Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rome And United States: Somethings Never Change

On October 23, 415 A.D. Valentinian III was proclaimed Caesar. He became emperor at the age of six years.The rest is history. Soon Rome would be sacked multiple times by many of the same peoples who the Romans had sacked in the prior 1000 years.George W Bush became President of the United States in 2001. He was fifty-five years of age.In 2001 he declared " War on Terror". He invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 because of 9/11 which was carried out largely by Saudi nationals who happened to be hiding in Afghanistan. Iraq was a war of choice with no compelling reasons. And so? Some leaders are truly six years of age and act their age. But some leaders are fifty-five years of age but behave as though they were six years of age.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Israel Versus Gaza Strip

As of 2014 the population of the Gaza Strip was approximately 1.8 million people.Israel's population is approximately 8.5 million. Gaza's area is approximately 141 square miles. Isreal's area including the occupied/stolen lands is approximately 9000 square miles.It's getting more crowded in Gaza.It's not too far fetched in the not too distant future that half of the Gaza inhabitants might decide to invade Israel and personally visit Prime Minister Netanyahu. What would happen ? I don't think that the Zionists can kill that fast to stop the invasion.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Harvey Weinstein: Desert Insect Unchained

Award winning film producer/director/ Harvey Weinstein is in the news today. Only the dead have not heard. It seems he is and has been a serial rapist of numerous women whose only fault was they were young, pretty and wanted to get into the movies. Harvey know those fact upon sight. Harvey's particular wish was to perform oral sex on the nubile in a hurry. Sometimes attacking while she was standing. Harvey didn't waste time.Harvey is a semite. He hails from a long line of insect-like desert dwellers.So when his species invades civilization they are apt to make a fool of themselves. Particularly if they become wealthy. And Harvey is wealthy.QED. P.S One doesn't have to be a wealthy semite to make fool of oneself when it comes to sex wanted or unwanted. But in this example Harvey Weinstein is a classic.