Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Racism is in the news-again. And why shouldn't it be? One uses racism to get ahead. Another uses racism to stay ahead.Get over it.That's what we humans do.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Gates & Buffett: Fathers Of Millions

The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation will ultimately receive all of Warren Buffett's billions. That combination will add up to well over $ 100 billion in assets.Their main focus will probably continue to be Africa.How many millions of Africans has Bill and Warren constructively fathered through their charity work? Have any of the blacks named their children Bill or Melinda or Warren ? Lately it seems that Bill's and Warren's wealth is growing faster than population and charities in Africa. That puts the foundation in a precarious position of losing write offs. Lose write off's and then lose foundation protection from the tax man. Bill and Warren need bodies ASAP.I wonder. Will the future recipients of Bill and Warren largesse be required to do service to Bill and Warren in the form of personal body guards and/or troops? The foundation has laid a strong foundation for such a loyality based on money. Looks like a good way to get into politics with muscle. Better than attorneys.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Trump And Neocons Withdraw From Civilized World

Trump and his neocons withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.Iran should still adhere to the terms of the deal. It would isolate Trump from the other signatories to the deal.More business for them and less chance of an unilateral invasion by the United States. As a bonus Israel's world would get more cold.They are on their way to oblivion because of all that Zionist inbreeding. The country is mostly autistic because of their single purpose mania.By the way the sanctions are another form of trade war. Trump is going off the deep end.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Goldilocks Economy And The Bears

If I heard it once I heard a thousand times: "We are in a Goldilocks economic environment." As per the childs fable "It's not too hot and it's not too cold". It's just right.Investment advisors are not known for their sophisticated prose. But they can sure lie cleverly. Our economy rests on pallets of fiat money. Since the Great Recession literally trillions of dollars were printed and put into the system at zero interest rates.What's more our constructively criminally irresponsible congress spends trillions on government stimulus. Bottom line question: "What's the real economy minus all this quasi opioid fiat money"? What about the bears? Goldilocks disturbed the bears.She got away in the fable.But in real life today the bears wants Goldi's ass.They will get it.