Saturday, December 29, 2012

Liu Han :A Disgusting, Fat, Greedy Chinaman

Dinorsaurs were wiped out by a cosmic collision.They didn't know about those things. Today man is wiping itself off the planet by killing the planet in a personal way. It's kind of like sawing off a limb you are standing on some 300 feet off the ground. But the eager sawyer is on the wrong side of the cut.  What's more stupid is that the busy man with the blade knows what will happen does it anyway because there's profit for a short period in the exercise. The tree limb can be sold for profit! Dinosaurs were innocent victims of the colliding asteroid. Man is guilty of killing flora and fauna in the common areas. His own death will be welcome by many.

Which brings me to Liu Han. He's the 46 year gap-toothed ,pug-faced greedy Chinaman who runs Sichuan Hanlong Group . That's a smelly China- based natural resource extraction firm .Recent accounts of his conspicuous consumption style include dining on endangered species.For example, he would deprive a shark of its fin so he could stuff a squab with it. Meanwhile the shark either bleeds to death or can't navigate properly .The shark has died before Liu Han  can flush the toilet filled with decomposed shark fin. He wears mink coats that are from minks trapped in the wild. He refuses farmed mink. He also drives a Ferrari. Everyone knows that the Chinese can see well. But he drives a Ferrari around China's busy and crowded urban area.. I wonder if he has a special license? Maybe he has got a special drivers permit that allows him to run over and and maybe kill up to five random Chinese a day with no questions asked.

Fatso Liu Han is now doing business in Eureka, Nevada. No doubt he got permission to blow the top off of Mount Hope in search of molybdenum from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Jobs for locals and an envelope for dear Harry. Liu Han along with many others like him around the world are a clear and present danger to all and that includes themselves.The time for legal remedies may be over.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesus Was Jewish

Jesus was born a Jew. He had a bar mitzvah which made him a "son of divine law". That along with his Jewish mothers brow beating about achieving success at any cost  were all the ingredients for him to make his way in the world. And the rest is history. He then went on to claim to be the son of god. Could it have been any other way? I mean a Jew claiming to be the son of god? I remember the hippies at the University of California in Berkeley. Many of the more righteous and also the more smelly were also Jewish. They claimed to know the truth of things and only through their guidance people would be freed from what bothers them. They were wrong also.

Currency Wars Lead To Trade Wars Lead To World Wide Depression

Today the incoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe followed through on his campaign promise to reflate the Japanese economy. He directed the Bank Of Japan to reach 2% inflation in the countries stagnant economy. Two percent does't sound very high? Fact is Japans inflation doesn't exist. Fact is the latest reading is -.4% So from there to 2% probably won't happen But it got him and his party elected and that's what he wanted.. During his campaign he pointed out that the  U.S. and the European Union's printing of money was the main problem for Japan's economic woes. The debased currencies of dollar and Euro were edging out Japan in the market place. Since most every major country in the world have similar products, it may come to just cost of goods and services as the deal maker or breaker.And that means relative currency valuations win the business. Trade has become a zero sum proposition There is just so many people and just so much discretionary income. ERGO .Gentlemen, start your printing presses.

And if cheap money doesn't do the trick? Then the next move by governments will be trade protection laws. That will lead to a contraction in global business and will force layoffs around the planet. Then the odds favor a depression and maybe a war being declared by the major economic powers to really generate business and instill brand loyality and to direct irate voter attention to foreigners and away from the local centarl governments.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who Is Buying Stocks? Why Is The Market So High?

Who's buying stocks? Why is market so high? Maybe it has something to do with the increase of high frequency trading.Official SEC tallies of exchange volumes has high frequency trading making up 70% of daily volume.This is by definition not investment funds. The HFT computers parse pennies millions of times to front run other computers doing HFT  front running etc ad naseum. But there is another player. It's is the human day trader. He or she add another layer of high speed trading done the old fashion way. I.E. They do it by hand. In the news today, the SEC fined Peter Beck and his associate Charles Kim $250,000 each for failure to supervise their 5000 traders that work at  Swift Trade which is based in Toronto. The fine was failure to stop their stable of traders who range from Romania to New York from entering into conspiracies to "layer trades". Simply "layering" is an euphemism for "front running" . They collude to manipulate stocks . Swift Trade isn't the only day trading firm.So the 5000 day trders at Swift are multiplied by many more counterparts around the globe. The volume that all of them generate must make up a significant prtion of the 30% that computers don't do on a daily basis.

Could the extended levels of the Dow Jones and the S&P be the outcome of manipulation by here today gone tomorrow day traders?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

S&P Earnings? What Is Real ?

Most all market pundits say the S & P is fairly valued to somewhat cheap. Aside from the fact that these same pundits make their living from recommending shares for purchase, do they know what the words "fair valued" and "somewhat cheap" really mean when the earnings of S& P companies are put in todays unreal context?
I have one question for this collective group. What are the earnings of S & P companies if the Fed wasn't buying one trillion of  treasuries or mortgage backed securities per year along with the one trillion that congress spends per year that it doesn't have?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guns or Violent Videos: Which Is The More To Blame?

Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado massacres both featured assailants dressed in military garb using automatic weapons that were easily obtained. Easily obtained guns were obviously.a sine qua non component of the tragedies. But why were both killers in military uniforms? That didn't help them kill. Guns by themselves are blameless. Blame is on the user. It's a fact that mass murders can be carried out by other means. E.G. explosives, fires, toxic gasses, mass killings caused by sabotaged vessels etc. The military clothes suggest a role playing. Could the easily available violent video game which features uniformed combatants be the true source of violent behavior in our society? Parents routinely give children hand held devices with brutal videos as a cheap baby sitting surrogate. It turns out this alternative may not be so cheap after all..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

U.S Army: Why We Lose

Why hasn't America won a war since 1945? There are many reasons. Probably the most important reason is that subsequent to World War II, the wars were chosen. Consequently the mission was dubious. Ergo the will to win by the participating "boots on the ground" was not as strong. Why lose limbs or life for this preening politicians and blood thirsty generals war? There is an example that serves as a metaphor . The average infantryman in WW II had a rifle and 30 pounds of gear when he was in combat. It cost about $200.00 in total . Today our infantrymen in Afghanistan carry a rifle and 110 pounds of gear! Forget mobility. Forget running. Forget trotting. AND WE WEAR A UNIFORM. But our adversaries in Afghanistan DO NOT WEAR A UNIFORM. And in some cases have dinner at home . Then they grab their rifle. Kiss the mrs.  Put on civilian clothes and walk out the door . The Afghans know who the target is. We don't know until an explosion or a shot is fired. And that's too late. Why has this obvious disadvantage to the local Taliban and Afghans been allowed to continue ?

Here's a fact that may point to the answer. The cost of the full outfitting of one U.S. soldier is $ 24,000.00.
Do you think we have wars to make the military-industrial happy and wealthy?  I believe we do,

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Source of Chaos? :Technology & Fiat Money !

Ever wonder why life is getting more and more challenging? Maybe it's because new challenges come faster and are more complex then heretofore. Why is that? Well, technology has afforded more options of experimentation and implimentation. Many things are done because they can be done not because they should be done. And fiat money has made those options affordable. Any negative or unexpected results from these brave new world experiments is addressed by more fiat money and more evolutionary technology and so forth and so on....

Technology that is squared by fiat money equals chaos. Or , Technology multiplied by fiat money equals constant change which defines chaos. Simplify. Use less tools less and barter.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Reality TV, Killer Karaoke, Vampire and Zombie Facination ,etc: Any Criticism By Teachers Or Politicians?

Where are the moral leaders? Any civic leaders who would speak to what's desirable for the general populations healthy mental and social customs. Where are they? You think, how retro? But enough is enough. I read today of a TV reality show called "Killer Karaoke" .It is the latest TV reality show in an ever spiraling downward "entertainment" offering. It is offered by TruTV. The master of ceremonies is one Steve-O .Briefly this particular segment reported a big titty preachers daughter ( there was a photo ) in a transparent tank of water singing "Take on Me". But wait , there's more. She's sharing the tank with baby alligators and snakes who are wondering what they deserved to get themselves in this place.Yuck. Another segment featured another "singer" getting squished and smeared with sweat by a couple of obese men in sumo-style underpants.Yuck. Yuck.

Does any politician want to go on record about what he/she thinks about this kind of TV? Does the National Education Association want to make a statement that its teachers warn students about the hazards of trash  TV ? Or is that too elitist? Do the pols and teachers want to think about it a little longer? Do they want to take a poll? Will their negative statement offend anyone ?

Well I say, the participants , the MC and the audience both in the studio and at home should have their breeding ability revoked surgically or chemically. Next comes the pols and teachers who should be similarly impaired if they don't speak up and be counted as one who objects..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Saw Willie Brown Yesterday

I had an appointment in downtown San Francisco yesterday. Driving on Bush St I spotted former Mayor Willie Brown coming out of his favorite restaurant Le Central according to fawning reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle.  Some passerby was clutching Willie's hand trying  to ingratiate himself to the politico. For those of you who don't know of Willie Brown. you will know the type. He's the kind of politician that runs on race issues. He never stops selling guilt. In the old days he would have been hung on general principles of disturbing the peace. But in todays PC world he is feted by low self esteemed whites and carpetbagger attorneys of all colors.Willie was customarily stylishly outfitted. Probably a $500. 00 fedora and a $ 2000. 00 suit. His face was remarkably smooth and blemish free. I'll bet he treated his skin with a theatrical powder that dulls the shine of black skin. But Willie is still a monkey .And his pudenda lips rival an orangutans ass. He knows it better than anyone. Why else would he try to dress up like Gary Cooper.

The window in my car was partially down. I instinctively flipped him the bird and called out, " Hey Willie. Go fuck yourself." I think he heard me. I hope so.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Schlemiel Netanyahu : The Last Prime Minister Of Israel ?

Why won't the 1,500,000 collectively punished Gazans just take Israel's brutality? Why must they fight back? Can't they see that Israel thinks it OK to assassinate and kill at will and they should just patiently bury the body parts and wash away the blood? How come they are insulted when Israel adds insult to injury by allowing new settlements on stolen,occupied Palestinian lands?
Hopefully Netanyahu will be the last Prime Minister of the Zionists scum that run Israel.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

U.S. Drone Policy Invites More 9/11 Events

America's increasing use of drones around the world to kill suspected "enemies" is causing blowback. The "blue on green " killings in Afghanistan is tit for tat. Afghanis who have died from drone strike collateral damage left behind relatives who plot revenge. Drone killings in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other countries that we don't yet know will strike at U.S. targets in the future. The cold blooded killers at the Pentagon think they have a deus ex machina. But in time that creation will morph into an avenging gallows and hang people in the U.S. in another 9/11 type event.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Foie Gras Nation: Consume Or Die

Fact. American economy is based on consumption. Fact. Seventy percent of our economy is dedicated to providing food and services to a consuming class of all gradations and income levels. Fact. If we don't consume our economy will fail. In our current sputtering economic times and high unemployment, the Federal Reserve has resorted to buying up government debt so new debt can be issued and so consumption can be guaranteed. These monetary policies herd U.S. citizens to consume because interest rates are almost non existant so there is no money in saving and prudence.. Much like geese are force fed to fatten their liver to produce foie gras. That's reality. That's the plan. But a collateral result produces an obese nation. Fact. Almost 70% ( notice the number?) of consumers are overweight, fat or obese. If 70% of economy is consumer based, then only 30% actually produce. The producers are necessarily not fat in their operating procedures.. It would be bad for their business model. The people we fight around the world are not fat. ever see a fat member of al Qaeda or Taliban? Who is more likely to win the wars? Who is more likely to win a healthy peace ?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New York Needs Tomb For Unknown Homeless

