Thursday, December 24, 2015

Black Activists: They Don't Like The Wheel

Black lives matter.How many times have we heard this?How many out-of-work-blacks-with-long-criminal-records who resist arrest get millions for the people left behind after they have been killed Has any one checked the DNA of so called relatives who receive the money awarded as compensation for their great loss? Just yesterday ramps to San Francisco International Airport were temporarily blocked by Black Lives Matter activists. I believe other airports have similarly been clogged by activists making their point. Is this a quasi act of terrorism?Given the circumstances in the world.What do the Highway Patrol officers expect when an incident is at a major airport?Could the demonstration for blacks be really a terrorist ruse to catch the police off guard? Why do the blacks still complain? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has largely destroyed the education system in America. Affirmative action and lowering test standards so blacks can pass does no one any good.Political correctness has stifled conversation and hampered critical thinking.Fifty years after the passing of the Act and trillions spent on the Great Society special programs for black assistance has made things worse.Inclusion has put too much pressure on blacks. They are rebelling.I think they are not comfortable being in a society that has so many wheels. Wheels that are part of technology that keep track of their movements. Wheels on cars that clog up streets that they prefer to walk in. Wheels are too regular and predictable. Wheels put pressure on blacks to conform. It's intimidating. For blacks, the wheel is the one word description of their problem.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Big Pharma Drug Lords & Team U.S. Government : Target Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli is in the news today. He's upset about being arrested and later freed on $5 million dollar bail.What was his alleged crime? The F.B.I says he was running a Ponzi scheme. The vehicle was MSMB Capital Management. It is a hedge fund.Marty says that's a red herring charge. He maintains that his raising the price of 60 year old drug Daraprim from $13.50 per tablet to $750.00 per tablet is the real reason for his arrest.Marty through his hedge fund took over Turing Pharmaceuticals which had the Daraprim patent and jammed the price hike.Who feels sorry for Shkreli? I dont. But the anatomy of this sequence of events is helpful . Who created and empowered Shkreli? The Federal Reserve created the freak Shkreli. Because of quantitative easing and zero interest rates over the last 7-8 years, he and others have had full use of cheap money to fulfill a greedy persons fantasy.But all dreamers are awakened at some point to reality.Hello Big Pharma. Wake up Marty. Big pharma knocks on the door. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents a.k.a. pharma delivery and pick up service says you did business in a protected business.Pfeizer, Glaxo, Merck etc are our drug lords.They pay billions over the years to our congress so they can deal drugs in America.They have hooked so many nieve people on drugs that they have spawned the Mexican Drug cartels to fill the demand.So there's the government again.Federal Reserve then power of big pharma through big government. They create and then destroy freaks like Shkreli.This brings to mind U.S. 14 year old war in Afghanistan.Bin Laden was killed about a year ago.This was because of his master minding 9/11.Our government took 13 years to dispatch Osama. But Shkreli wanders into Big Pharmas space and the roof caves in within weeks.Shkreli ran a hedge fund. He should of hedged his Turing/Daraprim coup by paying congress reps or consulting with Big Pharma for their OK.Getting back to Afghanistan. It's a nexus of Big Government, the military-industrial-complex and I think I can include Big Pharma. Afghanistan produces 90% of heroin in the world. Heroin is de facto a cheap knock off of OxyContin and other painkillers that Big Pharma peddles on TV and all media in 185 languages.Do you think that opium eradication is a American values goal or more specifically a Big Pharma's goal?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Confederate Monuments Removal:New Orleans Changes History

New Orleans, Louisiana City Council voted today to remove four monuments of Confederate era leaders.One of those is a towering master work of Robert E Lee that has stood for over one hundred years.Another is Jefferson Davis who was president of the Confederate states.The usual reasons were included in the debate.Two reasons given were lynching of blacks and of course slavery. I don't think Lee or Davis ever used a rope to hang a black or white man.But that's not the popular narrative which has been sold by carpetbaggers both black and white since the end of the Civil War.Its been their stock in trade for political and monetary gain.Taking down statues is revising history. That's a form of theft.I have noticed that many African Americans are behind bars for theft. So they feel at home in some elses home. Given enough time it would seem that getting rid of the wheel could be down the road for power mad blacks who prefer to walk in the middle of the street.The reason why blacks are here is because their relatives in West Africa sold them. They knew they were getting more in the price than what they were trading away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Censor Hate Speech?, Censor Sign Language? Ban News?

News today brings legislation proposals in European Union to ban "hate speech".Google, Facebook, Twitter and others would be compelled to shut down "hate sites".Ridding the world of hate has been tried before. Problem is one mans hate is another mans passionate lifes work of love of freedom.So lets takes this a bit further. Voila! No hate speech has been done.Right now its gone.But will there still be news coverage?So if we see in streaming real time news coverage people getting blown up by laser bombs from planes not readily visible. Or we see in real time a beheading or a suicide squad blowing up a building in Europe. Would those signs be in themselves be "hate signs" How to you ban sign language?Who will interpret whether the sign language is hateful?Would the ultimate censorship be no reporting of the news?Would that stop hate?I would suggest NO WAR WITHOUT A NATIONAL REFERENDUM as one way to stop the spread of hate.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

PBS NewsHour: More Causes Than News

How much must we grieve over black racial issues?That question was asked and answered some time ago by the producers at the PBS NewsHour? They said more. So in place of news came black anecdotal stories from around our country.The story pieces was meant to elicit empathy. I remember the night I stopped watching the NewsHour. A segment featured a black, lisping homosexual man on a Texas University campus. He was some what depressed. He bemoaned his place in life. He was black and homosexual and most of the campus was not.That's it. End of segment. No more. So what was I supposed to do? Reach out? Send him a valentine? Is this news? Do the contributors to the NewsHour have this trite piece in mind when they give?Is there a bubble in liberal news media coverage about black issues?