Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Apology For Slavery. Why Now?

Where would we all be without the moral compass of some Jews in Congress? Representative Steve Cohen,D-Tenn.,who became the first white and or semite to represent a 60% plus black district in the city of Memphis, introduced a resolution of apology to the descendants of America's slaves. The Cohen Resolution passed the House yesterday on a voice only vote. It does not mention costly reparations but it does crack the door by "committing the House to rectifying the lingering consequences of the misdeeds committed against African-Americans under slavery and Jim Crow."

What "lingering consequences"? The African slaves were made full citizens with the 19th century Constitutional Amendments 13,14 and 15. Evidently that wasn't enough so President Lyndon Johnson pushed through Congress The Great Society social programs that are still bleeding this country financially to the tune of trillions of dollars. These handouts and affirmative action programs have largely re-enslaved descendants in a more insidious and subtle way.

We in America today owe nothing to those slaves descendants. We threw off the burden of the British monarchy with its claim of "divine right". Why give a similar quasi - super entitlement to a lot of people who should be happy they were brought to America in the first place? Blacks have done well in the U.S.. We may have a black president. They have been great ball handlers in the sports world. So much so that their salaries have attracted white women who want to be their personal ball handlers. America has been too, too generous.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush And Wimps In Congress

Yesterdays airing of Bush and Cheney's "crimes and misdemeanors" before the House Judiciary Committee brought out the verbal long knives. There were few supporters of the current administration with one notable exception. He was Jeremy Rabkin. He's a law professor at George Mason University. But he also is on American Enterprise Institue's Council Of Academic Advisors. AEI promotes shared goals between goverment and the private sector particularly as those goals are involved with foreign policy. That also describes what fascists do. The difference is they are called AEI Council Of Academic Advisors when they are representing the United States. But if they oppose the U.S. then they are called fascists.

Rabkin said,"The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented. You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is not necessarily in this same bubble in which people think it is reasonable to describe the president as if he were Caligula."

First century Roman Caesar Caligula was assasinated by his personal guards who were supposedly acting on instructions from the Roman Senate. The Senators were rebelling against Caligula's usurpation of senatorial powers. That's where the comparison of Bush to Caligula breaks down. In the days of Roman supremacy there were real senators in the senate who were prepared to take all means against out of control imperial caesars. Now our senate and the greater congress are all off- the- shelf wimps.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Vists Israel's Main Attraction

Barack Obama with a round smallish remnant fabric called a yarmulke atop his bowed head visits Israel's main attraction-Yad Vashem. It's the memorial of the app. 6 million Jews that were processed by the Nazis.

I wonder what the Zionist leaders would think if Obama did the relatively same thing to them on a U.S. visit? Suppose Obama were to take them out to Arlington National Cemetery? He then reminds the Zionists that the U.S. lost app. 500,000 soldiers fighting World War II. He also mentions that the world sustained a loss of app. 72,000,000 military and civilians alike in that war. And also notes the untold devestation to the flora and fauna of the planet. I'm sure the Zionist gangsters wouldn't like that. They would perceive a "get out of my face" response by the President.

Sadly that will not happen. But someone has to tell this little state that they are not worth the trouble they have already caused by the crime of their creation and are certainly not worth a World War III.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sanctuary City: Where Brats Attract Brats

San Francisco's sanctuary city policy is at best bratty and ill-mannered . At worst it's a government sponsored criminal- enterprise that aids law breakers to avoid justice. The ultra-liberal city policy flows from the cities wealth. Mayor Newsom didn't formulate the policy. But he's certainly the incarnation of an overindulgent brat. He's the product of a no-talent family who's only achievement was to have parlayed Gordon Getty's windfall inheritance money into a political family business. Gav's the upside of a ultra-liberal philosphy that is created by the power of money.

The downside of a bratty and ill-mannerd sanctuary city philosophy was recently recorded. Suspected murderer Edwin Ramos is thought to have senselessly killed Tony Bologna and his 2 sons over a right of way traffic problem. It turns out that bratty Ramos had a long criminal record and could have been deported long ago if the cities policies were not skewed to helping the undeserving.

Newsom is a brat for ignoring the law. Ramos is a brat for ignoring the law.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jo Stafford vs David Bowie: Metaphor For Population Control ?

Jo Stafford past away last Wednesday at the age of 90. She was eulogised by musical critics ".... as the woman with a pure vibrato-less voice, a perfect intonation that conveyed steadfast devotion and reassurance with delicate understatement". I have an album with her and the Pied Pipers backing up Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Band. I have also heard and enjoyed her singles. The musical critics are correct. But one has to listen to really be informed and moved.

Last night an older David Bowie concert was shown on TV. I looked and listened for as long as possible. It took about a minute for a earful. His "singing" could have been played backwards with the same effect.

I have a theory that there is an inverse relationship between quality music and the growth of population. I.E. the more the people the worse the quality of music becomes. So when the over- due die- back of the human infestation finally happens there will be rewards.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bull Bush Covers Cow Pelosi

To "cover" in the animal world means to copulate. Copulation in the political world is a euphemism for "fucked over". And so President Bush's 29% approval rating tops the 16% approval rating of Congress that is partially represented by Speaker Pelosi. In other words Bull Bush had his way with Cow Pelosi.

Cow Pelosi doesn't have horns, she can't kick or jump over lobbyists. This supposed agent of change has been tipped by the powers that be in Washington. She can roam just so far in the pasture of politics but is controlled by the influence of lobbyist barbed wire. She can't and will not break the fencing that separates the largely illegitimate needs of military -industrial complex from the legitimate needs of a sustainable United States.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brangelina May Separate Twins !

