Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Physics of Iraq Civil War And Solution

Einstein's famous equation of energy being equal to mass is like all insights a metaphor-it has many applications. The recently anounced fusion reactor project in Cadarache, France is modeled on the physics of that equation. That is an example of good physics. But their are metaphors that demonstrate physics that are not productive. Substitute " Enmity " for energy and " Meddling " for mass ( enmity = meddling ) and one can grasp more easily what is going on in Iraq today.

America is knowingly or unknowingly subsidizing a civil war in Iraq. With 70 % unemployed, the only jobs are with the Iraqi Security Forces. The funding comes from infrastructure reconstruction-which has shriveled because of the Civil War. The Kurds and the Shiites are taking adsvantage of the American money to wage tribal war against the Sunnis-their ancient foe. The Sunnis naturally resent the American meddling with an increase in their enmity which translates into a fusion-like war without end.

What is the answer? Simple. Remove one side of the equation. The only side we control is the M- side. Stop meddling and the war reactor will shut down.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Eminent Domain: Federal, State & U. N. Power Abuse

When does the phrase " public use " mean " public purpose "? When the Supreme Court says so. The recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision to seize private property in New London, Conn. for the purpose of commercial development demonstrates a clear judicial activism that violates the 5th Amendment. This was not for " public use " but for " public purpose " which is a subjective classification that can in the future be twisted into any legally- pretzeled decision a court would want. It sets adrift another protection of individuals from governments intrusive powers. The states still have preeminence in their respective eminent domain statutes but what pandering -politician will not now be offering special interests this new windfall of legal larcency.

How far could it go ? Look at history. The U.N. in 1947 voted to partition historic Palestine to the purpose of creating Israel. How did the U.N. get the power of eminent domain? The so-called democratic process of the U.N. turned into a kleptocracy of bought votes and political trading.

Like the U.N. our Supeme Court has gotten into illegal and unethical areas. Both organizations should be cropped of powers or risk being considered non-relevant and unfunded.

WMD / Intelligence Failure : You Get What You Pay For

The Washington Post recently revealed that 2 analysts responsible for Iraqi pre-war WMD intelligence failures received good performance awards. The Army's National Ground Intelligence Center awarded lump-sum cash payments in fiscal 2002, 2003 and 2004 to George Norris and Robert Campos. These analysts made the case for the now infamous " aluminum tubes " that supposedly were part of an Iraqi nuclear centrifuge process. As it turns out the tubes were probably parts of the Nasser 81 rocket ( non-nuclear gear part ).

Former Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was the team leader of the Office of Special Plans that assembled information from various sources in the run-up to the invaision of Iraq . Most of that info has been found to have been cherry-picked to support an invaision. This was the " fixing information around policy " which was the message of the " Downing St Memo ". For his possible criminal/conspiratorial performance he was promoted to President of the World Bank.

Condoleeza Rice who was National Security Advisor to Bush was promoted to Secretary of State. This advance was in spite of her demonstrated lack of sophistication and competence in presenting these doctored intelligence reports to the unqualified Bush.

George Tenet, the CIA Director who resigned because of this breakdown on his watch, was awarded the Medal Of Freedom by Bush.

Was the rewarding of all those lapses of performance planned? If so they were bribes and a conspiracy of Homeric proportions. Or could they be further encouragement to " get along by going along "- an unspoken policy of following orders rather than following facts?

These are fine lines in criminal cases that are almost impossible to prove unless someone confesses.

In general, everything happens for a reason and you get what you pay for.

Friday, June 24, 2005

ADL Censors Senate Language : " Hitler, Nazis , Holocaust "

Abraham Foxman is the National Director of ADL ( Anti- Defamation League ). Like the NAACP, they are a race-based organization, but this one has a focus on Jewish interests. Given the historical backround of the Jews it was inevitable that a benevolent society would be formed. But ADL and Mr. Foxman like all bureaucracies are engaging in mission creep. Now they are into language control. None other than the US Senate is subject to ADL's censorship. Two recent examples concern Senators Rick Santorum, R-PA and Richard Durbin, D-IL.

