Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Kind of Town (Chicago Is) ?

The 1964 Academy Award nominated song "My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)" was sung by Frank Sinatra. The music was composed by Jimmy Van Huesen, lyrics by Sammy Cahn and arranged by the great orchestra leader Chicagoan Billy May. Those were happier days. But recently Chicago was going to get some foreign post marked packages that contained explosive devices.  It was mailed from Yemen which is on the Arabian Peninsula. The bombs were addressed to Chicago synagogues. I dare say that al-qaeda didn't know how to spell Chicago until Zionist Rahm Emanuel decided to run for Chicago's mayor. it reminds of the greater U.S. experience. Zionists attract trouble for America because of our support of Israel. And Israel is of no value to the U.S. except in a negative way. Some Zionists should be deported.

Abolish Presidency

President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society jump started the possibility for black president Barack Obama to become president. Between affirmative action, guilt merchandising and entitlemets it was inevitable that someone like Obama would become the chief executive. But guilt merchandising etc doesn't provide wisdom to its cause celebre minorities. And that's what we are missing with Mr. Obama.

To be fair, spoiled white, morons like George W. Bush shouldn't have gotten the job either. I think that the job should be abolished to prevent these catastrophic office holders. Power should reside in states at quasi-tribal levels.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How Soon Trade Wars?

We are on rails to repeat history. U.S. talks and negotiations about trade caps and currency realignments are final stages before trade wars. All democracies fail because they are based on the false premise of the equality of citizens . America needed China's slave labor to be able to afford entitlements to our cause celebre minorities. And so now the bill comes due for our follies. We are really known by our differences and minorities will have to make themselves useful. Equal access is one thing but equal results can't be afforded.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Happening in Afghanistan?

Anyone else notice that deaths in Afghanistan are now termed "NATO"? A month ago deaths were broken down by contributing coalition forces. So far in October there are 49 NATO casualties. The coalition forces are 90% American. But it seems the powers that be in the miltary want to hide behind "NATO" death headlines so to somewhat cover their losing and ill advised war. The Viet Nam warmongers used a similar ploy when General Westmoreland wouldn't give the straight answers on the conflicts progress nor its death tolls. Afghanistan will soon be added tio the growing list of LOST American wars.

It's obvious that war for wars sake is an American guiding policy.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Reasons For Flash Crash:Published & Unpublished

Yesterday the SEC released its long awaited analysis of the Flash Crash that happened in May of this year. The agency concluded that a block of $4.1 billion of Standard & Poors E-Minis futures were sold by Waddell & Reed to hedge a postion. The dollar figure wasn't unusually large. But todays stock market includes ambient algorhythmic fast trading systems . These ambient systems make up 60% of daily volume. These systems are designed to front run legitimate orders rather than fill the orders. I.E. the roving Wall Street pirates steal rather than provide liquidity. They effectively multipled the Wadell & Reed order many times over and swamped the market at large.

All these systems and activities by the Wall Street thugs have been OKed by the S.E.C. Our government is stillowned by Wall Street.