Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space Mining : Why Bother ?

 Ever hear of Planetary Resources ? This company wants to mine outer space. This includes near by asteroids. The company wants to extract metals and water so to "... add trillions of dollars to the [earths] global GDP". They mention "GDP" but that first implies the comfortable care and feeding of the projected billions of people that will follow us on this already crowded earth. Why do we want to make comfortable room for the increasingly lower quality individuls that pop out of womens bellies and may or may not be greeted by the real father? Do you think that the investors in PR care about the coming billions of people? No. They don't care. But they do care about expanding the numbers of consumers for their largely unnecessary products. The investors include the Googler Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and others who want more. They want more because they can't stand what they have because it's not enough .So off they go to zero gravity asteroids to mine with reckless abandon. The tailings will be kicked off the asteroid to mark yet another disturbed piece of the cosmos thanks to the frivolous primate.

There is too much GDP already. There are too many people already. If bozos at Planetary resources want to mine asteroids, let them buy a pick and shovel and get the fuck off the planet.

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