In both cases, the Senators were making statements unrelated to Jewish interests-not even obliquely. The Senators drew criticism from ADL when they used comparative imagery of Hitler and Nazi tactics in reference to the Senators seperate issues of filibuster and military detainee abuse. Well Mr Foxman swooped down on the unsuspecting Senators like a bill collector.

Mr. Foxman said, " This kind of language makes no sense. America's elected officials must refrain from invoking Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust, which have no place in our nation's political discourse. "

Both Senators promptly apologized publicly. They both had to pay the fine of honoring the memory of the Holocaust in a prepared statement. The apologies were so similar. It seemed ADL dictated the important facts to mention.

Enough already. America paid the ultimate price in WW II by defeating Hitler and saving Jewish lives. I don't know what Mr. Foxman or his relatives were doing during the war, but Americans died. And in a very real way Foxman owes his over payed job to their deaths.

By the way, when are the Holocast survivors and Israel going to thank America for their very existence ? And all those monetary settlements from various countries as war reparations, why isn't some of that money being shared with the relatives of dead service people of the Allied Forces ?

Secretary Rice Should Preach Democracy in Zimbabwe

Secretary Rice is in the Middle East preaching democracy. Speaking at the American University in Cairo, Ms. Rice said, " For 60 years , my country pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region here in the Middle East. Now we are taking a different course. We are supporting democratic aspirations of all people. "

The " different course " ( preemptive war ) has caused 1700 plus American lives ( 42,000 wounded ) , 100,000 plus Iraqi and Afghan deaths and $ 300 billion in war costs, so far. Who doesn't yearn for yesteryears stability ?

Secretary Rice was given full state honors in Egypt. But the host had to suffer the criticisms of the guest Ms. Rice. Egypt has representative government to the extent present circumstances allow. Why doesn't Condi visit Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and insult and criticize his policy of demolishing the homes of the oppostion-leaving 200,000 homeless ?

Alas, Condi ain't dumb. She has heard what happened to missionaries in Africa. They put 'em in pots and boiled 'em.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gospel of Christ: Succeeds at Personal Level, Fails at Political Level

Billy Graham, the 86 year old evangelist will encore his 1957 visit to New York on June 24, 2005. He is expected to draw upwards of 70,000 at Flushing Meadows.

Mr. Graham said, " There's 100- and - something languages spoken within walking distance of Corona Park and I know that the problems of the world are there. And I beleive that the Gospel of Christ is the answer, not part of the answer, but the whole answer."

Well, Mr. Graham, yes and no. The Gospel of Christ may help as a personal creed but it fails as a political movement- particularly in the pluristic experiment called American democracy. People are known by their differences. Each of us approach challenges and life choices differently. Some pray and refer to the Bible for answers. While others use reason and custom.

Religion is a personal choice. Trying to go national or international with it's protocols cause agitation and war. Abortion and euthanasia are 2 of many private questions and choices. With regard to war, there have been more wars fought in God's name than any other reason.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Disney in Hong Kong: Can Mickey Mouse Succeed Where Lao-Tzu & Buddha Failed

Hong Kong will see the opening of Disneyland on September 12, 2005. The house of the mouse will bring what is left of the original Walt Disney legacy- respect for animals. Bambi, the 1942 movie, was the premier animation film that sent that message in a raw but poetic form of the hunter and the hunted from the hunted's prospective. " Man is in the forrest", said Bambi's mother. In China and Hong Kong it is hard to see the forrest for all those Chinese get in the way. There are 1000 Pandas in the wild and 1.25 billion Chinese. That ratio tells the whole story. Now with the industrial revolution moving to their neighborhood, the appetites of their ancient ids ( primal instincts ) want the delicacies of animal parts of endangered species.

The live markets of animals in stuffed- full cages would make some lose an appetite but not so with some of the " eatabus anythingabus" Chinese. The Avian Flu could be the fowls political equivalent of the suicide bomber in the Middle East. The Chinese should shift to more vegetables in their diet if their race is to be more healthy.