Why are those subway tunnels flooded? Could it be dead homeless people are clogging the drains? What a loss. We never knew them.But maybe in death they can live in our hearts and minds.New York City needs a memorial to these fallen victims. The highest per capita income city in in the world couldn't save these feral humans. No life jackets. No inflatable rafts.No cork soled shoes. Not so much as a " How are we going to help the homeless?" The washed up bodies cleaner than ever before are stark reminders how they finally cleaned up their act while others in Gotham scurried without a thought for the other guy. Where was Bloomjew? No doubt he was hermetically sealed at a safe house figuring how he could get another term out of this disaster. How soon he forgets.Once the homeless were a campaign plank. He championed their lot in life. Now they are gone. And Mike didn't know their names. In death the homeless have become honored. In life they were just so much mobile garbage.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Guess Who's Going To Work?

With Hurricane Sandy fast approaching , very few people were going to work in downtown Manhattan today. The few that were identified were personal injury attorneys. They were preparing class action suits. The plaintiffs and their pleas for compensation were left blank until the phones at the law offices actually rang with actual clients. There was one exception. And that sure client was to be fat ass black women in motorized wheelchairs. They would complain about their preferred method of travel was not an amphibian.

QE 4? Next Quantitative Easing Might Be Forgiveness Of Debt

What more can the Federal Reserve do ? Right now after 3 and counting quantitative easing, the fed holds app $1.7 trillions of U.S government debt.. It created the money to buy the paper. That's about 10% of the total outstanding debt. How about the fed decides to erase the fiat money by not taking the payoffs of  the maturing notes? The federal government erases debt and its like the whole exercise never happened. Sound too good to be true? It is. But it still might happen. The problem is that wont be the last time you see that trick. The downside would be a runaway congress without fiscal discipline until capital markets call a halt to the irresponsible transactions.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Human Downsizing:Because Of Technology

Use a tool lose your place. From primitives who tinkered tools to todays smart phones., humans have relentlessly distanced themselves from the earth they walk. Corporations downsize payrolls because of software- piloted machines. Workers somewhat compensate by downsizing their life. They diminish expectations and engage an iPhone. There on the small screen is a virtual life that is free. Free from gravity and obligation. Virtually any voyage can be had. Its an experience that never fulfills. There are no smells. There is no sun. There is no rain.There is no breeze.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Breaking News: Bernanke At Federal Reserve Stays The Course

Google plunged 8% yesterday on a dramatic earnings miss. Ad revenue was lackluster while expenses shot higher.Yesterday Microsoft reported dramatically slowing sales of its PC software mainly the result of the migration to tablet and smart phones.Today McDonald's sold off 5% on slowing sales because of individuals tight budgets. Also today preexisting home sales took an unexpected dip due lack of job growth. At the moment the Dow Jones Industrials are off by 135 points.

But not to worry. Federal Reserve Chairman repeated himself, " I will print money till Google gets more clicks, till McDonalds sells more burgers, till the return to the PC happens and until people buy houses again.."

Isn't it amazing what the power to create money does to a persons common sense? If he ever had common sense?

Friday, October 05, 2012

Obama Not Comfortable With Direct Criticism

Poor President Obama. Mitt Romney compared him to his 5 children who regularly distort facts to influence daddy's mind. Obama isn't comfortable with such direct non-politically correct abuse from a white man. The liberal main stream media never challenges Barry like that..They all know that he's just a hapless darkie who climbed on the civil rights preferred, affirmative action set aside for blacks of little worth who can be propelled into unbelievable success with enough guilt driven propulsion and enough carpetbagger hyena attorneys behind them.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Romney Is Another Bush: Calls For Another " [ Project For The New ] American Century":

Today Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. it was titled " A New Course for the Middle East". Well that's not what he described. He starts out in the first paragraph by ticking off the various calamities that America is faced with in that region. Romney never notes that most are self inflicted calamities. How about invading Iraq? He mentions our loss of prestige and our loss of life. He doesn't mention the cost in money. Maybe he thinks spending by the military-industrial complex is good for business. He also mentions Israel. He is seemingly devastated by the way Obama has demoted Israel's security in favor of the region as a whole. He then goes on to mention Israel a total of EIGHT times. He mentions Israel's Prime Minster Netanyahu. He mentions Iran once. he mentions Egypt once.

He doesn't mention how he is going to shape U.S. foreign policy in the mid east to the new realities in the region. Instead he would as president basically double-down on past neocon policies with a new roll out  of the Project For The New American Century. And I quote, " Our challenges are different now, but if the 21st century is to be another American Century, we need leaders who understand that keeping the peace requires American strength in all its dimensions."

We don't need another jingoistic shopkeeper in the White house. Harry Truman and George W. Bush were two too many. The former gave us Israel and the latter continued to defend the mistake.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Netanyahu At The United Nations: Who Let Him In?

Benjamin Netanyahu ,Israels Prime Minister, was at the United Nations yesterday. He brought a crude school-boy prop. It was a cartoon-like drawing of a bomb. The fuse was supposed to be lit. Sputtering Nuttyahu was pointing at a red line that was near the top of the bomb. It was the point the Iran should not be allowed to cross. Because Benny and his jets would feel obligated to do an attack. Preferably he rather have the United Nations in attendance do the chore. He already has his hands full with the worldwide negative feelings about Israel's slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians.Yet the slug went to the guilt trough again. He demanded that that the U.N. protect Israel from being vaporized. But why should we all care about Zionists? What good have they done for anyone except themselves?

