Friday, October 31, 2014

Interstellar Asks The Already Answered Question

Coming this November the movie " Interstellar" will be coming to a theater near you. It's story about explorers from earth going to a galaxy not near us to see if we fit in any better. I always noticed that no matter where I went there I was. My baggage was not noticeable until I spoke and acted out my background-largely unnoticed by me.But everyone and every thing else moved over. Uber Director Christopher Nolan got $165 million from investors to ask this already answered question. But that's why we go to the movies. Maybe this time we will get it right and a new address will change the extinctions and misery we have as a species have effected.Ho hum.It's a zero sum planet and a zero sum universe.The Royal Society of London some years ago speculated that a total population of 250,000,000 humans would be optimum on earth. I agree. But for a different reason. Two hundred and fifty million was the approximate population at circa 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. That was the golden age of many classical civilizations.Then came technology and then came antibiotics and then came fiat money.We don't deserve another pristine galaxy to screw up.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apple's Tim Cook Acclaimed By Former Congressman Barney Frank: Aren't They Precious?

The media world is gushing about Apple's CEO having a media open air orgasm about how he "So proud and happy that god made him gay". Gee. It moved former Congressman Barney Frank so much that he picked up the hot line that's reserved for former members of congress and who are currently gay and are eternally Jewish to be mandated quoted that " How pleased he was that Tim Cook was pleased to be gay because he was also gay and every one knew that but he thought some one might have forgotten that he was gay and he wanted to remind that one person and one and all about gay hurdles and not rear mounting problems but he was tired now from his moment about Tim's gayness but could Tim get Apple's stock higher because it's worth more.." And that's where transmission was cut for a commercial break and no one at the station wanted to hear from the asshole again. Aren't Tim and barney precious?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

American Flag: New Interpretation

Our flag Old Glory has it become new menace? The red, white and blue could signify blood on sheets and people in a blue mood. The stars could be explosions.Any peace in the future? We can make a lot of enemies quickly with cruise missiles, aircraft from carriers bombing people who mostly don't know why. Because collateral damage surely out numbers "the enemy".There's money in war. Win or lose. Corporations profit and payrolls swell.So we are all in it together.Until we refuse to be a part of killing for business reasons.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Midterm Elections Results: Humane Lynching of Progressives?

November 4 is a week from this coming Tuesday.That's too long for Obama and his progressives.They will never make it now. Because the news is getting worse about the spread of Ebola in the U.S. Ebola and its response here by government is very much on the ballot.Call it an immigration issue. De facto citizenship of the virus is evidenced by treating recent travelers to stricken West African countries as deserving due process and legal protection.So they are let in.Much the same as the illegals from south of the border are extended rights to our eternal regret. We wouldn't let in possible suicide bombers who have bulging clothing but we let in possible carriers of Ebola because they look like us and any other criteria would be racist.Talking about physicals our own First Couple could be as out-of-place-normal-looking as the Ebola configuration under the microscope.So Tuesday the fourth may be a day of humane lynching of the president and his progressives.Maybe we should be thankful for Ebola as a test for progressive policies which in turn failed the test . Ebola is more honest about the facts of life. Unlike progressives who either don't understand the facts of life or ignore them in the pursuit of power and money.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Politicians: Running For Office May Run From Office.

Bucolic Ottawa lost its bucolicness.Yesterday a gunman killed a soldier in Ottawa and was himself killed in the nearby Parliament building shortly thereafter.Parliamentarians were told to hide in their offices. Only when a all clear was announced would they be free to resume free movement.Is this the way Assad of Syria first learned of voter disappointment? Will future potential candidates be dissuaded from running from office by this new demand on elected officials. I.E. May be assassinated while serving.This is new.Sure assassinations started before Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus and others. But now Plebians are doing it and there are more of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blackstone And Uganda Dams: Ebola Hope