The wisdom of Lao-Tzu and of Buddha which advocated harmony with one's surroundings has largely gone unheeded. Look at Three Gorges Dam. Can Mickey succeed? Let's hope that mouse power can turn this hoard around.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

BiDil : N Y Times Sees Threat to Multiculturism

The FDA approved BiDil, a particularly effective treatment againt heart failure in African-Americans-the first race based drug. This should be welcomed as good progress. But some see a threat. For example, the N Y Times June 19, 2005 editorial. The editor twists the drugs approval into a speculation on social ramifications. The high priests of multiculturism perceive a threat to their dreams of a society which has no class and no culture. They wring their editorial hands over how the testing could have been expanded to make sure other races could be included. Are editors implying that the Nazis and the Fascists started this way?

Simply, NitroMed did not have the money for an extended market test. The company went to the FDA with the results they had-it will help African-Americans now. Not enough for the N Y Times. Any narrow based drugs must take into account social implications-everyone must advance or nobody should advance.

This is science where differences are measured. Social mechanics want to overlook differences. The best advice is never to overlook differences.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Downing St. Memo: Cheney, Israel & Evangelicals Wanted Iraq War

Sir Richard Dearlove,Chief of British Intelligence, was quoted in the secret memo to PM Blair dated July 23, 2002, "...the intelligence and facts[of Iraq] were being fixed around[Administration] policy."

Who in the administration has the power to dictate policy in the Middle East? Who in the administration has knowledge of how intelligence is gathered and how to manage facts? Who in the administration is the poster boy for the military-industrial complex ( and a former CEO of Halliburton)? Who is a founding member of The Project for the New American Century(goal of US empire)?

Vice-President Dick Cheney is the answer.

What country in the Middle East would profit from the chaos of war that engulfs it's neighbors? What country's lobby advocates securing Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon from being a threat? What country has friends in the Pentagon?

Israel is the answer.

What about Bush? Dubya and Condi Rice are Evangelicals who are spreading the " Good Tidings " of the Bible by introducing democracy via preemptive war. They are the useful idiots of Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Zionists Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others in the Pentagon.

Congressman John Conyers, the ranking democrat on the House Judiciary Committee is taking the lead in asking the administration to respond to the Downing St. Memo. He with Senator Carl Levin of the Senate Armed Services Committee have already called for action against Douglas Feith for " deceiving Congress" on Iraqi prewar intelligence. Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. Iraq and Afghanistan are failures. Congress will now do a kind of DNA investigation of who was part of the conception.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Less Recruits and Officers: Bush's Failed Foreign Policy

" Make the choice to serve in a cause larger than your wants, larger than yourself and in your days you will add not just to the wealth of our country but to its character...". That was an excerpt from President Bush's 2005 Inaugural Address.

" We can target the guilty and protect the innocent". That was an excerpt from President Bush's address to the graduating class of the Naval Academy at Annapolis on June 11, 2005.

The response to our commander in chief's call to arms has been a 62% drop in Army recruits. Standards have been lowered in Army testing to accept previously denied personnel who scored in the lowest percentiles of the Vocational Aptitude Battery. Applicants to the service academies are down: West Point, 9%;Naval Academy,20%; Air Force Academy, 27%.

As a leader Bush is a failure. His inugural address referral to " .. you will add not just to the wealth of your country..." smacks of wars on behalf of the military-industrial complex. The Naval Academy speech mentions"... we can target the guilty[regime] and protect the innocent[civilians]..". What about the 100,000 plus collateral deaths in Iraq and the infrastructure that disappeared in explosions?

Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld etc. are trying to sell " a no boots on the ground" preemptive war strategy known antiseptically as CONPLAN 8022. This grew out of the 2002 White House " National Security Strategy of the United States of America". But the prospective armed services personnel are not falling for the CON GAME or CONPLAN.

