Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cheney's Priorities Are As Miserable As He Is

Cheney will skip the Republican National Convention. He also wont be around for any assistance when Hurricane Gustav roars into sensitive areas of the Gulf of Mexico including New Orleans. He obviously learned nothing from the horrible PR that his administration got 3 years ago on their no show, no interest response to Katrina.

What's more important to this miserable SOB ? It looks like he wants to make sure the resumption of the Cold War with Russia does in fact proceed after the recent Georgia-Russia military engagement. He will extend U.S. reassurance to Georgia that America will help as much as possible. It kind of reminds me of a scene from the sci-fi movie "Alien". It's where the insect-like creature's gaping maw is viewed between Ripley's cats ears who is in a cat-carrying case. And the Cheney-like boss of the spaceships earth control center is ordering a live capture of the alien and a safe return to earth. Yeah, sure only the mission counts.

Cheney's malcontent attitude is nurtured by making as many people as possible as unhappy as he is. Hence his lifelong dedication to the military-industrial complex and its miserable products of death and destruction.

Friday, August 29, 2008

University Of California: Kind Of A Racket

Today, alledged abuses of overtime pay in the University of California's School System was carried in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article failed to point out the root cause of UC employee's cost problem. I.E. the UC system employs app. 250,000. Students attending the UC system only number app. 220,000. The students and employees must be bumping in to each other on the campus if they can ever find a parking place first.

Coincidently tonight , Turner Classic Movies is showing the classic film "On The Waterfront". The film is based on corrupt longshoreman union bosses that shakedown ship owners to hire more longshoremen than necessary to off load the docking ships.

The UC Board of Regents and their operatives are kind o' like those union bosses. The Regents shakedown the California tax payers and students to fund their quasi-racket of overpriced educational services.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Consider The Ear Of Corn

Is life getting too complicated? Is it too political? Are there too many people? I would say "Yes". Consider the collateral damage from all of the above to corn.

Corn comes beautifully husked with elegant silk styles inside for protection and also provides a decorative flair. It was picked off stalks that could be 10 feet tall in the quiet fields of what were the Great Plains. Corn is stored sunlight with all the nutrients that it could absorb from the earth and the moisture of past rains. It provides nutritional food for a later time. That's where we started.

But now it has become a commodity that Goldman Sachs and other greasers from Wall Street want to corner. They want to drive up the price so their managed accounts can have exorbitant profits. Some of those profits will help Goldman pay for its new 43 story building at 200 West Street in Mamhattan. The construction costs are app. $2.4 billion. What was affordable corn now affords "Guys n' Dolls" looking brokers inappropriate overpriced clothing.

Then there are the thieves in our Congress that want to use corn as a weapon against terrorists by mitigating the accumulation of petrodollars in the Mideast. Never mind that the corn-based ethanol costs more to produce than it can be sold for. The actual beneficiary of this boondoggle are the corn lobbys. How are you going to keep them down on the farm, once they know how to steal big time?

What's a body to do? Vote Libertarian, promote population REDUCTION and plant or share a garden.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moderation As A Goal

Too much of anything is bad.

Too much credit led to home buyers having only to sign a contract to assume title to multi-hundreds of thousand dollar houses. Even the stock buyers that led to the Crash of '29 had to put down at least 10%. And so todays foreclosures and credit crunch are a direct result of criminally-loose credit requirements.

Too many laws lead to a forsaking of the spirit of laws to a following of the fine points of laws or what is not technically covered. Consider San Francisco's legal profession community . Attorneys in S.F. take up 42 pages of fine print in the Yellow Pages. In contrast there are only 6 pages of electricians. And what do we get for all this legal "protection" from these roving hyenas? We get a "sanctuary city" where young, illegal, criminal immigrants are are allowed to grow up shielded from federal law enforcement so they can commit adult crimes. A society can exist with a spirit of fair play but not with a conniving legal- law-breaking mentality.

Too much concentration on national defense leads seamlessly to a C.I.A. that foments trouble that leads to war on a proactive and preemptive base. Better to spend military money on infrastructure improvement. Less opportunity for mischief.