The chosen people are doomed. Israel is going bye bye.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Netanyahu Wants More American Deaths : Romney May Lose Election Because of Israel's Endorsement

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel broke new ground for Zionist arrogance. Today on CNN's "State of the Union" and NBC's "Meet the Press" he appealed to American voters to "elect a president who would have a red line[Iran's nuclear development] that would trigger an attack on Iran by the United States". Obviously he was endorsing his long time friend Mitt Romney. And also he was saying that Barack Obama is not acceptable to Israel. Did Mitt Romney know about the coming endorsement? Did he put Netanyahu up to it? Did he promise Netanyahu anything? Does Mitt Romney believe what Israel wants she should get? Is Mitt Romney out of touch with voters?

Netanyahu may have given the independaent voters a compelling reason to swing back to Obama. Why would ANYONE want another war in the Middle east to save Israel? Mitt Romney would be an encore of George W. Bush. And we still haven't cleaned up W's mess.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama vs Israel: A Winning Reelection Strategy Among Independent Voters

One of the reasons Barack Obama was elected the first time was his anti Iraq invasion credential. That one fact seperated him starkly from former President George W. Bush. and his opponent John McCain. He was like the" great white hope" in boxing lore . Albeit he was as black as they come, but he took on the war machine.  That attracted independent voters to Obama. Mitt Romney never really learned from that presidential election.. The winning election strategy was to run against the pentagon and run against one off their cat paws. The cat paw is Israel. The existence of the rogue state of Israel insures billions of military hardware sales to all concerned. Remember Newt Gingrich? He was doing great until he embraced the wishes of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.  Adelson gave ten million to Gingrich's campaign to insure that Gingrich would make Israel's security a priority even if it meant another war for the war weary Americans . That was a turning point. Newt's eloquence and conservative policies were all for naught when the prospects of another president like George W Bush was offered.

So now we have Obama publicly snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. Despite Obama's large negatives of socialistic policies and economic stagnation, Obama is marginally ahead of Romney in swing states and in national polls.

 Independents don't like the military and they don't like Israel. They like Obama's trashing Israel.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Africa Before. China After.

Man marches on. Before there were places like Africa all over the planet. Now settlements like China increasingly take their place.

Last week on September 6, The Yangtze River turned a bright red near an industrial city. It's not the first time. This has happened before. Officials suspect illegal dumping of chemicals.The river is the longest in Asia. It's the third longest in the world. The Yangtze basin supports half of China's crop production. River dolphins have gone extinct. Fish kills have multiplied.

There are about a billion three Chinese. There are only twelve hundred Pandas in the wild. Endangered animals, toxins and heavy metals have been found in Chinese medicines.

Now China mines in Africa. Now China logs in Africa.

Hopefully the Yangtze will take revenge and deliver an unstoppable lethal pandemic to this filthy country.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democratic Convention: Party Of Victims

The Democratic Convention got launched in Charlotte, North Carolina last night.Wow. Have things changed there. A once proud member of the Confederacy, North Carolina has become a meeting place for fat black woman and their white , carpetbagger attorneys..They were mostly complaining about being victims! How can a fat ass claim to be a victim? A quick pan of the audience supported the statistical fact that  2/3 of U.S. citizens are either overweight or obese. A black victim look more like South Sudan types. The Center for Disease Control recently published another statistical fact- I.E. black women have the lowest suicide rate of any race or gender.If they are so bad off, why aren't more of them killing themselves?

Also in attendance were the homosexuals. They want to marry. They want respect. They want their rights. I don't care. They are a health hazard first and a "victim" second. Time they wore prophylactic clothing and had a warning label attached about the dangers of sodomy.

And where was the Jew? Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz gaveled the convention to order. She's the Chairwoman of the DNC. She's also a de facto Israeli agent.

 I didn't see any victims. They were all smiling and cocky. When they stop smiling. When they are emaciated.. When they learn manners. Then maybe, they might be listened to. No promises,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Suicides By Race: A Measure Of Who's Happy

According to the Centers For Disease Control, the highest rate of suicides per 100,000 are theAmerican Indian males and the Alaskan Native males. They tally 27.61 per 100K. They are followed closely by white males at 25.96 per 100K. The lowest rate of suicides per 100,000 of ANY RACE are black females at 6.71 per 100K. Something is terribly wrong. From the original American Indian warriors and their sea faring counterpart Eskimos in the northern regions of the planet, modern day America is more suited to  black women who are statistically over weight and civil rights junkies. 

Ironically the white male has also suffered a like fate of the original American indigenous peoples. For the part he played in prosecuting a slow motion genocide of native Americans and bringing blacks from Africa and mistakenly creating the civil rights acts,he now suffers the scourge of political correctness lashes on a legal collective punishment reservation .A more equitable suicide rate would be arrived at by a reapeal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People who want to take their own lives should not have the law as a reason.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mitt Romney: A Little Boy

Mitt Romney is out on the stump. He's trying to get elected president. His trite philosophy reminds me when I was eight years old and what I believed . Put aside his shop keepers affected urgency in selling his ideas, it's his beliefs that remind me of Peggy Lee's lyric " Is that all there is?"  When I was eight ,I too believed that if we bombed people enough we would somehow make the world a better place. I too believed that all Americans are equal. I too belived that enough money in the hands of consumers would insure the perpetual existence of our democracy. I also believed that Israel should exist and America owed a great debt to the friendly, honest and well meaning Zionists. I too belived that trees were meant for harvesting. And also that fish and animals are all here for our enjoyment or slaughter. I belived in god but gave up on the tooth fairy.

