Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dick Cheney: A Dead Hero Or A Live Criminal ?

" Today Dick Cheney gave his life for his country". That's how news reports would have carried the story if a Taliban suicide bomber was successful today at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Instead Dick was kept in his bunker and is still alive. Another dodged bullit by the 6-time deferred participant in the Viet Nam War. He also was a recent no-show with supporting testimony for his former chief-of staff " Scooter" Libby's perjury trial.

But the Dick is still with us. And he will continue to be dispised by most of the people around the world who know something of the misery that he and his cretin operative a.k.a. George Bush have created. It's funny. If he had died, he would be the honored dead. But he lives and will continue to be the despised criminal that he has been.

In a better government paradigm, scum like Cheney would never have had a postion with so much power. I.E. if war was only possible through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Palestinians Should Barter With Supporters And Doners

The recent Palestinian " unity government" brokered by the Saudis goes a long way in stopping a civil war between Hamas and Fatah in the occupied territories. Notably the civil war was one that was hoped for and actively supported by the U.S. and Israel. Nonetheless the "unity government" does not meet the the hurdles that the U.S. and Israel have constructed. So the financial embargo led by America will stay in place and Palestinian tax revenues will continue to be embargoed by Israel.

But other European countries joined by Russia like the " unity government" plan and are willing to break with the U.S. and send financial aid to the beleagured Palestinians. But they don't want to run the finacial-blockade set up by America's de facto control of the worldwide financial system. America could retaliate with severe penalties and shut down the electronic payments anyway.

So what should the Palestinians and the coalition of willing doners do? How about having a bartered relationship with the donors? For example, the Palestinians could petition interested countries for manufacturing infrastructure and raw materials for products that the donors want and in turn the donors would provide the necessities of life to the Palestinians.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bill & Hillary Clinton: A Hound & His Bitch

Team HillBilly were in San Francisco last night at a $ 200,000 fund- raiser. They are still livid about David Geffen's remarks about them and the $ 1.3 million fund- raiser that he threw for Barack Obama. This was demonstrated by Hillary's preemptive protest that " [ Bill Clinton ] is the most popular person in the world right now". Like the Bill Clinton presidency became more about his white trash behavior than about the issues facing the country, Hillary's campaign will constantly be dogged by her hound-dog husband's past. Right now his bitch seems to be going along.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Axis Of Guilt Mongers: A Jew, A Black & A Carpetbagger

The dream team of the worst caricatures of the civil rights movement were slinging politically incorrect arrows at each other yesterday. It all started with a N.Y.T article by Maureen Dowd who interviewed Jewish entertainment mogul David Geffen. Geffen raised $18 million for the Clintons in the early 90's. But now he's throwing his formidable support behind African-American Barack Obama. According to the article, Geffen doesn't like Hillary's Iraq war postion and Billy's " reckless" behavior.

Obama was never for the war . Also Obama's race is playing a subtle role in the Clinton and Geffen sparing. Jews and blacks have been the traditional ball bearings for the advancement of liberal social policies in the U.S. But carpetbaggers like the Clintons have packaged the Jews and blacks as their stock-in-trade for their own political/economic advancement. So with Obama's ballistic rise in political promise it kind of leaves carpetbagger Clinton without a cause, client and a livelihood.

Well the war has produced one positive result, albeit tragically puny.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Needless Animal Testing For HIV/AIDS Cure

Bill and Melinda Gates recently donated $24 million to the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative. The Canadian government is funding an additional $95 million for a total of $119 million. The initiative is commited to a vaccine in 10 years.

A large part of this research involves animal testing. Poor hapless animals that have survived millions of years of the challenges from the natural world will now be tossed away in the quest for a cure from unprotected sodomy and/or using dirty needles in drug abuse.

We already have a cure for HIV/AIDS. It's called prevention.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exergames: Poor Parental Substitute For Overweight Or Obese Children

Thirty percent of U.S. kids aged 6-19 are overweight or obese. The main reasons given are poor diet and or lack of exercise. But those reasons take the problem out of context. Parents are supposed to raise children. This includes serving proper foods and guiding kids into healthy physical habits,i.e. EXERCISE. So it would seem that close to 30% of parents have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

Enter "exergames", they pick up where bad or no parental supervision leave off. These hybrid video game and exercise machine are found increasingly in school gyms around the country. The contraption couples a video game with an exercising component to encourage players to vigorously exercise and simultaneously be better able to win the video game. Isn't this pathetic? Why aren't the children doing mandatory physical education work outs? Why not team sports and the challenge of competing? It would be cheaper and a real-world instructor is more helpful. An instructor would also give children experience in taking instruction in a team or greater social atmosphere. This has far greater applications in later life.

