Wednesday, November 30, 2005

War Funding Tied to Withdrawal Plan

Bush/Cheney et al were involved in a deception for the crime of the Iraq War. Congress is aware of that deception. Congress can be complicit in that crime or actively bring the war to closure. Congress has the power and should attach a " metrics" for withdrawal to any war appropriations bill. True support of our troops would remove them from harms way. Starve the warmongering beast.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rep. Cunningham: Only Steal with Majority Voting

Rep. Randy Cunningham, highly decorated Viet Nam War pilot, pleaded guilty to taking $ 2.4 million in bribes and resigned from Congress. The bribes came from military defense contractors who wanted business from the Federal government.

What's the fuss?Bush/Cheney received over $200 million in bribes to run for the presidency. Hell, the disaster duo were nowhere to be found during the Viet Nam War let alone get decorated. Actually Bush/Cheney started a war for it's lobbyists. Cheney's old firm Halliburton was a major beneficiary. Are Bush/Cheney going to confess and resign? I don't think so.

The difference between the 2 situations is that Bush/Cheney did their crime with a majority vote of Congress. Cunningham was a comparative mom and pop to the Walmart of the military-industrial complex's poster stooges. Politicians can't be trusted. War should only be declared with a majority of the country in favor by NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

N. Y. Times: Drumbeat for Iran/Syria Invasion

Today's N.Y.Times lead editorial is an example of hutzpah equal to hubris. Titled" An Army for the Day After", it encourages Seretary Rumsfeld's plans to elevate in importance " stability operations" policy to the level of importance of invasion plans. Quoting the Times, " Stability operations are not a panacea. But if used wisely, they can spell the difference between a successful completed mission and an endless quagmire".

Say what? The Times wants more nation-building. What country or countries? Do they have to be a threat to Israel to qualify- Iran and/or Syria? So any redeployment of troops after a withdrawal from Iraq will be kept close by? So Judith Miller was not the only reporter/editor/publisher at the Times Organization that wanted an Iraq invasion with or without WMD/al-Qaeda connections.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Israeli Interests Lease/Own Our Congress

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations together control over 50 PACs across America. Why is this a problem? Its the reason why America has a lopsided support of Israel. This is despite the rogue behavior of this nuclear-armed country. The 50 PACs allows the limits of contributions to be multiplied by 50 times. This effectively allows AIPAC and the Conference to contribute more than $ 500,000 to each candidate per election cycle. With 525 members of Congress, the math works to over $ 200,000,000 being dangled in front of our spineless politicians. Also the US gives Israel over $ 2.5 billion per year as per the Camp David Accords since 1980. No doubt some of that grant money is laundered in Israel and finds its way back to our politician's bank accounts. Most of the regional PACs are deceptively named in the interest of discretion. What can be done? These organizations represent a foreign country. Their reps should be collared under foreign agent laws not like lobbyists from a quasi 51st state.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cheney Needs a Straightjacket

Yesterday Cheney was at the American Enterprise Institute giving a speech chiding Americans in general and some politicians in particular for demanding a timetable for American withdrawal from Iraq. Simultaneously in Cairo, Iraqi leaders were demanding a timetable for an American withdrawal from Iraq.

It qualifies as an ultra-embarassing moment for any sensitive or sane person. But I don't think Cheney is sensitive or particularly sane. He is a malevolent version of a modern day Don Quixote denying and fearing a world without the possibility of perpetual war. He and his little stooge should be run out of town.

Is Someone in the C I A Out to Get Cheney ?

Prosecutor Fitzgerald's recent statement, " the investigation [Plame leak] is ongoing" points to more problems for the Bush administration in general and Dick Cheney in particular. Cheney's Chief of Staff is so far taking the fall for the outing of Valerie Plame which many think was Cheney's idea. But only a Libby indictment doesn't suit parties unknown at this time. Thats why the Bob Woodward leak/revelation happened. These leaks around Cheney remind of Nixon's " deep throat" adversary. Where are the leaks coming from? My bet is that someone in the CIA is behind a plot to get Cheney impeached and/or for him to resign.

Here are some reasons. On March 10, 2004 former CIA Director George Tenet testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. He said, " I was out of the loop when a Pentagon unit [ Douglas Feith, F. Michael Maloof and others] presented findings [CIA intelligence] to the Office of the Vice President Dick Cheney". These "findings" were left out of original CIA briefings because of them not being reliable.