The question is , is the boy Mitt Romney a better choice than the affirmative action darky Barack Obama? For me, it's just another false choice .

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

War With Iran And War With Japan : Beware December

In July of 1941, the United States embargoed oil to Japan. Coincidentally in July of 2012 the United States embargoed Iran from selling oil . In December of 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and then the U.S. declared war on Japan and Germany. It found a way to get into World War II.

We are in a de facto state of war with Iran now. Anytime another country stops life supporting commerce or the ability of another country to feed its people , then the abused country has the right of self defense to stop the agressor nation. In this case The U.S. is the agressor and Iran is the abused . Will Iran strike in December? It's only a matter of time.

The stupid part of this scenario is the U.S. is trying to make the world safe for Zionism. Nobody can make that happen.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Keeps Getting Weirder: Afghanistan Air Force

Guess what the U.S. wants to do for Afghanistan now? Here's a hint. The U.S engineers just completed an 8000 foot runway in Shindand. That was a generous clue.  If you suspect our government, who heretofore has been closing air bases in America to make room for more strip malls and housing tracks, is going to establish an Afghanistan Air Force. You guessed correctly. So here's a stone age country getting outfitted with  state of the art fighter and support aircraft from a "modern civilized country" who increasingly behaves like it is stoned. We have lost our way.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reasons For Killings: The Dark Knight Rises

Why is James Holmes still alive? According to Holmes' way of doing things, he should have been executed at curbside by the police immediately. That's the edge of criminals. They move faster. Why did Holmes committ that terrible crime? Certainly misanthropy is the prime suspect. It wasn't a comment on the movie. Because he hadn't seen it . And if it were the violent movie and others similar that Hollywood pumps into immature minds , he could have claimed quasi hero status by unloading at the Academy Awards. Who would grieve over those actors, directors, producers and their agents? Many people would have followed his logic.

Likewise Osama Bin Laden would have done better to take out only the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. There are many who would have applauded.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Was Started By The Jews And Taken Over By The Mafia?

What was started by Jews and taken over by the Mafia? The answer is the Catholic Church. Read about it in my latest book. It's title is " Jesus Was Tall And Well Spoken: A Different Account of Christ and His Catholic Church". All roads lead to Rome.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Compare Tiger Woods and Sam Snead

Tiger Woods recent win in the ATT  National moved him past Jack Naicklaus and just behind Sam Snead in career tournament wins. Woods gushed about his triumph to reporters who he claimed effectively left him for road kill after the U.S. Open.. Tiger is no shrinking violet. Woods pointed out that Snead had 82 wins. And now he has 74. Nicklaus had 73.

Numbers tell a lot but don't tell all. Numbers have to be put in context to evaluate the truth of comparative quality of tournament wins. Fifty or so years ago Snead played in an era that featured at least half as many tournaments per year. Ergo Woods has had many more chances to catch Snead. Snead supplemented his income by being a teaching pro and some endorsements. Woods isn't a teaching pro and his endorsements make him more money than the tournament purse winnings. The pressure was always on Snead while Woods shared his pressure with his agent and publicist. Snead was white and humble. Woods is black and lets no one forget it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Book " Confront and Conceal" Isn't New

The New York Times reporter David Sanger's Best Seller ," Confront And Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars And Surprising Use of American Power" is causing hands to wring. Or so Sanger's publicist tells us. The book lifts a veil that hid America's partnership with Israel in using constructive acts of cyber-war against Iran's nuclear program. So? Has Sanger forgot about the preemptive war of choice on Iraq? George W. Bush and Congress have backed a preemptive war policy. That effectively gives the Office of The Presidency unlimited power to take our country to war. War is too importatnt to be allowed by only one person. Even if that person is backed by Congress. War should only be allowed if a National referendum is taken of the electorate.

More and more of these preemptive wars may invite assassinations of members of our government.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New Vampire Movie Plot : Vampires Should Try A Little Tenderness

The peculiar tastes of vampires has long been documented . Bram Stoker's 'Dracula" was actually predated by ancient references to vampires going back to the Greeks. Wouldn't you suspect that a Greek was there first?  Today our meager culture has a vibrant vampire fixation.There is a sensationalistic tidal wave of vampire entertainment offerings . It may be about blood but it is also about sex. And it is also about male and female relationships. Isn't time we faced these facts in a more adult fashion and with less violence particularly male violence against women?  Why don't the impresarios of the vampire experience offer a twist on the whole meilieu of vampires and blood and violence and sex phenom? How about a vampire who adjusts his appetite to womens blood only during their menses? With the collection point at the obvious. At that point the gals wont mind what the guy looks like or what he's up to because it works for the woman at different levels. Plus the gals are not roughed up and the whole affair is sustainable.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Facebook's Zuckerberg: Shakespeare's Classic Jew

The Wall Street Journal today is carrying an article about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook exploring allowing 13 year olds and younger having an account on the social media site. But it would require an adult supervision entry AND access to an adult controlled credit card.. Last November Zuckerberg settled a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision . It stipulated that for a period of 20 years Facebook would not violate privacy laws of its users. Yet he wants access to children. He's desperate for sales growth.

I'm reminded of the classic Jew in literature. Shakespeare's "Merchant Of Venice" featured Shylock. He loaned to local Ventians at high rates of interest and in one case had a pound of his borrowers flesh pledged as collateral. Zuckerberg might be worse than Shylock. Shylock actually used his own money to lend to Antonio. But Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the Facebook idea from two friends at Harvard. Interestingly two weeks ago Facebook offered a service wereby donor body parts availability and requests could be advertised on the site. Faux pas? One thinks of the the Jewish blood libel. Poor Mark. He doesn't know any better and doesn't care how it looks. Only his mothers opinion counts.