Blackstone Group LP raises money from wealthy individuals.It invests in most anything.Uganda has some of the last untouched jungles on the planet.Blackstone contacts Uganda government reps and offers its services. I.E. We got money what do you want? Uganda says how about funding a dam project? We need electricity.We will donate the property.You arrange financing. When electricity flows we will pay you back with interest.Blackstone in far away New York nods yes and pushes some input keys on a computer . Voila! Out comes a fully detailed agreement. Work starts and the Ugandan jungle is partially demolished by huge earth moving equipment.Animals and fish are dislocated forever. Blackstone in far away New York through the alchemy of money has created wealth for partners at the expense of serenity and beauty in the jungle.Recently Ebola reached U.S. shores. It's a kind of revenge.The western backed help to African nations with antibiotics created over population on the African continent.Those alchemical people need food. That's how Ebola crept into the population.The alchemical people ate mammals that they should not have.Hence Ebola.It's a start.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cut Pentagon Funding By Half: Cut The Murder Rate In Urban Bombing

News form Syria reports ten civilians killed by U,S, airstrikes. Tell me who is surprised? Bombing in an urban setting is murder.We knew there would be innocents killed yet we did it anyway.Why? When you get funded approximately $700 billion per year bad things will happen. Who gets $700 billion a year? The Pentagon does. Mean monkeys in uniform who can't lose their jobs or get indicted have the time, money and killing equipment to carry out murder on a huge scale. Our men and women in uniform are not heroes. They are not our protectors. Instead they create blow back from the families of people who are killed.Nine -Eleven 9/11 is an example of that revenge.Our soldiers are just following orders? That's not an excuse. They are the operatives that carry out the policies of our executive and legislative branches of government.Also the corporations who's business is death-making are also culpable. They can all go to hell. Cut Pentagon funding by half as a start.It's a humane way of dealing with murders.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Czar Ron Klain: He Can Suffer Fools

The quote "..suffer fools gladly.." is found in the New Testament. It's attributed to St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.Ron Klain like Paul is also Jewish. So he's got that going for him in Jewish- money controlled Washington. Why else would Klain who is a lawyer and partner in Revolution LLC -a venture capitalist firm - wind up as point man against the Ebola threat? Woe is us fools. Klain was also Chief of Staff of Vice President Joe Biden. Now that's hands on experience of suffering a fool.St Paul used the term "..suffer fools gladly..' sarcastically. He was chiding the hedonistic Corinthians about their arrogance. Klain will suffer our administrations arrogance and ignorance and put America's future in doubt with this high profile appointment. For Klain it will be a resume entry of importance. For every one else? Who knows what will happen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Obama and Ebola Czar

Obama says,"I may appoint an Ebola Czar. And maybe I wont.Most of you white folk want clarity.Hey man why are you hung up on plans? I had no idea I was going to make the presidency.Why should I change my life? Clarity ain't my thing. I like to roll out of bed without a course of action.I want loose shoes and warm clothing. I'm not going to worry about nothin.Take a look at those folks in West Africa. I came form that general area. Now look at me.Hey white folk how you feel now?President of these United States and you all can't take that from me. Try to live it down. I'm in the history books. Some can't live with me and some can't live without me. But that's politics. Both sides get paid to argue."

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

NFL Concussion : Protective Or Projectile Uniform?

Famous director and screenwriter John Huston was also an amateur boxer.He was feisty by nature and he was Irish. Maybe that is redundant. Errol Flynn who shared a similar ethnic background was a professional boxer for a short time.When both were at a Hollywood party and the drinks were abundant ... into the garden they went.That's another story. Huston ,in is his autobiography was convinced that modern day boxing gloves caused more damage than they prevented. Simply, harder punches could be thrown at the vulnerable head. Results at worst was death. But concussions were always felt in greater or lesser degrees. And concussions have a half life. They really never go away. Their dislocations add up. What about the NFL? The players body is akin to a boxing glove.It's a self propelled projectile hurtling at another. The other may or may not see that projectile coming.But the edge goes to who hits hardest and first. Put some skin in the game.Make the aggressor as vulnerable as the victim. For example, instead of a hard helmet fashion one that returns injury as it inflicts.To that end the helmet should be soft.This will guide footballers to be more circumspect about tactics.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Snapchat: Vanishing Intelligence