Classical history is full of raising children with a strong physical component. Have schools done their job by graduating obese or near-invalidic children? Still parents have the primary responsibility in raising their own children. Maybe parents and their obese offspring should be discriminated against. How about paying higher insurance premiums? It is long past due to stop pretending that people who choose or are chosen for to be overweight should be treated equally with those who WORK at being fit.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bring Back The Wildfowl

According to tthe Bay Conservation And Development Commission, the predicted 3 feet rise in ocean waters will change the Bay Area landscape dramatically. Notably the 3 feet rise which is possible by the year 2100 is a median estimate. Some estimates range as high as a 15 foot increase. Areas lost to the rising waters will vary according to elevation, from a few feet to miles or more.

And so the alchemy of filling in the bay for the past 100 years so that land and wealth could be created is turning into another foolhardy scheme. Variations on this not-thought-through plan are increasingly being replicated around the globe today. Indonesia, Phillipines, Bangladesh and others are recent examples of what clearing tree cover and building communities on flood plains or unappropriate sites produce in disaters.

The Bay Area has time to prepare. But dikes, sea walls , levees or berms are not the answer. Just remember Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Less population and responsible conservation is the answer. The net effect of the coming inundation will give better situated Bay Area residents a second chance to see what the Bay looked like before real estate developers showed up. Personally I look forawrd to seeing more wildfowl.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bill Clinton Is No Gentleman & G.W. Bush Is No Moral Alternative

Do you realize that if Hillary is elected Bill becomes First Gentleman? Would that be more Kafkaesque or more Orwellian? Or would it be just dumb? George W. Bush got elected because he was perceived as the moral alternative to the wide-ranging, largely illegal antics of Team HillBilly's presidency. Bush is moral? Yeah, right! Bush is seriously dumb and not a moral leader. Also the candidates that are now presented by both republicans and democrats all seem to be raised in the same lobby-fed kennel. Yes lobbies play a big part in distorting American politics but I think the problem goes a bit deeper.

Where's the critical thinking ability of America? Has our quest for "equality" in policies made illegal the self evident fact that "we are known by our differences"? Have non-discrimination laws outlawed or impaired critical thinking? Our civil rights laws resemble an instruction manual that is sent with appliances. Where's the space for subtly and nuanced thinking ? The original reason for civil rights laws was justified but the writing and implementation of those laws have brought unintended consequences. Laws that don't allow for physical facts or personal expression will fail to the degree of that omission.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

" The Manchurian Candidate" & Israel's Candidates

" The Manchurian Candidate" is a 1962 movie based on John Condon's novel. It is an excellent , intriguing story about a brainwashed ex-G.I. who is to make way for a Chinese- controled American president through an assasination.

How things have changed in America! Now all you need is money and a relentless propaganda campaign to get Americans to do things that are not in their best interest. And so, enter Israel's candidates for the U.S. presidency.

Recently presidential hopeful John Edwards made a low-profile pilgramage to Israel. He was kowtowing and seeking support from the powers that be in American politics. I.E. the Israeli/Jewish lobby. These Isreali foreigners back AIPAC, The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and other pro-Israel organizations and media propagandists. Edwards promised that his presidency's postion on Iran " would have all options on the table". He meant that a U.S. preemptive strike against Iran including a nuclear-tipped one would be an option.

Last year Hillary made the same pilgramage and pledge. She also supports Israel's seperation/apartheid wall, exclusive Israeli control of Jerusalem and " no right of return" for the ethnically- cleansed Palestinian refugees. Those particular postions insure that there will be no peace in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Her presidency would only extend the crimes of the Bush/Israel presidency.

Iran and the greater Middle East is not nor should it be a natural enemy of the U.S. But pro-Israel lobbies and media influence changed that. Simply Israel is not worth the focus of American foreign policy. The U.S. should not shelter Israeli criminal behavior.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Douglas Feith: Israel Connection In Pentagon

Bombshell news that embarass administrations are strategically announced late on Fridays. Most people are gone by then. And so the results of the Dept. of Defense Inspector General's investigation into the suspect pre-war Iraq intelligence was released today. The report was filled with discriptions of the intelligence as " inconsistent, misleading, dubious quality and not appropiate" etc. The criticism was directed at the pre-war Office of Special Plans that was run by then Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

Feith is widely known as a neocon. But his backround screams another discription. How about Zionist zealot or Israeli partisan or maybe an Israeli agent ? Here is a partial rap sheet on Feith:

1) During the Reagan Administration , he was forced out of his spot at the National Security Council by an F.B.I. investigation. He was suspected of feeding secret information to Israel.

2) Feith was assistant to scandal-ridden Richard Perle at the Dept. of Defense during the G.H.W. Bush administration. They both advocated a U.S. , Turkey, Israel axis to combat Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Sound familiar?