In the end of all wars the margin of victory is provided by the killing of people in house to house combat. Our soldiers would need a self preservation reason greater than the owner of the house who he is killing to win.

Bush and his dyspeptic advisors have only made a case for their own banishment rather than some cooked up enemy in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bush is Righteous: Iraq & Schiavo are God's Policies

June 15, 2005- The autopsy of Terri Schiavo found that her brain had withered to one-half normal size. She was also found to have been blind. Dr. Thogmartin, medical examiner of Penellas County, Florida stated that the damage was irreversible.

June 15, 2005- Scott McClellan , spokesman for the president stated, " It [autopsy] doesn't change the position the president took. The president believes we should stand on the side of defending and protecting life."

Beware of people who think themselves instruments of God's will on earth. Iraq, executive and congressional interference in the Terri Schiavo affair and plans for more evangelism by way of preemptive war vividly depicts the righteousness of a delusional President Bush. Once righteousness has taken hold of someone further learning ceases.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Aipac / Israel: Spying & History

Never has a country been given so much- yet it always wants more. Israel, America's so-called ally and poster child for democracy in the Middle East was involved- again- in receiving US state secrets. On June 13, 2005 Lawrence Franklin, a former Pentagon analsyt who worked under Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz's was charged with disclosing classified information to an Israeli official. The intelligence concerned Iran's weapon testing. Franklin has also been recently charged with passing the same classified intelligence to 2 representatives of AIPAC ( American Israeli Public Affairs Committee ). Investigators alledge that Franklin gave the intelligence to Naor Gilon, an Israeli embassy official. The Israeli official then gave back to Franklin suggestions and instructions that he ( Franklin) incorporated into an " action memo" to his superiors in the Pentagon. There you have it. An agent of Israel, a foreign country, influencing intelligence conclusions about US options that reflected Israel's goals rather than America's. This is what probably happened in the Iraq rush to war intelligence.

In 1986, a US Naval officer Jonathon Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for spying for Israel. AIPAC has sinced lobbied incessantly for Pollard's pardon. Israel gave Pollard an Israeli citizenship for his dedication.

AIPAC is one of many Israeli- related lobbies in America ( some estimates run to $6 billion of cumalitive budgets). It's supporters have made the most of American inclusiveness by turning it into a caricature of multiculturism. AIPAC supporters played a strategic role in changing US immigration policy in 1965. The effect of that change was to take quotas and desirability of applicants out of policy. What was AIPAC's purpose for immigration involvement? It was a preemptive move to dilute nationalistic tendencies which have always been a problem for minorities like the Jews. But the inundation of foreigners into the US end up tearing the fabric of a cohesive society.

AIPAC supporters have used their political muscle to help establish organizations like the ACLU and the NAACP. Both organizations are at their core devisive and narrow purpose special interests. These are other examples of preemptive political and legal moves to any nationalistic tendencies that end up atomizing US society at large.

AIPAC and Israeli nationaistic models are not necessarily in America's best interest. AIPAC should be registered as an agent of a foreign government. Then all can follow the money trail and the influnce that was bought from our Congress.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gay & Lesbian School Issues : Major in Conformity, Minor in Deviation

Can we teach everyone in school about everything there is to know ? No. There isn't enough time and at least some of the students would not find the information interesting or helpful for their particular plans for the future.

Should we teach heterosexual minors about homosexual alternatives? Why ? School for most is a limited opportunity for the learning of basic skills. Alternative lifestyles are not an appropriate addition to the curriculum- we have to go with the normal not the deviant in subject presentations. Variations on themes are personal choices. People who are queer will certainly spot other queer people and will be able to persue their particular interests.

Physical laws demonstrate that deviant behavior has a price. Alcoholism, drug use, over indulgence of any kind or deviant sexual practices takes a toll. Advocates of gay issues ask for freedom to attract others to their lifestyle. With the liberalization of attitudes towards homosexuality because of the 1960's Civil Rights Acts , came an increase in AIDS which threatens world health. Homosexual issues have now run up against health issues. Homosexual demagogues should rein in their dreams of a brave new world before AIDS becomes a pandemic.