Also in 2004, former NY Times reporter Judith Miller wrote in her notes that Libby believed the " CIA was hedging against accusations of failure by blaming Cheney and Bush".

The new CIA Director, Porter Goss upon replacing Tenet in 2004 said, " I want to clarify beyond a doubt the rules of the road. As Agency [ CIA] employees, we do not identify with or champion oppostion to the administration and its policies are our work." Sounds like " Fixing facts to suit policy," as per the Downing St Memo.

Cheney used the CIA for information gathering. When that information is distorted or even worse demands that future info be tailor-made, he then makes fools of the CIA. But some in the CIA resent being used as fools or fetch dogs for the likes of Cheney and his foolish dreams of empire.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

PNAC & America's Coming, Rotating Emperors

For The Project for the New American Century, empire includes America. The logical extension of a preemptive war foreign policy ( still unopposed by either party) is the domestic Patriot Act. To that end PNAC interests have been joined by democratic and republican aims for only a two-party system in the future. Late last night Congressional negotiators agreed on making permanent almost all of the temporary provisions of the Patriot Act. A particular double-edged provision is the " National Security Letter". This Orwellian-named legal instrument is equivalent to searches without warrents-police-state stuff. In the hands of the politically-controlled F.B.I. not only terrorist organizations could be rousted but also third-party challengers.

So prepare for rotating emperors. Be they republican or democrats. The Praetorian Guard will be made up of Washigton bureaucracies.. What can one do ? The heart of the beast is the war-making powers of Washington's lobbyist-owned politicians. In war they trust. Therefore to kill the beast, the power to wage war should reside only in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Each state should put this propistion on the ballot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Power Defines Peoples and Nations

Bush is in China badgering the leadership about more democratic reforms. Compare his pop-off behavior to his spiraling poll numbers based on a criminal high-handed invasion of Iraq. Where is his moral authority for preaching? Our moron was informed of the non-binding Senate amendment for more disclosure and progress reports of the Iraqi situation from the executive branch. Bush commented, " The only reason we won't succeed [ in Iraq] would be if we lost our nerve." Nerve? The senate bill is not about nerve or machismo. It is about learning. If it is not working you stop.

Meanwhile back in the occupied territories of the previously historic Palestine, Sec. Rice actually brokered a deal. She "won" from the Israeli slum landlords the right for the Palestinians to actually leave Gaza and go into Egypt through the Rafah crossing. Wasn't there a Warsaw Ghetto that the Nazis effectively ran as a prison?Didn't America fight WW II to stop situations like that?

Want to know what a person or country is really made of? Give them power. America should not be defined by lobbyist-bought representatives. Any important decisions concerning war and peace should be by NATIONAL REFERENDUM. The lobbyists have won the old way of governing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wake Up People ! Preemptive War is Still Policy

Any Democrat or Republican objecting to preemptive war as policy? No. They are all in lock step. Could a preemptive war happen in Iran? Could a preemtive war happen in Syria? The same forces in and out of government that lied and lobbied for preemptive war in Iraq are still pulling the strings. War should only be declared by NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Stop the lobbyist choke hold on Washington.

Hill & Billy in Israel: Didn't Speak with Palestinians

Hill and Billy Clinton were in Israel this past weekend. They spoke to Prime Minister Sharon about his country's future needs. They also commerorated the 10-year anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's death . Rabin was the Prime Minister who was assasinated by an ultra-national Jew for making peace with the Palestinians. Rabin received a Nobel Peace Prize along with Yasir Arafat for their efforts on the Oslo Peace Accords. These same Accords were repudiated by Sharon. The 425-mile seperation wall is the unequivocal statement about those Accords. Hill and Billy didn't take the opportunity to speak with the Palestinian leadership about anything.

Hill is running for president in 2008. If elected her opinions about the Middle East will play a role in America's future security. Her opinions include Jerusalem under exclusive Jewish control and she also favors the construction of the seperation wall. Both positions are non-starters with the Palestinians regarding peace negotiations.

America cannot afford yet another president that is in the pocket of AIPAC and Israeli lobbyists.