Moderate is better than too much.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Consider: Might The Russian Menace Be Not

The worried pundits are wringing their hands about the Russians and a start up of the Cold War. But Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute and the Neocons are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation of a start up of the Cold War- oppurtunity calls. And the American people just rub the fast food grease from their hands before they plug in, turn on and tune out with their electronic entertainment.

The Russian menace is thought to come in a variety of ways. But on second thought we may have already have faced far worse than the Russians cold inflict anew. For example, Russia could manipulate the oil markets. But hasn't Goldman Sachs and others already done that? At least Russia does have oil to sell whereas Goldman Sachs only sells snake oil.

Russia could sell surface-to-surface missles to Syria and disrupt the Zionists plans to nuke Syria at will. Hey anyone who can slow down the Zionazis can't be all bad. Russia might slow the U.S. imperial build up of foreign bases around the world. But that would free up resources for infrastructure here in the U.S. So that could be blessing in disguise.

But what about Venezuela, Hamas, Hezzbollah , Iran and Iraq? Don't we need Russia's help from those threats? How about keeping it simple? The U.S. should just preoccupy itself with domestic challenges and leave out "foreign entanglements". Then we wouldn't need Russia's help.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Afghanistan War : Consider The Inconvenient Truth

Bush, Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute, NATO and assorted empty-headed but full of hot air politicians around the globe all give lip service to the importance of winning the Afghanistan War. But the glaring fact is there are only 40,000 NATO troops battling a resurgent Taliban and many Afghanis who have taken up arms against NATO because of the many deaths of innocent civilians. To put that 40,000 number in perspective, there are app. 36,000 police in New York City.

We should leave Afghanistan. The app. 31,000,000 that live there had nothing to do with the 9/11 event save a relative tiny few. The country has become a feeding frenzy of military-industrial projects that are only a pretense to enrich a very few. We should be spending the money on our own infrastructure.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

U.S.S. Boondoggle

A third Zumwalt-Class destroyer which is unwanted by the Navy will be built anyway. The reason, " To provide stability to the industrial base of Maine", according to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. Even the spendthrift Navy reached a vomit point of too many destroyers. But politicians and employee/warmongers lobbied for the additional $ 5 billion ship. The cost of the ship is the cheapest part. The years of maintenance etc. are astronomical particularly when the U.S. has to borrow the money to pay for it.

What is the Navy going to do with the ship? In fifty or so years it will probably be sunk to provide real protection to our marine cousins. But in the meantime since al-Qaeda doesn't have a Navy, I have a suggested list of targets to recover some of the wasteful and belligerent military-industrial- complex philosophy.

Possible Target And Shell List:

A) Washington D.C. with particular emphasis on "K" Street which is home to the 40,000 registered lobbyists that steal morning, noon and night with the help of our elected reps.

B) In the interest of bringing back the fish stocks, every other fishing boat and if that doesn't work then repeat the shelling.

C) Illegal immigrants in boats without rescue operations.

D)The Clintons on sight.

E)Cheney's multiple dwellings with a Navy Seal mop-up.

F) Tel Aviv for its blame in the killing of 34 American crew members of the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967.

G)San Francisco's Mayor and Board Of Supervisors.

H) Condi Rice when she shows her tooth gap.

I) Bush I and II and the old bag matriarch.

J) Hoover Dam and Las Vegas

K) Rodeo Drive

L) Manhattan Kikes

This is only a partial list.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will The Russians Control Bush, Cheney Better Than Congress?

"Nature hates a vacuum", is attributed to the Greek philospher Aristotle. The truth of a statement is proportional to its observable applications. Bad foreign or domestic policy bring on unintended negative consequences. Thus a vacuum of sound judgment will be filled out of thin air with a subsequent more appropriate judgment and/or action.

And so the vacuum of Congress as a counterweight to the Bush/Cheney administration has brought back the Cold War. Congress was missing in the Afghanistan overreaction which turned the whole country against the U.S. "liberators". Congress was complicit and more than helpful in the insane invasion of Iraq. Congress was silent when the Administration tore up one nuclear limitation treaty after another with the Russians. And so the Russians response to the U.S. funding of insurrection by Georgia is a massive retaliation.