Zuckerberg has quite a resume. Accused of stealing a business, wanting to sign up pre teens with access to credit cards for his social media site and advertising body parts. Individually these characteristics are shared by many. But all in one person speaks of Shakespeare's classic Jew.

Deflation: No More Price To Earnings Ratio

In the future there will be no equity markets as we know them today. Corporations will trade at book value or less.That's because money will be scarce. Consequently barter will be more efficient . Price to earnings ratio will vaporize. But it will be a much better enviornment to live ONCE we get there.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Raise Money To Combat Obesity: Hang Mayor Bloomberg In Effigy

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has put forward a proposal to ban the sale of 16 ounce sugary soft drinks at restaurants in the city. He uses as his reason the fact that at least half of all city residents are overweight or obese.  He blames the sellers of the beverages. He doesn't mention that more than half of the half of all the overweight or obese people are non- white and many are city workers or are in receipt of monthly income assistance.. Rather than administratively prohibit  what food or drinks recipients of cash handouts can buy . Or impose a ban what city workers can eat or drink while on a city time clock, he choose to use a  far reaching city ordinance on people whether they be overweight or not. Isn't that so democratic? Ergo isn't that so stupid by definition?

How much do you want to fight obesity in New York and at the same time express your negative feelings about Mayor Bloomberg? I have a suggestion. How about we raffle off the right to throw a bucket of sugary water in the face of the little nanny. If that doesn't raise enough money money, how about we raffle off the right to hang him in effigy in Times Square? The proceeds will be used for hiring athletic fitness trainers to force march the overweight and obese three times a week for three hours. If herat attacks occur during the march, none of the first fifty will be tended to. This is based on the statistical evidence they would have probably died on their couch anyway -with or without exercise.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Derivatives Market Is $ 700 Trillion; Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Save

Since Glass Steagall waas repealed in 2000 by the Clinton Administration, the derivatives market that our banks gamble in has grown to $ 700 trillion. There isn't that much equity on the entire planet! It's only a matter of time before another depression comes after the collapse of this giant game.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Insult Bush & Clinton: Legal Options

A bill is winding its way through congress that would severely cut support for past presidents. It would cap all assistance to former presidents at $ 400,000 per year. That includes their pension which is $ 200,000 per year. It turns out that past presidents earn considerable amounts of money in speaking fees and book writing. For example George W. Bush earned $ 15, 000, 000 last year giving speeches. That's right. The little moron who couldn't find Iraq on a map but none the less invaded it based on his "preemptive war" policy because he thought there weapons of mass destruction. And the miserable fallout from that escapade lingers today.And then there's impeached Bill Clinton. He's the asshole who repaeled Glass-Steagall while getting a blow job and has been favorably revising his presidency ever since. He earned $ 10,000,000 last year giving speeches. He talks about subjects that he has never had an original thought. Both these guys got more than $ 1,000,000 each from the government for expenses that include rent, phone bill, stamps, travel ad nauseum. They could afford their own expenses. We can't afford those expenses.

 What's to be done?  Well hopefully the bill passes Congress. But what else chould be done to to these unindicted criminals? Sadly we can't assassinate them now. But if we see them in public and they are close enough to hear our voice. I suggest insulting them. It's not much . But it helps the soul. Some insults would include asking Bush. " Hey George. Can you find Iraq on the map now?" Regarding Clinton, " Hey Bill, when are you going to shut up and stop lying?"

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

U.S. Special Forces: Preemptive War On Fast Track

Can you guess what's happening at the pentagon? Do you want to guess? Why bother is your first response? Because there is no guessing about what the buchers at the pentagon do. They buctcher others  at the same time our own troops get butchered. And if they at the pentagon are still able to cash their pay checks they will continue the process no matter what the tally in lives or costs of war to most of us on the sidelines. I don't know how they still get recruits for the armed srvices. The U.S. has lost every war since WW II. Yet they still want to suit up for Uncle Sam.

 Enough digression. Today the Pentagon anounced an expansion and a refocusing of Special Operations Teams to be quickly deployed to emerging hot spots globally. It's like SWAT teams used by local police forces. The difference is that the Pentagon Special Ops has small groups of boots on the grounds that can be over nighted to any where on the globe. They are backed up by the full force of the Army, Navy and Air Force considerable grab bag of nasty fire power. Doesn't sound like any thing new? But it is. It sounds like "preemptive war' is now a functioning and vital philosohy of field grade commanders and butchers at the pentagon who don't need presidential authority to start a war. That's new. And that's the bad.

We should lose all preemptive wars. Lest they become a bad habit. Considering America's box scores in the war results since WW II that should be a slam dunk.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Joe Biden : Only Smarter Than George W Bush

Vice President Joe Biden was on NBC's "Meet The Press" today. It's astouding this guy is VP. He more resembles in thought and demaenor an average half- loaded bartender. I must not digress. Concerning the Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, he said " I think his future is in America. He has an oppotunity to go to NYU and we're are prepared to give him a visa right away. He's going to be able to take his family."

Gee. Chen is one out of 1.25 billion. Obviously no one will miss him in China, but why does Joe think him valuable? Chen is blind, an aspiring attorney, pro life and has a sore foot. What will the U.S. get for it's hospitality? It has to educate him first. No. First  it has to tend to his sore foot. That will require an interpreter. That's another expense. When he goes to NYU he will need an interpreter and help with the stairs. He and his family will need full monetary and social support just to get around. And if he passes his courses at NYU America will get another lawyer. That's a bad deal. Joe could be the dumbest politicain ever to rise to the executive branch of government, but that position is firmly held at this time by George W Bush and his "preemptive war" doctrine and other , many mistakes and ommissions.

There was a song in the 1960's that keeps running through my head as somehow relevant to both Joe and George. It was " Shotgun" by Junior Walker and the Allstars. There's a line that sounds appropiate, it goes "..shoot 'em 'fore they run now".