Friday, November 11, 2005

America & Israel's High Cost of Supporting Lies

What a coincidence or was it? Yesterdays House vote over budget cuts were called off. The republican majority couldn't get the votes to cut spending by $ 50 billion over 5 years. That figure is a pittance compared to the $ 7 billion per month expenses of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. But the cuts were going to be levied on the backs of the poor not Lockheed, Boeing, Halliburton et al. The ugly realities of what this war is doing to the middle class and the poor has brought a revolt.

At the same time in Israel, the ruling coalition of Likud/Labor was about to collapse. The upset victory of a new Labor Party leader Amir Peretz over Shimon Peres is the reason. Peretz said he will pull Labor out of the coalition because his partys members are being left behind. Israel like America is a top ten world arms dealer. It is # 4 and America is # 1. So while the unending conflict with the Palestinians is good for a certain segment of the economy the rest are being left behind.

America is trying to live the expensive lie of empire as a reachable , sustainable goal. And Israel is trying to live the expensive lie that it can occupy anothers land indefinitely.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why Is Chalabi Visting the American Enterprise Institute ?

If PNAC is the impresario of the Bush administration, the American Enterprise Institute is central casting. As the name suggests AEI is about business. How the money is made is of no particular concern. First make the money and then deal with the fallout with some of the profits. So in the interests of profits and power, Ahmad Chalabi visited AEI yesterday. An AEI spokesman, Senior Fellow Reuel Marc Gerecht said, " Some might say his [ Chalabi's] role is verging on indespensible. We still don't have that many people in Iraq we can go to and get information that makes sense."

Chalabi's short resume includes a conviction of a $ 30 million bank fraud in Jordan. He fled the country. He is still wanted. In the first Gulf War the CIA fired him for for feeding them false information. He was requested by the ultra-Zionists/ Neocons in the Pentagon Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith for more false information in their push for an Iraq invasion. Former N. Y. Times reporter Judith Miller used his lies of WMD and al-Qaeda connection for her agenda. Also he has been accused of leaking US intelligence about Iran to Iran. His current position is Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and Oil Minister. AEI members were not interested in his resume. The false information issues could be absorbed by US troop. Right now both Chalabi and AEI want more profits and power.

Douglas Feith: Questions about his Iraq Behavior & " Deception"

The original plan for postwar Iraq was for the State Dept. to have the governing authority. It was also the plan for that authority to be passed off to an intermediate Iraqi government as quickly as possible. Also the Iraqi army was not to be disbanded. The National Security Directive 24 which Bush signed changed all that. NSC 24 instead gave postwar Iraq authority to the Pentagon. The rest is history. Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith was the effective head of postwar Iraq. Paul Bremer and the CPA answerd and took instructions from Feith. Feith also set policy for Iraqi prisoners and detainees in Iraq.

Over a year ago on October 21, 2004 Sen Carl Levin submitted a 46-page report to the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding prewar intelligence. The report concluded that " Mr. Feith had practiced a continuing deception of Congress." At the same time Congressman John Conyers wrote a letter to the House Judiciary Committee demanding an investigation into the "substantial, credible evidence that Pentagon officials engaged in unathorized activity". He named Feith and others.

In 1997 Douglas Feith and his father Dalck were honored by the Zionist Organization of America as " pro-Israel activists". Douglas Feith has authored/coauthored many books/policy papers for Israeli think tanks that seemingly conflict with official US policy in the Middle East. For example in 1997, Feith co-authored along with Richard Perle, David Wurmser ( Cheney's advisor on the Middle East) " A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm". The policy paper advised then Prime Minister Elect Natanyahu to abandon the Oslo Peace Accords and take a hard line with the Palestinians. The " realm" to be secured was Israel not America. One wonders how someone with less of a right-wing Zionist attitude would have handled events relating to Iraq? An occupation of Iraq is a plus for Israel but a negative for America.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


1) Want a quasi impeachment of Bush?


2) Republicans worried about losing Congress in 2006?


3) AIPAC and Israel want the espionage spotlight off their activities?


4) PNAC and Chairman Wm. Kristol want more privacy?


5) Seperate America from torture reputation?


6) Use conservation and alternative fuels as a curb to oil consumption?


7) Mitigate military-industrial complex influence in Congress?


