Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Michelle Obama: Overdosed On Epic Symbolism

Epic times, epic proportions, symbols, revenge, false values are all just too much . Why only today First Lady Michelle Obama, who herself is a first in this storied America turned epic Kabuki Theater, will dedicate a bust of abolitionist Sojourner Truth who was a 19th century slave turned woman activist. Some of the other epic symbols of woman power will be there i.e. Nancy and Hillary etc. .

America can do the guilt pageantry flawlessly. Why can't the U.S. balance the budget? Why can't the U.S. mind its own business in foreign affairs? Why can't we make a car that our people want to drive and can afford? No, we have made a caricature of the principles of democracy  as a nation and now largely live our public lives in the pursuit of symbolic gestures. Schools, government and our legal sysytem to name a few exist it would seem, for the active purpose of making the heretofore slaves of history or slaves of poor intellect much more comfortable than they deserve.

Michelle et al's finger wagging which is full of guilt for all is yet another waste of time and an empty banal gesture. I don't know where in Africa Sojourner Truth's family came from or where Michelle Obama's family hailed from either. But it was their lucky day when their African relatives sold them into slavery and they wound up in the U.S.A. How about it Michelle? Eating termites on a convenient stick in Africa is not like being First Lady? Get off your guilt peddling pedestal.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gavin Newsom Governor's Race Website

" Hi, I'm Gavin Newsom and I'm running away from my mayors job and running for governor of California. My plans for California and philosophy in general can be summed up in Cole Porter's hit "Anything Goes". That's why you can hear his song in the backround. I believe that California's borders and laws are virtual and consequently left to interpretation. All peoples are invited. Now that's a simple a message.

Please hit up Twitter, My Space, Facebook and other popular web sites to read and hear my message in 32 different languages including Yiddish and   trash- rap- gangsta dialects. Also I appear in frontal nudity on a restricted porn site together with my wife and selected members of the gay/boy, lesbian/girl benevolent societies.

Keep in mind that this is only a start. Together we can take it all to the next level. Vote Gavin Newsom."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rumsfeld and Cheney Conversation

Don: Looks like Obama and AG Holder want to come after us for torture.

Dick: That's graitude. After making the country comfy for blacks by destroying our education system and banning critical thinking among white students now they want to preach morals to their betters.

Don: That's irritating. Torture? How about 40 years of political correctness torture? All are equal? What a crock. What's George think?

Dick: I havn't told him what to think yet.

Don: He's writing a book?

Dick: Now that's torture. 

Don: How's your heart Dick?

Dick: What are you getting at?

Don: Fight political correctness with political correctness. You know. Get a wheelchair. Strap an oxygen bottle to it. Be escorted by some uniformed contractors. Try to look like Lord Nelson did. Sling your arm. Wear an eye patch. Get sympathy form congress and the American people. Turn in your bird shooting guns. Kick a Jew and then embrace the same Jew. You know something for everyone. Broaden out.

Dick: How about me being a witness for the prosecution?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tom Brokaw : Union Recruiter?

One can pay a news reader millions per year in salary but that doesn't necessarily make the news readers personal advice worth taking.

Tom Brokaw for example wrote an op-ed piece in todays NYT pushing the idea of consolidating New York states 10,500 local governments into one large agency administered at the state level. What could possibly go wrong? How many people in New York would like more central control from Albany? Governor David Paterson for one would like it. And I'll bet the labor union bosses that put Tom up to the op-ed piece are at least one other.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goldman Sachs and End Times

And it came to pass that a Goldman Sachs broker committed suicide. And all knew that the end times had arrived.

And it came to pass that the New Jerusalem provided a new stock exchange to replace the rapture of the old New York Stock Exchange which was cleared of the homeless.

And it came to pass that the Speaker of the House Pelosi was led by the 16 Jewish Senators to the steps of the White House which was inhabited by a black man. They shouted, " B.O. must G.O.".

And it came to pass that BO did indeed go . 

And it came to pass that Mayor Bloomberg was lifted up helped also by his elevator shoes to become the rabbi/president of the New Jerusalem.

And they all shouted, " What could possibly go wrong now?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Women's Rights Laws: Islamic vs. Democratic

The fair sex in Afghanistan are furious about recently passed Taliban-friendly laws regarding men's veto rights over women's preferances in conjugal and personal matters. Simply the men are the roosters and can demand sitting rights on their hens when they want without regard to the hens appetite. Also if men think that the proper role for their wife is barefoot, pregnant and shut in then so be the will of the bearded one.

Of course this is well over the limits of a harmonious marriage relationship. Our western democracies threw out such bad behavior ages ago. But look what that liberality got us. Women like Hillary Clinton, Barbra Striesand, Whoopi Goldberg and Madonna are given freedom to roam and influence others with their bad behavior. And the further fallout is the children that sprang from a decandant philosophy of social rights both for men and women. 

An example of that decandance would be the kike Woody Allen. He's in the news today because he's suing American Apparel for using his unauthorized image in Hasidic hair style and clothing. Woody is the guy who was tried for molesting his 7 year old adopted son. He also married his former wife Mia Farrow's adopted daughter. He was having an affair with Soon-Yi Previn while married to Farrow. Ironically he got an Oscar from the other kikes in Hollywood who continually piss on what's left of the important parts of American culture for his women's picture "Annie Hall". 

Somewhere in the middle of Islamic and democratic laws of society is where we should aim to be. But there shouldn't be a place for Woody in any culture.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unmanned Aircarft Murder

According to well publicized specifications capabilities of modern unmanned drone aircraft, facial features can be determined from a height of 35,000 feet. That's a startling capability. Actually the old, manned, unarmed U2 spy planes of the late 1950s could do the same feat from 18,000 feet.

Recent "accidental" deaths of men, women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan inflicted by U.S. unmanned aircraft beg the question, " Why are beardless humans being targeted along with bearded 'militants'?".

These are not the values and deeds that will bring peace.