3) Feith left the Dept. of Defense to co-found the law firm of Feith and Zell. Their only clients were Israeli armament dealers that sold to America's Dept. of Defense.

4) He has written and spoke much about Israel's strategic goals and how to accomplish those goals. These papers included:

a) " Reflections on Liberalism, Democracy and Zionism", which was prepared for The Jewish Institute For National Security Affiars. The paper advocated that Israel be a pure Jewish state.

b) Feith teamed up with Richard Perle and David Wurmser to write " A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm[Israel]". It was presented to The Israeli Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. The paper advocated scrapping the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords. Also it urged Israel " work with Turkey and Jordan to contain, destabalize and roll back reginal threats,help overthrow Saddam Hussein and strike military targets in Lebanon and possibly Syria". This paper was done in 1997. Looks like everything is going according to plan.

c)Feith belongs to the Zionist Organization of America. This groups does not back a Palestinian state nor does it "support land for peace". Douglas and his father Dalck received the ZOA's Louis D.Brandeis Award. It's given to deserving activist supporters of Israeli interests and the Israeli state.

Feith should not have been in charge of Policy at the D.O.D. He obviously was biased towards an Israel-first policy. He should be prosecuted for espionage and maybe treason.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mice In The Senate. We Need A Horse.

Too much politics have emasculated our senators and turned them into cowering mice. The voter rejection of the war and the mandate to end the war has not trumped the senatorial cowards seeking political cover . So thousands still die in Iraq with no end in sight.

The Roman Emperor Caligula had somewhat the same situation with his senate. What the issue was, I don't know. But in a symbolic gesture, he brought in a real horse into the Roman Curia. Caligula's message was simple, cut the political posturing and show some horse/common sense.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Obama Can Beat Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign committee announced today requests for individual donations ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 1,000,000. She already has app. $ 11,000,000 on hand. This insures that a Clinton presidency would mean an increase in the size and cost of Washinton's government. Right now she is auctioning off our federal government to the highest bidders.

Clinton was the 60's hippy-type, social activist that exploited the African-American civil rights movement to her own benefit. She then became the quasi-criminal with her husband Bill in Arkansas politics. She was and is a carpetbagger. Only her advocacies and price tags have changed. Her biggest advocacy and source of a lot of contributions is the Israel-first group that populates Manhattan.

Her original civil rights work was effective. So much so that now Barack Obama, an African-American, is a serious candidate for the presidency also. It's kind o' like the plantation worker is running against the plantation owner. But Obama has some real personal strengths that will do well agaist Clinton's weaknesses. He has wit, charm and comes off as an honest concerned candidate. She has none of those qualities.

So even though Obama has only $500,000 on hand, he could prove to be the candidate that Clinton has to beat. Look for a lot of dirty tactics by Clinton's human- Rottweiller, James Carville.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Orleans: Excuse African-American Criminal Youth Problem ?

Poor New Orleans. What Hurricane Katrina left of the city could be wiped out by the prevailing crime wave of resident criminals. Former residents are not moving back to the city. And some residents are leaving.

This year started off with a bang. In the first 3 weeks, there has been an average of 5 murders per week. This puts N.O. on track for over 250 killings for the full year. In comparison, New York City's murders totaled app. 600 in 2006. But New York has 20 times the population.

Why all the murders in New Orleans? Apologists for the city blame local schools, poor economic opportunities for youths, drugs and guns. Gee. How does a school building, paid teachers, books on math, english and science create murderers? How do guns kill someone unless someone buys, loads, points and fires the gun? How do drugs get into someone unless that someone self-administers the drugs? How come New Orleans has existed for over 300 years but only now can't provide economic opportunities for it's youths?

No. The problem is elsewhere. Could it be that African-American youths who make up the vast majority of the criminal class in New orleans don't get it? Or they don't want to get it? And what is "it" ? "It" is discipline.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mayor Gavin Newsom Damages Credibility ?

Some San Franciscans are shocked about Mayor Newsom's affair with an employee who was also the wife of another employee. They say that damages his credibility.

What credibility? He ran for the mayor's office as a conservative and then immediatly jumped to the far-left with his homosexual marriage fiasco. He ran as a married man. But immediatly following the election his wife moved to New York and shortly thereafter they were divorced. Newsom's campaign montage of his personal life included a home and furnishings that he in fact didn't own! And what's more Bill Clinton is Gav's personal hero.

Newsom supporters remind of of Inspector Renault in the movie " Casablanca". Renault is "shocked that there is gambling at Rick's" and this is almost simultaneous with the roulette croupier handing him his payoff/winnings.

No. Newsom is an accurate representative of his voters. His screwing of an employee is merely the incarnation of his whole political philosophy.