Ah, the life of morons just got more interesting. And so the fans of B- films Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all a dither by the arrival of the fraternal twins in Nice, France. That's nice. But the $15-20 million bids for exclusive photos of the newborns is shorting- out the meager brains of morons and regular people alike. Rumors of a bootleg "Angelina's contractions" clip are just that.

The cereal-sounding Brangelinas should pause. How about transforming this one-time event into a Brangelina serial about the twins growing up? The potential monetary returns could be enormous if handled correctly. Maybe something that resonates with the unmarried couples international adoption habits. How about separating the twins with one being raised in Africa and the other reared in China. After all the Brangelinas have taken African and Asian children away from those locales. Hey Africans mostly don't bother to marry either. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery . Just think of the potential. A life-long sequel of the twins growing up . Long term ads, sponsors like the Gates Foundation with their logo on propeller beanies, members of Congress seeking endorsements, Oprah and diaper-changing then potty-training and then guests on the show and ... and... and....

Maybe even the morons would tire of this nonsense and drive down preoccupation with others lives.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Afghanistan: "Graveyard Of Empires"

Rudyard Kipling's early 20th century poem "The Young British Soldier" includes:

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains
and the women come out to cut up what remains
jest roll to your rifle an' blow out your brains
and go to your gawd like a soldier."

Afghanistan has received and became a "graveyard of empires" from Alexander The Great through Genghis Khan including the British then the Russians and now the United States. Barack Obama declared today, " Afghanistan is a war we have to win." And so the only comfort that can come for those words is philosophical. No matter when you lived or died you have experienced the one reality.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama & The New Yorker Magazine

Satire or caricature is at its funniest when it is nearest the truth or its possibility of truth. And so the latest New Yorker magazine cover of Barack Obama dressed in traditional African-Kenyan clothing joined by Michelle clad in a circa 1960s urban guerilla outfit meet the test of funny and near and or truthful caricature/satire. It is truthful in an over-the-top depiction and scores a laugh for the non-PC hungry . The setting is in the Oval Office. The fireplace has a burning American flag that is below a hanging picture of Osama bin Laden. The Obamas are fist-butting in a sly fashion.

Some were scandalized and shocked. But anyone who can't stand the truth of caricature probably can't stand truth in many other forms either. And that includes the Obamas. All races have caricatures or stereotypical images. The only race that resents caricature to the point of private organizations that expose and badger critical observers are the Jews. And for all their protests they are still going extinct.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

iNeverDie: Apple's Next Killer App

Apple's iPhone debut was featured on the net and in daily publications. Gadget junkies lined up, then bought, then assumed the postion. They stared down. Fixated, they left their life in the real world and headed for a virtual life on the small screen of iPhone.

Here's a suggestion for the Apple engineers. Apple should introduce the next killer app for iPhone. It could be titled iNeverDie. It's only logical that since so many people forgo the real world for the virtual world it would be appropriate for them to leave behind a virtual incarnation of themselves when they die. Surely there exists rudimentary artificial intelligence that could be programmed with the dead persons voice. An archive of answers, conversations and even jokes could be pre-programmed by the invidual before he/she dies. It doesn't have to be memorable conversation so as to make the virtual experience more realistic.

Relatives and virtual friends could save some funeral expenses if they virtually deny the death by not having a formal service. Only the removal and disposal of the body would be required. That's much cheaper.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What Are We Going To Do About The Wall Street Gangsters?

Starting with Clinton and through the Bush Administration , the Wall Street gangsters got all they wanted. The "For Sale" administrations repealed Depression-era security and banking laws and appointed Wall Street pirate captains to cabinet positions.

But Bear Stearns stock went from $170 to $10. And there are many other brokers and banking stocks on the same trajectory. So criminals with unbridled greed given free roaming access to other peoples money brings self-destruction faster than anyone could have imagined.

No one knows how all this chaos will play out. We all could end up in the streets fighting for our lives and property. If that happens I know who I will be looking for : members of Congress, lawyers and Wall Street operators.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Robert Mugabe: His Time Is Up

If Africans ever want to stop being targets of slavery and dispel the opinion that their highest and best use is being enslaved then they have to pass a test. Some black man has to kill Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe.

Any black man or woman out there that can do this chore? If not then the U.S. and the other civilized nations don't owe you equality .

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Irony In Israel

Today a raged Palestinian construction worker in Jerusalem used a huge Caterpillar bucket- loader to ram a bus and many cars . The result was 3 Israeli deaths and 40 injured.

When former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was the Minister of Building in a former government his nickname was " The Bulldozer". It's because he gave orders to bulldoze Palestinian homes and olive groves in making way for illegal Israeli settlements.

And so ," Those that use the bulldozer die by the bucket loader".

Meanwhile our Congress is being given checks by AIPAC ( American Israel public Affairs Committee ) to pass House Concurrent Resolution #362 and Senate Resolution # 580. Both bills "demand" the president to blockade Iran. I kid you not. The House Bill has 222 co-sponsors and the Senate has 19. A blockade is an act of war. The war would be on behalf of the Zionist state. I ask you . What has Israel ever done for the U.S.?

Americans are lazy and cowardly about the Israeli influence in our congress. But I suspect that if paychecks get smaller and workers are thrown off their jobs because of hard times brought on by any reason then American attitudes towards foreigners will change. History documents just such an event in pre-war Germany. It was called " Kristolnacht".