Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fiat Money And Wars Of Choice

Why is the United States involved in so many wars? Well the first and most important reason is We Can Afford Them.How? We print money and sell government debt all over the planet to fund wars. In a very real sense our creditors are supporting our wars efforts and are in fact rooting for us. Our vibrant economy pays interest on the debt and so it goes on to the next war.Recently we have gotten so arrogant that we have declared a kind of trade war and or threatened a hot war on the very people who buy our debt and who we trade with. China and Russia are two of the targeted creditors/trading partners. Between them they have 16 time zones and 1.5 billion people. We support Japan and South Korea and Australia in efforts to keep China at bay. We have joined with the European Union with sanctions on Russia over their "aggression" in Crimea and Ukraine.We are shooting ourselves in the foot. In retaliation for our rudeness China and Russia have started to deal in their own local currencies to avoid sanctions which are denominated in U.S. Dollars and the Euro.That event was effected yesterday December 29, 2014.This could be a positive. If the U.S. is denied reserve currency status then fiat money would be curtailed. Because there would be less buyers.With less debt buyers our wars of choice would be immediately limited. Ergo wars would have to be financed domestically which would necessarily impact government spending on a great range of stupid programs. As an example limit or stop paying subsidies to people or corporations who do nothing to earn those subsidies.Only when that happens will our governmnet be forced to debate what we will pay for and what we wont.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Valerie Jarrett: Obama Iran Connection

Look who washed up on our shores by way of Iran-Valerie Jarrett.Like her boss Barack Obama she is plural person.Her ancestry includes African, French,Scottish and Native American. Her Native American roots gives her more standing than her boss.She was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran. Her parents, James E Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman ran a childrens hospital in Iran at the time of her birth. Jarret is a Senior Advisor to The President. Before hooking up with Obama she was also a Chicago attorney and social worker.She hired Michelle Robinson , now Mrs. Obama way back in Chicago and guided the couple into politics.The rest is history. It would seem that Obama's sympathy to Iran has genuine roots through Jarrett's advice.I guess if the Zionists can run our government without investigations Iranian operatives can also fairly try their hand. Only in America will government officials who represent foreign powers rise to such high places places because of political correctness. And we are caught in the middle bound and gagged by civil rights legislation. At this moment anything that will slow down or kill the Zionist influence is welcome to me. So I welcome iran in the White house. In future we could just repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and be done with this insanity.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Antonio Martin Killed : Time To Consider Stop Covering Shootings

In the Middle East deaths are bundled.Names and addresses of the killed are omitted. For example, "Sixty -five Iraqis were killed by a suicide bomber in a market in Baghdad today." We know why they were killed and by what group. Tragic? Yes. But more tragically it's routine so consequently vitals are omitted in reporting. In the sixties a popular saying was, " Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?". Maybe if there were no press coverage about suicide bombings there would be less because A) copy cats wouldn't be aware and B) Why commit suicide if no one knows?In the interest of normalizing what seems to be a daily occurence with regard to our black problems with the police we shouldn't cover the story either.Maybe these would be desperado black losers would find real occupations.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Water: Origins On Comets Or Earth?

A recently released analysis of water found on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko showed a higher amount of deuterium than is found on our own earths water.Scientists concluded that the theory of comets introducing water to earth is probably not correct.The signature doesn't match.Much money and time has been spent on the Rosetta spacecraft answering that question.It seems to me that a better question would have asked 'Where did the water on comets come from ?" To that question an answer might include since hydrogen is ubiquitous in our universe and so are hot stars it would be a natural result. Maybe scientists are just trying to serialize their work so as to make it last longer.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Film Critic Kim Jong Un: North Korea Versus Hollywood Scum

Hack Sony film . Pre release 'The Interview" with its disparaging and threatening plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un . Publish personal emails of Sony executives in case they didn't think this was personal. Now that's film criticism. Who will will grieve for Hollywood scum? They have marching into taboo and sewer subjects since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. You remember that POS legislation. It was the seminal event when freshly birthed and empowered minority interests where given veto power over any one having a personal opinion that wasn't politically correct.Who would have guessed that the littleist dictator would focus his slanty eyes at Beverly Hills perverts and say in North Korean 'Fuck You'. But more than just talk he did something about it. hey it's called free speach. Something we don't enjoy as much since the PC police started patrolling and collecting bounties via law suits. Let's hear it for Kim.Who would have guessed that a foreign dictator was what was needed to over come local dicktastors?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Current News Is Historical News