Yahoo recently invested millions in Snapchat. It's a three year old start up that enjoys a $10 billion valuation despite no revenues.It lets people send messages, photos and video that typically disappear in ten seconds.CEO Evan Spiegel smiled longer than 10 seconds when interviewed.As well he should. It's a wonder he didn't belly laugh when describing the company's tale of the vanishing product. Snapchat looks to be the ultimate in the promise of technology. It has to be done quickly. No matter the service , just do it fast and you will sell product or service.For example, a user messages a friend an article that will vanish in ten seconds. So that precludes an article that takes longer than 10 seconds to read.Of course all people don't read at the same speed.So will there be a handicapped app? At 10 seconds there won't be time for phone sex.So with sex out and deep subjects out what's left? Maybe that's why there's no revenue at Snapchat.If it has to be said in ten seconds or less it probably isn't worth talking about.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Affirmative Action President & Secret Service

Secret Service Chief Julia Pierson resigned under pressure yesterday. The chubby, smart mouthed affirmative action woman fouled up once too often How can one tell she's an affirmative action appointee? She didn't look anything like a Praetorian Guard or their descendants. In short she lacked physicality.Her recent goofs include missing the intent of bullet holes in the White House way back in 2011.And recently on her watch a deranged intruder getting into the East Room of the White House.Oh yeah, there was that armed felon getting into the elevator with Obama.So how did she get the job in the first place?The inescapable conclusion she's a affirmative action appointee. Why not? We got an affirmative action president so it follows. For affirmative action to work no one can ask hard questions. For example, besides being a cause celebre race or religion or sexual orientation is there anything that actually qualifies one for the job? Obviously no.!When the sum of Pierson's parts are added up.Together with Ebola citizenship being granted, we do bring patients here,progressive philosophy is being tested. Like it's never been tested before.No doubt if Obama was killed by the mishandling of the secret service or Ebola takes off in America progressives will have to rethink. If they can rethink. In the interim bravos for critical thinking.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ebola In America : Could it Be New Suicide Weapon?

Could Ebola virus be used as a new weapon by radical Islamist? Any carriers of the Ebola virus that are in U.S. should have a background check.The object of the test would try to determine if the deadly virus was being used as a weapon.

Afghanistan: Where Does All The Money Go?

Whoopee we get to stay in Afghanistan? Such a deal! Or is it ? Yesterday the American ambassador signed a formal agreement with Afghan leaders to allow U.S. troops to stay in that war torn country for at least another 3 years.We have been in that country since 2001.We invaded Afghanistan because Osama bin Laden and some of his al qaeda associates were found to be hiding out there. We invaded the whole country. It's like there is a group of a couple dozen bad guys in Oakland but a foreign power invades America to teach them a lesson.Stupid? Let's use "Pentagon" instead of "stupid". It means the same thing. Think about this . The Pentagon has budgeted $85 Billion for one year in Afghanistan.We will have approximately 10,000 of our own troops stationed there. A soldiers salary runs between $18,000-$34,000 per year.There are other expenses. The Pentagon has to feed, clothe,arm, medicate, transport etc. It adds up.But if you divide 10,000 into the $85 Billion you come up with an average of $8.5 Million per American service personnel.Where does all that extra money go? It goes for nothing. We lost in Afghanistan yet we throw more money at that losing cause.But someone is smiling big time.My guess that in a pretty short time Pentagon supplied equipment will end up in the hands of the "enemy" who will either use it or resell it.The Pentagon is stupid and we are stupid for thinking they know more than we do.