Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life is Irony: The Turns of Only One Life Experience

Life is irony. That's because there 's only one life experience and we all take turns. And so a segue to compare law makers in congress to criminals at large points out areas of irony.

Example # 1 Redistricting.
     Congress routinely moves the parameters of congressional seats to fix the outcomes of election races.
     If  sporting events were fixed, it would be a crime.

Example # 2.Murder
     Preemptive war by congress is legal . If there is collateral damage of civilian deaths and loss of non military infrastructure of the targeted country, that's OK.
     If someone in the U.S. killed some stranger because he felt threatened, he would be tried for murder.

Example # 3 Taxes
     Congress has the power to tax.
     If one person asked for money from his neighbor with the threat of confiscation, it would be stealing.

Example # 4
    Racial discrimination is a violation of the Civil Rights Act 1965.
    Forced desegregation of schools has resulted in math and english proficiency to plummet.

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