign-ups for the Affordable care Act a.k.a. Obamacare? Silence is deafening. We have heard of glitches in computer software. But surely some sign-ups have been processed. Silence is deafening. Our age is the information technology era. National election winners and losers are called after a few moments after election stations shut down.So why aren't there estimates of how Obamacare is doing after six days? Silence is deafening. I will guess that if President Obama had anything to brag about he and his groupies would be all over the media crowing about the success of his program. And REMINDING voters how the Republicans are out of step with the wishes of the country. But its not happening. ERGO Obama care is failing and it will be ever more embarrassing for the president.QED

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bitcoin Or Barter

A quick overview of Bitcoin as provided by Wikipedia left me asking why bother.Aside from being described as a cryptocurrency that is based on an open-source crptographic source than can be stored in your digital wallet after using bitcoin miners to find it while keeping in mind that the clock is ticking because Bitcoin creation will be halved every four years until there are 21 million Bitcoins created.Oh by the way all the bits of Bitcoins esoteric being were existing ideas from the cypherpunk community.That doesn't make it necessarily ready for mainstream. The purpose of the Bitcoin is to facilitate peer to peer virtual currency transactions deliberately excluding central monetary authority. I.E. no government printing press currency .But currency is currency. It's still the root of all evil. My thought about its bad rap is it allows people to be in more than one place at a time. The human in the best of circumstances should be limited in influence to his or hers immediate geographical locale. But money allows all sorts of messy projections. Such as sending currencies to Rhino pachers to kill and deliver Rhino horn by the pound. Without Bitcoin or the traditional folding green of any country this atrocity would largely disappear. So what's better for us and the planet instead of Bitcoin or traditional money? Barter is the answer. There are no barriers to participating except ones lack of talent to exchange.

Friday, October 04, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown & Party Dress Caucus Of Democratic Party

Did you know that California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill # 1266 in August that allows conflicted students to choose what bathroom they use? I guess bathroom icons that have a boy or girl silhouettes could be replaced with a simple party dress.What's next? Maybe fellatio and cunnilingus in at least five languages so one could make the most of pause that refreshes. I'm not against oral sex, but there is a time and place for everything and everyone. A bathroom is for obvious convenience but it is not the place for affirmative action about queer issues.It looks like AIDS will be the only caveat that will stop this nonsense

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

How About Blackstone Group Or Carl Icahn Or Other Private Equity & Hedge Fund Operators Organize Foreign Holders Of U.S. Debt For Restructure Of U.S. Government

It happens every day. Whether it be Blackstone or Icahn or some other raider takes a significant position in stock or bonds of targeted companies and then demands management unlock value or enhance safety of investment by changing management or management style.Does the United States Government need some demand that it reduce it ruinous ways? Yes. Our government has about $16 trillion in outstanding debt. Seventy percent of that debt is held by individuals, corporations and governments around the world.The U.S. is in danger of default. It's a circumstance that is perfect for a private equity group or many groups to organize the debt holders to demand responsible actions by our executive and judicial and legislative branches . Real time adjusting markets are not accurate. The Federal Reserve policy of buying its own debt at a $85 billion per month clip resembles market manipulation and is thus effectively criminal and jeopardizes bond holders investments. The mere mention of such a group organizing would plunge the government market initially but would force our congress to act in a prudent way. The group would tip the balance to favor consrevative approach to our government. It may be the only way to break the duopoly of Dems and Reps.