Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Public Relations Battle :Brutal Drone Warfare vs ISIS Brutality

Do you think the zombies in the pentagon are worried about ISIS tactic of kidnapping and butchering innocents? ISIS claims its tactic is payback time for drone and aerial bombardment killings. Air strikes of any kind include killing combatants and collateral innocents.Not mentioning collateral environmental damage affected by drone explosive bombs.Public relations reactions are at this time strongly against ISIS graphic beheadings ,setting people on fire and simple kidnapping for slave use.Drone and air strike crime scenes aren't photographed.So pentagon goons can escape most critical inspection.But increasingly ISIS is making the connection. Stop drone and aerial bombardment and we will stop our old fashion gruesome killing tactics.Does any one believe them? I mean will they stop?I don't think they will necessarily stop but they don't have to. They are winning the PR campaign against western meddling and worse in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and who knows where's next.The pentagon has never come up with a peace proposal in its entire existence.They have no credibility. Therefore they should have a lot less money and goons employed.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Question For 2016 Presidential Candidates

Candidates for the U.S. 2016 Presidential race agree on the need for job, housing and stable environment in Middle East.Then and only then will ISIS be stopped and peace returned. QUESTION: "Will the candidates pledge to stop bombing the region when the Mid East is peaceful and stable?"

Hollywood:Occupied Territories

Hooray for Hollywood.It's oscars season again.Come see the Jews and their white monkeys on a leash.Watch the monkeys perform heretofore unthinkable and immoral acts.The occupied Hollywood enclave is protected by only 50,000 or so lawyers.They have only words on papers to to stop a round up.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

White House And Ghosts Of Beheaded French Nobility

History reappears.Beheading in the Middle East and arrogant, king-like presidency in White House.Put the two closer together and maybe a beheaded president in effigy.What would one expect when trillions are spent making a population equal?French nobility spent the equivalent of trillions fluffing their nests.Who would have guessed that the street people who guillotined their leaders would spend so much money trying to fluff their own nests. Democracy unleashed by constraints of earned money - fiat money will do well enough- creates an african-american pickaninny president who resembles the doomed French peerage.Obama dispenses entitlements and enlarges wars that he vowed to stop.Who will pay for the trillions in debt. One beheaded president wont cover the bill. Maybe a start?Still comes up short. But it still won't be pretty when the bills come do.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

American Sniper & American Goon: Chris Kyle

So American Sniper is a blockbuster movie.The rate of its success could make it the highest grossing film of all time.It's the story of U.S. soldier Chris Kyle. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history. Some 250 plus kills credited Kyle.Who did he kill? He didn't know their names.But they lived in Iraq. He killed them when they were in Iraq. So the illegal immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq produced Chris Kyle. He did his part eliminating local Iraqis who were protecting their families and homeland from United States invaders.What's to celebrate?Reading reviews about American Sniper give the distinct impression that Kyle was mostly an uneducated goon who couldn't tell the difference from killing deer and squirrels and killing homeowners in another land.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Kissinger And McCain: Publish Prescription Drug Use

They rolled out former Secretary of State and real time Zionist and really old Henry Kissinger. He gave testimony to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain-hot head. McCain threw softballs and Kissinger swung easy about more robust bombing and intervention in failed efforts in Mideast.Kissinger spoke like he had a plate in his head or his speech was effected by multiple past strokes.I wonder how many drugs these two take every day? How many old bottles of drugs are still around that the two don't take any more. Envision a closet filled. The door is opened and maybe two hundred plastic bottles cascade out on to the floor.Do we want drug abuser Mc Cain asking drug abuser Kissinger about where the U.S. should go in future? How about we publish current drug use and past medical history of any committee chairman and the primary guest giving testimony. We have a right to know what is behind the questions and answers. Beside the usual political reasons.

Greece Democracy:Pay Or Die

The news is filled with bureaucrats singing a dirge for Greece.A requiem is bound to happen if it leaves the Euro zone. They imply if you can't or wont pay your bills you will wither. Will cartologists remove the outline of Greece from maps?If some one cant be taxed so bureaucrats can survive does that equal a death sentence?I don't think so.Before Greece is erased from the map many bureaucrats will be slaughtered trying to protect their phoney-baloney jobs.No body was born to be taxed.That includes countries.Democracy in its essence is a tax and spend scheme. It rests on the false premise that all are equal. So if necessary one class will be bankrupted so to enable another class to survive doing relatively less.There you have the raison d'etre for war.