" Liberal Democracy, All Roads Lead to Slavery "

June 8, 2005, Janice Rogers Brown, an African-American daughter of an Alabama sharecropper, was confirmed to the Court of Appeals for Wash. D.C. ( the most influential appellate court in the country) .

The title of this piece is a quotation from a former speech. She has also said, " If we can invoke no ultimate limits on the power of government, a democracy is inevitably transformed into a kleptocracy- a license to steal, a warrant for oppression." I say Amen.

Refreshing words. Finally someone is saying the obvious. We need more like her. Like Rome and the Athenians before them, republics and democracies all end when social redistribution becomes an end in itself. They end even faster when the bill for entitlements are unaffordable. Bread and circus for the Romans is akin to Washington's bureauacracies of largesse to all comers who can pay the price of political support.

We are not all equal. We are known by our differences. Any system of government that does not mimic those realities will not last as long as those who do.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Warlord Democracy: Middle East Model

The Iraqi government on June 8 declared that all private militias will be allowed to remain- this includes Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis. That statement merely confirmed the realities of democracies that are being underwritten by US treasure and lives. Afghanistan has not formally endorsed private militias yet. But the reality of 100,000 members of private militias will in time lead to a similar statement.

In Washington Sean McCormack, a State Department spokesman said on June 8 that American officials no longer played a role in determining the policy of militias. There you have it. Democracy in the Middle East will really cover nations comprised of war lords that have been the result of the past 10,000 years of evolution. The facade of democracy will disappear as fast as it appeared when America stops bribing war lords to go through the motions of a western style democracy.

America in time will evolve into a model of local and regional governments that more mimic the Middle East experiece. They are more efficient and adaptive forms of governments. Democracies always end up being too expensive.

Bush the Boob: The Cost of Incompetence

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were entertaining the faithful and unfaithful alike in Washington on June 7. They had the task of denying the facts of the "Downing Street" memo which was a British Intelligence report documenting in detail Bush's plan to remove Saddam Hussein in July 2002(1 year before the advertised decision). "But intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." according to Sir Richard Dearlove. He is the chief of British Intelligence.

After dismissing the facts of the document( which also 100 members of Congress want an accounting) Bush went on to congratulate Blair on his reelection, " and I'm really thrilled to be able to work with you to be able to spread freedom and peace over the next years." Bush is a callous boob. His foreign policy of " freedom and peace " is a failure on both counts. Afghanistan and Iraq are in worse shape now than before our arrival . And the world is a more dangerous place for America because of Bush's preemptive war policy.

Spreading freedom? Well Hamas took Bush at his word and made a truce with the new Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel and ran in local elections. They did very well . In fact so well that President Abbas is postponing July elections under pressure from the US and Israel. Bush has stated publically that the US will not recognize Hamas elected officials! Bush's slovenly thinking has made him a glaring embarassment to the US. Whatever negative response comes from Hamas and groups like them will partly be a result of Bush's incompetence.

It is no wonder why army enlistment is down 62%. Why would someone want to serve this commander in chief- the useful idiot of evangelicals,zionists and neocons.

Mental Health Census: Questionable & Expensive Data

Hey, want to be part of a census that earns $2154 per person ? That was the cost per head for the 9282 people that were asked about their personal mental health. They were not paid that amount but the census takers billed that amount. The National Institute of Mental Health spent app. $ 20 million gathering these facts. One might think a fraud was being perpetrated. But frauds necessarily involve one or more parties being deceived. In this case the federal government, health foundations and pharmaceutical companies all knowingly agreed on the costs. The lead researcher was Dr. Ronald. C. Kessler of Harvard Medical School. who was joined by other researchers at different universities.

The results predicted that 55% of Americans wiil suffer from a mental disorder during their lifetime. The most common problems were: depression(17% affected);alcohol abuse(13%); phobia-anxiety(12%). Now these " mental disorders" were not life threatening or permanently incapacitating but only transistional moods that were eventually dealt with by the affected people themselves .