Just another day? Not really.Today we were informed that Google's market capitalization is greater than Russia's entire stock market capitalization!Also North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un did what many other people had tried but failed to do. Took on Hollywood and won. He and his hackers stopped Sony's "The Interview" from being shown in movie theaters.The picture told a story of an assassination of the same Kim Jong Un. So it was good and bad news. Google's feat only reinforced the notion of excess and extremes can happen when monkeys have tools . Which include speech and money.Kim's feat demonstrates Hollywood's limits on influencing cultures. I applaud Kim Jong Un and I am shorting our stock market.See you next time.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Barter Is Valuable Way Of Life

Oil is down. Ruble is down. Bitcoin is down. Aluminum is down. Coal is down. Copper is down. Junk bonds are down. Wages are stagnant. Healthcare costs are higher. Cost of living in dollars is higher.Regulations are higher. Politicians are not worth their salaries. War is more expensive and growing in use. You get the message. But barter is stable. Barter still returns on investment. No one shoots people who barter. BARTER AND LIVE FREE.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Russia: Regional Power?

In March of this year our President Barack Obama described Russia as a "regional power".He was responding to a question about the ramifications of Russia's annexation of Crimea. He went further and said "..Russia didn't pose a security threat to the United States."Oh? What region would Obama be speaking about? Russia has 11 time zones. It is 5592 miles wide and has 6,600,000 square miles in its borders.Russia spans two continents. By definition "regional power" is not accurate. As to the non threat of Russia to the United States, Russia has 3281 active strategic nuclear warheads which is only 300 less than U.S. stock pile.The word "strategic"translates "can reach target". This further translates "regions are not noticed".Which further translates " you can't hide".Those impressive numbers and capabilities didn't impress our Chicago social worker.He was raised on fiat money and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those two alchemical influences didn't prepare him for the real world. Obama wants more sanctions levied on Russia.He hasn't a clue.Woe is us.

Friday, December 12, 2014

CIA Director John Brennan: Routine Torture Master

Yesterday CIA Director John Brennan, could be Mangling Director said in a rare news conference, "The detention and interrogation program produced useful intelligence .... but let me be clear we have not concluded that EIT [enhanced interrogation techniques] within that program allowed us to obtain useful information from detainees subjected to them." But they continued torture anyway.Hey what's it to Brennan or the rest of his dungeon workers? It's not their skin or peace of mind. Is this the sort of activity that we are to respect our nation or pay taxes to enable this barbarism? Could Brennan have stopped this torture if he wanted? Do we as citizens have the right to kill people through a legal process who torture?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eric Garner: Just A Regular Guy?

Behold Eric Garner. He was diagnosed with heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and sleep apnea. What does a police officer do with this 6' 3" 350 pound forty-three old man who is resisting arrest? Cause celebre Eric had been arrested 30 times in his life. They included assault and grand larceny.It was reported he died from the police officer's "chokehold".But actually he died in an ambulance some time later of cardiac arrest.Was Eric Garner anyone's pal? Does anyone really care about this human hulk of serious pathologies? Could he have achieved even greater weight over time and been in record books? We will never know. One thing for sure he's worth more dead than alive to his circle of pals and business creditors. He is not a real human. He's a symbol that is worth money and power to exploiting relatives, lawyers and politicians? The alchemy of our civil rights laws turns his death into the fault of the system. Rather his lack of discipline ranging from not following healthy living to ignoring common sense law enforcement was the real reason why he's dead. The media has Garner saying " I can't breathe".How could he speak if he couldn't breathe ?

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Robot & AI Threat: Value Of Lies Defense

Physicist Stephen Hawking was interviewed by the BBC today.He speculated that the rise of artificial intelligence poses a threat to the human race. He went as far as predicting that machines could supersede humans and cause their extinction. While primitive AI is useful, advanced AI could empower machines to break away from human control. In a worst case scenario the machines could kill off humans.The article didn't elaborate on how or why the machines would terminate us.He raises more questions than answers.One advantage of human intelligence is its unique ability to lie.Machines aren't built to lie.That puts them at an immediate disadvantage.Of course lies in the long run will kill us off also. From religious lies to political lies to vanities each removes us from the truth of natural living.No. Machines are not the threat. Its the human who turns on the switch that is the problem.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Golden Ratio And Gravity

The Golden Ratio in numbers is 1.618.A Golden Rectangle would be 2'long and its width would be 2 x 1.618 or 3.24'.This ratio is found in nature and in the universe.It is observed so often that it is a clue to how the cosmos is laid out and operates.Plant structures have it. Our bodies have it. Buildings have it. Spiral galaxies have it.I think it is related to gravity which is related to motion. If you exist you must have a sustainable basic form. Ergo the Golden Ratio is the starting point.