8) Libby want to get off lightly?


9) Hey Dick. How about your wild, racing heart and raging machismo? " DUMP CHENEY " might be a blessing.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Douglas Feith: Iraq " Deception" Cover-Up

Tuesdays rare closing of the Senate was about the 22-month delayed Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of false pre-war Iraq intelligence. At the heart of the investigation is the role played by Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and others at the Pentagon.

Over a year ago on October 21, 2004 Senator Carl Levin submitted a 46-page report to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Levin's report concluded that "Mr. Feith had practiced continuing deception of Congress". At the same time Congressman John Conyers wrote to the House Judiciary Committee demanding an investigation into the " substantial, credible evidence that Pentagon officials engaged in unauthorized activities". He named Feith and others.

Interestingly Lawrence Franklin the Pentagon analyst who pleaded guilty to passing classified information to AIPAC and Israeli embassy employees worked directly under Feith during that time. Feith, Wolfowitz and others should be brought before Congress to answer what they were up to. Stop the cover-up.

Bravo, Harry Reid : PNAC Worried

Last Tuesday the beginning of a revolt against the presidency of Bush/Cheney was started. Senate Minority Leader Reid closed the Senate. He and the oppostion demanded an accounting of the 22-month delayed Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of false pre-war Iraq intelligence. Gee wouldn't be nice to know the facts?

No. In the opinion of N,Y.Times writer David Brooks. One would think that " All the News Fit to Print" would include a dispassionate outing of internal national security threats. But judging by the vile, childish Brook's piece " The Harry da Reid Code" one is certain that a nerve in the PNAC, Neocon and Likudnik corpus has been touched. Brook's DENIES 10 times, count'em ,10 times " republican conspiracy to manipulate intelligence in Iraq". But Dave isn't the problem. He is only the weenie- tool compared to the swinging Dick and Chairman Kristol at PNAC.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gates Foundation, Malaria & Birth Control

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently awarded a $ 258 million in grants for malaria treatment and prevention. Over 3000 children die each day from malaria. The United Nations recently released figures that showed over 30,000 children die each day from malnutrition. The Gates Foundation means well. The UN means well. The road to unintended consequences is paved with-meaning intentions. A Chinese proverb goes " If you save a life you are responsible for that life." Any life-saving drugs should be accompanied with birth control drugs/devices/procedures that are also recommended. Why save lives from malaria only to set-up long term death by malnutrition?

Wider War Will Come Without Oppostion

Bush's ratings are plunging. Cheney described by friend Brent Scowcroft in current " New Yorker". He said,".. I've known him [Cheney]for 30 years, but Dick Cheney I don't know anymore." Lawrence Wilkerson speaks of " secret cabal" of Cheney/Rumsfeld twisting Iraq intelligence. Libby indicted. Only he stands in the way of Cheney going down. Cheney is dangerously paranoid and Bush is the mindless brute. So what do these two most powerful men in the world do to maintain control? Widen the war. It is the classic tactic. Syria and/or Iran are next with or without UN authorization. It will be staged as self-defense. The Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon was probably the work of Israeli agents. Syria was in Lebanon for 29 years with Harari alive. Why did they need him dead? Someone has to oppose our executive rogues. They are the most dangerous now when they are cornered.

Meet Cheney's Middle East Advisor: David Wurmser

David Wurmser's advice follows Israel's hard-line Likud party. He is a director of the U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon and he co-authored a policy paper titled " Ending Syrian Occupation in Lebanon: A U.S.Role?" Both these efforts contain the ultimate option of an American invasion of Syria. In 1996 Wurmser collaborated with Pentagon super-Zionists Douglas Feith and Richard Perle in writing a policy paper for Israel-based Institute for Advanced Strategic and Politcal Studies. The paper was titled " A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm". The realm they want to secure is Israel not America. The paper advised then Prime Minister-elect Natanyahu to abandon the Oslo Peace Accords, which he did, and not trade land for peace with the Palestinians. No two-state solution which Sharon also adopted.

So what does Cheney and the US get from doing the dirty work for Israel? Cheney uses Israel as a cat's paw. The chaos that rogue state creates gives Cheney and his rogues at PNAC the excuse for empire and full employment for the military-industrial complex. This is 30% of US GDP. IN WAR WE TRUST.