What really is going on with this type of dubious science is a kind of conspiracy. Harvard, pharmaceutical companies and the federal government are trying to develop new markets or expand their bureaucratic influence into new areas. They need "scientific data" to refer to. With Harvard's help they have new justification. It all smacks of a " con-game".

Too much money flows into Washington and consequently they have too much power. Pharmaceutical companies lobby for new Health and Human Services entitlements. Watch for new drugs in these areas.

General Motors: Metaphor of American Business

In 1979 GM employed 600,000. Now it will employ 125,000 after the recent reductions in the workforce that take place in the next 3 years. On June 7, 2005 GM's CEO Rick Wagoner anounced plant closings and employee reductions that would save the company $2.5 billion per year. He was describing the devolution of an American icon. Simply there was too much capacity and too many workers for the realities of sales at GM. What happened?

In the 60's, Volkswagon introduced the Beetle. It seated 4 (compact people) and got 50 miles per gallon. At that time GM was producing cars that seated 6 ( full-sized people) and getting 8-10 m.p.g. The "Bug" did very well and started a new age in autos. In 1974 the Arab oil embargo hit and long gas lines reinforced the idea of consevative consumer automobile choices. GM followed the trend towards more economical cars and did OK through the late 70's. But then it regressed back to high-cost, high fuel consumption cars but that had high profit margins. It then started to lose it's 50% market share which recently totaled about 22%. Why did they abandon the economical car strategy? Maybe the tail of demands by the United Auto Workers of wages, health benefits and unrealistic pension agreements wagged the GM dog of a policy to high-profit unit sales versus a mass market blitz into low-cost hybrids and efficient compacts? The Hummer,trucks and other SUVS became the folly that may sink this company in it's present form. The paradigm of workers interests policy over good business strategy never works. It is the same philosophical problem of America's social policy through it's runaway legal system and entitlements that are making manufacturers in America less than competitive worldwide.

Non-competitive legal paradigms and unsustainably expensive social programs will end up following GM's car business.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wolfowitz & World Bank: Get Out of Africa

Africa-extremes of poverty and abundance. Poverty, disease and over-population set in lush environments of rain forests, sprawling savannahs with the one of the last remnants of myriad wildlife. Recent evidence by anthropoligists confirm prior data of a migration out of Africa 60,000 years ago. That migration was the founding stock of modern man-no matter the color or race. What caused that migration? Scientists talk about the enablers-walking upright and advances in tools. But not the why. The why is probably the reason people migrate today. People are seeking their own space and want to to determine their own future. There would probably have been no migration , if all of one's desires were at hand in those original locales.

Paul Wolfowitz, the new president of the World Bank and former Pentagon Undersecretary who had a significant hand in the failed Iraq policy, has a plan for Africa. Mr. Wolfowitz's objective is to reduce poverty. To that end he will support and fund projects that include more women's rights, restoring the banks role of building structures like roads,ports and bridges and to act as go-between for other nations with similar objectives.

Say what? Sub-Sahara Africa has about 50 million cases of AIDS,insufficient water supplies and poor soil. Both contribute to malnutrition(50% of childhood deaths). Over population and malnutrition are Africa's biggest problems. But Wolfowitz wants to build infrastructure. Why do the African's need roads? Over 60,000 years ago up until today they have been getting around just fine. They also left Africa 60,000 years ago so they could determine their own future. The new roads will bring the world and certainly end that independence. Africa's highest and best use for all invoved is to be the world's premier game reserve and the suppoting industry should be tourism. Keep it simple. It's natural resources are to be viewed not dug up. It's peoples can understand and support that kind of business.

Wolfowitz was a loser at the Pentagon and will be a loser at World Bank. He is the bag man for global development interests. Africa needs help in reining in population growth and the pandemic AIDS. Low-cost birth control devices and counciling in soil conservation could be a good service funded by World Bank. But of course there is no money in that.