So now we have a predictable Russian discipline that will be imposed on vacuums or gaps in bad U.S. foreign policy. I think we will all be more secure with that discipline/threat rather than with the bad judgment threat and lack of discipline of our Congress.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cheney's Cold Heart And The Cold War

"An icy surface may contain the possibility of life." No it wasn't a discription of Dick Cheney. It was the latest analysis of Enceladus, Saturn's moon. It's surface temperature is -289 F. But Cheney could be a metaphor. The moron Bush is non compos mentis and can hardly distinguish between the Russian Georgia and our Georgia with the city of Atlanta.

No. The restart of the Cold War can be blamed on the Big Dick. Why the U.S. should care about the Georgian state to the extent of training and supplying Georgian troops can only be explained as a provocative eye-gouge to the Russian Bear. Our own Pelosi-Cow has not mooed caution about this dangerous project. For her, " impeachment is off the table" and that serves as a free pass for more mischief-making by the degenerates in Washington. Maybe a winter offensive in Russia? "Hey asshole what is your job?"

There is one thing about nuclear war casualties, at least 80% of the people wont be missed. But the flora and fauna deserve better.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rare Consensus On African Americans

Yesterday Jack O' Connell , California Superintendant Of Public Instruction declared, "The education of African-American students has reached a crisis stage. Scores of that group remained well below [for years] those of White, Asian-American and Latino."

Mr. O'Connell makes it unanimous. He is joined by white supremacists, bigots and black demagogues and everyone in between. They all agree on this sorry fact. It's actually a rare example of consensus in America. But the reasons for that fact differs widely when one asks a supremacist or one asks a black demagogue. The former blames genetics while the latter blames everthing else but genetics.

But the opinions of the reasons are really beside the point. The question should be what do we do about the fact. Facts can't be ignored. Or better put, facts can be ignored but only at great risk. I think that people who can't learn or wont learn should lose privileges. In this case students who chronically fall behind and stay there should be expelled from school . Serious and capable students should not be distracted by students who just take up space or worse in the classroom. The expelled students can then seek work or break the law. That's their choice. But at least the classroom will be safe from their negative pollution.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Manhattan : Losing Freedoms Because of Israel

Manhattan may be harder to get around if NYPD's Operation Sentinel is put into place. Fox News is carrying the story that Operation Sentinel, if approved by the elders of the city, would include the photographing of all license plates of vehicles entering the city. Also a deployment of radiation detectors and an installation of thousands more surveillance cameras would be implemented. There is also a plan for movable roadblocks !

I'm sure some welcome the measures. But the potential for abuse by anyone who gets access to that data which will be stored indefinitely is obvious. And the question then is "What's next?". These steps are similar to the ones implemented by the Israeli occupiers of Palestine before they erected the apartheid wall. How about a wall around Manhattan? Walls would be better than roadblocks ?

The 9/11 event was partly about a failed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. A particular part of that failure is the continued support of the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israelis. So instead of fixing that part of our foreign policy we double down on that losing U.S./Israel relationship by having U.S. citizens suffer a loss of freedom and incur more discomfort with these proposed new "security" measures.

This loss of freedom of movement is just the latest discomfort that America endures for the failed state of Israel. Dump Israel and the U.S. will do a lot better in many ways.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

San Francisco's Separate Evolution

San Francisco's enduring appeal and source of wealth comes from its limited geographical space, westerly winds from the nearby ocean and a moderate temperture. S.F.'s evolution is a metaphor for the unique experience of the Galapagos Islands. Both were removed from the norms of mainstream evolution and thus fostered a range of oddities. The Islands produced singular flora and fauna. The City produced a singular "culture".

There has been a rash of initiatives proposed by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. One proposal would bar the eating of trans fat. But if one wants to salivate on a fat transgender during the Gay Pride Parade, that's O.K. Another proposal is "no smoking in public." But if its mirajuana or you need a fresh needle for your heroin addiction the City will tell where to go. The latest proposal is to dispatch "garbage police" to make sure people know the difference between garbage and recycables. This is the city that promotes sodomy implying its preferance for garbage over new.