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Munch: Living The Scream

Edvard Munch's 1893 painting " The Scream" sold Wednesday for $ 120 million at Sotheby's. He was 30 years of age when he got the inspiration fot the painting while walking along a Norwegian fjord. He recounted " ...then I heard the enormous infinite scream of nature. Nature was screaming in my blood...after this I gave up hope to ever love again."

     Poor Munch. He didn't know he experienced nirvana. He should have embraced that experience and not looked backward to love of one and one alone. He was brilliant but a little cowardly.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keep Out Blind, Pro Life Chinese Dissident

Why delay saying "NO" to Chen Guangcheng? He's a blind, pro-life ,self taught lawyer, Chinese dissident with a family who wants asylum in the United States. There is nothing in that resume that America needs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Zuckerberg & Facebook's Organ Donor Program & Jewish Blood Libel

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is in the news today. He his thumping his chest about Facebooks community outreach gesture to locate donors of human organs. That's a bit awkward?  Isn't the little Jew aware of the 12th century "blood libel" accusation about Jews who needed Christian blood to prepare matzos?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't Fix Potholes. Remove Pavement

More street potholes are the trend. Rather than fight the trend, how about taking it a step further? We should selectively remove the pavement from city streets and some highways. It would get people out of cars and make them walk more. Noise and toxic emissions would go down. Natural resource consumption would go down. Over priced public works programs dealing with street maintenance would be largely eliminated. Highway systems that buried precious fertile lands like many parts of the Great Plains could be depaved and let the land beneath them live and breathe again. Forget harvesting crops for the world. What is more important? Local peace with nature or growing crops for more over populating humans? Silicon Valley was not too long ago a beautiful place of fruit orchards. Now it is home to souless gadget factories. That's not progress. Time to reverse.

San Francisco Traffic Deaths Amnesty

San Francisco downtown traffic is dangerous. Latest numbers indicate at least 3 pedestrians are killed daily. This average has been steady for a number of years. Many of the dead are Chinese. The fatalities are  largely in Chinatown and neighborhoods that border that ethnic enclave. I suspect that the popular conception that Chinese can't see well has merit. Both the driver and the walker didn't see each other. In the interest of making the traffic fatalities in those areas a less cause of angst and guilt, I propose that the first 3 Chinese killed daily in historic Chinese parts of San Francisco be ignored. Let them be viewed as a traditional part of Chinese urban living.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space Mining : Why Bother ?

 Ever hear of Planetary Resources ? This company wants to mine outer space. This includes near by asteroids. The company wants to extract metals and water so to "... add trillions of dollars to the [earths] global GDP". They mention "GDP" but that first implies the comfortable care and feeding of the projected billions of people that will follow us on this already crowded earth. Why do we want to make comfortable room for the increasingly lower quality individuls that pop out of womens bellies and may or may not be greeted by the real father? Do you think that the investors in PR care about the coming billions of people? No. They don't care. But they do care about expanding the numbers of consumers for their largely unnecessary products. The investors include the Googler Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and others who want more. They want more because they can't stand what they have because it's not enough .So off they go to zero gravity asteroids to mine with reckless abandon. The tailings will be kicked off the asteroid to mark yet another disturbed piece of the cosmos thanks to the frivolous primate.

There is too much GDP already. There are too many people already. If bozos at Planetary resources want to mine asteroids, let them buy a pick and shovel and get the fuck off the planet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quentin Tarantino: Clinton & Lewinsky Docudrama ?

The Hollywood rumor mill has Director Quentin Tarantino considering a dark comedy docudrama of former President Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky. The script will be the transcript from Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr voluminous investigation. Since the script is in the public domain there are no costs related to the basic story. The title of the film is " Tunnel of Love". According to sources, the only obstacle is in the casting. Tarantino is considering Rosie O' Donnell as Monica.  Don Trump wants to play Bill. Hillary will be either Whoopi Goldberg or a rescue hippo from The Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Al Gore will be represented by a tilted pin ball machine. Chief of Staff Leon Panetta will be dressed in retro Keystone Cop garb.

Will advise of further developments.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life is Irony: The Turns of Only One Life Experience

Life is irony. That's because there 's only one life experience and we all take turns. And so a segue to compare law makers in congress to criminals at large points out areas of irony.

Example # 1 Redistricting.
     Congress routinely moves the parameters of congressional seats to fix the outcomes of election races.
     If  sporting events were fixed, it would be a crime.

Example # 2.Murder
     Preemptive war by congress is legal . If there is collateral damage of civilian deaths and loss of non military infrastructure of the targeted country, that's OK.
     If someone in the U.S. killed some stranger because he felt threatened, he would be tried for murder.

Example # 3 Taxes
     Congress has the power to tax.
     If one person asked for money from his neighbor with the threat of confiscation, it would be stealing.

Example # 4
    Racial discrimination is a violation of the Civil Rights Act 1965.
    Forced desegregation of schools has resulted in math and english proficiency to plummet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird: Please

Last week the digitally remastered 1962 film  " To Kill a Mockingbird" was shown at the White House. Our rolling thunder deacon/president Barack Obama hosted the event. Eighty -four year old , Pulitzer winner author Harper Lee was in attendance. Instead of snacks, guilt was served on trays.Only the few whites in attendance were told to eat. Obama and his wife and Lee and favorite others munched on smugness. The film is a boring fiction. It's the usual sop of every black and by extension every minority being wrongfully accused. It's a replay of the trial Jesus. This is not entertainment. It's propaganda. Granted there have been wronful accusations and wrongful sentencing, but bad things happen and they happen to everyone. How many blacks didn't see combat in war because of discrimination? They lived while whites died. In short. Get over it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Jewish School Vouchers to Save Jerwish Culture: Why?

