Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Keeps Getting Weirder: Afghanistan Air Force

Guess what the U.S. wants to do for Afghanistan now? Here's a hint. The U.S engineers just completed an 8000 foot runway in Shindand. That was a generous clue.  If you suspect our government, who heretofore has been closing air bases in America to make room for more strip malls and housing tracks, is going to establish an Afghanistan Air Force. You guessed correctly. So here's a stone age country getting outfitted with  state of the art fighter and support aircraft from a "modern civilized country" who increasingly behaves like it is stoned. We have lost our way.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reasons For Killings: The Dark Knight Rises

Why is James Holmes still alive? According to Holmes' way of doing things, he should have been executed at curbside by the police immediately. That's the edge of criminals. They move faster. Why did Holmes committ that terrible crime? Certainly misanthropy is the prime suspect. It wasn't a comment on the movie. Because he hadn't seen it . And if it were the violent movie and others similar that Hollywood pumps into immature minds , he could have claimed quasi hero status by unloading at the Academy Awards. Who would grieve over those actors, directors, producers and their agents? Many people would have followed his logic.

Likewise Osama Bin Laden would have done better to take out only the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. There are many who would have applauded.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Was Started By The Jews And Taken Over By The Mafia?

What was started by Jews and taken over by the Mafia? The answer is the Catholic Church. Read about it in my latest book. It's title is " Jesus Was Tall And Well Spoken: A Different Account of Christ and His Catholic Church". All roads lead to Rome.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Compare Tiger Woods and Sam Snead

Tiger Woods recent win in the ATT  National moved him past Jack Naicklaus and just behind Sam Snead in career tournament wins. Woods gushed about his triumph to reporters who he claimed effectively left him for road kill after the U.S. Open.. Tiger is no shrinking violet. Woods pointed out that Snead had 82 wins. And now he has 74. Nicklaus had 73.

Numbers tell a lot but don't tell all. Numbers have to be put in context to evaluate the truth of comparative quality of tournament wins. Fifty or so years ago Snead played in an era that featured at least half as many tournaments per year. Ergo Woods has had many more chances to catch Snead. Snead supplemented his income by being a teaching pro and some endorsements. Woods isn't a teaching pro and his endorsements make him more money than the tournament purse winnings. The pressure was always on Snead while Woods shared his pressure with his agent and publicist. Snead was white and humble. Woods is black and lets no one forget it.