An older evolutionary step that has turned into a public misstep was the "santuary city" policy. Recently a City valued sanctuary citizen murdered a father and his 2 children over a traffic right of way dispute. It turns out the "sanctuary citizen" was an illegal immigrant felon who was released on a prior suspected felony without being reported to the Federal immigration authorities.

As long as the geographical facts remain in place and the flow of money that follows continues we can all look forward to more of the same. Except the fact that when someone or some City doesn't differentiate from hygienic and non-hygienic sexual practices a new evolutionary player enters the scene. One that kills-AIDS.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anyone For Secession?

The 19th century English historian Lord Acton said, " Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The power that has flowed to Washington along with the enormous muscle of fiat money has indeed produced freaks that run our government and those that wish to replace those freaks in their postions of administration. Certainly John McCain is a dumb as a post for "scorning a woman" in public. His juxtapostion of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to Barack Obama demonstrates a bankrupty of serious ideas for governing. And what about Obama? As president will his feet be just a different kind of clay. McCain and Obama want Bush's job who is arguably the first moron to achieve such heights.

Lord Acton wrote a letter of condolance to General Robert E. Lee after the surrender of the Confederacy. Acton foresaw the coming corruption that all wealthy central governments bring. The South's loss was a loss of states rights which is the only foil against the monsters in central government.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Imagine Your Chinatown At Country Size

Most every metropolitan area has a "Chinatown". My own experience has been eating novel sometimes excellent food set in a filthy part of town. But to be accurate, Chinatown came before the filth.

And so it is with the curtain being drawn back on the filth of China which is host of the Beijing Olympics. Cars and factories had to be largely locked down to interrupt the smog-producing emissions that would literally cloud the observance of the competitions. Algae plumes on the sea had to be cleaned up by tens of thousands Chinese so boats would not be seized by the green organic product of sewage and agricultural waste. But not for long. After the last tourists hurry home the generation of pollution will begin again. This is all happening against a recent backdrop of earthqukes and flooding that have been exacerbated by shoddy buildings and tree-denuded mountains and the environmental sin of the ages called Three Gorges Dam.

There are 1.2 billion Chinese and not much else in China-one of the worlds oldest civilization. Trees, animals, fish, insects and plants are either gone or are teetering on leaving the smell and filth of the Chinese hoards. Where did all the flora and fauna go ? The Chinese ate 'em! A recent article on the menus of street vendors include: grasshoppers, sea horses, scorpions, lamb testicles, assorted roasted insects ad nauseam. Why even their show piece signature structure the "Birds Nest" reminds that the Chinese rob swallows of their nests and after minimum prepartion eat a soup with ingredients that include the droppings/leavings of the humble bird.

China is the worlds future if we populate the remaining areas of the earth with China-like densities. Frankly we need a virus . We need to have less Chinese in particular and people in general.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Senator Joe Lieberman Offers To Be Vice-President

Senator Joe Lieberman offered to be the veep for either McCain or Obama. Obama and McCain spokesman said, off-the- record, that the candidates reponded with a quick "NO". Because their own private polls indicated that Lieberman would be the voters first choice to be a human sacrifice in the interest of world peace.

Hell if they can crucify Jesus then what keeps Lieberman alive?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Criticism Of McCain: Elder Abuse?

Criticism of Senator John MCain could be considered "elder abuse" when it's put in the context of his fragile mental and frail physical state. But just because a young asshole grows older doen't mean that he's not an asshole still. Particularly if he wants to take his bad demeanor to the Oval Office he should be picked apart-often. It would be better for all of us if he fell apart now rather than when he's in office later.

P.S. Hey McCain we don't need any more off shore drilling for American conspicuous consumption habits. We already did a major one . It's called the Iraq war. It has caused too much environmental and human damage already.

Earth's Future: Hot Or Cold?

The good news is that earth will largely survive a warming but the bad news is it will largely die in the forthcoming freeze. The recent discovery of ice/water on Mars and the previous revelation of ice/water on Saturn and its moon point to a pattern of water, then life and then a freeze. The cold is brought on by the receding volcanism on the planets-our cores lose heat- coupled with the dimming heat/radiation of our sun -the sun is dying slowly-on the planets in the solar system. We started like Mercury and Venus became the Earth and ended like Mars and Saturn. Count on it.