Today Peter Beinhart had the allocated space reserved for Zionists issues in The Wall Street Journal. He was bemaoning the continued fall out of Jewish diasopra dating from antiquity when first the Babylonians then the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Mr. Beinhart was arguing the case for government assistance in America for Jewish school vouchers. It was a plea akin to an endangered species crisis . He rambled on about the alarming intermarriage trends of Jews with other races.He concluded that Judiasm was in jeopardy. And only a massive government assisted reintroduction of Jewish culture and values to young ones would be enough to save the future of Judiasm from the pitfalls of melting pot America.

     Mr Beinhart doesn't believe in free choice. People are turning their back on Judiasm because it hasn't anything in particular to offer that can't be done better and with better food in other cultures. Heraclitus said that fate is in character. It's still true.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digital Age, Dark And Ephemera Age, Batteries Not Included : Print Encyclopedia Discontinued

     After the collapse of the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages engulfed Europe. Few centers still provided the collective knowledge of the Romans and the Greeks before them and the Babylonians and Egyptians before them. But there were still books. Last week the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was discontinued. It had been in continuous production for 244 years from its Edinburgh, Scotland headquarters .

     Why? The digital Age made it obsolete. The high production year of the set was in 1990. That's the same year that the internet was fully rolled out because of the proliferation of personal computers and enabling software. The digital age had made hard copies of books unneccesary. Actually the digital age could be termed the ephemera age.Because there are less hard copies of books. Note Kindle, Nook, iPad etc. But also the digital age needs batteries. That's a weak spot for people who value independence and knowledge. Without a source of power, digital information is out of reach and lost.

     In the future will governments and that includes our own shut down power grids to control populations? Without power all digital books are effectively burned. We should keep hard copies of important knowledge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games: It's From Hunger For Money

Occupied territories Hollywood is feasting on new substrata . What's for dinner? How about teens killing teens? This is new. Make no mistake. The book Hunger Games and now the movie depict teen atrocities. Everything is fair game. Our society isn't fit for prime time entertainment by most traditional ,sensible, value based measures. It's no wonder why people all over the planet have us in their crosshairs.

BATS Global Market Exchange IPO: Revenge Hacking Crash ?

Yesterday the slimey BATS Global Exchange IPO got slimed. It's the focus of an SEC investigation of what's wrong with volatile modern day equity markets . Was a 'software bug" to blame? An exchange spokeman said it was. Anyone want to believe a spokeman for a controversial high frequency trading platform whose controversial front running order strategies range to hated? Or was it a hacking revenge event in the publics interest by a dwindling ,fed up minority of honest Wall Street operators ?.The IPO was pulled. It's tough to pull on slime. But where's there's a will there's a way. The offering was priced at $ 16. Moments later it traded at less than a penny. That's ironic because BATS makes mischief by parsing pennies. Slime handlers , Credit Suisse , Citi Group and Morgan Stanley underwriters had to withdraw the offering from the very  exchange that BATS started in 2005. Since that time BATS has grown to handle 11% of toatal equity volume and 3% of option equity contracts in U.S. They got rich. But the SEC and others are wondering what the slime ball firm does for the public interest?

Thank you to ever pulled this sliming off.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Age of Assassins : History Will Repeat

Julius Caesar was the first de facto emperor of Rome. That was in 49 B.C. He was followed by 94 more emperors.. The last one was Justin II in 578 A.D. Only 32 of the 95 died from natural causes. The rest were assassinated in various forms. The reasons for their deaths were the same as why one would kill a tyrant today. They don't know their limitations and wont take no for an answer.The main assassins were the Praetorian Guard in cahoots with the Roman Senate.There very few individual heroes like Brutus.

     Our 21st century is filled with regional war lords who would become eager emperors if they had their way. A quick tally of the 21st century list of deposed tyrants or hated tyrants or wannabee tyrants is unprecedented . From the United States to North Korea and every nation in between  But where will the assassins come from?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan by Afghans : The End of A Failed Foreign Policy?

Two more American troops were killed in Afghanistan today by Afghans. This adds to the approxmate 50 in the last two years that have died from targeted asasassinations by supposedl allies. It also is in addition to the seven  that have been recently killed because of the blowback from the recent Koran burning. Also implies the drone aircraft weapon that has been championed by the criminals at the C.I.A has been checkmated by a more efficient procedure. What a stupid war. What a stupid foreign policy. What a stupid leadership in the Armed Srvices.These targeted assassinations could be the end of the war and the end of dreams of empire for America. Good riddance.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meryl Streep : Overacting?

Spencer Tracy once said, " Don't let them catch you acting." Meryl Streep won the Academy Award for Best Actress in the motion picture " The Iron Lady". Streep didn't follow Tracy's caveat. She so mimicked Lady Margaret Thatcher that the 'Iron Lady" rose from her grave and was on screen. Streep could have won a "Graphic Animation Award for Special Effects Performed by a Human" if there was such a category. Meryl Streep was spooky. That INDEED was great acting. But it was souless.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bill Clinton: Responds to American Experience: Clinton

Bill Clinton was in the news today.The former president was doing PR work on his own behalf after the dust up he received from "American Experience : Clinton."  It was a documentary that was aired Monday and Tuesday on PBS. Bill was trumpeting the accomplishments of his Clinton Global Initiative. He proclaimed, " Last year CGI shipped over 1,500,000 mosquito nets to Africa. With this aid young Africans will be protected from the malaria carrying mosquito." Reporters asked how CGI could outship the the more endowed Gates Foudation 100,000 mosquito nets? Clinton responded, " Our mosquito nets are the size of a band aid. And since they are still much larger than a typical mosquito it is comparable legally to Gates' nets."