Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't Fix Potholes. Remove Pavement

More street potholes are the trend. Rather than fight the trend, how about taking it a step further? We should selectively remove the pavement from city streets and some highways. It would get people out of cars and make them walk more. Noise and toxic emissions would go down. Natural resource consumption would go down. Over priced public works programs dealing with street maintenance would be largely eliminated. Highway systems that buried precious fertile lands like many parts of the Great Plains could be depaved and let the land beneath them live and breathe again. Forget harvesting crops for the world. What is more important? Local peace with nature or growing crops for more over populating humans? Silicon Valley was not too long ago a beautiful place of fruit orchards. Now it is home to souless gadget factories. That's not progress. Time to reverse.

San Francisco Traffic Deaths Amnesty

San Francisco downtown traffic is dangerous. Latest numbers indicate at least 3 pedestrians are killed daily. This average has been steady for a number of years. Many of the dead are Chinese. The fatalities are  largely in Chinatown and neighborhoods that border that ethnic enclave. I suspect that the popular conception that Chinese can't see well has merit. Both the driver and the walker didn't see each other. In the interest of making the traffic fatalities in those areas a less cause of angst and guilt, I propose that the first 3 Chinese killed daily in historic Chinese parts of San Francisco be ignored. Let them be viewed as a traditional part of Chinese urban living.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space Mining : Why Bother ?

 Ever hear of Planetary Resources ? This company wants to mine outer space. This includes near by asteroids. The company wants to extract metals and water so to "... add trillions of dollars to the [earths] global GDP". They mention "GDP" but that first implies the comfortable care and feeding of the projected billions of people that will follow us on this already crowded earth. Why do we want to make comfortable room for the increasingly lower quality individuls that pop out of womens bellies and may or may not be greeted by the real father? Do you think that the investors in PR care about the coming billions of people? No. They don't care. But they do care about expanding the numbers of consumers for their largely unnecessary products. The investors include the Googler Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and others who want more. They want more because they can't stand what they have because it's not enough .So off they go to zero gravity asteroids to mine with reckless abandon. The tailings will be kicked off the asteroid to mark yet another disturbed piece of the cosmos thanks to the frivolous primate.

There is too much GDP already. There are too many people already. If bozos at Planetary resources want to mine asteroids, let them buy a pick and shovel and get the fuck off the planet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quentin Tarantino: Clinton & Lewinsky Docudrama ?

The Hollywood rumor mill has Director Quentin Tarantino considering a dark comedy docudrama of former President Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky. The script will be the transcript from Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr voluminous investigation. Since the script is in the public domain there are no costs related to the basic story. The title of the film is " Tunnel of Love". According to sources, the only obstacle is in the casting. Tarantino is considering Rosie O' Donnell as Monica.  Don Trump wants to play Bill. Hillary will be either Whoopi Goldberg or a rescue hippo from The Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Al Gore will be represented by a tilted pin ball machine. Chief of Staff Leon Panetta will be dressed in retro Keystone Cop garb.

Will advise of further developments.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life is Irony: The Turns of Only One Life Experience

Life is irony. That's because there 's only one life experience and we all take turns. And so a segue to compare law makers in congress to criminals at large points out areas of irony.

Example # 1 Redistricting.
     Congress routinely moves the parameters of congressional seats to fix the outcomes of election races.
     If  sporting events were fixed, it would be a crime.

Example # 2.Murder
     Preemptive war by congress is legal . If there is collateral damage of civilian deaths and loss of non military infrastructure of the targeted country, that's OK.
     If someone in the U.S. killed some stranger because he felt threatened, he would be tried for murder.

Example # 3 Taxes
     Congress has the power to tax.
     If one person asked for money from his neighbor with the threat of confiscation, it would be stealing.

Example # 4
    Racial discrimination is a violation of the Civil Rights Act 1965.
    Forced desegregation of schools has resulted in math and english proficiency to plummet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird: Please

Last week the digitally remastered 1962 film  " To Kill a Mockingbird" was shown at the White House. Our rolling thunder deacon/president Barack Obama hosted the event. Eighty -four year old , Pulitzer winner author Harper Lee was in attendance. Instead of snacks, guilt was served on trays.Only the few whites in attendance were told to eat. Obama and his wife and Lee and favorite others munched on smugness. The film is a boring fiction. It's the usual sop of every black and by extension every minority being wrongfully accused. It's a replay of the trial Jesus. This is not entertainment. It's propaganda. Granted there have been wronful accusations and wrongful sentencing, but bad things happen and they happen to everyone. How many blacks didn't see combat in war because of discrimination? They lived while whites died. In short. Get over it.